1973-02-24 — WVUD 99.9 FM ( Dayton, Ohio )

                 WVUD 99.9  DAYTON
                  FEBRUARY 24, 1973


 Bert JanschMoonshine
 Dion And The BelmontsReunion - Live At Madison Square Garden 1972
 Hoyt AxtonLess Than The Song
 Jim CroceLife And Times
 John MayallDown The Line
 Judy CollinsTrue Stories And Other Dreams
 Pete SeegerThe World Of Pete Seeger
 Ray CharlesGenius Live In Concert
 The KinksThe Great Lost Kinks Album

 Less Than A Song  Hoyt Axton
 Genius In Concert  Ray Charles
 True Stories  Judy Collins
 Life And Times  Jim Croce
 Reunion  Dion & The Belmonts
 Moonshine  Bert Jansch
 Great Lost Kinks Album  Kinks
 Mindful  Maxayn
 Down The Line  John Mayall
 The World Of  Pete Seeger

 This is a published album list compiled by Jeff Silberman