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Feb 9, 14 Looking for 1964-1965 WLOF (Orlando FL) Surveys Dennis Chapman
Growing up in Orlando, FL, I was a rabid listener of WLOF Channel 95 - a great AM
station that broke many records not played anywhere else and it inspired me to
pursue a career in radio.  Arsa has a complete 60's collection of WLOF surveys from
Oct 1965 on, but I'm looking to complete them for all of 1964 and Jan-Sept. 1965. 
Anyone able to assist? 
Feb 3, 06 Looking For 1970's Erie, PA Surveys John Gallagher
There is a wonderful collection of WJET surveys here.
Would love to see other surveys of WWYN, early WCCK (predecessor of K104) and of
course more WJET from 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974 etc. WCCK may only have done
year-end though.
I know that's what we did in the 1980s when I worked there.
Aug 1, 04 looking for surveys from 1975 to present jim mull
I am looking for music surveys to trade or buy from 1975 to the present. i have some
surveys from the 1960's to trade for the surveys i need from 1975 to the present. if
you have a list of surveys please e-mail me at and i will respond to
your e-mail.

thanks, jim mull
Mar 15, 11 Low Power FM station surveys etc. Eldon Sanders Luoma
Hi everyone,   Just thought I'd post an enquiry about the Low Power FM stations
across the USA.  Got real interested in them about 2005 and have done many of the
websites for the independant local ones across the USA.  However I was wondering if
anyone has gotten any music surveys from any of them.  I have not although I wrote
to quite a few back in 2005 and 2006 when I got the addresses off the website etc.
to write to them.  Quite a few nice letters I received plus stickers, coverage maps
and program schedules etc..  However did not receive any charts.

I know that there are not a lot of stations LPFMs or regular commercial AM and FM
stations that print music surveys these days.  There are some however that do.  I*d
like to get some music surveys from any of the LPFMs in the USA that may have them. 
I collect current and old music charts going back to the 1950s or 60s.  Some
stations sent me their top 10 or 20 songs or most requested songs on a radio
station letterhead if they did not mass print their survey.  I have quite a few of
these from smaller stations like KOBH 580 Hot Springs, South Dakota (which is now
KZMX I think).  Also Marked Tree, Arkansas had a 250 Watt station on 1580 called
KPCA which has been gone for perhaps 20 years now.  I have a survey from them typed
out on their station letterhead, it was a Top 20 I think.    I collect station
surveys from all types of radio stations BUT I really like the Independant Owned
and Local AM and FM stations over the large corporate owned ones.   Also I tend to
like station promo material including music surveys from small and medium size
radio markets!!!

I was really pleased to see CKAY 1500 Duncan, B.C> and CKGO 1240 Hope, B.C. listed
in the ARSA station listings.  These are small market stations that were sold and
then went to FM and no longer exist on AM anymore!  CKAY is Sun FM with different
calls and CKGO is on FM as Star FM but large corporate Owner Rogers Communications
may have changed it to FUN FM repeating the Chilliwack FM.   Fraser Valley
Broadcasters which owned CKGO 1240, CHWK 1270 Chilliwack and CFVR 1240 which became
CKMA 850 Abbotsford, B.C> were sold to Rogers Communications quite a few years ago. 
The stations were then put on the FM Band and dropped AM completely.   So the entire
Fraser Valley area of B.C. has no licensed AM stations left unfortunately!!!!  Good
to see the CHWK 1270 Chilliwack survey on the ARSA site as well.

I have quite a few duplicates from the early 1970s and late 60s from CKCK 620
Regina and CKKR 1330 Rosetown, Saskatchewan as well.   Anyone having any questions
about Canadian stations please feel free to write me at Box 3536, Langley, B.C. V3A
4R9  Canada.  I*ll get back to you with an answer.   Lee thanks for the welcome to
ARSA, I*ll be seeing my friend from New Westminster who has been selling his survey
collection.   This weekend I will ask him if he has any WHB surveys from the 1960s. 
I have a WHB one from the mid-60s but I want to keep it as its my oldest one from
them.  I think I have several from 1970 and 197l as well but have to find them.  
Will let you know if he has WHB charts from the 1960s left.   I have a lot of
charts but my friend had over 6000 counting one per station and many more if you
count all the duplicates he has!   Take care everyone.   More later
Jun 22, 10 Mantovani.... ARSA Jim
My apologies to our always-amazingly-all-over-it, primary Canadian survey
contributor Kenn for my error in initially concluding that the 1959 albums
"Mantovani Showcase" and "All-Americsn Showcase" LPs were one the same. Further
research has determined that the "Mantovani Showcase" album was the first-ever LP
issued on London in both stereo and mono. To "celebrate" this fact, London
apparently chose to issue this particular LP using a special, unique inventory #,
that didn't correspond to the normal 1959 London LP numbering system, used both
before and after it. Instead, this initial London stereo LP # (which I've always
opted to use for ARSA purposes, as opposed to its often-differently-numbered mono
LP counterpart) is LP # "SS 1", which I will enter into ARSA as "London 1". Man,
tryin' to get inside the heads of these label execs, more than 50 years after the
fact, sometimes has me reaching for the Pepto.....    :)        Jim
Dec 13, 09 Marvin Gaye "Come Get To This/Distant Lover" Tamla 54241 Geno Rice
According to Wikipedia, the above was the second single from "Let's Get It On", but
the ARSA database has the two songs on separate singles, with no matching flip
sides.  WDAS has "Distant Lover/flip" as their #21 for 1973-12-18, so I put in
"Come Get To This" as the flip side, following Wikipedia.  I believe ARSA's
"Distant Lover" (Tamla 54253) is the live version which was released in 1974 -- if
you agree we should add "(Live)" to the title of 54253, and add a separate "Distant
Lover" as the flip side of 54241.
Mar 30, 10 Match Maker, Make The Right Match! Tim Warden
Hey Kiddies!  This evening I've flipped the switch on a couple of minor changes that
should enhance ARSA's ability to discern between, say...

