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Jan 28, 12 RE2: Gary, new KISN 1-27-1971 survey has wrong scan attached... Gary Pfeifer
 The correct KISN survey scan is now online.  

 Jim, thanks for your tip.  My work-around tactic to an incorrect survey scan was
to delete the scans, hit apply changes, then wait a day or two to upload the
correct survey. Your suggestion provides a good alternative but both methods
require us to remember to take some action a day or so later.  No biggie tho and
I'm happy to do so.
Apr 7, 11 CKLW Windsor RE2: Great job entering in your first CKLW survey, Ron! Gary Pfeifer

   Until the time when Tim can program the website to remove/replace existing
survey images, when I find a superior quality image scan of a survey already in the
database with an inferior scan, I simply add the better quality image to that
survey.  The programming allows for up to four images to be displayed for any
survey so if all four aren't already taken up, an additional image can be added. 
The system will still default and initially show the lesser quality image, but this
allows the viewer to click and view the better image.

Oct 2, 10 RE2: How Do I Add Printed Survey Information? Tim Warden
Hi Kevin,

Jim "rattled my cage" and I've just enabled our account to contribute.  You'll
notice an "Add New Survey" button and also a "Help Adding Surveys".  Start with the
"Help Adding Surveys" button, which will give you all the info you need to start
contributing.  It's a combination of scanning in your surveys, uploading the jpegs
and typing in the details.  Gary's fingers are down to nubs by now, I would
imagine.  Have fun and looking forward to see your surveys.


Mar 20, 07 RE2: How To Contribute Tim Warden
John, Michael,

I've changed your account status to contributor.

Michael, Instructions will be forthcoming to the email address you indicated in
your account.

John, I don't have an email address for you, so you'll need to click here to send me a note with your email address so
that I can send the instructions.  (Your email address is not visible to anyone and
will not be given out or sold.  I hate spam as much as anyone.)

Feb 21, 06 RE2: K104 Erie, PA Top 104 Surveys Tim Warden
Hi John,

We're still discussing how bewt to add year end countdowns, but yes, we have every
intention of adding them in.  Thanks for the contribution.
Oops! - Meant that I'll type in the WDRC 1967 surveys for you first.  -Jim
Mar 23, 07 KXOK St. Louis RE2: KXOK ( St. Louis, Missouri ) Olin McDaniel
I have "Shake A Tail Feather" by the Five Dutones in my CD collection, and have
tried to get the Sixties Channel on XM Radio to play the song, but, so far have not
had success - apparently it didn't go high enough on the national charts, even
though it was a huge hit in St. Louis, at least on KXOK.

Speaking of KXOK, as a loyal listener of the station back in the '60s, I so very
much appreciate the efforts that John Schwob is making to add the "Sing Along" and
"Bookmark" surveys to the ARSA site.  I note that the surveys the he has added in
chronological order now includes 08/03/68, and I hope that John has additional KXOK
surveys and continues to add them.

Thank You, John!!

Mar 29, 13 RE2: KYA 1260 3/28/70 survey Gary Pfeifer
 I incorrectly said Seattle newspaper in prior post - of course should be San
Francisco newpaper.
Nov 6, 09 KXOK St. Louis RE2: Larry Knight IS from St. Louis! ARSA Jim
My buddy, world-renowned obscure 60's music expert "MopTop Mike" Markesich", just
e-mailed me back, and yes, despite their most successful 45 being put out on the
Detroit-area "Golden World" label, Larry Knight & The Upsetters were from St.
Louis. Mike is never wrong, so take this info to the bank and cash it, Joe!    -Jim
Apr 1, 14 RE2: Message to Mr. Lee Tucker Lee Tucker

Let me begin by apologizing for an apparent error I made a few days ago when
contributing the controversial WFIL survey under discussion.  Thanks for catching
it Craig for I, too, have and always will strive for complete accuracy when
contributing ANY survey I upload to ARSA.  Since Gary has fixed the problem and I
have deleted the image from my hard drive, I cannot research my contribution in
order to ascertain exactly how the error occurred.

The WFIL surveys I have and will continue to contribute to ARSA have been collected
through the years mainly from 3 websites in addition to anywhere else they may pop
up on the internet.  My best guess is that either I or the website from where I
downloaded the survey incorrectly paired a front and back side of the WFIL survey
under discussion or, more likely, I incorrectly dated the offending survey in my
hard drive files when I downloaded it and failed to catch it when I contributed it
to ARSA. Whatever the case may be, rest assured that I will continue to strive for
complete accuracy in ANY survey that I contribute to ARSA and I welcome any
feedback when one falls through the cracks.  ARSA is a truly great website and I
look forward to contributing  many more surveys when I get back in town next week. 
Apr 1, 14 RE2: Message to Mr. Lee Tucker Gary Pfeifer
  It took the new images of the July 3, 1967 survey without any problem!  Tim must
have corrected that old glitch.  Thanks Tim!
Nov 1, 09 RE2: MINOR CORRECTION Tim Warden
Wow, Jim. I"m impressed... you're a master at what the French call "Le Systeme D"
;-)  I've also been annoyed by those stragglers.  The code in that area is indeed
not very tidy, and believe it or not, I actually started a project to clean it up
back in 2006.  I see if I can't finish that up within the next couple of weeks. --
Apr 1, 14 RE2: More KLIV surveys Gary Pfeifer
  Thanks for your contributions, Rich!  Looking forward to seeing more.
Apr 1, 14 RE2: More KLIV surveys J. A. Theroux
Thanks for the note, I only have a handful of KLIV charts left to upload but I'll
hold off until you've finished with yours.

Feb 7, 14 RE2: More KLIV surveys J. A. Theroux
Thank you, Gary!  I understand it may take a while before I can get access to enter
my surveys so I will be patient.
May 9, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE2: My Network Anomaly? CARY LINIGER
No problem here either and I do have Internet Explorer
May 13, 10 RE2: Phantom Stations and Duplications J. A. Theroux
I may have found one more: KGY is listed as 1240 AM and 550 AM, I believe the 550 AM
is incorrect.  The survey reads KGY Live 55 but I believe it is a reference to the
number of song titles on the survey and not its frequency.  I could not find any
evidence that KGY was ever on the 550 AM frequency.
Dec 20, 06 RE2: Posting Tim Warden
Gentlemen, I'm sending you an email detailing how to contribute.  At a minimum,
you'll need time and patience to type in the survey data.  Ideally, if you have a
scanner you can also upload jpeg's of your surveys.
Jul 28, 07 RE2: Questions?? Tim Warden
Hi Rob, Gary,

You may have noticed a "Help" button at the bottom of the TOP SONGS page... 
Clicking that button will generate a simple popup text window that explains how
songs are currently ranked.

Do note that as an overall indication of song popularity, there just isn't enough
consistent chart data to make this viable across the years.  For instance, we have
nearly 1000 surveys from 1967, but only 140 from 1974, so don't expect to see the
"Seasons In The Sun" fare as well as "Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron"... even though it
seems to get more airplay on the oldies stations ;?)

I created that ranking page many moons ago and it could probably benefit from some
tweaking.  Alas, what with my day job and the "honey-do's" on the weekends, I don't
have a lot of time to putter on them!

Gary, send me one of those PDF's and I'll see what I can do about adding that
document type in.

Best regards,

Feb 25, 08 RE2: Radio London Gary Pfeifer

   What are you trying to send?  Your three messages asking for help came through