1971-03-06 — WDAS 105.3 FM ( Philadelphia, Pennsylvania )

                 WDAS 105.3 - PHILADELPHIA
                       MARCH 6, 1971


 Various Artists (Compilation)Early Chicago Volume 1
 David CrosbyIf I Could Only Remember My Name
 CactusOne Way...Or Another
 ArgentA Ring Of Hands
 Rita CoolidgeRita Coolidge
 Shawn PhillipsSecond Contribution
 Kate TaylorSister Kate
 Ronnie HawkinsRonnie Hawkins
 Goose Creek SymphonyWelcome To Goose Creek

 Early Chicago  Various Artists
 If I Could Only Remember My Name  David Crosby
 One Way Or Another  Cactus
 Ring Of Hands  Argent
 Rita Coolidge
 Second Contribution  Shawn Phillips
 Sister Kate  Kate Taylor
 The Hawk  Ronnie Hawkins
 Welcome To Goose Creek  Goose Greek Symphony