Week: 1972-05-19
Format: T40
Friedman's Forty
CKRW music directo Ray Friedman
has selected these discs for his
rock playlist this week.
1. Tommy Graham - After The Gold Rush
2. Badfinger - Baby Blue
3. Isaac Hayes & David Porter - Baby I'm-A Want You
4. Scott English - Brandy
5. Brave Belt - Dunrobin's Gone
6. Detroit Featuring Mitch Ryder - Gimme Shelter
7. Davie Allan - Head Over Heels
8. The Frogs - Here Comes The Frogs
9. Lee Michaels - Hold On To Freedom
10. Humble Pie - Hot 'N' Nasty
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This week's hit records listed alphabetically.
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personal opinion. Hear them all on CKRW
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Contributed by: Tammy Rodriguez (Monday, 2022-01-10)

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