05/16/58 — CJBC 860 AM ( Toronto, Ontario )


3 David AllenA Sure Thing
4 The Four LadsFour On The Aisle
9 Mantovani And His OrchestraGems Forever
2 Lester Lanin And His OrchestraLester Lanin Goes To College
1 Jimmie RodgersNumber One Ballads
10 Various Artists (Compilation)Russian Folk Dances Of The Moiseyev Dance Company
5 Perry ComoSaturday Night With Mr. C
7 Lambert, Hendricks & RossSing A Song Of Basie
6 Jimmy McPartland's All-StarsThe Music Man Goes Dixieland
8 Clyde OtisThe Stroll

On Fridays in 1957 and 1958, the Toronto Telegram printed a weekly, 
DJ-picked, Top Ten list from CJBC, with the DJ changing each week.  

The list is from this source, and does not represent overall programming 
on CJBC.