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Week: 1922-11-27
Format: Eclectic
Victor Records to Be Broadcast at 9:30 Tonight

WGF will present tonight the first public hearing of
Victor record releases for December.  A dozen numbers
have been selected from the list for the month.  H.B.
Sixsmith will talk on "The Universal Need of Music in the
School and Home."
1. Benson Orchestra - Toot, Toot, Tootsie! (Goo'bye)
2. Great White Way Orchestra - Lovely Lucerne
3. Benson Orchestra - Do I? (Do I - Do I Love Her?)
4. John McCormack - Three O'Clock In The Morning
5. Zez Confrey Orchestra - Cow Bells
6. Gilbert Girard - Santa Claus Tells Of Mother Goose Land
7. Goldman Band - The Chimes Of Liberty
8. Paul Whiteman Orchestra - Romany Love
9. Reinald Werrenrath - On The Road To Mandalay
10. Goldman Band - Sagamore March
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This article appeared in the Des Moines Register on Monday, November 27, 1922.

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