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Dec 19, 05 WLOF Orlando RE2: 1966-10-01 - WLOF Orlando, Florida Bill Vermillion
The artist is Gigi.

I pulled some sheets and show that Don't Be A Loser, by Gigi, was added at the pick
of the week for Setp 24-30, 1966.
Number 40 on 10-1 to 10-7 1966.
Number 36 on 10-8 thru 10-14
Number 33 on 10-15 thru 10-21
Number 32 on 10-22 thru 10-28

It did not show up after that.  I kept a card-file on each
song - but I don't recall the date I started that - so I could go back anytime and
check it.  But when I was abruptly asked to resign, a lot of things I wanted to
keep got tossed out
by the new owner/management.  I survived 2 ownership changes but number 3 did me in

Bill Vermillion
Oct 6, 04 CKLG Vancouver RE2: 1967-04-22 - CKLG Vancouver, British Columbia Gary Pfeifer
  I think you've got it!  Though why the survey showed it as the flip side of 'Day
In The Life' (was that even a single?!?) is a mystery.  Would love to hear that
Cook and Moore Beatles sound-alike song!
Aug 1, 07 WSPT Stevens Point RE2: 1967-07-01 / WSPT ( Stevens Point, Wisconsin ) Gary Pfeifer
  Look at the back side of the survey with the picture of Moby Grape, direct your
attention to the gentleman in the middle holding the washboard, and notice the
extended middle finger in front of the washboard.  This was the cover of their
first album for the early printings.  Later editions airbrushed the offending
finger out.
Sep 3, 08 KATZ St. Louis RE2: 1968-05-09 / KATZ ( St. Louis, Missouri ) Damien Avelange
Hi John,

Thanks for your explainations on the KATZ surveys.

Mar 13, 11 KCKN Kansas City RE2: 1968-06-29 / KCKN ( Kansas City, Kansas ) John Schwob
Jim,  thanks for the warning about the non-Top40 charts because WIL in St. Louis
which was the #2 Top 40 station for most of the 60's behind KXOK, turned to C&W
format in the late 60s and its FM counterpart (WIL-FM) started playing Top 40.  I
have a few of the WIL-FM Top 40 charts to enter, but I have about 20 of the AM C&W
Charts.  So I will try to space out the C&W charts, especially since they are
non-consecutive and have 50 songs on the chart - no doubt more than a couple of the
songs are likely to not be in the data base.  Thus, I will space them out according
to how many magic dots do not appear.  Lots of missing dots - I'll space them out,
few missing dots, I'll enter them more frequently.  I sure don't want to be the one
to stand between Jim and his beloved pasta!!!!!!
Sep 28, 07 CKLW Windsor RE2: 1968-10-22 / CKLW ( Windsor, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
No problem.  I've just started to transcribe a few charts myself, and am already
learning the hard way that maintaining accuracy while you're re-typing is slightly
harder than it looks.  

So I should say -- browsing through this terrific site, and viewing these charts
(of which I know you've contributed hundreds, if not thousands!), this is the first
obvious error I've spotted.  Bravo!
Dec 17, 13 KGFJ Los Angeles RE2: 1968-12-22 / KGFJ ( Los Angeles, California ) K.A. Scott
Well, according to my sources, "The Composer" wasn't commercially released until
March 27, 1969.  And the accompanying album wasn't issued until May 26, so it
wasn't an album cut.  Which means that a March or April chart date does seem more
Jan 30, 13 WLS Chicago RE2: 1969-03-02 / WLS ( Chicago, Illinois ) Tim Warden
I just deleted it...  Cheers.
Nov 27, 12 CKLC Kingston RE2: 1969-08-30 / CKLC ( Kingston, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Thanks for taking the time to respond, Gary!  I think indicating an unspecified date
in October is probably the best solution ... at least until some more CKLC surveys
from the fall of 1969 show up. 
Oct 27, 13 WWGO Erie RE2: 1970-05-15 / WWGO ( Erie, Pennsylvania ) Tim Warden
Done -- I removed the duplicate.

