1964-02-08 — CFVR 1240 AM ( Abbotsford, British Columbia )

FEBRUARY 8, 1964

13 The BeatlesI Want To Hold Your Hand
13 The BeatlesI Saw Her Standing There
21 The BeatlesPlease Mr. Postman
21 The BeatlesRoll Over Beethoven
32 The BeatlesShe Loves You
32 The BeatlesI'll Get You
47 The AllisonsSurfer Street
54 Dean And JeanTra La La La Suzy
66 The CrescentsPink Dominos
75 The MarkettsOut Of Limits
88 Paul Revere And The RaidersNight Train
88 Paul Revere And The RaidersLouie - Go Home
912 Russ DamonRags To Riches
1127 Cliff Richard And The ShadowsDon't Talk To Him
1217 The SurfarisScatter Shield
1321 Rick NelsonFor You
1430 Buddy HollyI'm Gonna Love You Too
1520 The Rip ChordsHey Little Cobra
1613 The Singing NunDominique
1715 Shirley EllisThe Nitty GrittySurvey shows artist as Shirley Elliston
1828 Tommy RoeCome On
1919 Martha & The VandellasQuicksand
2029 Mary WellsWhat's Easy For Two Is So Hard For One
2132 Tracey DeyHere Comes The Boy
2243 The TrashmenSurfin' Bird
23-- The BeatlesTwist And Shout
2424 Jimmy Gilmer And The FireballsDaisy Petal Pickin'
2526 The CookiesGirls Grow Up Faster Than Boys
2625 Brenda LeeAs Usual
2625 Brenda LeeLonely Lonely Lonely Me
2741 The GirlfriendsMy One And Only, Jimmy Boy
2850 The PyramidsPenetration
2947 The AngelsWow Wow Wee (He's The Boy For Me)
3036 The SupremesWhen The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes
3131 The MiraclesI Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying
3234 Marvin GayeCan I Get A Witness
3333 The Pixies ThreeCold Cold Winter
3444 The OrlonsBon-Doo-Wah
3542 The DixiebellesSouthtown, U.S.A.
3639 The MarvelettesAs Long As I Know He's Mine
3735 Nino Tempo & April StevensWhispering
3838 Connie FrancisIn The Summer Of His Years
3937 Steve Lawrence & Eydie GormeI Can't Stop Talking About You
4040 The RonettesBaby, I Love You
4146 Fats DominoWho Cares
42-- Bobby CurtolaHow'm I Gonna Tell You
4348 Al (He's The King) HirtJava
4449 Andy WilliamsA Fool Never Learns
45-- The Dave Clark FiveGlad All Over
46-- Bobby RydellChildhood Sweetheart
47-- Bobby ParisWho Needs You
48-- Dale & GraceStop And Think It Over
49-- Gene PitneyWho Needs It
50-- Dale WardLetter From Sherry
PH Freddy CannonAbigail Beecher

NOTE:  Survey does not list #10

Abigail Beecher - Freddy Cannon

Survey courtesy of www.radiowest.ca