1977-05-18 — WKTK 105.7 FM ( Catonsville, Maryland )

                     WKTK 105.7 - CATONSVILLE
                            MAY 18, 1977


 Dan FogelbergNether Lands
 Kenny LogginsCelebrate Me Home
 HeartLittle Queen
 SupertrampEven In The Quietest Moments...
 KingfishLive 'N' Kickin'
 Mickey ThomasAs Long As You Love Me
 FlameQueen Of The Neighborhood
 OutlawsHurry Sundown
 Little FeatTime Loves A Hero

 Nether Land – Dan Fogelberg
 Hurry Sundown – Outlaws
 Queen Of The Neighborhood – Flame
 As Long As You Love Me – Mickey Thomas
 Mandre – Mandre
 Live ‘N’ Kickin’ – Kingfish
 Even In The Quietest Moments – Supertramp
 Little Queen – Heart
 Celebrate Me Home – Kenny Loggins
 Time Loves A Hero – Little Feat