1975-01-18 — KZEL 96.1 FM ( Eugene, Oregon )

                     KZEL 96.1  EUGENE
                      JANUARY 18, 1975


 Holly NearA Live Album
 Paul HornA Special Edition
 Baker Gurvitz ArmyBaker Gurvitz Army
 Country Joe McDonaldCountry Joe
 Roxy MusicCountry Life
 Keith JarrettFacing You
 Leo SayerJust A Boy
 Gil Scott-Heron & Brian JacksonMidnight Band: The First Minute Of A New Day
 Thin LizzyNightlife
 Junior WellsOn Tap
 Funk Inc.Priced To Sell
 James BrownReality
 ManSlow Motion
 Blue MagicThe Magic Of The Blue
 Jimmy McGriffThe Main Squeeze
 Ray ManzarekThe Whole Thing Started With Rock & Roll Now It's Out Of Control
 OregonWinter Light

 Baker Gurvitz Army
 The Whole Thing Started With Rock N Roll  Ray Manzarek
 Slow Motion  Man
 Just A Boy  Leo Sayer
 Country Life  Roxy Music
 Country Joe - Country Joe McDonald
 Special Edition  Paul Horn 
 Winter Light  Oregon
 Autobahn  Kraftwerk
 Night Life  Thin Lizzy
 On Tap  Junior Wells
 Facing You  Keith Jarrett 
 Reality  James Brown
 The First Minute Of A New Day  Gil Scott Heron/Brian Jackson
 Magic Of The Blue  Blue Magic
 Priced To Sell  Funk Inc.
 The Main Squeeze  Jimmy McGriff
 A Live Album  Holly Near