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Oct 4, 09 New Chart Search Feature Tim Warden
Howdy folks,

Found a few hours and some inspiration and decided to work on a new chart search
feature.  It's still in "Beta" and there are still a few problems, but all in all,
it works good enough to post.

You'll notice that when looking at chart data for a survey, the "TW" and "LW"
fields are now links pointing to the Chart Position Search page.  If, for example,
you're looking at the KTKT survey for 2/22/69, you'll notice that Tyrone's "Can I
Change My Mind" is the number one song.  Click the "1" under the "TW" column and
you'll get a list of all the Number 1's for that week in the database.

On that page, there's a Select Search Criteria button which you can use to search
on TW, LW, Weeks On, Date, Artist, Title, Label, Station, City, State.  You can
even do a "Group By" (although it's still in Beta and known to have wonky

You can also select the columns for the report to list those things of interest to

So now you can, for example, look up all songs in, say, 1966 that were number 1
this week, but number 3 last week in Boston.

Hope you find it useful.  Now back to gardening... (grunt).
Nov 13, 09 new input screens - 11/13/09 Roy Ballard
i like the new "add a survey" format: "enter chartweek & station", "add survey
images", and "enter survey chart data" - all on one screen. very nice.

you have to "add this survey" before progressing to the next section. there was one
moment of panic as my input to the headline and goodies section went blank when i
moved on to "add survey images". but, no worries, the data was still there. 

one thing i've wondered about is disaster recovery - i assume there is a mirror
database backup and recovery plan in place. this collection is much too historic
and accurate to lose.

kudos, tim!     cheers! roy

Sep 21, 13 New Maps (...or just where _is_ Echo Beach, anyway?) Tim Warden
Hi guys,

A belated 10 Year ARSA Anniversary gift to several our our contributors who have
made Canada's surveys "#1 with a bullet" on our charts.

Yes, I've finally expanded the map to include the Canadian Provinces as well as
Hawaii and Alaska.  My apologies if the perspective is poor or if I've accidentally
stolen land from our neighbors  cartography was never my forte!

Your comments & suggestions always welcome.

Jun 23, 08 New Member Jon Pike
Hola-I love this site. Just Discovered it. I currently live two hours from Vegas and
four from Salt Lake City In St. George, Utah.

I've been looking at the charts for AZ-NV-and UT.

But the ones that have been most interesting to me were the WDLB, WSPT, and WRIG
lists for my home stomping ground of Central Wisconsin.

WRIG and WDLB are currently easy-listening stations and the less said about WSPT,
the better. A great station has been run into the ground by the person who has
owned it since the 90s.

I'm a big fan of The Robbs, a group that dominated Wisconsin Top 40 radio in the

I'm a big fan of Dick Bartley, Nuggets-type music, 60s Bubblegum and "sunshine

Looking forward to being a member.
Mar 13, 11 New Member Posting! Eldon Sanders Luoma
Hi Everyone,   Just joined and found out about ARSA a week or so ago.   I'm really
surprised I didn't know about this online survey archive before now. Was searching
for charts on Ebay and kind of stumbled across ARSA in my search for radio station
survey info. online.   Anyway real glad I found ARSA.  I have belonged to quite a
few radio dx clubs dating back to the late 1960s.   Have been a member of
radiophiles in the eighties and later Decalcomania out os Seattle in the 1990s. 
Will probably rejoin that one soon to as it still exists today.  They cover the
whole range of radio station promo. material with an emphasis on radio station
stickers.   I have been collecting radio station surveys since 1967 (summer) and
been interested in radio dxing since Jan. 1957.  I'm 56 years young and also am an
electronic technician heavily into radio electronics.  I basically ignored
computers up to 2005 but the new low power fm radio stations licensed in the USA
really sparked my interest in radio station websites and the internet.  It was one
of the few sources for finding information about low power fm stations in the USA
from Canada.

I live in Langley, British Columbia which is about 30 miles southeast of Vancouver,
ssrt of a suburban area.  Grew up in B.C> and went to school in Surrey, B.C. which
is next door to Langley.   I was born in B.C. (New Westminster) but have lived in
Calgary, Alberta and Toronto over the years and have lots of airchecks from
stations in those two areas as well as Greater Vancouver.  The Local commercial AM
station in Langley was CJJC but it was sold quite a few times in the 1980s and
moved into Vancouver in the early 1990s to Joing CKST 1040 as Coast 1040.   CJJC
went on the air as a country station on 850 AM in 1962 and changed to 800 AM with a
boost to 10000 Watts in 1971 oe ao.  Yes they put out a survey too.  It was for a
country format.  In the 1990s they went through a lot of format changes including a
punk-rock format in the late 1980s.  Calls in the 1980s were CJUP then CKST later

