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Jul 13, 13 KNDE - 1470 AM - SACRAMENTO SACRAMENTO'S HIT 30 JULY 14, 1973 Ben E. McCoy
dear Lee,

like, WHERE-ever in the blue blazes did you get your hands on that old KNDE survey,

totally blew me away when i saw it because that was the era when i worked there at
"Rock KANDIE 147".

still have some very good memories during my times at KNDE,  especially during this
particular survey date!!

ben e. mccoy.
Jun 24, 09 KOBY & KEWB - Two Down, One To Go Roy Ballard
Well, that was a kick inputting KEWB surveys from 1960-1964. KEWB was owned by
Crowell-Collier who also owned KFWB/Los Angeles and KDWB/Minneapolis. Per the Bay
Area Radio Museum all three stations "received the distinctive programming imprint
of Chuck Blore."

KEWB's most famous DJ's were Casey Kasem of America Top 40 fame and Gary Owens who
starred on Laugh-In. 

Now, on to my largest survey collection: KYA. I'll see if I continue to make
Freudian typos, like "Sinning Nun"!

chooglin' on.......roy
May 6, 09 KOBY 1550: Oct 7,1956 - Feb 22,1960 R.I.P. Roy Ballard
And so after 112 surveys and 2 scanners, I've exhausted my collection of KOBY
surveys. According the to the Bay Area Museum site, KOBY was the first Top 40
station in the San Francisco Bay Area and was owned by Dave Segal who also owned
Top 40 stations in Denver and Greenville, Mississippi.

I fondly remember one summer KOBY promotion called the "KOBY back". You put tape on
your back in the KOBY letters and then had 3 weeks to get the best tan. The boy and
girl that showed the best white "KOBY" against a brown tan won a prize. Well, we
baked daily lying on our stomachs on the Santa Cruz beach, but alas, we didn't win
- just the opposite, we looked like fools with tanned backs but pure white fronts!
It was worth it though as we met lots of "KOBY back" girls.

In 1959 and 1960 heavy hitting Top 40 stations like KYA and KEWB appeared and were
too much competition for small KOBY. Speaking of KEWB, I start tomorrow on my 200
of those surveys!   cheers! roy

Dec 27, 14 KOL Seattle Surveys Andre Skrastins
Thank you so much for occasionally posting a new (missing) KOL survey in your
archives. I check every few weeks to see if there's an update. I was a big fan of
KOL Seattle during the period 1965 to 1969, so it thrills me to find a "new" old
survey. -Andre S. 
Dec 7, 11 KPHO SURVEY FIXED Ben E. McCoy
hiya, Rickster!

thanks again for correcting that weird problem with the previous KPHO survey
and yes, Sir, tis gotta be those infamous digital gremlins
who just keep messing about on many a websites it seems.
(i been plagued with those electronic critters me self lately as well)


Dec 6, 11 KPHO SURVEYS Ben E. McCoy
dear Rick,

your latest post of the KPHO survey (two pages)
WILL NOT enlarge these images when the thumbs are
clicked on!  i have tried repeatedly, but to no avail.

would be obliged to see this glitch fixed,
thank you, Sir.


ben e, mccoy.
Aug 27, 08 KRLA, 8-28-81 Rob Price
Ah, memories of Fresno--I spent that summer opening up a Record Factory store on
Blackstone Avenue, and this chart pretty well reflects what was selling in the
steamy San Joaquin. Especially the Rick James and Teena Marie tunes. I spent that
summer trying to turn everyone on to the Go-Go's debut LP, which was
fantastic---interesting to see "Our Lips Are Sealed" breaking here a good couple of
months before it would chart nationwide. But our #1 selling single, far and away,
was stuck here at #20, and barely cracked the Billboard Top 30---Frankie Smith's
"Double Dutch Bus." Irritating as all get-out, but MAN, every kid in Fresno had a
copy of the 12-inch. "Gimme a ho if ya got ya funky bus pass....".
Second request on KSHE SURVEY 3-11-68
The Vic Dana single at #89 needs to be added. Liberty 56023
The Vic Dana single at #89 needs to be added. Liberty 56023
Nov 29, 06 KSTL and Jenny Jamison Denis Moore
Per chance does anyone know what Jenny Jamison, a DJ with KSTL from 1965 til ? is uo
to these days? Jenny was a stage name. Does anyone know her real name? Thanks
Jun 14, 15 KSTT K.A. Scott
Hi Geno...

  The KSTT survey is way down in my queue...if you want to input it right now, go
for it!


