1977-08-10 — WKTK 105.7 FM ( Catonsville, Maryland )

              WKTK 105.7 - CATONSVILLE
                   AUGUST 10, 1977


 The Grateful DeadTerrapin Station
 Bernie Leadon & Michael Georgiades BandNatural Progressions
 Be-Bop DeluxeLive! In The Air Age
 Elvin BishopLive! Raisin' Hell
 Ry CooderShow Time
 Alan Parsons ProjectI Robot
 Steve WinwoodSteve Winwood
 YesGoing For The One
 100% Whole Wheat100% Whole Wheat

 Terrapin Station – Grateful Dead
 Natural Progressions - Bernie Leadon & Michael Georgiades Band
 Live In The Air Age – Be Bop Deluxe
 Live! Raisin’ Hell – Elvin Bishop
 Show Time – Ry Cooder
 I Robot – Alan Parsons Project
 Steve Winwood
 Going For The One – Yes
 100% Whole Wheat – 100% Whole Wheat