Dock Of The Bay by Otis (1968) and his kids (1980)
Maybe I'm Amazed by McCartney (1970) and Wings (1976)
Cupid by Johnny Rivers (1965) and Johnny Nash (1967 and 1970)
She's Gone by Hall & Oates (1974 and 1976)

... and it shouldn't take the mis-titled "I've Got You" by James Brown and
mistakenly attribute it to Brown & Byrds' "You've Got To Change Your Mind".

I made the changes this last weekend and tested for a couple of evenings, and it
would appear that everything works as expected -- but of course, no guarantees
because it hasn't been pounded on by the ARSA SQA Team (the SPCA took our staff of
100 monkeys away a few months ago -- can't imagine why!).

One of the changes involved bracketing a song or album match to the year.  For
instance, if the song is listed in the database as 1974, it will only match to
surveys from [1973..1975].  That should handle 98% of the cases and correctly
resolve early charts (e.g. Nov or Dec 1973) and late charters (1975).  However,
there may be situations where a song or album re-charted several years after its
initial release... and perhaps with the same catalog number (I'm thinking
Aerosmith's first off the top of my head, but I'm sure there will be others you can
think of...) and those won't match because if the album came out in 1973 and
suddenly broke big in 1976... well, that's more than two years.  Perhaps in that
case Jim should simply create a second entry for the rebirth of said song/album --
I'll leave that to Jim's good judgement.

BTW, I've corrected the "I've Got You", "Amazed", "Dock of the Bay" problems.

Granted, there are almost certainly mismatches lurking... and I've not checked out
Led Zep, Chicago or Peter Gabriel albums lately... but perhaps you can simply
direct any of these types of anomalies you find directly to me for correction. 
Particularly if there is a mass correction to make, it will probably be a lot
easier for me than for Jim or Gary, as I can issue the SQL commands to make certain
changes "en masse".

I'm still amazed at how my pet "learn PHP and MySQL" project has blossomed -- best
wishes to all and thank you all for your contributions to this project!

Jan 14, 07 Me, Too Rob Price
Hey, Tim...send me the same e-mail. I've got a box of surveys I've been sitting on
for years, and definitely want to enhance the archive. This is a fantastic
May 14, 04 Medium Market Midwest Radio from 60's and 70's Bryan Bradford
To anyone interested who runs this website, I just became a member and would like to
contribute if I may. Someone please inform me how I may add surveys OR airchecks.


Bryan Bradford - KBOB
Apr 1, 14 Message to Mr. Lee Tucker Craig Pucci
Dear Mr. Tucker,
   I noticed that the WFIL hit parade of July 24, 1967 that you contributed to ARSA
sadly had the incorrect chart data of July 3, 1967. I submitted the correct data to
Mr. Pfeifer because he has the privilege to add and update hit parade data whereas
I cannot directly submit to ARSA unless I submit hit parade data thru Mr. Pfeifer.
   Even though I appreciate the fact that Mr. Pfeifer takes the time to analyze and
have the hit parades that I submit posted to ARSA, he will only post hit parades on
the day of the dated hit parade. For example, if I were to submit a hit parade of
September 5, 1966, I must submit this hit parade that day or the night before. 
   More importantly, if you need help posting hit parades to ARSA where the date
does not greatly matter, I will be ultra-happy to submit any hit parade to you so
that I may ease your workload.
   If you feel comfortable with my offer, please notify me at
whenever you can because your cooperation will be to the utmost appreciated. If you
have any doubts about my accuracy of hit parades, please contact Mr. Pfeifer and as
a second reference, Mr. Scott so that they may verify the accuracy of my hit parade
                      Thank you and God bless,
Oct 31, 09 MINOR CORRECTION Ben E. McCoy
the current survey posting for station WPHD lists the
frequency of "103", but incorrectly shows "AM" rather than "FM" for this
Jan 4, 15 Miracles - Come 'Round Here Gary Pfeifer
  The 1965 WIFE survey which is linked to this Miracles song is a John Frank
prepared survey where there is no survey available to confirm the entry. I am
almost certain tho that this was an inadvertent error which occurred during the
typing up of the survey.  Without the survey image, we can't be 100% certain what 
Miracles song was included.  However, reviewing all the Miracles songs that charted
in 1965, the only one that fits the June 1965 timeframe is "Ooo Baby Baby".  

