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Oct 4, 14 WCUE Akron RE2: 1975-06-18 / WCUE ( Akron, Ohio ) Tim Warden
Likely mismatched because that was one of the early surveys added in 2004 when the
matching engine wasn't nearly as accurate.  Cheers.
Aug 11, 14 KGFJ Los Angeles RE2: 1976-10-25 / KGFJ ( Los Angeles, California ) Tim Warden
So... are they not associated in any way with KGFJ?  What was the KGFJ connection?
Feb 3, 09 WHYN Springfield RE2: 1978-02-03 / WHYN ( Springfield, Massachusetts ) K.A. Scott
For the current entries on the "Everybody Dance" survey page, all but one entry
should be for "Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)".  

The lone correct entry is for KSOL, San Francisco, 1978-05-22.


- Kenn.
Dec 21, 13 WHB Kansas City RE2: 1978-05-03 / WHB ( Kansas City, Missouri ) Lee Tucker

I am missing quite a number of 1966 & 1967 WHB 40 Star Surveys that I'd love to get
copies of and the timing would be perfect as I'm currently contributing all of my
1966 surveys and will be starting 1967 soon.  I'd be more than happy to contribute
any you have to the ARSA data base courtesy of you.  Probably the easiest way to do
this would be for you to scan them and e-mail the image to me as an attachment at  If you'd rather, I'll provide my mailing address and
you can mail me a paper copy or save an image to a thumb drive and I'll do the
scanning and uploading to ARSA. Let me know and am very much looking forward to
hearing from you.   

Happy Holidays!   -  Lee
May 6, 13 CIHI Fredericton RE2: 1978-12-22 / CIHI ( Fredericton, New Brunswick ) Derek Nichols
Hi Kenn,

Thanks for the warm welcome.

yes I have almost all CIHi charts through 1991.   In the mid eighties instead of
attending classes, I spent many hours pouring over microfilm at the university
library.  :)

I'm just glad I've found a reason to dig all those charts out, and relive my past.

Nov 29, 08 CHUM Toronto RE2: 1979-12-08 / CHUM ( Toronto, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Thanks, Gary!
Aug 10, 09 WDMV Pocomoke City RE2: 1980-08-11 / WDMV ( Pocomoke City, Maryland ) Gary Pfeifer
   Ignore the prior comment of mine - I see what you mean now.  Everything is fine
on the top level survey page, but about half the LW numbers dropped by one position
on the data base input form for some reason.  I believe everything should be correct
now. Let me know please.  Thanks for pointing this out.

Sep 8, 11 CKY Winnipeg RE2: 1981-09-19 / CKY ( Winnipeg, Manitoba ) K.A. Scott
Hi Jim...

  Thanks, as always, for your hard work and detailed explanations!  I figured you
just missed the LP info, so no worries.  With the phenomenal amount of material
being added to the database these days, it's bound to happen once in a while!  (I
always try to enter the LP info on any given survey, and of course many 80s surveys
for AOR stations are ONLY of LPs.)  

  Oh, and I've entered a few scanned surveys, but I get most of my survey info from
microfilmed newspapers held at various libraries.  Unfortunately, there's no way to
effectively scan the microfilmed images -- at least not a way that I can afford! 
Still, anytime I come across a scannable survey, I try to add it to ARSA.  
Jan 4, 10 CHUM Toronto RE2: 1981-12-12 / CHUM-FM ( Toronto, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Hi Jim...

  Just to be clear, I always give you a day or two to input new albums/singles into
the database -- and you usually manage to fill them in within hours (or even
minutes) of my postings!

  This particular entry had been up for about a month, though, without the relevant
LPs being added to the database.  So I figured it had just slipped through the net
somehow, and thought I'd give you a heads up.  Anyway, it's fixed now...thanks!

  By the way, you've been on fire recently, entering (I think) something like 200
or so surveys in the last few weeks.  Don't know how you manage to do it, but
congratulations.  (And congrats to Gary, Roy, Rick, Geno and the other regulars


  - Kenn.


  - Kenn.  
Jun 6, 13 CFMB Montreal RE2: 1982-12-23 / CFMB ( Montreal, Quebec ) K.A. Scott
Hi Frank..

  I get almost all of my charts from microfilmed newspapers.  If I can figure out
how to copy charts from microfilm (the library has a newfangled machine that might
just allow me to do that), I'll not only send you a copy of a CFMB chart, I'll
start posting the chart images here on ARSA!


  - Kenn.

Oct 30, 12 CFMB Montreal RE2: 1983-10-06 / CFMB ( Montreal, Quebec ) K.A. Scott
Hi Gary...

