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Mar 5, 07 OOPS - WNEX is correct John Gallagher
I stand corrected. I could have sworn last night that WNEX or CFGO was listed as an
incorrect year. I apologize! LOL.
Jul 14, 13 OOPS! Ben E. McCoy
bad arthritis, funny typo:  that 'word' should read
as "DISK" jockey, just so there's no misunderstandings!

Jan 20, 12 Oops.... ARSA Jim
Kenn, I should've typed in CKOC as the call letters I was referring to in my
previous post, not CKGM - my bad.  -Jim
Nov 19, 07 Orlando Music Charts Rob Laye
I've enjoyed your posting of a couple charts from Orlando (years 1965 and 1966) 
I've considered 65 - 68 to be my favourite years in music and thought I had a
pretty good knowledge of the music and artists from that era.  To my surprise, the
recent Orlando charts had at least a dozen songs and artists that were totally new
to me.  Perhaps the stations provide strong support to local artists or perhaps
there is a Latin flavour to the music that I would have missed listening to
Canadian radio stations and US border stations from Detroit, Cleveland, and
Chicago. With the many, many charts you contribute to this site, Gary, I was
wondering if you are ever surprised by the number of songs or artists on a
particular chart with which you are not familiar.

Jan 13, 09 P.S.- Flip sides are always added to new ARSA survey entries! ARSA Jim
I just wanted to add one more thing to my recent answer to Michael about 45s in the
ARSA database that may not have yet have a survey associated with it. Years ago, I
would only add the "hit" side of a 45 into ARSA, simply for "bit/byte conservation"
purposes. But Tim later communicated to me that "space is cheap", and that it was
not his personal preference. Ever since then, I have automatically also added the
survey-appearing-song's flip side into ARSA as well. Some of these flip sides may
never end up having an ARSA survey match attached to it. But I have been quite
surprised about how many of these flip sides do also eventually end up listed, on
at least one survey. So, as usual, Tim's instincts were dead-on. There are also
still a good number of songs, first added to ARSA 5+ years ago, where the flip
sides have still not yet been entered. Every so often, you may notice a "string" of
entries, all by the same artist, under "Most Recently Added Singles". That almost
always means that I have just added some needed info for an artist's latest ARSA
entry, and simply decided to "catch up" on some other, old flip side additions, for
that same artist, while I was "in the neighborhood", that's all. Hope this little
addendum makes my initial explanation even clearer, for anyone interested.    Jim  
Mar 15, 11 Pasta Spoiler Number One - WIL 1968-08-12 John Schwob
Jim - no pasta for you tonight.  I entered the WIL C&W survey above and only 16 dots
out of 50!!!  Sorry - but the good news is - look at the scan - it has label and
catalog number for each song - should help you a little bit.  I'll wait a while for
the next one.

Sep 12, 14 Peter Skellern/Brownsville Station Paul H.

There's a couple of more songs in the database that need a year change: "You're A
Lady" by Peter Skellern and "The Red Back Spider" by Brownsville Station, they
should both be changed to 1972.

Apr 14, 10 Phantom Stations and Duplications J. A. Theroux
I found 4 additional radio station duplications in ARSA - WBZ-FM 106.7 FM in Boston,
WKCI 101.3 FM in New Haven, WLAN 96.9 FM in Lancaster and WZZP 106.5 FM in
Cleveland.  I also found 2 phantom stations - KIXY 940 AM in Amarillo is actually
KIXZ, and WILS 890 AM in Chicago (there is of course WLS 890 AM in Chicago and WILS
1320 AM in Lansing, MI in the database).

Sorry for all the nitpicking,
Jan 21, 10 Picks Up Wrong Hits Geno Rice
Sorry to be a pest, but in KUDL-1960-02-21 which I just typed in, for Bobby Darin
"THAT'S THE WAY LOVE IS" we pick up the wrong Bobby, and for FRANKIE AVALON "WHY"
we pick up the wrong Frankie.  While we're on that survey, is 8 new singles a
record for us (pun intended)?

On the topic of typing in surveys, I don't have a ready supply of raw material,
save what I scrounge from the internet.  If anyone wants to send me images of
surveys, I'll gladly put them in.

Jan 21, 10 Picks Up Wrong Hits, etc K.A. Scott
Hi Jim...

  Might I suggest the creation of an ARSA FAQ to cover some of these situations? 
The FAQ could cover the following questions:

-- I've got some surveys/airchecks I'd like to enter on the site.  How do I get

-- My favourite station/city isn't represented on the site!  Why not?

-- I've noticed an error on the site.  How do I report it?

Most of the answers to these questions can be cut-and-pasted in from the posts
below, or from elsewhere on the site.  Presto, instant FAQ (with answers)!

If possible, it would be nice to have a FAQ button posted on the left hand side of
the screen, which could then lead to the FAQ article.  If not, the FAQ could be
continually re-posted to Chart Chat every month or so. 

