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Apr 1, 14 RE2: More KLIV surveys J. A. Theroux
Thanks for the note, I only have a handful of KLIV charts left to upload but I'll
hold off until you've finished with yours.

Feb 7, 14 RE2: More KLIV surveys J. A. Theroux
Thank you, Gary!  I understand it may take a while before I can get access to enter
my surveys so I will be patient.
May 9, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE2: My Network Anomaly? CARY LINIGER
No problem here either and I do have Internet Explorer
May 13, 10 RE2: Phantom Stations and Duplications J. A. Theroux
I may have found one more: KGY is listed as 1240 AM and 550 AM, I believe the 550 AM
is incorrect.  The survey reads KGY Live 55 but I believe it is a reference to the
number of song titles on the survey and not its frequency.  I could not find any
evidence that KGY was ever on the 550 AM frequency.
Dec 20, 06 RE2: Posting Tim Warden
Gentlemen, I'm sending you an email detailing how to contribute.  At a minimum,
you'll need time and patience to type in the survey data.  Ideally, if you have a
scanner you can also upload jpeg's of your surveys.
Jul 28, 07 RE2: Questions?? Tim Warden
Hi Rob, Gary,

You may have noticed a "Help" button at the bottom of the TOP SONGS page... 
Clicking that button will generate a simple popup text window that explains how
songs are currently ranked.

Do note that as an overall indication of song popularity, there just isn't enough
consistent chart data to make this viable across the years.  For instance, we have
nearly 1000 surveys from 1967, but only 140 from 1974, so don't expect to see the
"Seasons In The Sun" fare as well as "Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron"... even though it
seems to get more airplay on the oldies stations ;?)

I created that ranking page many moons ago and it could probably benefit from some
tweaking.  Alas, what with my day job and the "honey-do's" on the weekends, I don't
have a lot of time to putter on them!

Gary, send me one of those PDF's and I'll see what I can do about adding that
document type in.

Best regards,

Feb 25, 08 RE2: Radio London Gary Pfeifer

   What are you trying to send?  Your three messages asking for help came through

Jan 7, 13 RE2: ray stevens the streak Gary Pfeifer
 The corrections have been made to the 5/7/74 and 5/14/74 CKLW surveys.
Feb 25, 08 RE2: San Francisco Bay Area Surveys 1957-1965 Roy Ballard
Hi Gary! What a wonderful site, it just goes on and on and on. OK, I will send you
photocopies - I started today with 22 weeks for KYA 1959. Tell me how to procede.

I don't understand your "(without scanned images)" comment. I don't mind scanning
some surveys, but since I have hundreds, it's quite a job. It's super to see the
original surveys in color on your site, so I definitely want my surveys to be part
of that process too. 

Also, do you have preference for years or stations to be contributed?

cheers!  roy
Mar 1, 10 RE2: Satisfaction / Rainy Day Women on KYA San Francisco Jeff Theroux
Hi, my name is Jeff Theroux and I am a huge fan of this website.  I grew up in the
Bay Area in the ‘60s and ‘70s listening to such stations as KFRC, KLIV and KYA. 
Lots of great memories.  That is why I am so grateful for people like Roy Ballard
inputting the great Bay Area record charts from the ‘50s and early ‘60s.

I have been looking at this issue with the 1966 KYA charts not quite making sense
and I think I have an explanation – whoever was making the charts back then made a
mistake on the 4/22/66 chart and it didn’t get caught for three weeks, then
corrected it on the 5/13/66 chart.  What appears to have happened, as best as I can
explain it, was whoever made the 4/22/66 chart used the data from two weeks prior as
the basis for the previous week’s chart positions and wound up getting the titles
mismatched with the actual data.  Let’s use Satisfaction and Rainy Day Women #12 &
35 as examples – Satisfaction re-enters the KYA charts on 4/1/66 at #29 and stays
there the next week (4/8/66).  On 4/15/66, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 enters the
charts at #29, and Satisfaction is gone.  However, on the 4/22/66 chart,
Satisfaction mysteriously re-enters the KYA charts at #8, but shows #29 as the last
week’s position.  On the 4/29/66 chart, Satisfaction moves up to #2 and stays there
the following week (5/6/66).  Now on the 5/13/66 chart, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
re-enters the KYA charts at #3, but shows a Last Week position of #2, which

Another example is Monday, Monday/Homeward Bound.  Monday, Monday enters the KYA
charts on 4/15/66 at #15, a remarkable debut, yet disappears from the following
week’s chart which is practically unheard of.  Even more bizarre is the odd
resurgence of Homeward Bound at the same time, which was #22 on 4/15/66 and on its
way down, yet somehow moves up to #4 the following week, but strangely showing a
last weeks chart position of #15, which happened to be Monday, Monday.  On 4/29/66
and 5/6/66, Homeward Bound is #1 but on 5/13/66, Monday, Monday reappears at #1 and
shows a last week’s chart position of #1.

