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Week: 1971-02-27
Format: Progressive
                     KZEL 96.1  EUGENE
                      FEBRUARY 27, 1971
1. Faces - Long Player
2. Magic Sam Blues Band - Black Magic
3. Jimi Hendrix - The Cry Of Love
4. David Crosby - If I Could Only Remember My Name
5. Don Nix - In God We Trust
6. The Isley Brothers & Jimi Hendrix - In The Beginning
7. Leon Russell - Leon Russell & The Shelter People
8. John Hammond - Source Point
9. Myrna Summers & The Interdenominational Singers - Tell It Like It Is
10. Ronnie Hawkins - Ronnie Hawkins
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 Long Player  Faces
 Black Magic  Magic Sam
 Cry Of Love  Jimi Hendrix
 If I Could Only Remember My Name  David Crosby
 In God We Trust  Don Nix
 In The Beginning  Isley Brothers & Jimi Hendrix
 Leon Russell And The Shelter People  Leon Russell
 Source Point  John Hammond
 Tell It Like It Is  Myrna Summers
 The Hawk  Ronnie Hawkins

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