1972-12-09 — WKTK 105.7 FM ( Catonsville, Maryland )

               WKTK 105.7 - CATONSVILLE
                   DECEMBER 9, 1972


 Brewer & ShipleyRural Space
 The MothersThe Grand Wazoo
 Jeremy Spencer And The ChildrenJeremy Spencer And The Children
 London Symphony Orchestra & Chamber Choir With Various GuestsTommy
 Lou ReedTransformer
 Skip BattinSkip Battin
 Various Artists (Compilation)Newport In New York '72 - The Soul Sessions, Vol. 6

 Homecoming  America
 Rural Space  Brewer & Shipley
 The Grand Wazoo  Frank Zappa
 Foxtrot  Genesis
 Jeremy Spence & The Children - Jeremy Spence & The Children
 Tommy  London Symphony Orchestra
 Transformer  Lou Reed
 Skip Battin  Skip Battin
 Newport In New York '72 - The Soul Sessions, Vol. 6  Various 

This is a published album list compiled by Peter Larkin.