1964-07-25 — WFHK 1430 AM ( Pell City, Alabama )

                      WFHK 1430  PELL CITY
                          JULY 25, 1964
1 Jim ReevesI Guess I'm Crazy
2 Loretta LynnWine, Women and Song
3 Bob JenningsThe First Step Down (Is The Longest)
4 Marion WorthYou Took Him Off My Hands (Now Please Take Him Off My Mind)
5 Buck Owens And His BuckaroosMy Heart Skips A Beat
6 Margie SingletonForget You Not
7 Jimmy MartinWidow Maker
8 Vic NorwinPompanette
9 Jimmy C. NewmanAngel On Leave
10 Bill AndersonMe

       This is a published list by DJ Fred Kelly.