Counting only 1 survey for each radio station I have about 4000 in my collection
mainly from the USA and Canada plus a few foreign ones.  I have even more surveys
or charts if you count all the duplicates for each station.   KWOS 1240 Jefferson
City, Missouri and KCBQ 1170 San Diego I have a lot of extra copies from the early
1970s.   I buy, trade and sell music surveys and airchecks.   I have airchecks from
about 1000 different radio stations including a lot going back to the early 1970s
all on cassette.  I'm really surprised thet some of my old KMART cassettes from the
1970s still sound good,  I*ve got one of KTGO 1090 Tioga, North Dakota and KGCX 1480
Sidney, Montana that I have dubbed off to Maxell or TDK cassettes.   I also have
over 5000 different radio station coverage maps with a lot of duplicates in my
collection for trade or sale.  I'm looking for surveys (I collect mainly originals,
not copies or photocopies)from KMAR 1570 Winnsboro, Louisiana,  CFRS 1560 Simcoe,
Ontario and KLDN-FM Eldon, Missouri.  I saw the CFRS 1560 char on the ARSA site and
really liked it.  CFRS was one of Canada's few daytime only stations at only 250
watts at time of survey printing.   Its really great to have such a fantastic site
with all the surveys shown from over 1000 stations.  Love this site and hope it
keeps going strong.  I*ll try to scan some of my charts in the near future for
ARSA.  Also I love mail the old fashioned way by post office and still send for
surveys to radio stations like I did back in 1967.   My P.O. Box is Box 3536,
Langley, B.C. V3A 4R9 Canada.  You can also check out the cfay website which is our
part 15 station from 1967 to now which got a website in 2009.  My longtime friend
Jim Ve7Rox is also a big radio fan and collector of charts and helped design the
cfay website,  all wacky humor on it was his idea.  I know quite a few collectors
with large survey collections , some have sold or are selling their collections.   

Anyway before this intro reaches across the ocean I better sign-off.  More later.  
Looking forward to checking out more of the charts on ARSA and hope to contribute. 
Is there a Postal Mailing address for ARSA that I could send original copies of
surveys or cassette tapes to???  I have some copies I might want to donate to ARSA.
  All the best,great collecting to everyone!!!   Eldon....
Aug 8, 09 New to this site David Jensen
I have a few copies of KNAK (Salt Lake City) charts that my nephew Robert Triptow
sent to me some years back. Holy crap, what memories! I worked for KNAK's rival
KCPX for a while and was responsible for photographing, printing up, cutting to
size, and getting ready for distribution of each and every week's new Top 100
I love talking about the oldies. Haven't had the time to look at many of the
previous entries.
Have one comment to make. I gave my nephew all my old 45's for Xmas many years ago.
One of them was "See Emily Play." The one thing that sticks in my mind about the 45
was that the group was called THE Pink Floyd. Ha-ha?
David Jensen
Sep 2, 13 New! Improved! Tim Warden
OK, maybe that's a stretch, but I did add a few new goodies to the site... Did you
notice the Top Albums and Top Labels buttons in the navigation bar to the left?

In addition, when browsing labels you can now search album & single releases by
year, and each entry displays the total number of surveys in which it charted.


Sep 5, 13 Newbie Carl Mann
OK, help me out... just registered.  Now how do I get survey scans to you.

Mar 6, 12 Nice goin', Lee! ARSA Jim
I now see a 5-5-72 WHB survey scan, up and posted. Way to successfully navigate
through those various "minefields", buddy!    -Jim
Feb 6, 08 Nice to see another WJET survey.... John Gallagher

Glad to see you found another survey from WJET! They were huge here at the time!
Here's hoping you discover some more WJET from 1971 and beyond. If I come across
any, I'll be sure to send you scans.
Jan 28, 12 No preference..... ARSA Jim
Gary, now that I think about it, I believe that you and I input surveys to ARSA
using different methods. I enter text manually, but you process pre-formatted
survey text into the system. So my outlined workaround likely wouldn't save you any
real time after all. I have no personal preference, except what is easiest for you,
sir!   -Jim
Jun 28, 06 No updates lately? John Gallagher
Haven't seen any newly added surveys since the June 14th WISM.
Hope this site will continue!

Jun 25, 08 Norman Greenbaum! Rob Price
This is what I love about this site....after a hundred years of working in and
following the music biz, I still find stuff I'd never heard of. "California
Earthquake" by Norman Greenbaum, at #2 on KREM in June 1971? "Spirit of the Sky,"
of course...."Canned Ham," maybe...but this one totally blew me away. Got to track
it down....593 listeners in Spokane can't be wrong!
Sep 25, 09 Not Satisfied in Boston Geno Rice
How come "Satisfaction" was not a hit in Boston?  I went to camp in Maine in the
summer of 65, and we listened to WBZ, and I was not aware of that song, the
greatest in history, till later.


