1977-07-27 — KFML 98.5 FM ( Denver, Colorado )

                  KFML 98.5  DENVER
                     JULY 27, 1977


 The DingoesFive Times The Sun
 Judy CollinsSo Early In The Spring, The First 15 Years
 Bernie Leadon & Michael Georgiades BandNatural Progressions
 Be-Bop DeluxeLive! In The Air Age
 Paul HornInside The Great Pyramid
 The Rhead BrothersDedicate
 Dollar BrandCape Town Fringe
 Mink DeVilleCabretta

 Five Times The Sun  The Dingoes
 Cabretta  Mink Deville
 Cape Town Fringe  Dollar Brand
 Listen  Navarro
 Dedicate - Rhead Brothers
 Inside The Great Pyramid  Paul Horn
 Live In The Air Age  Be Bop Deluxe
 Natural Progression - Bernie Leadon & Michael Georgiades Band
 So Early In The Spring, The First 15 Years  Judy Collins