92 KWFM Playlog — Eric Spector

Date : Friday February 23, 1979


Cars N/L
Peter Frampton N/L
Nils Lofgren Cry Tough, It's Not A Crime, et al. Night After Night
*** Break ***
Vince Guaraldi Cast Your Fate To The Wind
Joe Sample Paintings Carmel
Robben Ford For The One I Love The Inside Story
*** Break ***
Yes No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed Time and a Word
Flash Small Beginnings (Tony Kaye, Peter Banks of Yes)

Now, here's one of my all time favorite thematic sets that I first heard on WNEW-FM in New York City, and brought it to Tucson. Try it yourself, it still stands the test of time 25+ years later!

Marshall Tucker Band This Ol' Cowboy Where We All Belong
Townsend and Lane Street in the City Rough Mix
Joni Mitchell Night in the City S/T
E.L.O. Night in the City Out of the Blue
*** Break ***
Steve Forbert Grand Central Station March 18, 1977 Alive on Arrival
E.L.P. Lucky Man E.L.P. First release
Doors Roadhouse Blues Morrison Hotel
Heart Mother Earth Blues Magazine
Annie Haslam Rockalise Annie in Wonderland
Arlo Guthrie Alice's Restaurant Alice's Restaurant
*** Break ***
10CC Dreadlock Holiday Bloody Tourists
Bob Marley Positive Vibration Rastaman Vibration
Peter Tosh Don't Look Back Bush Doctor
KWFM Playlist


Creme and Godley 5 O'Clock in the Morning Consequences
Santana Well, Alright Inner Secrets
Circus Maximus Fading Lady First release '67 (Jerry Jeff Walker!)
*** Break ***
Moody Blues Dawn of the Morning Days of Future Past
Jade Warrior Way of the Sun
Pink Floyd Pillow of Winds Meddle
Camel The Sleeper Breathless
*** Break ***
Carly Simon Anticipation Anticipation
Kim Carnes Jamaica Sunday Morning St. Vincent's Court
Crosby Stills Nash Wooden Ships
Robert Johnson Kerri Close Personal Friend
*** Break ***
Ian Matthews Stealing Home Stealing Home