Highland Park, NJ

Jun 22, 11 Note to Lee Tucker.... ARSA Jim
First off, Lee, thanks a million for all the work you've been doing of late, adding
into the ARSA database many interesting late 50's/early 60's surveys that have been
previously uploaded elsewhere on the 'Net. Thanks to both the kindness and spirit of
cooperation of these good folks/fellow volunteers/music survey enthusiasts, ARSA's
databases can now be as "information inclusive" as possible, for all chart lovers
to now be able to reference/enjoy.
Just a heads up, Lee, that a survey you'll soon be keying in, WIBG for 3/20/1960,
has a date typo over on the philaradio site. The correct year for this survey is
actually 1961. Please make a note of this/fix the year, when you key it into ARSA.
Thanks!   -Jim 
Sep 8, 11 Oh, those nasty algorithms.... ARSA Jim
I've fixed it, Paul. ARSA is a million % more correct in this regard than we were
even 2/3 years ago, thanks to recent programming updates by Tim. (Veteran ARSA
folks remember many such previous headaches not so fondly - sigh...) ARSA has been
dogged by situations like this since it began - especially when a song has two
separate, close-in-year 45 db entries, like "Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming" does. As you
well know, surveys often contain typos/mis-spellings. ARSA has no "bought-in"
computer code; it's all Tim's work. He's had to build in many custom algorithms,
which evaluate survey song title/artist info that is similar to, but doesn't
exactly match, existing songs in the 45s db. ARSA's "best guess" system is now over
99% correct, but stragglers/errors do still exist. For example, a "rainy day
project" for yours truly is to make sure that all of Chubby Checker's 1960 & 1962
"Twist" survey data is exactly matched with its correct 45 db listing. I've gotten
good at "manually forcing/jerry-rigging data", though. So please let me know of any
others that you believe that are really out of whack, requiring "immediate ARSA Jim
intervention." I'll get to them ASAP! Thanks!         -Jim   
Sep 21, 07 Okay, so how do I contribute chart info? K.A. Scott
I've looked everywhere on the site, and I can't find a way to contribute a few
charts I've transcribed. Tried sending them directly to Tim, but have received no
reply. Am I missing something here?  Cheers!
Apr 20, 11 Old Surveys and Airchecks 0
Hi Everyone,  First off hope you all have a really great Easter Weekend!!!!  Out
here in Greater Vancouver it has been a cold April and all the mountains have a lot
of snow on them down to about the 2500 Foot level or less!!!  Long Ski Season at
Whistler and other .places around htere this spring!!!  

I collect old nmusic surveys and airchecks especially the ones I don't have from
independant AM and FM stations.  Two stations that might have had surveys in the
past 30 years or so at one point were WQMA 1520 Marks, Mississippi and WABV 1590
Abbeville, South Carolina.  If anyone has a chart or playlist from one of these
plese write.  I'll send you my email address when you do.  I try to obtain at least
one survey from any station I don't have one from.  I know a lot of collectors like
a whole series from certain stations especially in major markets,  I tend to focus
on smaller markets and independant stations.   Have a lot of surveys in my
collectiona and a lot of station airchecks going back to the early 1970s.  Most of
my radio station airchecks are on cassette tape,  a very few on reel to reel.  I*m
still looking for that book "How To Sell Radio Advertising" by Si Willing.  It was
published in the 1970s as a TAB Book.  I*m willing to buy it from anyone who has a

I saw it in the Burnaby and Vancouver Libraries back in the 1970s and 1980s but
they probably sold it in one the annual book sales long ago as its no longer in
their system.   

Enjoying looking at a lot of the old music charts on the ARSA site.   A friend and
myself were thinking of scanning some of my charts and sending them into ARSA but
I*m not quite sure what the procedure is to do this.   I don't have a scanner but
he does.  It would be very helpful if the instrucations to do this were on the ARSA
site in the introduction page.  Hopefully we will be able to do this in the future.

Also regarding music surveys I only count surveys that originally came from the
radio my collection.  However I do collect photocopies from other
sources in a separate file folder.  My regular survey collection has station
surveys in alphabetical order by state, province and country file folders.  Those
are the original ones from stations including a few photocopies the stations sente
me.I have about 4000 music surveys (and a few playlists) which date back as far as
the very early 1960s.   I might have a couple from 1958 or 1959 but hardly any from
the 1950s decade.     Anyway will close now, again Have a nice Easter Weekend, hope
the storms aren't bad where you are!!!
first, my thanks for the info on KLBS radio being the earliest known posted survey
on ARSA thus far. i am currently engaged in historical comparison studies about the
1950's when failing AM radio broadcasters began switching over to playing "rock &
roll", "popular music", "records for the masses", etc. and hence, also began
publishing their own local market's radio song surveys as a public service and
promotional tool.

and secondly, my kudos to Roy Ballard for posting BOTH sides of KYA's poop
sheets... i find it fascinating and not a little nostalgic being able to view many
of the product tie-ins of the day which ranged from fast-cash loans to pimple
creams and the like. altogether, having both sides of such classic surveys helps
put a period perspective on each particular issue.
Feb 26, 07 oldiesloon Mark H
I just discovered your site.Love it.
There are other sites on the web with survey listings
I'm wondering if you could pool info with them.
Oldiesloon has a large collection of LA/CHI?MIN and others
KQA-PIT has it's own listings as well as NYC--WABC-WMCA-WMGM
and CHUM-Toronto.
I love your feature with survey comparisons.