Lee Dombrowski

Lee signed on way back in October of 1971 and within a year was promoted to Sales Manager. With talent complemented by motivation, he tripled the "progressive underground" radio's sales in only 18 months.

In 1973, he was again promoted, this time to General Manager. Under Lee's guidance, his team made KWFM the most listened to radio station in Tucson in 1979.

Lee enjoyed a long career at KWFM, but when Sandusky sold the station in 1983, he decided it was time change. "Tony Brooks brought me to Denver and KBPI radio, the market leader.

"Fortune and fame led me to New Orleans with Price Communications as Gulf Coast Manger of Sales. Until the oil market crashed, it was a great job in an exciting city.

"My next stop was building a new station in Albuquerque, CHR KNMQ. The Q hit the ground running out of the fall book with a 9.0 share! What made this even more exciting was we were on the air for only 6 of the 13 weeks of the survey. After 3 years in Albuquerque Craig Cochran called and I was on my way back to Denver to NEWS TALK KNUS, ironically a Sandusky station.

"Since 1994 I have been with Clear Channel Communications in various roles: Station manager of KTLK where I was part of a great team of people that designed the most successful Business Talk program in the country "Business for Breakfast". Clear Channel promoted me to GSM of KHOW, another talk station in Denver. Since 2001 I have served as the Regional Manager of Premiere Traffic / Hiwy / Agg networks (a Clear Channel company) for the Plains and Mountain Region."