1977-08-24 — WKTK 105.7 FM ( Catonsville, Maryland )

                 WKTK 105.7 - CATONSVILLE
                      AUGUST 24, 1977


 Dennis WilsonPacific Ocean Blue
 Happy The ManHappy The Man
 The DingoesFive Times The Sun
 Iggy PopLust For Life
 The AnimalsBefore We Were So Rudely Interrupted
 Alan Parsons ProjectI Robot
 Steve WinwoodSteve Winwood
 The Grateful DeadTerrapin Station
 Crosby, Stills & NashCSN

 Pacific Ocean Blue  Dennis Wilson
 Happy The Man
 Five Times The Sun  The Dingoes
 Lust For Life  Iggy Pop
 Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted  Animals
 I Robot  Alan Parsons Project
 Steve Winwood
 Terrapin Station  Grateful Dead
 CSN  Crosby, Stills & Nash