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Dec 21, 13 WHB Kansas City RE3: 1978-05-03 / WHB ( Kansas City, Missouri ) Alan Linquist
I can e-mail  them. There are three or four that I can send as jpgs.  It will be
some time over the holiday.  thanks, alan
Aug 11, 09 WDMV Pocomoke City RE3: 1980-08-11 / WDMV ( Pocomoke City, Maryland ) K.A. Scott
Yup, it's fine now.  Hope it was an easy fix!


- Kenn.
Jan 4, 10 CHUM Toronto RE3: 1981-12-12 / CHUM-FM ( Toronto, Ontario ) ARSA Jim
Oh, now I get you, Kenn! Yeah, every couple of months or so, I don't how (senior
moments, probably!), but somehow a title/artist entry sneaks in without me ever
seeing it. If the CHUM survey had been in ARSA for that long, then I defintely
goofed. I probably checked on of several newly-entered CHUM surveys at one time
(and yes, I've been goin' real hard of late adding in CT's WAVZ/WNHC/WPOP surveys;
and I must say, you're no key-in slouch either, Kenn!) :) And I must've accidently
missed clicking/browsing on one of the CHUM lists. So, were it not for your
heads-up here, it would still be that way - oops!. So, many thanks, buudy!   -Jim
Sep 20, 09 WBCN Boston RE3: 1984-09-14 / WBCN ( Boston, Massachusetts ) K.A. Scott
Hi Al...

  I'll get back to those CHUM-FM charts, I promise.  Unfortunately, the album
charts take me about three times as long to enter as the singles charts -- the
current auto-fill set-ups don't account for "Weeks On", nor do they order the album
info the way I have them in my files.  So when time's at a premium for me, the album
charts are the first to go...

  Those WBCN charts sure make it look like it was an interesting station, by the


  - Kenn.

Sep 19, 09 WBCN Boston RE3: 1984-09-14 / WBCN ( Boston, Massachusetts ) ARSA Jim
Hello, A.R.; Jim here. I think your handling of the "local charters", for your
specific lists, is exactly correct; given your "sometimes played on radio from
master tapes only" thoery here. They should surely be noted (just as you have), but
probably don't merit a full, commercially-released ARSA entry, for just the reason
you cite. My #1 ARSA surprise to date is the number of "Album Rock" surveys that
have been entered in. While I long knew of the format's popularity, of course, I
just never saw any AOR surveys printed anywhere in my local area, ever. Obviously
this was not the case everywhere. Just another great oh-wow moment for me, guys,
thanks to ARSA!
Mar 8, 10 WMJQ Buffalo RE3: 1991-02-20 / WMJQ ( Buffalo, New York )
Kenn: Forgive me, I didn't clearly make my point earlier. It is not that the ARSA
algorithim issues are "more than I/we can handle/want to deal with" right now. That
isn't it at all. From the start, Tim has authorized ONLY himself to have access to
all internal ARSA program code/algorithms. I respect that. It is complicated
computer coding. This is Tim's prerogative; it is his site. And we are all forever
indebted to him for this tremendous resource. But in reality, he appears to have
only a very few precious hours a year to spend on all ARSA fixes. Sadly, this is
not nearly enough time to address all of the various ARSA issues. THIS simple fact
is at the root of all of our combined frustrations here. Just know that I am
totally willing to TRY to tackle/repair these problems. I do have over a decade of
programming expertise. But, like all of us except Tim, I am "100% locked out" of
this top-level ARSA access. This fact makes it impossible for me to even attempt to
fix the bad algorithms. To reiterate, Kenn, I am extremely willing to do it, but I
am powerless to try, 100% due to this lack of "advanced ARSA clearance". Kenn, I
hope you can now better understand why these annoying errors persist, despite the
daily participation of at least two "lunatic perfectionists" (you and I) on board
here at ARSA! You are the best, sir!  -Jim
Sep 13, 11 RE3: 99 Luftballons/Red Balloons - Nena Paul Haney
Not a problem, Jim.  I totally understand keeping the two versions apart.  I don't
know why my name wasn't attached to the original post, but it was me!

Paul Haney
Sep 28, 08 RE3: Adding a survey K.A. Scott
Thanks for replying, Rob!  Tim has also gotten in touch with me via e-mail. I didn't
realize that he didn't check the Chat area that often -- hope neither he nor anyone
else was offended or put out by my comments!

Anyway, to answer your question, I've got surveys from the Toronto area.  Mostly
early 1980s stuff (CHUM/CFTR/Q107), but also some CKEY charts published in the
Toronto Telegram from the late 1960s.

Actually, in reference to the CKEY material, I have a question about how to input
the info.  CKEY (with tongue firmly in cheek) proudly proclaimed itself Toronto's
"number 2 station" (i.e., behind CHUM).  So naturally they had a tie-in gimmick --
the highest possible position on their charts was #2.  In other words, NONE of the
late 60s CKEY charts have a number 1 hit!

Any thoughts on how this deliberate (but funny) quirk should be reflected on this


- Kenn.


