ARSA is a non-profit, non-commercial site for Airheads, or Radio Trivia buffs. The site content is based on contributions from kind souls who are helping us to preserve radio history.

The buttons to the left are used to navigate the site. They are, in order:

  • ARSA — The main page, where ARSA contributors and participants can login and logout.
  • ABOUT — The "About" page you are currently reading.

  • SURVEYS — The listing of radio station music surveys by chart date, radio station, market, & format. This sortable & searchable listing shows most recently added surveys first by default. Clicking on the chart date or station call letters opens a page showing chart details, often including scanned images of the radio survey.
  • STATIONS — A role call of radio stations, listing call letters, frequency, band, market, and format. Clicking any of the stations opens a more detailed listing for that station. This section will become more interesting as we acquire more contributions of station history and trivia.
  • ARTISTS — A listing of artists referenced in the radio survey chart data. The listing sorts by default on the current number of chart entries for a given artist, so as you can imagine, you'll find the Beatles, Elvis, et al at the top of this list!
  • SINGLES — A cross reference of the survey chart singles, including many of the local or regional hits you won't find in Billboard's Hot100! Clicking any of the songs opens a page showing that song's chart activity (dates, chart positions) across the different markets. This database continues to grow rapidly as more surveys are added.
  • ALBUMS — A cross reference of the survey chart albums. Clicking the title of an album opens a page showing that albums's chart activity (dates, chart positions) from station to station. This database continues to grow as more surveys are added.
  • LABELS — A searchable listing of record labels. Clicking on a record company name opens a listing of singles and albums for that record label.
  • TALENT — A listing of all the people that made radio happen, whether in front of or behind the mic. As we find time, we'll be adding more and more names, along with a "gig's" page that lists the careers of the radio personalities. Again, we're looking for contributions of photos, sound clips and trivia, so if you have anything you would like to contribute, please sign on! Radio veterans are particularly welcome!
  • FRIENDS — A listing of ARSA contributors and participants. Participation in ARSA is free: no obligation, no unsolicited e-mails.
  • STATISTICS — A listing of stats for the radio surveys... by year, station, and state.
  • CHART CHAT — A forum where you can add your two cents worth! As an ARSA participant, you can contribute comments or chat about the radio surveys or radio stations you find here.

  • MY HOME PAGE — If you have created an ARSA profile and are currently logged in, click this button to see your personal page, where you can add airchecks, update your password, etc.

If you would like to become a contributor and add your surveys to the database, drop me a note.