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Implementing A Virtual SAN for XenMotion Using Ordinary x86 Servers

A White Paper by
Tim Warden (Senior Technical Consultant, DataCore)
Scott Gorcester (President, MooseLogic)

DataCore MooseLogic

This white paper begins with a high-level overview of Business Continuity and Server Virtualization, and then drops into a discussion of the solution implementation. If you are new to Server Virtualization, Citrix XenServer, or SAN Storage, there is enough detail to get you started. If you are already experienced with these topics, this paper should serve as a guide to implementation.


Coming Soon! It's all about building a SAN using an ordinary x86 server like the ones you already have in your datacenter. Add SANmelody, add disks.... stir. Presto, iSCSI and/or Fibre Channel SAN. Just add XenServers and soup's on, XenMotion and everthing! This paper will tell you how to do it.



Coming Soon! Really! Can't wait for the paper? Call Scott or Tim today and we'll take you through a demo of the product and even let you drive!