Mar 25, 12 RE3: CBC surveys ARSA Jim
I agree a million percent with Gary.....     -Jim
Jul 11, 09 RE3: CHUM/CHUM-FM
Kenn, I believe your final statement is exactly correct (about the survey count
being the only currently "bad stat".) Tim often refers to a bunch of minor ARSA
"programming tidying-up correction issues" that he needs to get around to fixing
someday. I am pretty sure you could find quite a few of these minor ARSA system
flaws if you look hard enough. I really don't know what to say to you, Kenn,
because the same two things always come into play: 1-You will correctly spot a
minor ARSA flaw, and then want it explained/fixed, and, 2-We have the
hardest-working guy I know (Tim), who tells us he will fix these ARSA issues
whenever he can, but it could be a while. Kenn, I have personally been involved
with ARSA for most of its existance, and I've also notice many of the same things
you do at one time or another. Tim designed ARSA a certain way back in '03, and I
always try to work within his original ARSA system design. No system is perfect. To
keep my blood pressure down, I take a different approach, however. Sometimes, if
it's significant, I will let Tim know. If not, I won't-I don't like to bother Tim.
Then, I take him at his word, and then will just patiently "live with it" until he
can get to it. The reality is that Tim just doesn't really have the time to fix
most of this ARSA stuff. This "chill pill" philosophy has worked great for me over
the years. Kenn, you get to add your 2 cents to your hearts' content and, letter of
the law, you are almost always 100% correct. I just wanna reiterate that ARSA is
just a few folks with a few spare hours a week, volunteering their time and eforts.
Although I would like it to, I just don't think it is reasonable to expect the ARSA
system to work as well as, say, AT&T's master database of phone numbers, where they
have millions of paid, full-time employees working on it! Just my opinion, my good
friend. Your CHUM survey entries have been nothing short of an incredible ARSA
Jun 10, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE3: FBI Virus Tim Warden
Guys, I've done a cursory check of the site and I can assure you there are no
viruses or Trojan horses lurking.  The site is clean and free (knock on wood) of
viri.  If there were an intruder, it would be evident in the logs and file names
and mod dates.... everything is clean, so I think the virus you discovered was from
some other site.  While I may not spend a ton of time on this particular part of the
site, I can assure you is clean.  Best regards. -- Tim
Oct 29, 10 RE3: How Do I Add Printed Survey Information? Kevin O'Donnell
I can't seem to upload my scanned survey image
for my 04-19-70 WOSH-AM survey.  I'm receiving a
website error message.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.


I'm receiving a website error message when I attempt to add
a scanned image of my 04-19-70 WOSH-AM survey.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.


Mar 24, 07 KXOK St. Louis RE3: KXOK ( St. Louis, Missouri ) John Schwob

Thanks for your note about "Shake A Tail Feather".  I do have about 2 more years of
surveys to add because by the end of 1970 I had graduated from college and went into
the army and my collection is real sketchy after that time.

The beauty of this web site is to be able to "prove" that St. Louis was
significantly behind the rest of the country in introducing new songs.  I remember
when traveling around the country during my high school and college years, I would
hear all of this new music on other Top 40 stations.  Then finally here it later in
St. Louis.

Now with this web site, almost every time I choose a song that was a large national
hit and see how the KXOK chart movement compares to other stations around the
country, it seems that St. Louis was about a month behind. 

By the way, Olin, I hope you have noticed the KATZ surveys I have been adding.  I
was a big fan of "soul music" in the 60s.  I also found tucked away in a box in the
basement a few additional St. Louis radio station surveys such as WIL, KADI, & KIRL
that I will eventually be adding.
Mar 29, 13 RE3: KYA 1260 3/28/70 survey J. A. Theroux
Well alright, thanks for the response, I do appreciate it.  And give the anonymous
contributor my thanks for his generous donation.
Apr 1, 14 RE3: Message to Mr. Lee Tucker Gary Pfeifer

   No problem.  It's happened to me a number of times also.  We all very much
appreciate your efforts and know you strive for total accuracy.  When processing a
large number of surveys on a daily basis as you do, something is bound to slip
through eventually.  Fortunately, we have great, keen eyed users here at ARSA to
help us maintain accuracy and most corrections can be made quickly and painlessly. 
Thanks again!
May 9, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE3: My Network Anomaly? Lee Tucker
Thanks Kenn and Cary.  Looks like the problem is on this end as I suspected it
probably was.  We've had some real internet issues here lately; we lost it for a
couple of days in April and most of the day earlier this week.  I've never been
thrilled with Century Link and if our house wasn't on the market, I'd switch our
internet provider immediately; I'll definitely use another provider after our
relocation.  I can live with the issue for now and maybe I'll switch to Chrome and
see if it goes away. Thanks again!!

May 15, 10 RE3: Phantom Stations and Duplications Tim Warden
Quite right!  I made the correction -- thanks!
Feb 26, 08 RE3: Radio London Mary Payne
Hi Gary,

I wrote approx 500 words about Radio London and its charts. It runs to about 2600
characters. Is this beyond a set limit?

I sent it twice and nothing happened, whereas my short messages were accepted. 

Feb 26, 08 RE3: San Francisco Bay Area Surveys 1957-1965 Gary Pfeifer

   Contact me in email and we'll discuss the details further.  

   Gary Pfeifer
Mar 2, 10 RE3: Satisfaction / Rainy Day Women on KYA San Francisco Roy Ballard
amazing stuff, jeff! i did a little digging too and have proved without a doubt that
i was completely wrong in hypothesizing (sp?) that the may 6, 1966 kya listing
(inside the may 14 kyabeat) was from the los angeles version.  

i found a website that has ALL of the krla beat magazines online! and the may 14,
1966 issue has the same "oscar night in santa monica" story that is in the may 14
kya issue. the krla top 40 list does not match the kya top 30, ergo, i was wrong,

so, jeff, i think your analysis is the best so far.

the krlabeat website is it is amazing! plus it would be a
great source for krla surveys for arsa.      cheers!  roy