 Unless anyone has another suggestion (or until an image of the 6/27/65 WIFE survey
is found),  the entry on the WIFE survey will be changed to "Ooo Baby Baby" and the
release date of "Come 'Round Here" will be revised to 1966.

   Thanks for the catch, Geno!
Jan 4, 15 Miracles - Come 'Round Here Geno Rice
Clarification to my previous comment: The Miracles' song is listed on the 1965 WIFE
survey as "I'm The One You Need", but according to Wikipedia, this song was
recorded on September 13, 1966.
Jan 4, 15 Miracles - Come 'Round Here Geno Rice
Hi Gary, the Miracles' 1966 single, "(Come 'Round Here) I'm The One You Need" is
wrongly dated 1965 as it is mysteriously linked to a 1965 WIFE survey which does
not list that song.
Jan 22, 12 More CKOC updates 0
World On Edge had several hits in Canada.  Here's what I can find for their ARSA

1990 Still Beating - Virgin (Canada) PRCD-013 (Promo CD single)
1990 Only The Lonely - Virgin (Canada) WORLD2 (Promo CD single)
1991 Wash The Rain - Virgin 41549 (Cassette single)
1991 Burning Bridges - Virgin 41549 (Cassette single)
1991 Stand, Push And Fall - Virgin (Canada) WORLD3 (Promo CD single)
1991 Love Like Candy - Virgin (Canada) WORLD5 (Promo CD single)
1991 Goodbye - Virgin (Canada) WORLD-3106 (Promo CD single)
1992 Little Lack of Love - Album track from "World On Edge": Charisma 91420
1993 Big Sky - Virgin (Canada) AAG-01 (Promo CD single)
1993 Who Shot Harry - Virgin (Canada) AAG-02 (Promo CD single)
1994 Things I Never Did - Virgin (Canada) AAG-03 (Promo CD single)

Feb 5, 14 More KLIV surveys J. A. Theroux
To Gary and Rich Stivers,

I've run across a source for KLIV surveys not yet posted in ARSA, the period is
from April to December of 1970.  They were published in a local newspaper, I have
scans of these surveys and I would like to upload them into the ARSA database (I
will email Tim Warden for access rights).  I know you have a number of KLIV surveys
to enter into the database, I just want to make sure you don't already have these so
that I'm not doubling your efforts.

Jeff Theroux
Nov 20, 09 More than one "Stations" ARSA entry for the same call letters.. ARSA Jim
Tim, is there any way we can get an ARSA "merge duplicate station call letters
entry", like you already have for songs/artists? There are definitely some
instances where some surveys align with one instance of a station's calls, while
others align with another. Perhaps this will help Rick with his recent survey entry
problems. ARSA also needs to solve that long-standing "CHUM/CHUM-FM" chart issue,
for the same date (one station was Top 40, the other AOR) not being allowed by ARSA
to both be input, claiming "duplicate survey trying to be entered in", which is in
fact not true. Tim, the way you have it set up now, I've had to leave the "AM" or
"FM" band info inside the call letters field for CHUM, which I don't believe was
your original intent here. After all, that what the "band" field is for! Thanks! 
Mar 30, 16 More Unidentified Recordings K.A. Scott
The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed we've added a few more unidentified
recordings to the database.  As always, any further info on these recordings is
most welcome!  Some may be wildly obscure independent releases (or may not have
even received commercial release).  Others may be in-house novelty recordings -- my
guess on the "Kennedy & Nixon" record is that perhaps it's a DJ-created parody of
Frankie Avalon's 1960 hit "Togetherness".  (That's strictly a guess, though!)  And
of course some of these phantom records may just be flat-out errors on the original
surveys themselves!

The complete current list of Unidentified Recordings can be found by going to the
"Labels" tab on the left-hand side of the page, clicking it, and searching for
Unidentified Recordings.  

Looking forward to seeing what our crew of ARSA detectives can come up with!

Aug 11, 08 More WAPE Mistakes... Rob Price
Let's not overlook perhaps the goofiest foul-up on this survey: the #5 tune, "Mr.
Big Stuff", as performed by...Three Dog Night?

Unless, of course, Jean Knight's secret nickname was "Three Dog."