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Week: 1973-10-06
Format: Progressive
              WMMR 93.3  PHILADELPHIA
                  OCTOBER 6, 1973
1. Andy Roberts - Urban Cowboy
2. Linda Ronstadt - Linda Ronstadt
3. The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band - Smoke Dreams
4. Miles Davis - Basic Miles - The Classic Performances Of Miles Davis
5. John Mayall - Ten Years Are Gone
6. Steve Miller Band - The Joker
7. Thijs van Leer - Introspection
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 Urban Cowboy  Andy Roberts
 Linda Ronstadt
 Smoke Dreams  Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band
 Basic Miles  Miles Davis
 Ten Years Gone  John Mayall
 The Joker  Steve Miller
 Introspection  Thijs Van Leer

 This is a published album list compiled by Dennis Wilen.

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