  Going forward, there should only be 1-3 new chart entries per week on these
alternative charts for 1983.  There's also some 1982 weekly charts, the first one
of which will probably have a number of new-to-ARSA entries ... but I won't post
that one for a few weeks, to give you a break!


  - Kenn.
Sep 29, 11 WABX Detroit RE2: 1983-10-21 / WABX ( Detroit, Michigan ) ARSA Jim
Paul, Kenn nailed it exactly. Even though an ARSA algorithm temporarily mis-assigned
that 45's data to a different song, not to worry - it won't (and didn't) stay that
way for very long - even if a "black dot" appears. I normally get a few of those
every week; it's just an automatic part of my daily ARSA cleanup routine. And, like
Kenn said, if a couple of days goes by and it's still wrong, then feel free to Chart
Chat me. But, especially during the first 24 hours after you've keyed it in, be
patient, because I'll 99.9% have both found it/fixed it myself by the next morning.
In other news, Paul, I have NO idea how you've found surveys for stations like WNBC
and WBLI. They're both highly desired and highly elusive. Like Kenn, I wanna extend
a major thanks to you for your incredible surveys contributions to ARSA of late.
Thanks to our other terrific "regular keyers" as well. Man, we're on fire!    -ARSA
Apr 10, 12 WKCI New Haven RE2: 1984-00-00 / WKCI ( New Haven, Connecticut ) Paul H.
Hey Jim, it appears that the "I'm So Excited" entry on this chart has migrated back
with the 1982 mix.  If it can't be fixed at this time, no big deal, just thought
I'd give you the "heads up"!
Sep 19, 09 WBCN Boston RE2: 1984-09-14 / WBCN ( Boston, Massachusetts ) A.R. Paine
Kenn, thanks for the nice comment. Yes, I listened to WBCN's countdown nearly every
week from February 1984 to June 1988, jotting down the song titles in a notebook. 

Jim, I haven't included the regional hits (the "Boston 3" countdown) in the Chart
Data field; though I know you're an expert at tracking down label and catalog #s, 
a few artists only submitted demo tapes to the station. Still, I thought they
merited mention in the goodies section because there are some real 'nuggets' that
charted locally.

Kenn, are we going to be seeing any more of those terrific CHUM-FM album charts
soon?  You've left us in suspense! How long will Supertramp hold on to the #1
position?  Al
Nov 19, 14 CKGM Montreal RE2: 1984-09-26 / CKGM ( Montreal, Quebec ) K.A. Scott
Done!  The Lionel Richie mistake was all mine, while the "LW" errors were on the
original printed survey, and I didn't have the previous survey to compare it to. 
Great to have the accurate info ... and I'm also enjoying the wealth of 1984
surveys you've been entering recently!

Mar 8, 10 WMJQ Buffalo RE2: 1991-02-20 / WMJQ ( Buffalo, New York ) K.A. Scott
No problem, Jim.  I just point 'em out as I find 'em -- so that if they are
indicative of a larger problem, they can be dealt with accordingly.  If it's not
possible to fix them at this time, that's fine!  It's not my intention to create
more hassle for people than they can deal with.


- Kenn.


Feb 2, 13 RE2: 30,000 Surveys Rick Hy
Thanks Kenn, I canít believe I made such an obvious mistake. I guess I was just
excited? (I need some kind of excuse!)  CKOC is still the champ as I believe WKBW
ended itís top 30 sometime in 1986 or 87. Just canít seem to find a site that
confirms an actual date. I remember some summers listening to CKOC as it is not too
far from Buffalo.
I wonder if other contributors to this site might have information on longevity of
station charts even if it doesnít beat CKOCís longevity. It just might be
interesting to see from a business that is known for frequent format changes.

 I still see Danny Neaverth at the gym I attend and occasionally he is seen on
local commercials.
Jul 15, 14 RE2: 40,000... Just a shot away... Gary Pfeifer
  Another major milestone!  Thanks, Lee, for stepping up and selecting a most
appropriate survey for #40,000!!  

  Thanks for Tim, Kenn, Lee, Rick, Tracy, Geno, Ronald, Cary, Roy and everyone else
who's ever contributed a survey!  Also big thanks for those who may not upload
surveys directly, but who have graciously supplied survey copies/images and allowed
me to upload - especially Eric, John, Craig and Robin.

  Onward to 50K!
Sep 13, 11 RE2: 99 Luftballons/Red Balloons - Nena K.A. Scott
I'm with ARSA Jim on this one -- it's fascinating to see which stations played the
German version and which ones played the English version.  And it's pretty easy to
browse both sets of data to get the full picture for this dual-language hit.  

Of course, that's just my take on it!  I'll be happy to go along with whatever
official decision is made....

Sep 20, 13 RE2: Ability To Post Surveys Rich Stivers

Many Thanks for your help.