WGF 833 AM


Week: 1923-06-26
Format: Eclectic
New Records Played For Radio Fans

Selected records from the July Columbia 
phonograph releases will be broadcast from 
The Register and Tribune radio station tonight.  
The first number will be given at 7:30 o'clock and 
the following program will be given:
1. Sascha Jacobsen - Garden Scene From Faust
2. Vernon Dalhart - Honeymoon Chimes
3. Guido Deiro - Underneath The Mellow Moon
4. Lucy Gates - When The Swallows Homeward Fly
5. Paul Specht & His Orchestra - The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
6. Frank Westphal & His Orchestra - Railroad Man
7. Sascha Jacobsen - Songs My Mother Taught Me
8. Al Bernard - Lasses White Minstrels Levee Scene
9. Cyrena Van Gordon - The Old Refrain
10. Columbians Dance Orchestra - Swingin' Down The Lane
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While not the type of survey that we are used to seeing, 
this is a VERY early example of actual records being played on the air.  
I was able to find record numbers for every one, based on the vintage 
Columbia Records catalog(s).

From the Des Moines (Iowa) Tribune newspaper, dated Tuesday, June 26, 1923.  
The radio station call letters were WGF and according to my research, 
the station was only in operation for a couple of years.

Contributed by: Paul Haney (Saturday, 2019-08-17)

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