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Sep 20, 13 RE2: Ability To Post Surveys Rich Stivers

Many Thanks for your help.

Sep 25, 08 RE2: Adding a survey Rob Ellis

Tim has to add some security to your ID.  He stays busy and doesn't check the Chat
section that often.  Have patience and he'll get to you.

What station are you planning to input?

BTW if anyone has surveys for stations in Ala, Ga, Tenn or Ms I'd be glad to input

Apr 2, 11 RE2: Adding Charts Ronald Marshall
Mar 31, 11 RE2: Adding Charts Ronald Marshall
i have every cklw chart from #80 till the end  every wknr chart for the same time
period, i have wbrn charts (big rapids, Mi i have many of the short lived wdrq
charts and just a few misc charts i may have picked up when vacationing in some
Oct 16, 11 RE2: All-time one-day survey record: Oops - I forgot somebody.. Lee Tucker
No apology necessary kind sir as, due to an extensive honey-do list, my
contributions were made very early Saturday AM and were rather meager compared to
those of Rick Hy, John Schwob, Kenn Scott, Paul Haney, Gary Pfeifer and yourself. 
Man, you guys were awesome yesterday - congrats on the new record and glad I could
make a small contribution!
Mar 13, 10 RE2: AND THE SAGA ROLLS ON... Tim Warden
It's fixed.
Jul 8, 08 RE2: Australian Charts K.A. Scott
Hi Gary...

  I think the charts went to Tim, not you -- so it makes sense that you can't
recall them!

  At any rate, I'd be happy to input the charts I have directly onto the site, and
save you and or/Tim the hassle.  Just let me know how I can do this and I'll get
started.  (Gary, I won't be able to match your level of productivity!)


  - Kenn.
Mar 25, 12 RE2: CBC surveys K.A. Scott
Yup, I understand this POV, Gary!  However, the CBC is the national radio network,
and the top 20s come from their weekly countdown shows. There's no real equivalent
to this in the US -- this is a Canada-wide 'station' compiling the chart.  In this
sense, it's very unlike Billboard or Cashbox, or the Canadian RPM charts.

Just thought I'd put it out there, and see what the consensus is! 

Jul 11, 09 RE2: CHUM/CHUM-FM K.A. Scott
Hi Jim...

  No problem -- I understand the explanation (I think).

  BUT...go to the "statistics" page, and then the "by station" page.  You'll see
that CHUM at 1050 AM is listed as having 513 surveys posted.  Only problem is,
that's not true.  There are only 413 CHUM 1050 AM surveys posted, along with 100
surveys for the completely different station CHUM 104.5 FM...

  That being said, if this error is only affecting this one page, then it's not
that big a deal.  I just want to make sure there aren't data-tracking implications
elsewhere in the database.


  - Kenn. 

Dec 16, 12 RE2: CKLW windsor Detriot WKNR Detroit Gary Pfeifer

   It's been a great pleasure being on board working with you on ARSA since nearly
the very beginning!  I can't believe how much it's grown.  When it first started,
there was no database or search capabilities - just the text transcripts of the
surveys!  Now we're approaching 30,000 surveys.

  A most sincere THANK YOU to everyone who's ever shared a survey with ARSA!  Your
efforts and generousity make ARSA the best survey site on the web!

  Happy Holidays to all!

Jul 29, 14 RE2: CKOC Charts Gary Pfeifer

  Let me add my thanks to Kenn's for your survey contributions.  All are most

   As for the file size limit, through trial and error, I've narrowed it down a
maximum file size of about 490kb.  If you need to resize an image, an excellent
resource is
Sep 28, 11 RE2: Deleted survey Geno Rice
I accidentally added a new survey on top of an existing one, and the red "delete"
button I thought referred to the new offending survey, but apparently the delete
button deletes both the new and the old.

I will type the survey back in, but this erases the previous contributor's credit,
which I very much regret, which is why I asked if it could be restored.

Maybe the database permissions could be tweaked to forbid deleting another
contributor's survey.

Oct 8, 09 RE2: E-mail option.... Listing Albums Gary Pfeifer

  I've thought about this question too.  Here's my thought. I believe 1967
represents the peak in Top 40 radio in the terms of number of listeners all
listening to the same stations.  Starting in 1967, but much more so in 1968 and
following years, the audience begins to split with the rise of FM "underground"
radio and later oldies, AOR, and other more narrowly focused formats.

Sep 1, 11 RE2: Entry of WHB Surveys Alan Linquist
Jim - thank you.  Still, there's no hurry.  I know he's pretty busy as I've seen his
name connected to other music websites.  
Aug 23, 11 RE2: FATS DOMINO ARSA Jim
Thanks, Gary. The song's title has been commonly referred to over the years as both
"Ain't That" and "Ain't It" A Shame. Most accounts do show that "Ain't It A Shame"
was the song's original title, which was co-written by Domino. When this "more
grammatically correct wording" of the song's title was first suggested to Fats, he
was supposedly "less than enthused" to change it. So, to see who "won out" here, I
just pulled out my original 1955 45 (Imperial 5348). It does, in fact, show the
title as "Ain't That A Shame". And so does "The Bible", Joel Whitburn's "Top Pop
Singles" book. That's plenty good enough for me. As a result, the title
change/correction has now been made in ARSA.   -ARSA Jim
Jun 7, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE2: FBI Virus K.A. Scott
Hi Lee...

  That would have been a scary couple of minutes! Glad you didn't fall for the

  On a brighter note, I see you've finished up your '65 surveys, and are now into
'66.  I always look forward to seeing your contributions, and eagerly await the
charts of 1966!


  - Kenn.

Jun 7, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE2: FBI Virus Gary Pfeifer

   Thanks for the heads-up - I hadn't heard of this one before.  Glad you were able
to remove it fairly easily and are back on ARSA.  Your contributions are always most
welcome and we very much appreciate & thank you for your efforts!
Jan 28, 12 RE2: Gary, new KISN 1-27-1971 survey has wrong scan attached... Gary Pfeifer
 The correct KISN survey scan is now online.  

 Jim, thanks for your tip.  My work-around tactic to an incorrect survey scan was
to delete the scans, hit apply changes, then wait a day or two to upload the
correct survey. Your suggestion provides a good alternative but both methods
require us to remember to take some action a day or so later.  No biggie tho and
I'm happy to do so.
Apr 7, 11 CKLW Windsor RE2: Great job entering in your first CKLW survey, Ron! Gary Pfeifer

   Until the time when Tim can program the website to remove/replace existing
survey images, when I find a superior quality image scan of a survey already in the
database with an inferior scan, I simply add the better quality image to that
survey.  The programming allows for up to four images to be displayed for any
survey so if all four aren't already taken up, an additional image can be added. 
The system will still default and initially show the lesser quality image, but this
allows the viewer to click and view the better image.

Oct 2, 10 RE2: How Do I Add Printed Survey Information? Tim Warden
Hi Kevin,

Jim "rattled my cage" and I've just enabled our account to contribute.  You'll
notice an "Add New Survey" button and also a "Help Adding Surveys".  Start with the
"Help Adding Surveys" button, which will give you all the info you need to start
contributing.  It's a combination of scanning in your surveys, uploading the jpegs
and typing in the details.  Gary's fingers are down to nubs by now, I would
imagine.  Have fun and looking forward to see your surveys.