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hi Jim,

thanks a mil for the helpful reply...

i went ahead and downloaded the latest version of my
main working browser, Mozilla Foxfire; and, NOW, that weird problem with the black
bars over ARSA's homepage directory seems to have cleared up at my End.  chock it
up to those virtual world gremlims i should think!

Apr 11, 11 All is fine at my end, Ben! ARSA Jim
Ben, I've noticed from time to time, on virtually every website where anyone can
ever post, that an individual user will sometimes mention a problem like this. And
I certainly do believe that you personally did experience this problem, sir.
However, I suspect that your particular problem was likely due to a quirk with
either your computer, your browser, or your Internet service provider. I also
believe Mondays to be just about the highest-user time for the 'Net, so some
servers may be "extra-strained" at that time.  I didn't notice any similar problem
today (Monday), and I was on for a couple of hours this morning. Thanks for the
ARSA heads-up, Ben, but my best guess is that the ARSA site was always operating
normally, from its end.   -Jim 
Apr 11, 11 WLOF Orlando 1970-10-23 / WLOF ( Orlando, Florida ) Ben E. McCoy
Publick Notise:  Gentleman, something has apparently gone wrong with ARSA's online
home-page appearance!

to wit, the LEFT-side directory is no longer shown; replaced instead by black bars
from top to bottom of where the directory used to be.

just giving the webmaster(s) a heads-up on this weird anomaly.


ben e. mccoy.
Apr 7, 11 CKLW Windsor RE2: Great job entering in your first CKLW survey, Ron! Gary Pfeifer

   Until the time when Tim can program the website to remove/replace existing
survey images, when I find a superior quality image scan of a survey already in the
database with an inferior scan, I simply add the better quality image to that
survey.  The programming allows for up to four images to be displayed for any
survey so if all four aren't already taken up, an additional image can be added. 
The system will still default and initially show the lesser quality image, but this
allows the viewer to click and view the better image.

Apr 6, 11 CKLW Windsor Replacing scans with a higher quality version of it.... ARSA Jim
Ron, I believe another one of our keyers (John?) had recently found cleaner copies
of what he'd originally uploaded to ARSA, and asked the same question here. I
believe Tim's response was that the system cannot currently deal with that type of
change, and that he would need to write new programming code to allow for it, going
forward. Tim always has a couple of "rainy day ARSA projects" on his plate (for
instance, I've asked Tim for a while now for a "frequently asked ARSA questions"
section, because I seem to end up answering many of the same questions, each time a
new participant becomes involved; so far no luck.)  But since you are now the second
keyer to make this same request, maybe Tim will now make it a priority. Remember,
Ron, ARSA is a very small, volunteer operation - I make this point all the time.
New folks often ask, "What about __________?", or "Why can't I do ___________?"
Ron, you make a good point here. Just remember that we're all doing the best we
can; ARSA is absolutely a "shoestring" operation. My personal ARSA philosophy is to
either just wait it out/live with it, or work around a quirk. Our reality is that
Tim just doesn't have much time to make ARSA adjustments, and he's the only one who
can make changes like that. Happy keying, buddy!    -Jim
Apr 6, 11 CKLW Windsor RE: Great job entering in your first CKLW survey, Ron! Ronald Marshall
thanks for your help

