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Jan 1, 08 RE2: 12/30/1974 KCBQ Survey Gary Pfeifer
  Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but it was my impression that there were no
special verions of these songs, it's just how the titles were listed on the
Here's a question that came to mind. With songs like "Wishing 'Q' Were Here" and
Honestly Love 'Q'", did the artists record special versions for KCBQ, or, was it
clever work by the Production or Music Director?
Jan 11, 11 RE2: 1959 - Old Black Magic by the Clovers John Schwob
It figures that if someone catalogued my song within an hour, then that person would
unveil themselves just as quickly.  Thank you, Jim.  And just so I understand, I
have always researched my own song catalog info if it wasn't in the data base. 
That, frankly, is one of the most frustrating and least satisfying parts of survey
entry.  So, Jim, what you are saying is that I should just enter the song and if I
am sure it is not already in the data base, just leave it without the "dot" and you
will fix it?  
Jul 14, 14 KEWB San Francisco RE2: 1960-04-09 / KEWB ( San Francisco, California ) Gary Pfeifer
Not a problem!  Thank YOU for your survey contributions!
Aug 19, 14 KEWB San Francisco RE2: 1960-11-19 / KEWB ( San Francisco, California ) J. A. Theroux
Thanks, Tim!
Sep 8, 14 KEWB San Francisco RE2: 1961-04-22 / KEWB ( San Francisco, California ) J. A. Theroux
Thank you, Gary!
Oct 6, 14 KEWB San Francisco RE2: 1961-11-04 / KEWB ( San Francisco, California ) J. A. Theroux
Thanks again Gary!
Nov 6, 12 WKBR Manchester RE2: 1961-11-05 / WKBR ( Manchester, New Hampshire ) Gary Pfeifer
 The second part of this post regarding WKIX should have been addressed to Lee. 

Mar 24, 12 KXOA Sacramento RE2: 1962-03-02 / KXOA ( Sacramento, California) ARSA Jim
.....*or*, our buddy Gary didn't originally flip the survey over to notice that
there were also #s 41 - 62 to add in. Perhaps A.R. was innocently browsing recently
added surveys, noticed the oversight, and just fixed it for Gary by adding in the 22
"other side of the survey" songs for him. That would then cause "Humorous Dian" to
now appear for the first time. Would've been a shame for such a unique entry to not
be represented at all in our db. On second thought, that surely must have been what
happened. Peace!       -Jim     
Apr 24, 15 WOHO Toledo RE2: 1962-04-22 / WOHO ( Toledo, Ohio ) Geno Rice
Thanks for the information. I'm planning on going at the end of May. 
May 24, 12 KFXM San Bernardino RE2: 1963-06-15 / KFXM ( San Bernardino, California ) Lee Tucker

Thanks; got it and will do.  If a significant number of songs on any KFXM 1964
survey do not receive the ARSA Magic Bullet, I won't key-in another KFXM survey
until you folks have processed these so they receive the ARSA Magic Bullet.
However, when looking at their 1964 surveys, I don't think that there will be
nearly as many entries that do not receive the ARSA Magic Bullet as KFXM's earlier
surveys as the number of DJ picks, "Bubbling Under" type extras, and Spotlight
Albums is significantly fewer than those contained in their earlier surveys. In
fact, starting in July, 1964, their "Extras" are reduced to only DJ Personal Picks
and a few Spotlight Albums, so hopefully the number of entries not receiving the
ARSA Magic Bullet won't be significant.   -   Lee  
Mar 21, 12 KMEN San Bernardino RE2: 1963-06-28 / KMEN ( San Bernardino, California ) Lee Tucker
ARSA Jim:  Glad to help!
Jan 13, 14 KLIV San Jose RE2: 1963-12-14 / KLIV ( San Jose, California ) J. A. Theroux
Thanks for the info, Gary!
Mar 22, 14 KRUX Phoenix RE2: 1964-03-22 / KRUX ( Phoenix, Arizona )Beatles Dilema Tim Warden
Hi Rick!

I guess I would agree with Gary ó don't "guess", even if the guess is accurate,
it's still a guess.  Go ahead and enter the entry as it is and one of us will add
it as an entry.  And yes, of course I would prefer to see the chart dominated by
Beatles tracks as it was then... but we don't have enough data in the chart to tell
us which songs were the "Beatles Hits" they grouped togehter.


Aug 19, 12 WORC Worcester RE2: 1964-07-25 / WORC ( Worcester, Massachusetts ) Gary Pfeifer
  Maybe some were printed in error and later corrected. I am not familiar with the
song offhand.  Do the lyrics indicate if "arms" or "hands" would be the correct
Sep 5, 14 KLIV San Jose RE2: 1964-09-04 / KLIV ( San Jose, California ) J. A. Theroux
Actually I wasn't that surprised, at that time the Beach Boys were hitting their
stride in terms of popularity and that may have generated interest in their back
catalog.  Also, KLIV played a lot of surf music, or surf pop if you will, back
Aug 6, 14 KFXM San Bernardino RE2: 1964-12-05 / KFXM ( San Bernardino, California ) Derek Nichols

Paul at pjmoto dot com

Author of song.
Nov 24, 12 WABC New York RE2: 1965-02-13 / WABC ( New York, New York ) Gary Pfeifer

  Thanks for your response.  I see that the previously entered 2/20/65 WABC survey
(taken from the printed survey) corresponds with 2/16/65 survey on the website, which is not the 11 day gap usually seen between the
unveiling and printed survey dates.  I agree with you that it then appears logical
that the 2/13/65 printed survey would correspond to the 2/9/65 survey on the website.  However, if we do that, it appears that there then
is a missing survey - what printed survey date does the
website's 2/2/65 survey correspond to? 

  I see the 3/6/65 printed survey corresponds with the 2/24/65 survey on the
website - back to the 11 days again.  Either the date on the 2/20/65 printed survey
was in error or the gap between the unveiling and printed survey dates varied from
time to time.

   This whole thing about the difference between WABC's survey unveiling and
printed survey dates has always made my mind spin. :)  I've tried to avoid this
confusion by only entering WABC surveys where I had the printed survey or
copies/images thereof.

   Here's my suggestions and if you donít believe these are proper, please let me
know.  Modify your note to indicate that this survey corresponds to the 2/9/65
survey on the website and also change the LW numbers to the
LW's from the 2/9/65.  This will at least eliminate confusion of anyone comparing
the two.  I know this is not perfect but I don't see any ideal solution.  No matter
what we do, something is out of wack.  Right now, we still have the missing 2/2/65
survey.  If printed surveys of these dates show up later, we can always modify
dates to whatever is actually shown on the printed survey.

  Thanks for your assistance.
Apr 4, 10 KGFJ Los Angeles RE2: 1965-04-04 / KGFJ ( Los Angeles, California ) Gary Pfeifer
 Uh oh, looks like we've got a non-existent radio station in there - the KGFG.  Tim,
can you remove that one please.  So, we're back to 999.  Won't be long I'm sure to
No. 1,000 again.
Aug 24, 14 KEWB San Francisco RE2: 1965-08-02 / KEWB ( San Francisco, California ) J. A. Theroux
Thanks Gary,  I suspected it might be something like that. 
Nov 16, 06 RE2: 1965-12-11/KXOK St. Louis John Schwob
No - I am quite embarrassed to say that I hand wrote it over 40 years ago when I was
obsessed with the surveys and I couldn't let a week go by without one.  Fortunately,
I don't remember why I didn't have the real one or where I got the information to
produce it.