Anyway, it's just a thought.  Hope it might save you some time and energy in the
long run!


- Kenn.

Jan 11, 11 Please leave all label/catalog headaches to "ARSA Jim"! ARSA Jim
John, late in my earlier e-mail I used the term "title/artist" when I actually meant
to say "label/catalog" (maybe Tim can someday give us an "edit post" option - :) ).
You, John, are already one of the best keyers at getting the "magic dot" to always
appear for existing ARSA database entries. That really does help me. In other
words, if a song already appears in ARSA, your typed info always matches up with
it, so please don't alter that part of your key-in routine. What I meant to say
earlier is to always just skip your personal "least enjoyable part", trying to hunt
down label/catalog info for new ARSA songs. All the other major keyers already leave
that part to me, which I actually prefer. This should now also free up some time
that you can spend on the more enjoyable part - entering in new surveys!     -Jim 
Mar 14, 11 Please leave that stuff to me, Lee! ARSA Jim
Lee, we don't yet have an "frequently asked ARSA Chart Chat questions" section. I am
powerless to add one. Your latest question/kind offer has been thrown out there
before. For years now, I've strongly preferred that our keyers just leave adding
the 45 flip side/label/catalog info to me. I believe it has worked out well for
everybody. There are good reasons for it, trust me. My Saturday request was simply
an attempt to not have to add 500 new ARSA 45s/their associated info into the db
during a single day, that's all - there are no daily ARSA maintenance problems.
Leaving that stuff to me is mainly just for uniformity/consistency sake - kind of a
"too many cooks" scenario. I am already the "Library Of Congress", as far as owning
every 45/LP research book known to man, so not to worry there. Thanks for the
considerate offer, though, Lee! Besides, all the actual survey key-in work that
folks like you do every day is already plenty enough to ask of you! Also glad to
see you're able to enter in the "yearend" lists you recently inquired about on
here, buddy!    :)        -Jim 
Jun 1, 09 Please Please Me/Re-issue listings... ARSA Jim
Hello Roy and Kenn, and thanks a million to both of you for all the great survey
key-ins lately; you guys are on ARSA just about every single day lately, helping
"Gary The Iron Man" and adding some simply incredible stuff! As to your points:
Roy-Yes, some of the Beatles' "Please Please Me" Vee-Jay 498 1963 45 pressings did
spell the group's name "Beattles". But most 1963 45s did come out spelled the right
way. At the time, for some reason I decided not to make a note of the spelling
error, but I will now go ahead and do so, as I've added similar comments to ARSA in
similar cases. As to Kenn's point about only listing "initial" 45 releases, it is
certainly debatable. I happen to know that ARSA "CEO" Tim Warden prefers to have
any/all survey-appearing releases included in the database, for those interested in
browsing label discographies. We don't go nuts adding every single release on every
label, but it seems that they happen to get pretty "filled up", just by ARSA
continually adding surveys, and me attaching all of the label/catalog info for
them. It's amazing how many songs happened to show up on at least one survey when
they were a current! Kenn, you're 100% right that entering multiple 45 releases has
long caused ARSA major headaches, with the system trying to discern (and often
incorrectly) which specific database entry to attach the appropriate new survey
listing to. But in the UB40 example you cite, if we just went with the first, 1984,
A&M 2600, barely Top 40-peaking-in-the-U.S. "Red Red Wine", 45 release info, then
all of the many, #1-in-1988-surveys, on A&M 1244, would then wrongly default to the
1984 listing, and to a 45 # that folks didn't buy the 45 on back in 1988. As a
former programmer myself, if I were Tim, I would fix this glitch by adding
something some code such as, "if there are two listings for the exact same song,
then have ARSA match the 'circa' (or year) info, and match it up with the year
appearing on that particular survey." That way, 1988 "Red Red Wine" survey data
would be correctly matched up with its 1988 ARSA 45 database entry listing, not
1984's. Same thing with Roy's "Please Please Me" example. This fix would then be
place the 1963 survey data with its 1963 ARSA entry (as opposed to 1964's). But, as
always, I will leave the final call up to Tim (aka, "Our Fearless Leader"). Kenn, I
do most defintiely agree, however, that something needs to be done here. In my
opinion, you've hit on what is to me ARSA's #1 current system flaw.  All my best,
gentlemen!   -Jim
Dec 4, 06 Posting Steve Dinga
I have surveys from WENE in Endicott New York and WARM in Scranton PA from 1963
-1969 (many of the missing ones from WARM from 65-66.

How do I get these posted?  New to all of this...and love what I'm seeing and would
like to share...

Also have a whole series of individual surveys from the 60's...back then I used to
send out a self addressed envelope to radio stations across the country and ask
them to send me as many as possible...sometimes I really got repsonses!