is it ok to ad pictures of surveys that i have that may be better then the ones
alreadty there.  mine will not have any writting on them and the one pictured has
numbers circled 
Apr 4, 11 CKLW Windsor Great job entering in your first CKLW survey, Ron! ARSA Jim
Just a couple of time-saving tips, sir. None of us keyers really bother to type in
the labels for each survey song, since the master ARSA 45s database already
includes this info. (I always enjoy seeing the "weeks on" info added, though!)
Finally, in addition to adding the "Hitbound" songs into the ARSA "Goodies"
section, please also type/include them in again at the very end of the survey,
after all the numbered songs are done, changing the number field for them to "HB".
All "Goodies" info is ignored, for ARSA database purposes. So, unless you add your
three hitbounds in again at the very end (I already added them in for you this
time), if folks ever wanted to see, for example, every chart that included, "Mr.
Sun, Mr. Moon" on it, your CKLW list won't be included, unless you also "tack them
on" to the end. Again, thanks and welcome aboard!     -Jim
Apr 2, 11 RE2: Adding Charts Ronald Marshall
Apr 1, 11 RE: Adding Charts ARSA Jim
Hi Ronald, and thanks for both your interest in ARSA and your patience. Our "CEO",
Tim, is actually the only person who can officially authorize you to contribute
surveys. Tim is usually totally swamped running his own business, and he just can't
check in to ARSA nearly as often as he'd like. Both Gary and I, Tim's two ARSA
"deputies", are on here almost daily, but we are both powerless to provide you with
your requested authorization. I try not to bother Tim, but since it sounds like
you've already "followed proper ARSA protocol", but still haven't heard back from
Tim yet, I'll e-mail him on your behalf, with your "second ARSA request". And, as
Kenn said, stay patient, kind sir!    -Jim
Mar 31, 11 RE2: Adding Charts Ronald Marshall
i have every cklw chart from #80 till the end  every wknr chart for the same time
period, i have wbrn charts (big rapids, Mi i have many of the short lived wdrq
charts and just a few misc charts i may have picked up when vacationing in some
Mar 30, 11 RE: Adding Charts K.A. Scott
Hi Ron...

  Thanks for posting!  This is an all-volunteer site, so sometimes people can take
a little while to get back to you -- jobs and lives and so forth can get in the way
from time to time.  But hang tight, and I'm sure ARSA Jim and/or Tim will get in
touch soon and set you up on the path to being an ARSA contributor!

  Just out of curiosity, what sorts of surveys do you have?


  - Kenn.
Mar 30, 11 Adding Charts Ronald Marshall
I could add a lot of charts but i don't know how.  i requested this well over a
month ago but have not recieved any reply on how to do it

thanks ron marshall
Mar 26, 11 CKLW 1977 Rock Staqtion Folder (Guide) etc. Eldon Sanders Luoma
Hi Everyone,    Just thought I would let you know about two folders from radio
stations I have.  One is from CKLW 800 AM in 1977 and lists various rock format
stations across the USA by state and is sponsored by Pepsi.   The stations are
listed by state and indicated by format as top 40 rock, oldies, AC, Album oriented
rock etc..  Also there is an ad. for 7-eleven stores in the Detroit and Toledo
area.   The second station guide/folder I have is from WJR radio 76 in Detroit.  It
has ads for Vernon pop and Elias brothers restaurants plus a WJR small overage map
on back cover.  I think its from 1976 and lists radio stations across Michigan by
various format types such as beautiful music, country, MOR, R+B, Top 40 Rock, Talk
and News plus other formats.  That one is just for the state of Michigan though and
it is colored Green and yellow.  I think I have more from differnt years put out by
various stations with different sponsors including several by Wrangler Jeans or
something like that (it might have been Levis Jeans0.  anyone interested in thses
can write to me at Box 3536, Langley-B.C. V3A 4R9 Canada, check out the cfay radio
website for further info. and photos of charts etc...  

The other thing I was going to mention was a 2002 September advertisement (in a
record collectors magazine I think) I have for a Boss Radio store Grand Opening at
1730 Yosemite Parkway in Merced, California.  Phone number is given at
209-383-9133.  They were selling authentic Top 40 radio station music surveys and T
shirts and 45 rpm records among other items.  No I have not bought anything from
them or phoned them but was wondering if anyone has seen this store or bought any
radio station surveys from them?????  If its still going you might find some
interesting charts from them.  

