WKDA 103.3 FM


Week: 1971-01-16
Format: Progressive
                    WKDA 103.3 - NASHVILLE
                      JANUARY 16, 1971
1. Rare Earth - Born To Wander
2. Livingston Taylor - Carolina Day
3. Small Faces - Had Me A Real Good Time (Part 1)
4. Brewer & Shipley - One Toke Over The Line
5. Linda Ronstadt - (She's A) Very Lovely Woman
6. McGuinness Flint - When I'm Dead And Gone
7. Brewer & Shipley - Oh Mommy
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 Born To Wander  Rare Earth
 Carolina Day  Livingston Taylor
 Had Me A Real Good Time  Small Faces
 One Toke Over The Line/Oh Mommy  Brewer & Shipley
 Very Lovely Woman  Linda Ronstadt
 When Im Dead And Gone  McGuiness Flint

 If 2  If
 Extraction  Gary Wright
 Tea For The Tillerman  Cat Stevens
 Tumbleweed Connection  Elton John

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