10/23/48 — KYA 1260 AM ( San Francisco, California )

1 Floyd TillmanI Love You So Much It Hurts
2 Eddie KirkThe Gods Were Angry With Me
3 Rosalie AllenAha! San Antone
4 Eddy ArnoldJust A Little Lovin'
5 Tex WilliamsJust A Pair Of Blue Eyes
6 Moon MullicanSweeter Than The Flowers
7 Bob WillsBlues For Dixie
8 Al TraceFuzzy Wuzzy
9 Eddie DeanOne Has My Name
10 Carson RobisonLife Gits Tee-Jus Don't It

This is a published Top 10 chart compiled by KYA disk jockeys (and husband-and-wife) Foreman Bill & Roma.