I also collect other radio station promo. material such as program schedules,
coverage maps, and rate cards.  Have a lot of them including many from small market
stations like KTGO 1090 Tioga, North Dakota.  Again you can write me if interested. 
I buy, sell and trade.  Another small market station I would love to obtain a survey
from is KBRI 1570 Brinkley, Arkansas which used to have one years ago.  I have a
want list of radio stations I need that had surveys once upon a time.  I*ll send
you a copy if you write and also can give you my email address too.   In the
meantine take care everyone.   Best of collecting to you all!!!  Eldon...
Mar 24, 11 WHB Surveys etc.. by Eldon Eldon Sanders Luoma
Hi Everyone,  Lee my friend in New Westminster has only one WHB survey from the mid
to late 1960s left just like me.   He might have a few from 1971 but has to check. 
Saw him on the weekend (this past Sunday) and he bought some CKRC 630 music charts
off me and some other ones.   I also am a record collector especially 45 RRPM
records and have a lot of oldies from the 60s, some 50s, and 70s to 80s in my
collection.   Have quite a few duplicates for sale on 45s.  Altogether I have about
5000  forty-five records or more.  Also a lot of record albums, again a lot of stuff
from the 1970s and 60s, some 80s and 90s too but not as much!

Since I am a record collector I used to buy Goldmine and Discovery record collector
magazines.  I have a 1991 Discoveries record magazine that featured radio station
surveys with the front cover in color and rest in the usual black and white.  Its
about 11 by 17 in size or just slightly smaller.  There must be at least 34 pages
in that issue showing radio station surveys many of them dating back to the early
1960 snd late 1950s.   Stations like KOBY 1550 San Francisco, KOL1300 Seattle from
1957 or so are shown.   The author who talks about survey collecting is a C.Dennis
Burns out of Ohio.   That was back in 1991 and I can't seem to find him,  anyone in
ARSA know him or what happened to him???   He did a very good job of presenting
collecting radio station music surveys in this 1991 issue. Anyone who would like me
to photocopy the feature on surveys in this Discoveries magazine (from 199l) let me
know.  It would cost about Ten Dollars to photocoy the 20 or30 pages and send them
to any USA mailing address.  Cover page I can photocopy in color for you, with its
assortment of station charts.   You can write me at Box 3536, Langley, B.C. Canada
V3A 4R9 for further info..  See my website,  cfay radio for further info...  If you
write I*ll give you my email address and /or phone number as well!!  

Lee take care and have a great trip!   Sorry about not having more WHB surveys from
the 60s for you out here.  My friend may have in the past but sold what few he had
on EBAY several years ago.   Saw the KATR 1030 Corpus Christi survey on the ARSA
station list and found that one real interesting!  Don't have that one in my
collection.   I've always known this station as KCTA 1030 Corpus Christi Texas with
religious programming,  even heard them up here in B.C. back in the late 1970s while
dxing the AM band at night.  Does anyone know how long KATR 1030 was a rock station
with a music chart in the late 1950s????   If anyone has an original KATR 1030
survey that they would like to trade or sell please let me know.   I only count
station originals in my collection although I will save photocopies in a separate
file folder apart from my main collection.   Also looking for a KLFF 1590 Meade,
Washington survey and KENY 930 Bellingham-Ferndale, Wash. survey, country on both
and they had them in the 1960s.  Bellingham, Wash. is just south of Langley,. B.C>
in Whatcom County near the Canadian border!  Keny 930 changed to KBFW 930 long ago
and now KBAI 930 with a Progressive Talk format.  As KBFW they were country and I
have surveys that they printed in my collection.     More later , take care
everyone, best of collecting.
Mar 23, 11 KFWB Los Angeles 1958-02-15 / KFWB ( Los Angeles, California ) Lee Tucker

Please feel free to contact me at my e-mail of
Mar 23, 11 WDGY Minneapolis / St. Paul RE: 1957-12-13 / WDGY ( Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota ) Rob Ellis
Lee - is there a way to contact you (other than on this public board).
Mar 23, 11 WDGY Minneapolis / St. Paul RE: 1957-12-13 / WDGY ( Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota ) ARSA Jim
Lee, feel free to "load up" on adding surveys to your heart's content! I know
everyone at ARSA appreciates all of your hard survey key-in work of late. Have a
great trip!    -Jim
Mar 23, 11 WDGY Minneapolis / St. Paul 1957-12-13 / WDGY ( Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota ) Lee Tucker

It might seem like I'm loading up the contributions yesterday, today, and possibly
tomorrow, but we leave for the Bahamas on Friday and won't be returning until
mid-April so I'm getting in as many as I have time for.