  - Kenn.

Oct 8, 09 Kudos to Jim! K.A. Scott
Hey Jim...

  Always impressed with the speed and accuracy of your entries relating to my CFNY
surveys.  There's a station that played some wildly obscure vinyl -- and you
catalogue 'em pretty darn promptly!

Jan 22, 11 KWK survey Ben E. McCoy
hi there John,

thank you for the reply and explanation about the challenges you face for posting
those KWK surveys on to ARSA. what a pillar of dedication you exhibit from all your
time, work and effort of having to collect those olde radio surveys from
not-so-easy outside hard copy sources!

understand i do about the KWK survey in question, so i will just copy the screen
displaying the typed-in text of the survey stats. however, i do appreciate seeing
what you have been sharing with fellow members here!

best regards,

ben e.
Mar 7, 07 KXOK St. Louis KXOK ( St. Louis, Missouri ) Ray Diamond
The KXOK Sing Along Survey was a weekly treat, as they would print the lyrics to our
favorite songs on the back. So we could figure out that one song lyric that was
unintelligiable, after all this was AM Radio.  I think one week they actually
printed the lyrics to Louie, Louie!  Stations probably couldn't(or wouldn't)do that
today, for liablility reasons.

Ray Diamond
St. Louis, MO
Mar 29, 13 KYA 1260 3/28/70 survey J. A. Theroux
Hey Gary,

So what's the deal with the KYA survey that was originally dated 4/4/70 but is now
dated 3/28/70?  That survey originally had two images attached, one of which read
“For The Week of April 4 – 10, 1970”.  I’m not sure why the date got changed in
ARSA, but the LW positions for each song on the survey generally do not match the
TW positions on the previous week's (3/21/70) KYA survey.

I was expecting a KYA survey to be posted for 3/28/70 yesterday and was
disappointed to find it had not been.  I keep a log of KYA surveys and in it I
noted that DJ Dave Stone was pictured on the 4/4/70 survey, and noted the source as
ARSA.  I was able to do a Google image search (KYA 1260 Dave Stone) and found the
deleted images…in ARSA, for the 3/28/70 KYA survey!  For some reason, the images
are still associated with ARSA even though they do not appear on the 3/28/70

So, what’s going on here?
say Roy,
your recent addition of 2nd page images to the K.Y.A. music surveys from their
magazine era is rad, man, totally rad!!
sure makes for fascinating, if not historical, reading of the way it was back then
in the "the times they are a-changin'" mid-1960's.

the One ben.
to Roy Ballard:

your current posting of K.Y.A. survey pages for 22 July 1966
apparently have a glitch in that there is NO selected image available by which to
click on and enlarge that particular survey page for viewing/downloading purposes.
tried numerous times to do so without success.
thought maybe you could check into the problem with this posting anomaly, thank
you, Sir.
Dec 23, 09 KYA SURVEY MIX-UP Ben E. McCoy
ahso, Gary, the delicate intricacies of computer data
key entry -- from even four years ago -- was and still is, quite a challenge for
every archivist to this
amazing website!
was pleased to have caught that little quirk for ya, guy.

Nov 19, 09 KYA Survey Posting Incorrect Ben E. McCoy
hi gentlemen:
just noticed the latest survey posting for radio KYA,
issue #270 dated for 30 July 1962, has a problem...
the typewritten portion of the partial survey listing is shown as "Issue 269 dated
for 23 July 1962"!
probably just a mix-up, but that posting needs correction so as to agree with the
imaged survey, alrighty?
thanks again, Roy, for pointing out those two superb websites for local historical
background on Radio KYA and other notable bay area stations. both will prove
invaluable to my research.
BTW, have found an amazing footnote concerning two major radio programmers -- who
rose to national acclaim during the 1960's -- are first listed on KYA's survey #236
(publication date December 4, 1961):
BILL DRAKE as the new 6-9 a.m. morning drive DJ and
TOM DONAHUE with an afternoon show from Noon to 4 p.m. 
it was in 1965, that the "Boss Radio" Top 40 format was successfully launched KHJ
in Los Angeles by the RKO-consulting team of (Bill) Drake & (Gene) Chenault.
and in 1967, Tom Donahue launched his own broadcasting revolution with an
album-oriented, free-form type of programming at Crosby Broadcastng's FM stations
in San Francisco (KMPX) and Los Angeles (KPPC)... 
what is so coincidental about all this is that BOTH Drake and Donahue, whose latter
radio ventures were antithetical towards each other, worked side-by-side in their
early DJ days at KYA!