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greetings, fellow chart enthusiasts:

just notised an analomy with the 27 September 1972
edition of the "WPOP POPular Music Survey"...
the typed-in Top 40 data does NOT match that
of the accompanying survey images for the same date.
thought the original poster of WPOP's surveys might
want to look into this mystery, yes?
Dec 21, 09 LATTER K-Y-A SURVEYS Ben E. McCoy
say Roy,
want to let you know how much i have personally enjoyed each and every posting of
the past KYA Radio music surveys... they have been truly educational, informative
and just plain fun to read and digest.
looking forward to the different approach of your future postings for KYA's latter
years, but may i ask:
would you consider adding a 2nd back page for something interesting from that
station's magazine publication for each survey added, henceforth???

the One ben.
Dec 18, 09 KYA San Francisco 1965-09-17 / KYA and future KYA surveys Roy Ballard
My KYA survey collection jumps from Sept 1963 to Sept 1965. I know I was away at
college in those years, but that doesn't explain why my 1964 KEWB group is almost
complete and yet I don't have any 1964 KYA surveys. Oh well.

The other thing is that in 1965 instead of picking up the KYA surveys at music
stores, I subscribed to the "KYA BEAT", a gossipy tabloid with the top 30 on the
front page.
So that is the format I have for my remaining 70 KYA surveys that go thru January

These aren't as snazzy as the surveys from music stores, but I think they are still
worthwhile posting and inputting - the years 1965-1968 were AMAZING musically n the
San Francisco area. If anyone has the real KYA surveys from this period, they can
always upload their scans next to mine.  OK?   Roy
Dec 13, 09 RE: Marvin Gaye ARSA Jim
Your analysis is exactly correct, Geno. I'm about 1/2 way through adding in every
flip side for all the major ARSA artists, but I haven't gotten to Marvin yet, hence
the "haziness". For the future, not to worry - I deal with database issues like this
every day. And new ARSA db additions will often result in me doing some extra
research work for those artists, while I'm "in the neighborhood".    -Jim
Dec 13, 09 Marvin Gaye "Come Get To This/Distant Lover" Tamla 54241 Geno Rice
According to Wikipedia, the above was the second single from "Let's Get It On", but
the ARSA database has the two songs on separate singles, with no matching flip
sides.  WDAS has "Distant Lover/flip" as their #21 for 1973-12-18, so I put in
"Come Get To This" as the flip side, following Wikipedia.  I believe ARSA's
"Distant Lover" (Tamla 54253) is the live version which was released in 1974 -- if
you agree we should add "(Live)" to the title of 54253, and add a separate "Distant
Lover" as the flip side of 54241.
Dec 6, 09 RE: WPHD Buffalo... ARSA Jim
Fixed it for you, Geno!   -Jim
Dec 6, 09 WPHD Buffalo... Geno Rice
should be 103.3.
thanks Gary for the reply. understood now it is, the situation faced with the
original postings.
one suggestion to try BEFORE scanning in survey hardcopies that are actually much
smaller than standard page-size:
try enlarging the original hardcopy to a much larger page-size via a photoshop
program, then scan THAT copy into your system memory for downloading same... it's
always worked for me in the past.
however, as i said before, trying to enlarge a less-than-standard page-sized
downloaded survey image only yields an image where the chart listings are merely
jumbled pixels and thus, unreadable for printout purposes.

   I'm the one who's been uploading the WJJD surveys.  The images of the surveys
I've uploaded are the only ones I have - there aren't any larger or better quality
images in my possession.  If anyone has better quality images, please feel free to
gee whiz, Gang, most sorry about the calls mixup...
meant to say i have been having downloaded image/printout
problems for surveys posted for "W-J-J-D for Greater Chicago", circa mid-1950's.
that's WJJD-AM, and somehow all the call letters lately have gotten me tongue-tied
due to the onset of the Christmas rush blues  - at least for me.
thanks Geno for helping me set things straight here.
Nov 30, 09 WJJD not WWDJ Geno Rice
Please guys, WWDJ was a short lived top 40 station in NYC in the early seventies --
WJJD was a heritage rocker in Chicago.  To add some content to my rant, after the
demise of its top 40 format, WWDJ was for some 30 years all religious; recently it
went all right-wing talk, with new calls WNYM.
BTW, Roy: if it could be arranged, i would be glad to
send you a copy of a printed-out survey version from my end so you could personally
see the difficulty of the too-small-that-are-posted WWDJ download images i am
dealing with.

