WMMR 93.3 FM

Week: 01/29/72
Format: Progressive
                 WMMR 93.3  PHILADELPHIA 
                     JANUARY 29, 1972
1. Mott The Hoople - Brain Capers
2. Osibisa - Woyaya
3. Persuasions - Street Corner Symphony
4. Redbone - Message From A Drum
5. Leo Kottke - Greenhouse
6. Captain Beefheart - Spotlight Kid
7. Climax Blues Band - Tightly Knit
8. Incredible String Band - Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air
9. Crazy Horse - Loose
10. Ry Cooder - Into The Purple Valley
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 Brain Capers  Mott The Hoople
 Into The Purple Valley  Ry Cooder
 Loose  Crazy Horse
 Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air  Incredible String Band
 Tightly Knit  Climax Blues Band
 Spotlight Kid  Captain Beefheart
 Greenhouse  Leo Kottke
 Message From A Drum  Redbone
 Street Corner Symphony  Persuasions
 Woyaya  Osibisa
 And Other Short Stories  Barclay James Harvest

 This is a published album list compiled by WMMR DJ Ed Sciaky.

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