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May 4, 15 RE14: The phantom singles! Geno Rice
Thanks guys! 

I'm sure that any other djs who may have played the B side are going to call it
"Care Free" as well! It's a great song.
May 5, 15 RE15: The phantom singles! Geno Rice
The Loved Ones' "Magic Baby" (1969) might be a typo of "Magic Box." This was the
Australian group's last album, released late in 1968. The title track may have
gotten some airplay on KSTT at the beginning of 1969, which is why it appeared on
the 1969 year-end round-up. Unfortunately, there are no other KSTT surveys from
1969 in ARSA, (yet).

I listened to the title track on YouTube, and this garage rock song has many
memorable shouts of "baby" and no clearly repeated "magic box." I can easily see it
being misremembered as "Magic Baby" by the staff almost a year later. 
May 5, 15 RE16: The phantom singles! Geno Rice
Sorry, I got the years mixed up. Magic Box came out in 1967 and the single on In
Records #8093 may have also been from 1967. 
May 5, 15 RE17: The phantom singles! K.A. Scott
Hi Geno...

  Not bad theorizing, but I'm pretty sure the track is actually "Magic Baby" by The
1984 Love Machine on CBS International 101.  Just found a Facebook posting with a
KSTT chart that has the track sitting at #23:

  If you go down the Facebook thread, you'll also see someone refers to the 1984
Love Machine as "a.k.a. The Loved Ones".  (I'm guessing they had to change their
name after they got wind of The Australian band?)  

  Just found the Facebook post this aft, otherwise I would have posted about this


  - Kenn.

May 5, 15 RE18: The phantom singles! Geno Rice
Oh, excellent! Way to go, Kenn. Another one bites the dust!
May 5, 15 RE19: The phantom singles! Gary Pfeifer
 Good going guys!!
May 16, 15 RE20: The phantom singles! Geno Rice
Johnny Cash's song "Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog" is on his 1966 Columbia LP "Everybody
Loves A Nut." 

Found this in a blog about KJR: "“Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog” was a track from
Johnny Cash’s Everybody Loves a Nut album, appearing here on the survey just this
one week.  Lan Roberts was a KJR disc jockey; I have not been able to determine why
he was listed as a co-artist."
May 16, 15 RE21: The phantom singles! Gary Pfeifer
  Thanks for info Geno!  We had known that "Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog" appeared on
Cash's "At Folsom Prison" LP, but that was two years later in 1968.  Missed this
1966 album.  Good find!  Knew Lan Roberts had been a DJ on KORL but couldn't
confirm if he was on KHJ.  Perhaps he made an in-house novelty sing along with the
Cash song.  I'll enter it as an album cut from "Everybody Loves A Nut".   Thanks
May 16, 15 RE22: The phantom singles! Geno Rice
You're welcome. There's this dedicated KJR blogger, Joey Beretta, who has been
transcribing the KJR surveys from the newspaper (beginning in 1964) and posting
them to his blog.
Oct 16, 09 RE2: The group "Harold" - Thanks, Geno & Nathan ARSA Jim
Thanks, guys, for the help with a recent new obscure ARSA title. I discovered that
"Harold" is actually a duo, made up of former memebrs of the Ontario. Ontario band
"The Townsmen". Those "one common word" obscure group names are always the toughest
for me to track down additional info on. Among Harold's other songs (not yet in
ARSA) is the I've-got-to-hear-it "Ode To Linoleum"!   -Jim
Jan 1, 08 RE2: 12/30/1974 KCBQ Survey Gary Pfeifer
  Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but it was my impression that there were no
special verions of these songs, it's just how the titles were listed on the
Here's a question that came to mind. With songs like "Wishing 'Q' Were Here" and
Honestly Love 'Q'", did the artists record special versions for KCBQ, or, was it
clever work by the Production or Music Director?
Jan 11, 11 RE2: 1959 - Old Black Magic by the Clovers John Schwob
It figures that if someone catalogued my song within an hour, then that person would
unveil themselves just as quickly.  Thank you, Jim.  And just so I understand, I
have always researched my own song catalog info if it wasn't in the data base. 
That, frankly, is one of the most frustrating and least satisfying parts of survey
entry.  So, Jim, what you are saying is that I should just enter the song and if I
am sure it is not already in the data base, just leave it without the "dot" and you
will fix it?  
Jul 14, 14 KEWB San Francisco RE2: 1960-04-09 / KEWB ( San Francisco, California ) Gary Pfeifer
Not a problem!  Thank YOU for your survey contributions!
Aug 19, 14 KEWB San Francisco RE2: 1960-11-19 / KEWB ( San Francisco, California ) J. A. Theroux
Thanks, Tim!
Sep 8, 14 KEWB San Francisco RE2: 1961-04-22 / KEWB ( San Francisco, California ) J. A. Theroux
Thank you, Gary!
Oct 6, 14 KEWB San Francisco RE2: 1961-11-04 / KEWB ( San Francisco, California ) J. A. Theroux
Thanks again Gary!
Nov 6, 12 WKBR Manchester RE2: 1961-11-05 / WKBR ( Manchester, New Hampshire ) Gary Pfeifer
 The second part of this post regarding WKIX should have been addressed to Lee. 

Mar 24, 12 KXOA Sacramento RE2: 1962-03-02 / KXOA ( Sacramento, California) ARSA Jim
.....*or*, our buddy Gary didn't originally flip the survey over to notice that
there were also #s 41 - 62 to add in. Perhaps A.R. was innocently browsing recently
added surveys, noticed the oversight, and just fixed it for Gary by adding in the 22
"other side of the survey" songs for him. That would then cause "Humorous Dian" to
now appear for the first time. Would've been a shame for such a unique entry to not
be represented at all in our db. On second thought, that surely must have been what
happened. Peace!       -Jim     
Apr 24, 15 WOHO Toledo RE2: 1962-04-22 / WOHO ( Toledo, Ohio ) Geno Rice
Thanks for the information. I'm planning on going at the end of May. 
May 24, 12 KFXM San Bernardino RE2: 1963-06-15 / KFXM ( San Bernardino, California ) Lee Tucker

Thanks; got it and will do.  If a significant number of songs on any KFXM 1964
survey do not receive the ARSA Magic Bullet, I won't key-in another KFXM survey
until you folks have processed these so they receive the ARSA Magic Bullet.
However, when looking at their 1964 surveys, I don't think that there will be
nearly as many entries that do not receive the ARSA Magic Bullet as KFXM's earlier
surveys as the number of DJ picks, "Bubbling Under" type extras, and Spotlight
Albums is significantly fewer than those contained in their earlier surveys. In
fact, starting in July, 1964, their "Extras" are reduced to only DJ Personal Picks
and a few Spotlight Albums, so hopefully the number of entries not receiving the
ARSA Magic Bullet won't be significant.   -   Lee