thanks, ben.
although, at my end, the WWDJ - Chicago surveys may appear just barely large enough
to read the fine print (individual listings, etc.) by extremely close examination, i
have been unable to reproduce them -- printwise... printing-out ONLY the 'exact'
size of the downloaded (clicked-on) version (then double-clicked for largest size
possible), renders a copy that is unreadable -- except, maybe, my microscope. and
when i have tried enlarging the WWDJ survey images myself via photo enhancing
programs and then print those revised versions out, the copies produced are merely
jumbled pixled chart listings.
in other words, if that SECOND CLICK for the ARSA download image could yield a much
larger PAGE-size image, then the subsequent printouts for my collection would be
i hope this better explains the sitution!
Nov 27, 09 RE: WWDJ SURVEY IMAGES Roy Ballard
ben, are u sure u mean wwdj? the five wwdj surveys appear clear and very legible to
me. ...   roy
Nov 26, 09 WWDJ SURVEY IMAGES Ben E. McCoy
this might be an improbable question:
is there ANY way to have the WWDJ surveys IMAGES ENLARGED
to the point where they are easily readable on one's
computer screen and/or can be printed out legibly???
Note: clicking on the images BARELY enlarges the
survey to no real significant effect... have tried to increase size on downloaded
images for print-out, but result is jumbled-pixels GIGO!
this station's historic importance as an early "Pop Music" broadcaster in the
mid-1950's would be best served by
providing clearly discernable survey images as part of ARSA's national archives.
Nov 23, 09 CHUM Toronto RE: 1981-11-28 / CHUM ( Toronto, Ontario ) ARSA Jim
Problem solved, Kenn. "Tainted Love" had additional title info included for its
listing, due to its 11th-hour resurgent 1982 chart comeback, due in large part to a
new promo 45 medley/remix sent to radio, with "Where Did Our Love Go". ARSA wrongly
thought that the 90's remix was a more exact "title" match. I just went ahead and
merged/deleted the remix, until such time as we actually need it for a survey.
Thanks as always, buddy!   -Jim 
Nov 23, 09 CHUM Toronto 1981-11-28 / CHUM ( Toronto, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Hi Jim...

  For some reason, the 1981 song "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell is redirecting to the
decade-later remix, credited to Soft Cell vs. Club 69.  Hope this is an easy fix! 
(Note that "Tainted Love" redirects incorrectly not just for this survey, but for
*all* CHUM surveys in 1981 -- though, oddly, not for any of its CHUM appearances in


  - Kenn. 
Nov 22, 09 WWYZ Waterbury WWYZ ( Waterbury, Connecticut ) Richard Stern
This station now has a country/western format and has the highest Arbitron rated
morning show in the state hosted by Bosh and Corey.
Nov 20, 09 WBNY Buffalo 1957-11-16 / WBNY ( Buffalo, New York ) Rick Hy
Roy, thanks for the advice .... you're suggestion worked out fine!
Nov 20, 09 More than one "Stations" ARSA entry for the same call letters.. ARSA Jim
Tim, is there any way we can get an ARSA "merge duplicate station call letters
entry", like you already have for songs/artists? There are definitely some
instances where some surveys align with one instance of a station's calls, while
others align with another. Perhaps this will help Rick with his recent survey entry
problems. ARSA also needs to solve that long-standing "CHUM/CHUM-FM" chart issue,
for the same date (one station was Top 40, the other AOR) not being allowed by ARSA
to both be input, claiming "duplicate survey trying to be entered in", which is in
fact not true. Tim, the way you have it set up now, I've had to leave the "AM" or
"FM" band info inside the call letters field for CHUM, which I don't believe was
your original intent here. After all, that what the "band" field is for! Thanks!