1948-10-17 — WAAT 970 AM ( Newark, New Jersey )

1 Texas Jim Robertson And The Panhandle PunchersWhen I Was Young And Handsome
2 Carson RobisonLife Gits Tee-Jus Don't It
3 Barry GreenBrush Those Tears From Your Eyes
4 Gene AutryButtons And Bows
5 Al StuartPin-Up Polka
6 Eddy ArnoldBouquet Of Roses
7 Texas Jim Robertson And The Panhandle PunchersMiz O'Reilly's Daughter
8 Moon MullicanSweeter Than Flowers
9 Elton Britt And The SkytoppersChime Bells
10 Ernie LeeTomorrow's Just Another Day To Cry

This is a published Top 10 list compiled by WAAT disk jockey Dave Miller.  The actual date of the survey is October 16, 1948.