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Sep 17, 15 KACE charts Paul H.
There is a small typo for the recent KACE chart additions...the state is misspelled
as Calirfornia, should be California.
Aug 19, 07 KADI - Radio in St. Louis John Schwob
Gary or Tim,

I have started adding some surveys from KADI in St. Louis and somehow I did
something wrong and there are two different stations called KADI 96.5 FM in St.
Louis.  How do I get those combined into one station.
Aug 15, 12 KBEQ KC and WHB KC Steve Hawkins
Need help.  I am looking for KBEQ KC music surveys from 1974-1978 primarily....will
accept all for the site.  Have bunches of music surveys for
trade....WHB..KCMO>>>alot of KC stations etc.  

scans ok but would like help or can you point me in the right direction of others
who may have KBEQ surveys?

any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated

Steve Hawkins
700 WLW Cincinnati
Aug 19, 12 KBEQ KC and WHB KC etc Steve Hawkins
Lee contact me at   I would love to get the copies of the KBEQ music
surveys from 1974-1978 Super Q era to add to the website....Orignials are preferred
but scans are fine...FYI there were about 250 KBEQ music surveys from March
1974-Dec 1978....I have about 225 of the 250 for trading.  To you or anyone else
reading...I am interested in KBEQ KC and WHB KC primarily 1970's airchecks and
music surveys.

Please contact me and add the scans you have I would greatly appreciate it and glad
to discuss other items I have...steve hawkins
Sep 12, 07 KBZY John Gallagher
Kinda wondering how KBZY did in the ratings. A rather large rotation (though, not
uncommon in those days) and MANY songs I'VE never heard of...
Mar 8, 11 KCPX NEWS SURVEY March 8, 1968 Ben E. McCoy
Gary, thanks for the information on our source material for
the KCPX surveys...  FYI, i really enjoy reading
this station's publication!

Mar 7, 11 KCPX NEWS SURVEY March 8, 1968 Ben E. McCoy
Hi Gary,

was wondering why the FOURTH page of this really cool
radio station publication was not published this time around... would appreciate
that missing 4th page being posted, that is, IF there was one.

thank you for consideration of my request, Sir.

best regards,

ben e. mccoy.
Jan 3, 16 KDAY SURVEY Nov. 18, 1961 Ben E. McCoy
dear Gary,

i notised this week's posting of a 1961 KDAY survey being
described on ARSA's index page as being "R&B";
however, during that time period, KDAY Radio was
most definitely a "TOP 40" station.

ben e. mccoy.
Jun 26, 12 KDON K.A. Scott
Not sure why, but most of the surveys for KDON have duplicates.  There are two exact
same versions of the surveys for November 20, 1966; September 22 & 29, 1967; and
July 31, 1970.


- Kenn.
Jan 20, 12 Kenn: CKGM 90's, going forward..... ARSA Jim
Thanks for the offer to step up, Kenn. I'm leaning towards just putting "Canada" in
as a temporary placeholder for CKGM info stragglers. I know you go back and
re-check your entered charts after the fact. So, when you then see the incomplete
label/catalog fields, do your research, see what you can find, then initially
"Chart Chat" your findings for me to then update into ARSA. If this works out OK,
I'll then just give you my personal e-mail, for you to then provide me periodic
info updates as you get 'em, so as not to bore everybody else with such details on
here long-term, OK? By the way, I checked, and it turns out the CKGM lists at issue
here were transcribed to the 'Net from handwritten lists, by the very same guy that
had first jotted down the info as it  originally aired. A noble quest, indeed. And
we have entered in some vintage Buffalo chart info gathered just this way
previously into ARSA, so there is precedent. But I've already found numerous
artist/title spelling errors on his CKGM transcriptions, further complicating my
research to date. Personally, this "all human being method" of his isn't my
favorite way of obtaining reliable ARSA source info (station-generated lists,
either published or "official in-house" are), but you're obviously quite gung-ho on
the 10+ years of CKGM info he's uploaded this way, and you feel that his info has
been deemed to be reliable enough for us to use here. And Kenn, since you're our
"Canada ARSA CEO", I will just "table" my own reservations about it, and totally
defer to you here, buddy!    :)  Thanks again.  -ARSA Jim                  
Aug 30, 07 KEOS Rob Ellis
Tim,  I added a survey for KEOS before I added the station.  KEOS appears twice now.
 Can you eliminate the blank one?   Thanks.
Jul 7, 04 KEWB Jingles William Anderson
Looking for any KEWB jingles from the 60's.  Particularly from the "color radio"

I have hundreds of jingles from stations around the country to offer in trade.
Nov 29, 08 KFRC - 610 Survey for November 29th John Gallagher
The survey is listed as being from Nov. 29, 1972, when actually it should be listed
as Nov. 29th, 1971.
Jan 30, 11 KFWB Robert Harlow
Rick, Yes Oldiesloon does not have the Fab 40 Surveys for   for 1/4,(no 1/11 ever
published)  or 1/18/58.  They have the Al Jarvis /Music City list instead. The
first real KFWB Fab 40 Survey shown on Oldiesloon is the week ending 1/25/58.  
Oct 13, 13 KFXM SURVEY DATE Ben E. McCoy
thank you, Lee, for clarifying themisnomer on that
errored dating for this week's KFXM survey.
yes, data entries are indeed different that 24 June.

best regards,

Jan 30, 10 KGB Duplicate Geno Rice
Hi All, 
There's a duplicate survey KGB-1967-11-01.  One of them should be station KHJ. 
Tried to change the station in Edit Survey but it would not take.
May 28, 11 KGB's Top 100 of 1968 Mark A.
I am obsessively seeking (San Diego) KGB's Top 100 songs of 1968 list information.
(My lengthy earlier post here somehow aborted before posting, so I'll keep this one
brief.) If anybody has information of where I could get information about that
specific song order, please let me know, even if you remember even just one song
and its specific ranking for that year on KGB.
Jan 8, 17 KHJ 930 1979-1980 Geno Rice
There seems to be some date mix-ups regarding the individually printed KHJ surveys
and the ones included in the Survey of Hits. It's not clear what the printing
schedules were. I have a few more to add in the upcoming weeks and I hope I'll be
able to straighten things out. 

My intention is to make sure the charted songs keep to a typical bell curve of
increasing and decreasing chart positions.
Oct 12, 14 KHJ Surveys Filed Wrong Geno Rice
There seems to be a series of KHJ surveys which are erroneously filed under KGB:

KGB 03/31/71 has KHJ same date
KGB 04/07/71 has KHJ same date
KGB 04/14/71 has KHJ same date

The 3/31 & 4/7 are duplicates already correctly filed under KHJ.   The 4/14 is
missing under KHJ and fills a gap.