BTW, Roy: if it could be arranged, i would be glad to
send you a copy of a printed-out survey version from my end so you could personally
see the difficulty of the too-small-that-are-posted WWDJ download images i am
dealing with.

thanks, ben.
Feb 20, 09 Pretenders, etc. K.A. Scott
I'm going to wade in again here, and point out that a number of singles pop up on
this particular KROQ chart.  It's NOT an album chart, but rather a playlist which
indiscriminately lists *records* regardless of format (7", 12", LP)

The following were all singles: 

9. Nowhere Girl - B Movie (Sire 29733)
11. Modesty Plays - Sparks (Underdog 13001)
12. Lies - Thompson Twins (Arista 1024)
13. My City Was Gone-Chain Gang - Pretenders  (2-sided hit. A-side was "Back on
Chain Gang", B-side was "My City Was Gone")  (Sire 29840)
14. Mirror Man - Human League (Virgin / A&M 2587)
22. Jeopardy - Greg Kihn Band (Beserkley 69847)
40. Buffalo Gals - Malcolm Mclaren (Island 99950)

12 and 14 were defintely on albums of the time - The Thompson Twins "Side Kicks",
and Greg Kihn's "Kihnspiracy".

I realize it may be unconvential, but could not this records chart be split up into
an album chart and a singles chart for tracking purposes?  Obviously, the Albums
chart will be missing entries for 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 22 and 40 -- and the singles
chart will consist ONLY of those numbers.  

An explanatory note at the bottom of the chart could read something like:  "This
KROQ chart lists both singles and albums, listed together from 1 to 40.  Due to
technical restrictions, the "List Chart Data" function will show two separate
charts, one for albums, one for singles.  At first glance, it may look as if the
separated album and singles charts have entries missing -- however, all chart
placings from the original combined list are represented." 


I hope I'm not being too picayune about this, but one of the best features of this
site (in my opinion) is the ability to track the progress of a particular single
from station to station across North America.  By placing the above singles in the
same category as other singles, we can easily see that (for instance) KROQ was
playing "Back On The Chain Gang" before anyone else.  (Even before my hometown
station!)   And that's the cool kind of info that I think you can find on this site
and nowhere else...


- Kenn.
Apr 20, 11 Previous Posting by Eldon Sanders Luoma regarding Old Charts et Eldon Sanders Luoma
Hi Everyone,  Just noticed my name was not on the previous posting so thought I
would mention it.  By the way if anyone would like to write to me regarding the old
music surveys and airchecks the address is Eldon Sanders Luoma, Box 3536, Langley,
B.C. Canada V3A 4R9.  Will Respond as soon as possible.  Again have a great Easter
Weekend everyone and hope the weather is nice where you are!
May 6, 11 PS to Michael.... ARSA Jim
Sir, I just did an ARSA Chart Chat search on your name. and this is approximately
the 5th different time that you've asked basically the exact same question here on
Chart Chat, from as far back as 2007! I also see, back in 2008, that I gave you a
very similar explanation to the one I just gave to you earlier today, to your
then-very-similar question. (This issue did sound vaguely familiar to me.) At the
time, it sounded like you understood where ARSA was coming from. But, now here it
is, 3 years later, and you ask the exact same question, still again! I just don't
understand this. I can only conclude that you have been/are extraordinarily unhappy
with ARSA's current database 45 philosophy. And to such a passionate, determined
degree that I've never before personally witnessed on here, Michael! 
     I know on-line complete 45 discographies are lacking on the Web. I am very
sorry about this, Michael. Of course, you are always more than welcome to start
your own "45 discography" website, no? There is a big need for this sort of
database on the 'Net. I know I, for one, would bookmark it as a favorite. Please
note that ARSA founder Tim Warden is a database designer - perhaps he can
advise/assist you in even setting something like this up.   
     I truly just don't know what else I can say to you at this point, Michael. I
have tried my best to as honest, cordial and respectful to you as possible. Just
know that I will no longer be replying to you, in regard to this matter. I can only
now offer you both my sincere best wishes and my prayers to you, going forward. 
-ARSA Jim  
Jan 10, 12 Question for Paul Haney K.A. Scott
Hi Paul...

  I've been enjoying the mind-boggling number of surveys you've entered from
September 1983 forward.  Will you ever be moving *backward* from that date at any

  I only ask because I'll be doing some microfilm research in the next month or so,
looking up some Canadian charts from '81 and '82. If you already have this era
covered, let me know which stations you already have, so I can concentrate on
digging up info that doesn't duplicate yours.  


  - Kenn. 

Jul 25, 07 Questions?? Rob Laye
I'm wondering if someone could tell me how points are tallied for the overall
ranking of songs?  Also, for a doubled sided hit (eg I'm A Believer / Stepping
Stone) are the points split between the two songs or are both songs credited with
full points?

Are the pictures of the charts added by scanning the original chart or by using a
digital camera "snapshot"?  A quick summary on the process needed to add some of my
music charts to the data base would be appreciated.

(By the way, Gary, I certainly enjoyed the CHLO air check.  Thanks again.)