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Second request on KSHE SURVEY 3-11-68
The Vic Dana single at #89 needs to be added. Liberty 56023
The Vic Dana single at #89 needs to be added. Liberty 56023
Nov 29, 06 KSTL and Jenny Jamison Denis Moore
Per chance does anyone know what Jenny Jamison, a DJ with KSTL from 1965 til ? is uo
to these days? Jenny was a stage name. Does anyone know her real name? Thanks
Jun 14, 15 KSTT K.A. Scott
Hi Geno...

  The KSTT survey is way down in my queue...if you want to input it right now, go
for it!


  - Kenn.

Oct 8, 09 Kudos to Jim! K.A. Scott
Hey Jim...

  Always impressed with the speed and accuracy of your entries relating to my CFNY
surveys.  There's a station that played some wildly obscure vinyl -- and you
catalogue 'em pretty darn promptly!

Jan 22, 11 KWK survey Ben E. McCoy
hi there John,

thank you for the reply and explanation about the challenges you face for posting
those KWK surveys on to ARSA. what a pillar of dedication you exhibit from all your
time, work and effort of having to collect those olde radio surveys from
not-so-easy outside hard copy sources!

understand i do about the KWK survey in question, so i will just copy the screen
displaying the typed-in text of the survey stats. however, i do appreciate seeing
what you have been sharing with fellow members here!

best regards,

ben e.
Mar 7, 07 KXOK St. Louis KXOK ( St. Louis, Missouri ) Ray Diamond
The KXOK Sing Along Survey was a weekly treat, as they would print the lyrics to our
favorite songs on the back. So we could figure out that one song lyric that was
unintelligiable, after all this was AM Radio.  I think one week they actually
printed the lyrics to Louie, Louie!  Stations probably couldn't(or wouldn't)do that
today, for liablility reasons.

Ray Diamond
St. Louis, MO
Mar 29, 13 KYA 1260 3/28/70 survey J. A. Theroux
Hey Gary,

So what's the deal with the KYA survey that was originally dated 4/4/70 but is now
dated 3/28/70?  That survey originally had two images attached, one of which read
“For The Week of April 4 – 10, 1970”.  I’m not sure why the date got changed in
ARSA, but the LW positions for each song on the survey generally do not match the
TW positions on the previous week's (3/21/70) KYA survey.

I was expecting a KYA survey to be posted for 3/28/70 yesterday and was
disappointed to find it had not been.  I keep a log of KYA surveys and in it I
noted that DJ Dave Stone was pictured on the 4/4/70 survey, and noted the source as
ARSA.  I was able to do a Google image search (KYA 1260 Dave Stone) and found the
deleted images…in ARSA, for the 3/28/70 KYA survey!  For some reason, the images
are still associated with ARSA even though they do not appear on the 3/28/70

So, what’s going on here?
say Roy,
your recent addition of 2nd page images to the K.Y.A. music surveys from their
magazine era is rad, man, totally rad!!
sure makes for fascinating, if not historical, reading of the way it was back then
in the "the times they are a-changin'" mid-1960's.

the One ben.
to Roy Ballard:

your current posting of K.Y.A. survey pages for 22 July 1966
apparently have a glitch in that there is NO selected image available by which to
click on and enlarge that particular survey page for viewing/downloading purposes.
tried numerous times to do so without success.
thought maybe you could check into the problem with this posting anomaly, thank
you, Sir.
Dec 23, 09 KYA SURVEY MIX-UP Ben E. McCoy
ahso, Gary, the delicate intricacies of computer data
key entry -- from even four years ago -- was and still is, quite a challenge for
every archivist to this
amazing website!
was pleased to have caught that little quirk for ya, guy.

Nov 19, 09 KYA Survey Posting Incorrect Ben E. McCoy
hi gentlemen:
just noticed the latest survey posting for radio KYA,
issue #270 dated for 30 July 1962, has a problem...
the typewritten portion of the partial survey listing is shown as "Issue 269 dated
for 23 July 1962"!
probably just a mix-up, but that posting needs correction so as to agree with the
imaged survey, alrighty?
thanks again, Roy, for pointing out those two superb websites for local historical
background on Radio KYA and other notable bay area stations. both will prove
invaluable to my research.
BTW, have found an amazing footnote concerning two major radio programmers -- who
rose to national acclaim during the 1960's -- are first listed on KYA's survey #236
(publication date December 4, 1961):
BILL DRAKE as the new 6-9 a.m. morning drive DJ and
TOM DONAHUE with an afternoon show from Noon to 4 p.m. 
it was in 1965, that the "Boss Radio" Top 40 format was successfully launched KHJ
in Los Angeles by the RKO-consulting team of (Bill) Drake & (Gene) Chenault.
and in 1967, Tom Donahue launched his own broadcasting revolution with an
album-oriented, free-form type of programming at Crosby Broadcastng's FM stations
in San Francisco (KMPX) and Los Angeles (KPPC)... 
what is so coincidental about all this is that BOTH Drake and Donahue, whose latter
radio ventures were antithetical towards each other, worked side-by-side in their
early DJ days at KYA!
Mar 15, 15 KYNO 1970-09-08 add-ons Geno Rice
Hi Tim,

As new information comes to light, can I ask you to add songs to surveys that I
inputted long ago? For example, the three Boss hitbounds for KYNO 1970-09-08 just
became available, but I'm closed out from making the entries. They are:

Carpenters - We've Only Just Begun; 
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Our House
Jackson 5 - I'll Be There.

