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Feb 26, 04 RE2: What's New In ARSA Tim Warden
Albums! Albums! Albums!

I've added all the chart logic for albums and have begun the process of updating
existing surveys that contain album charts.  We're over 200 albums, and it's only
the first day.  Already, quite a few of these albums never charted in the "major"
May 29, 14 RE2: WLLL Lynchburg, Va: contribute Top 40s Robin Ore

Thanks much.  I'll shoot you an email with images of the 2, and for the others I'll
type them up into your proper format and you can upload them.  Please email me back
your format.

Super Duper!!

--Robin in the Hood
May 29, 14 RE2: WLLL Lynchburg, Va: contribute Top 40s Gary Pfeifer

    You can send the images of the 1969/70 WLLL surveys to the email address I
provided. As for the others, I have no problem uploading them for you if you type
them up - however, you will need to make sure they are prepared in the proper
format, or else I would likely need to retype them again. I can send you an example
in email.

  If you'd like to upload yourself, you'll need to send an email to the aite
administrator, Tim Warden ( and request access.  Please be
aware that Tim is sometimes very occupied with real life and takes awhile to get
around to doing this.  Uploading the surveys is fairly easy and there are several
ways to do so.  They can be entered directly into the database line by line, or if
prepared in one of several prescribed formats, they are easily "auto-filled" into
the database.  There are a number of techniques you'll need to be aware of in
certain situations and those are covered in the help files you'll then see.

  Your choice, please let me know how you'd prefer to proceed.

Apr 15, 07 WLOF Orlando RE2: WLOF Gary Pfeifer
 Tim, I have an unscoped aircheck of WLOF from 4/25/66 that runs an hour. DJ is King
Arthur Knight.
Oct 13, 09 RE2: WORC !310 WOrcester Mass. Martin Nathan
I have the 16 surveys From WORC 1968 & '69

several WORC surveys going back through the earlier '60s and even late 1950s

a couple from WAAB worcester, mid 1960s

a few From WHYN, mid '60s

WBZ, WRKO mid '60s

1-2 from WCOP

1-2 WNEB 1230 Worcester 1959

HolY Cross College radio survey 1966

probably at least 50- 60 total - some of the early QORC
surveys are too big for the scanner.

Oct 16, 12 RE2: WORC Surveys Link Lee Tucker

I'd be glad to help out if needed.  These would fit in nicely with the 1-2 I
usually key-in every afternoon and be a pleasant diversion from the straight
chronological format I adhere to in the morning.  Cheers!

     - Lee  

Oct 15, 12 RE2: WORC Surveys Link Martin Nathan
Okay, I'll start uploading the scans , one or two at atime - next day or so
Apr 4, 13 RE2:gional hits radio show Gary Pfeifer
 That's great that ARSA is getting some radio mention and that's he's able to use
our resources to help program his show!  Thank you for letting us all know!
Sep 28, 10 RE2:questing a K.A. Scott
Hi Jim...

  I understand your frustration!  For my part, when I have to enter an unknown
artist, I've always tried to research and enter the "most likely" artists, so that
you don't have to drive yourself nuts looking for the info.

  For the 1963 "Unknown Artist" who performed "If", I'd place my bet on Little
Caesar & The Consuls, who had a Canada-only hit by the title "If (I Found A New


  - Kenn.

Nov 7, 12 WKBR Manchester RE3: 1961-11-05 / WKBR ( Manchester, New Hampshire ) Lee Tucker

Re: the WKIX year end surveys.  
I revisited the website from which I obtained the WKIX EOY surveys and could find
nothing to indicate their origin.  Given this, along with the fact that they are
text copies and there seems to be some controversary as to their credibility, I'll
refrain from contributing the 1965-1974 (and earlier) WKIX EOY surveys from that
website.  Cheers.
   -  Lee
Mar 25, 12 KXOA Sacramento RE3: 1962-03-02 / KXOA ( Sacramento, California) Gary Pfeifer
  It appears I just spaced out on this one and neglected to add the songs shown on
the back side of the survey.  Maybe I got interrupted and forget to get back to
them.  In any event, I'm sorry for the oversight and many thanks to ARSA Jim for
adding the songs and A.R. Paine for bringing this to our attention.
Aug 20, 12 WORC Worcester RE3: 1964-07-25 / WORC ( Worcester, Massachusetts ) Lee Tucker
I no longer have the 45 and, like you, I don't really recall the song or the lyrics
as it was a very obscure single (I think I picked it up at a yard sale or thrift
store years ago when I was avidly collecting 45s).  For some reason, Joel Whitburn
has chosen to list it as "Hands" in his Top Pop Singles publications so, again, who
Nov 25, 12 WABC New York RE3: 1965-02-13 / WABC ( New York, New York ) Lee Tucker
Hi Gary

The changes you suggested have been made.  I totally agree with you about the
confusion created by the difference between WABC's survey unveiling and printed
survey dates; perhaps this is why the WABC website does not
contain any survey images. Prior to my beginning to enter 1965 surveys, this WABC
date variance was not an issue as relatively few WABC surveys had been contributed
to ARSA and I used the website survey dates with only a few date conflicts. 
However, since the ARSA data base contains quite a few 1965 WABC surveys, I've had
to return to my survey files and change the survey dates I downloaded from the
website so as to fit ARSA's 1965 WABC survey date continuity flow. A few more
anomalies might occur as I go forward but there really aren't that many 1965 WABC
surveys left to contribute.  While this date variance is kind of confusing, I feel
the 1965 WABC survey gaps in the ARSA data base deserve to be filled and am happy
to do so.  Cheers.


Apr 5, 10 KGFJ Los Angeles RE3: 1965-04-04 / KGFJ ( Los Angeles, California ) J. A. Theroux
Someone might want to look for other station duplications.  I've found three so far
- KEWB (94.7 FM), KLZ/KLZ-FM (both are the FM station) and KRLY (93.7 FM).
Nov 16, 06 RE3: 1965-12-11/KXOK St. Louis John Gallagher
Actually John, I am pretty impressed by your work! I thought maybe it was a rare
handwritten template before it was sent to a professional printer. :)
Aug 7, 07 WSPT Stevens Point RE3: 1967-07-01 / WSPT ( Stevens Point, Wisconsin ) Rob Ellis
Thanks Gary, I still can't make it out, but it's exactly what I thought.  
Dec 17, 13 KGFJ Los Angeles RE3: 1968-12-22 / KGFJ ( Los Angeles, California ) Gary Pfeifer
  For the time being, I've changed both to March 1969, although I believe a good
case could be made for April also.
Feb 4, 09 WHYN Springfield RE3: 1978-02-03 / WHYN ( Springfield, Massachusetts ) Gary Pfeifer
 All taken care of.  Thanks!

Dec 21, 13 WHB Kansas City RE3: 1978-05-03 / WHB ( Kansas City, Missouri ) Alan Linquist
I can e-mail  them. There are three or four that I can send as jpgs.  It will be
some time over the holiday.  thanks, alan
Aug 11, 09 WDMV Pocomoke City RE3: 1980-08-11 / WDMV ( Pocomoke City, Maryland ) K.A. Scott
Yup, it's fine now.  Hope it was an easy fix!


- Kenn.