Any luck on your friend having any of his WHB 40 Star Surveys, especially the
1963-1967 era, for sale?
Mar 15, 11 Low Power FM station surveys etc. Eldon Sanders Luoma
Hi everyone,   Just thought I'd post an enquiry about the Low Power FM stations
across the USA.  Got real interested in them about 2005 and have done many of the
websites for the independant local ones across the USA.  However I was wondering if
anyone has gotten any music surveys from any of them.  I have not although I wrote
to quite a few back in 2005 and 2006 when I got the addresses off the website etc.
to write to them.  Quite a few nice letters I received plus stickers, coverage maps
and program schedules etc..  However did not receive any charts.

I know that there are not a lot of stations LPFMs or regular commercial AM and FM
stations that print music surveys these days.  There are some however that do.  I*d
like to get some music surveys from any of the LPFMs in the USA that may have them. 
I collect current and old music charts going back to the 1950s or 60s.  Some
stations sent me their top 10 or 20 songs or most requested songs on a radio
station letterhead if they did not mass print their survey.  I have quite a few of
these from smaller stations like KOBH 580 Hot Springs, South Dakota (which is now
KZMX I think).  Also Marked Tree, Arkansas had a 250 Watt station on 1580 called
KPCA which has been gone for perhaps 20 years now.  I have a survey from them typed
out on their station letterhead, it was a Top 20 I think.    I collect station
surveys from all types of radio stations BUT I really like the Independant Owned
and Local AM and FM stations over the large corporate owned ones.   Also I tend to
like station promo material including music surveys from small and medium size
radio markets!!!

I was really pleased to see CKAY 1500 Duncan, B.C> and CKGO 1240 Hope, B.C. listed
in the ARSA station listings.  These are small market stations that were sold and
then went to FM and no longer exist on AM anymore!  CKAY is Sun FM with different
calls and CKGO is on FM as Star FM but large corporate Owner Rogers Communications
may have changed it to FUN FM repeating the Chilliwack FM.   Fraser Valley
Broadcasters which owned CKGO 1240, CHWK 1270 Chilliwack and CFVR 1240 which became
CKMA 850 Abbotsford, B.C> were sold to Rogers Communications quite a few years ago. 
The stations were then put on the FM Band and dropped AM completely.   So the entire
Fraser Valley area of B.C. has no licensed AM stations left unfortunately!!!!  Good
to see the CHWK 1270 Chilliwack survey on the ARSA site as well.

I have quite a few duplicates from the early 1970s and late 60s from CKCK 620
Regina and CKKR 1330 Rosetown, Saskatchewan as well.   Anyone having any questions
about Canadian stations please feel free to write me at Box 3536, Langley, B.C. V3A
4R9  Canada.  I*ll get back to you with an answer.   Lee thanks for the welcome to
ARSA, I*ll be seeing my friend from New Westminster who has been selling his survey
collection.   This weekend I will ask him if he has any WHB surveys from the 1960s. 
I have a WHB one from the mid-60s but I want to keep it as its my oldest one from
them.  I think I have several from 1970 and 197l as well but have to find them.  
Will let you know if he has WHB charts from the 1960s left.   I have a lot of
charts but my friend had over 6000 counting one per station and many more if you
count all the duplicates he has!   Take care everyone.   More later
Mar 15, 11 Pasta Spoiler Number One - WIL 1968-08-12 John Schwob
Jim - no pasta for you tonight.  I entered the WIL C&W survey above and only 16 dots
out of 50!!!  Sorry - but the good news is - look at the scan - it has label and
catalog number for each song - should help you a little bit.  I'll wait a while for
the next one.