So the point is, if you substitute Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 for Satisfaction on the
4/22, 4/29 and 5/6 charts (and substitute Monday, Monday for Homeward Bound
likewise) you should see that this explanation makes sense.  In all I figured that
25 titles were affected by this blunder.  I have determined for the KYA charts in

Secret Agent Man should be Good Lovin’
Homeward Bound should be Monday, Monday
Bang, Bang should be Groovy Kind Of Love
Nowhere Man should be Secret Agent Man (no pun intended)
Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown should be Bang, Bang
Satisfaction should be Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ should be Time Won’t Let Me
Daydream should be Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown
Woman should be Daydream
Good Lovin’ should be Nowhere Man
What Now My Love should be Shapes of Things (another title that debuted 4/15/66 and
mysteriously disappeared the following week)
Baby Scratch My Back should be Sloop John B.
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry should be When A Man Loves A Woman
Time Won’t Let Me should be These Boots Are Made For Walkin’
The Ballad Of The Green Beret should be Woman
Follow Me should be Phoenix Love Theme
Love Makes The World Go Around should be What Now My Love
California Dreamin’ should be Leanin’ On The Lamp Post
Sloop John B. should be Sign Of The Times
You Baby should be Follow Me
The Phoenix Love Song (or Phoenix Love Theme) should be Little Latin Lupe Lu
A Sign Of The Times should be 634-5789
Groovy Kind Of Love should be Baby Scratch My Back
Little Latin Lupe Lu should be Ballad Of the Green Beret
Listen People should be Homeward Bound

Soul And Inspiration and Kicks are correct because they remained in their positions
(#1 and #2 respectively) for two consecutive weeks prior to 4/22/66 as did Sure
Gonna Miss Her (#26 for the previous two weeks) and Mr. Moon (#27 for the previous
two weeks).  All new titles during the three week period are assumed to be

I hope my explanation was helpful to anyone looking at these charts.  The question
is, do we change history by assigning the correct positions to these titles or do
we leave it as is and preserve the idiosyncrasies?
Aug 22, 06 RE2: Sometimes... Tim Warden
Hi guys,

Thanks for pointing out a small deficiency in the code; the problem has been
corrected and any orphaned chart entries have been relinked.

Best regards,

May 1, 09 RE2: The 51st State? Tim Warden
Ah, I think I understand your observation.  Well, Canada is our neighbor to the
north, and Provinces could be considered  "States", right?  I guess when I put that
statistics page together, I was thinking the majority of surveys would come
initially come from two countries, the USA and Canada... and I figured it would be
understood that, for instance, in which country "Manitoba" lies.  I suppose I
thought it would be more of an insult if I qualified it, as if nobody knew where
Manitoba was.  If it causes emotional or political distress, I can change it to add
", Canada" on the Provinces.  Or maybe, when I retire and have more time I can do a
revised page that groups each country's states or provinces together, which should
also please our friends down under.

BTW, I did notice there was a survey that had "USA" listed as country for
Manitoba... just an editing mistake, no doubt.
Nov 3, 11 RE2: The Chumingbirds/The Chummingbirds K.A. Scott
Thanks for the explanation, Jim!  The Chumingbirds single still gets the odd bit of
'oldies' airplay here in Toronto -- even the B-side.  I've never seen the US
version of the single either, but if I ever do, I'll let you know.

Incidentally, I've always heard that it was the Canadian label (Quality Records)
that dubbed the band "Guess Who?", in an attempt to hype the record as being
performed by un-named but famous British Invasion musicians.  The ARSA charts even
bear this out: the track first appears on Vancouver's CKLG chart of December 27
'64, credited to Guess Who?  It doesn't show up on American charts until March of
Mar 28, 10 RE2: The Dock Of The Bay K.A. Scott
No problem, Jim!  


- Kenn.  
Nov 15, 11 RE2: The Guess Who K.A. Scott
Just found one more source on The Guess Who thing.  

John Einarson's 1995 book "American Woman: The Story of The Guess Who" features a
1983 interview with George Struth of Quality Records. Struth is quoted on page 42
as saying that Quality Records came up with idea of labelling the band 'Guess Who?'
so that Quality Records would be (in his words) "not directly saying but implying
that it (Shakin' All Over) was a master that we may have acquired from the British,
and it could have been The Beatles."

On the following page of the book, Randy Bachman of The Guess Who is quoted
directly as saying, "We received a phone call from George Struth of Quality Records
in early 1965, and he said 'We've got your new name. It's Guess Who!' And we said
'We hate it!'"

All this would have occurred a few months before Quality licensed the record to
Scepter.  Incidentally, Bachman recounts in Einarson's book that at the time, the
band thought it was "Spector" Records, and before they went to the label offices in
New York, they thought they were going to meet Phil Spector!
Feb 19, 09 RE2: The Pretenders K.A. Scott
Thanks Gary.  But why is that particular single still listed in with the group's
albums?  Am I missing something?


- Kenn.
Mar 4, 12 RE2: Think I know what happened to you, Lee! Gary Pfeifer
Lee, try this. Most photo view/edit programs have the ability to "resize" scanned
images.  I have needed to do this on a number of survey scans before I've uploaded
them.  I use Microsoft Photo Editor and under the Image section there is a Resize
application.  Using this function, you can reduce the size of your image at 50% of
original size, 80%, or whatever percentage works to result in an image size less
than 500 kb. Good luck!
Aug 27, 12 RE2: Time Has Come Today J. A. Theroux
Thanks for the explanation and the remediation.  Just in case my name doesn't come
up in the "posted by" column again, that was from me, Jeff Theroux.
Jul 5, 14 RE2: top songs Ronald Marshall
Dec 4, 12 RE2: Two Cents -- A Radio Survey Forum Gary Pfeifer

  Happy to have you back!  Glad you enjoy the site and appreciate your enthusiasm!

  I'll send you an email providing details as to how you can get set up to enter
surveys (it takes a little getting used to but not overly complicated) or provide
you with a mailing address to send surveys or copies thereof which I can eventually
scan and key in for you.