Week: 1955-00-00
Format: C&W
WHKK / 640 / AKRON, OH

DECEMBER 31, 1955
1. Hank Snow, The Singing Ranger And His Rainbow Ranch Boys - Yellow Roses
2. Webb Pierce - Love, Love, Love
3. Ferlin Husky - Little Tom
4. Webb Pierce - I Don't Care
5. Jim Wilson - Daddy, You Know What?
6. Porter Wagoner - A Satisfied Mind
7. Chester Smith - Wait A Little Longer Please, Jesus
8. Eddy Arnold - Just Call Me Lonesome
9. Ginny Wright And Tom Tall - Are You Mine
10. Porter Wagoner - Eat, Drink And Be Merry (Tomorrow You'll Cry)
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NOTE: The chart did not include position numbers, but it's clear from
the statistics that the songs are in order of importance. Also the statement
"As you can see from this chart, the listeners to Melody
Round Up selected YELLOW ROSES as the number one song of 1955" 
indicates a numbering system.

Contributed by: Geno Rice (Tuesday, 2016-04-19)

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