On a separate note, I started cleaning up a few of the album entries for Zep,
Chicago & Santana.  More work to do there, as occasionally a "Zeppelin" in 71 will
match to Zep III instead of IV, depending on how it is entered (e.g. untitled vs
listing it as "IV")...  I don't even want to think about Peter Gabriel's first 4
untitled albums...
Feb 26, 14 KLIV San Jose RE2: 1970-09-03 / KLIV ( San Jose, California ) J. A. Theroux
Thanks, Gary!
Jul 30, 14 KYAC Seattle RE2: 1970-09-04 / KYAC ( Seattle, Washington ) Gary Pfeifer
  Never mind....I see the 1460 frequency at the bottom of the chart.  I'll take care
of it.
Jul 19, 11 KFRC San Francisco RE2: 1971-07-19 / KFRC ( San Francisco, California ) Gary Pfeifer
 The KFRC survey is back up - with the correct survey images this time.
Dec 18, 08 CKFH Toronto RE2: 1971-10-25 / CKFH ( Toronto, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Yup, works fine now.  Thanks!

Oh, source for the cat. no. on the Ginette Reno single is Ted Kennedy's book
"Canada Top 40". 
Jul 25, 07 KDZA Pueblo RE2: 1973-08-31 / KDZA ( Pueblo, Colorado ) Rob Ellis
Blake, I forgot to mention I changed the location to Pueblo.  Thanks for the

Nov 8, 14 WIXY Cleveland RE2: 1973-09-28 / WIXY ( Cleveland, Ohio ) Geno Rice
Thanks everyone. Kenn, it's interesting that you mentioned breaking singles as on
1/15/1971, there were two World Premieres: Tom Jones' She's A Lady and Mungo
Jerry's Baby Jump. At least one of these went on to be a big hit!
Jan 25, 10 CHUM Toronto RE2: 1974-01-26 / CHUM-FM ( Toronto, Ontario ) ARSA Jim
I have also experienced similar frustrations in the past, when ARSA pre-post survey
information is initially entered in error - often, it can't immediately be
changed/corrected, for some reason. My workaround has always been to just wait a
week or two, and then try again to make the exact same change. I have no idea why,
but the change will then often "take", for some unknown reason! But, since I've
already had do a special "CHUM workaround", to leave the redundant "FM" band name
in the call letters field for CHUM-FM (despite the existance of a separate "Band"
field already inside ARSA, so ARSA can distinguish it from CHUM AM - an error also
waiting to be fixed), goodness knows what will happen here, when "bad ARSA code
meets more bad ARSA code". Due to Tim's ARSA time constraints, maybe he would
consider giving me a special "second programming code access key", just for such
VERY minor code fixes. I did it for a living for 10 years, and I am very confident
that I could quickly repair lots of these very minor ARSA issues. But, it can be
quite dangerous to have more than one person have this kind of powerful system
access, and to set all this up for me may create more work for Tim than it would
end up saving him! Knowing this, I will respectfully and totally defer 100% to
Tim's wishes here, either way - I'm just throwing the offer out there. By now,
Tim's had six years to evaluate my ARSA efforts/competence. I only make this offer
now in an attempt to help ARSA become less quirky, and to make Tim's ARSA life
easier.   -Jim  
Apr 3, 09 WRKO Boston RE2: 1974-04-02 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Gary Pfeifer
  Thanks for the catch, Rob, and for making the correction, Ken!  Don't know how I
slipped up so much on this one.
Dec 5, 14 KTCR Minneapolis / St. Paul RE2: 1974-06-15 / KTCR ( Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota ) Gary Pfeifer
  I agree with you, Kenn. A change to the title in the database with a notation
would seem to be appropriate considering the unique circumstances pertaining to
this title.  Strange that the record label did not correct the error at some point.
Oct 4, 14 WCUE Akron RE2: 1975-06-18 / WCUE ( Akron, Ohio ) Tim Warden
Likely mismatched because that was one of the early surveys added in 2004 when the
matching engine wasn't nearly as accurate.  Cheers.