Thanks ever so much.
Feb 6, 06 Labels & Catalog Info Tim Warden
I've just added a new section "LABELS" to the ARSA site, to celebrate the fantastic
work that Jim Abbott has been quietly doing in the background.  Jim has been adding
in all the label and catalog information for every single in the database.  It's
pretty impressive and represents countless nights of work.  Until now, most of this
information hasn't been readily visible or searchable.

We're forever adding to and cleaning up the site, and the labels section isn't yet
perfect.  When listing all the labels, there are still a few strays in there, but
give us time and we'll correct them.  ...And please let me know if you encounter
problems with the new section or if you have suggestions.  (I hacked it together
this evening, so there could be a bug or two lurking.)


Tim Warden
Dec 21, 09 LATTER K-Y-A SURVEYS Ben E. McCoy
say Roy,
want to let you know how much i have personally enjoyed each and every posting of
the past KYA Radio music surveys... they have been truly educational, informative
and just plain fun to read and digest.
looking forward to the different approach of your future postings for KYA's latter
years, but may i ask:
would you consider adding a 2nd back page for something interesting from that
station's magazine publication for each survey added, henceforth???

the One ben.
Mar 1, 09 Layng Martine - Rub It In Tim Warden
I have a promotional copy of the Barnaby single "Rub It In" by a certain "Laying
Martine", composed by same.  Billboard also listed the artist as "Laying Martine",
on at least the week it appeared.  However, here and elsewhere (Wikipedia, etc.),
the name of this elusive singer / composer is listed as Layng Martine.  I also saw
Laing Martine.  So what gives?  Was this but a bad Ray Stevens joke?  Did Layng or
Laying have an identity crisis?  Someone at Barnaby dyslexic?  My wife's name is
Martine, so you can imagine my curiosity!
Mar 2, 09 Layng Martine... ARSA Jim
Tim, since Layng was born in my home state of Connecticut (Town Of Greenwich, in
1942) I should probably jump in here. I also own a promo 45 for "Rub It In", but my
DJ copy features both the current ARSA database/numerous reference books spelling,
"Layng". This appears to be a first name that they have kept in their family, as
this generation's "Layng" was actually "Layng Martine, Jr." Both his dad and his
son, Layng Martine III, who's also in the biz, have it as well. In addition to "Rub
It In", Layng Jr. also wrote the Elvis Presley hit that was currently on the charts
when he died on 8/16/77, "Way Down". (The song was already peaking, but it then got
a bit of a "radio second life" due to the sad news, putting a few extra nickels in
Layng's bank account as a result.) Although not an overly common first name, after
researching this, there are a surprisingly large number of Amercians with the first
name "Layng". Tim, it is amazing that you own a promo 45 listed as "Laying Martine".
It simply appears to be a typo limited to a few, initial promo 45 copies, entered by
a "label dept. employee" probably just guessing as to a spelling for a first name
they'd never heard of before. Also a very funny twist of fate about the resulting
"name phrase-ology" in regard to your wife! I know you protect her virtue at all
times!  :)    Hope all is well, Tim!   -Jim
Mar 15, 12 Lee, I need a big-time favor...... ARSA Jim
Those old KFXM surveys are absolutely great, aren't they! But when I first
found/started inputting the 'pre-1964 ones last year, I realized that each one has
at least 5 of the 10 LPs, and at least 10 of the charted 45s appearing each week
being new to the ARSA db. That is highly, highly unusual with dbs as large as ours
are now. There is simply an absolute ton of 45s/LPs that appear on there, every
single time, that no other station has ever played. Many 45s/LPs only have one week
"chart runs", further adding to the sheer volume of KFXM work involved at my end.
Still, I love all the rarities. But each one does take me well over 2 hours to
research (they're like a C&W survey!). To be honest, for that reason, I'd decided
about 6 months ago to hold off on adding any more KFXM pre-'64 lists, and do some
of the later KFXM years, also on that same site, that are much shorter and easier
to process, as time allows. Of course, you wouldn't have known of my decision on
this, though, as I never told anyone. But, as luck would have it, Lee, you've
started to add/input the very KFXM lists I had "on hold", each and every day. (You
didn't hear my "uh-oh", when I first saw you adding 'em in !)  :)   Nonetheless,
I've been tryin' to rise to the occasion, push extra hard, and try to keep up with
all of it - we all so very much appreciate all your amazing work, Lee! But,
starting this week, you've actually begun to "double up" on these "Killer KFXM-ers"
on me, now adding in two of them, every single day. Just researching these two KFXM
lists is now takin' me over 5 hours a day! It is now become too much for me; no
doubt about it. Lee, would it be possible for you to please keep it to a daily max
of adding in just one KFXM pre-'64 list per day? We have to treat them like alcohol
- everything in moderation! Bless your soul, my friend!  - A swamped ARSA Jim
Jan 29, 12 Lee: WABC "disclaimer?"..... ARSA Jim
Lee, I wouldn't bother to include the blurb I did for WABC 12/19/60 and/or 12/30/60,
since the site (and therefore, you) aren't including scans when you
add the WABC lists into ARSA. I think, short-term, it's only important to include
that if both a typed list and a survey scan appear together in ARSA. Thanks for
askin', though!    -ARSA Jim