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Mar 13, 11 New Member Posting! Eldon Sanders Luoma
Hi Everyone,   Just joined and found out about ARSA a week or so ago.   I'm really
surprised I didn't know about this online survey archive before now. Was searching
for charts on Ebay and kind of stumbled across ARSA in my search for radio station
survey info. online.   Anyway real glad I found ARSA.  I have belonged to quite a
few radio dx clubs dating back to the late 1960s.   Have been a member of
radiophiles in the eighties and later Decalcomania out os Seattle in the 1990s. 
Will probably rejoin that one soon to as it still exists today.  They cover the
whole range of radio station promo. material with an emphasis on radio station
stickers.   I have been collecting radio station surveys since 1967 (summer) and
been interested in radio dxing since Jan. 1957.  I'm 56 years young and also am an
electronic technician heavily into radio electronics.  I basically ignored
computers up to 2005 but the new low power fm radio stations licensed in the USA
really sparked my interest in radio station websites and the internet.  It was one
of the few sources for finding information about low power fm stations in the USA
from Canada.

I live in Langley, British Columbia which is about 30 miles southeast of Vancouver,
ssrt of a suburban area.  Grew up in B.C> and went to school in Surrey, B.C. which
is next door to Langley.   I was born in B.C. (New Westminster) but have lived in
Calgary, Alberta and Toronto over the years and have lots of airchecks from
stations in those two areas as well as Greater Vancouver.  The Local commercial AM
station in Langley was CJJC but it was sold quite a few times in the 1980s and
moved into Vancouver in the early 1990s to Joing CKST 1040 as Coast 1040.   CJJC
went on the air as a country station on 850 AM in 1962 and changed to 800 AM with a
boost to 10000 Watts in 1971 oe ao.  Yes they put out a survey too.  It was for a
country format.  In the 1990s they went through a lot of format changes including a
punk-rock format in the late 1980s.  Calls in the 1980s were CJUP then CKST later

Counting only 1 survey for each radio station I have about 4000 in my collection
mainly from the USA and Canada plus a few foreign ones.  I have even more surveys
or charts if you count all the duplicates for each station.   KWOS 1240 Jefferson
City, Missouri and KCBQ 1170 San Diego I have a lot of extra copies from the early
1970s.   I buy, trade and sell music surveys and airchecks.   I have airchecks from
about 1000 different radio stations including a lot going back to the early 1970s
all on cassette.  I'm really surprised thet some of my old KMART cassettes from the
1970s still sound good,  I*ve got one of KTGO 1090 Tioga, North Dakota and KGCX 1480
Sidney, Montana that I have dubbed off to Maxell or TDK cassettes.   I also have
over 5000 different radio station coverage maps with a lot of duplicates in my
collection for trade or sale.  I'm looking for surveys (I collect mainly originals,
not copies or photocopies)from KMAR 1570 Winnsboro, Louisiana,  CFRS 1560 Simcoe,
Ontario and KLDN-FM Eldon, Missouri.  I saw the CFRS 1560 char on the ARSA site and
really liked it.  CFRS was one of Canada's few daytime only stations at only 250
watts at time of survey printing.   Its really great to have such a fantastic site
with all the surveys shown from over 1000 stations.  Love this site and hope it
keeps going strong.  I*ll try to scan some of my charts in the near future for
ARSA.  Also I love mail the old fashioned way by post office and still send for
surveys to radio stations like I did back in 1967.   My P.O. Box is Box 3536,
Langley, B.C. V3A 4R9 Canada.  You can also check out the cfay website which is our
part 15 station from 1967 to now which got a website in 2009.  My longtime friend
Jim Ve7Rox is also a big radio fan and collector of charts and helped design the
cfay website,  all wacky humor on it was his idea.  I know quite a few collectors
with large survey collections , some have sold or are selling their collections.   

Anyway before this intro reaches across the ocean I better sign-off.  More later.  
Looking forward to checking out more of the charts on ARSA and hope to contribute. 
Is there a Postal Mailing address for ARSA that I could send original copies of
surveys or cassette tapes to???  I have some copies I might want to donate to ARSA.
  All the best,great collecting to everyone!!!   Eldon....
Mar 13, 11 Who's better than you guys? ARSA Jim
Thanks to all for your understanding with spacing out the specialty charts going
forward, gentlemen! I prefer what I do at ARSA to be pretty transparent and I try
to stay "below the radar". Now, with your combined help, we can get all these lists
into the site while still keeping the "ARSA boiler room" (and my family's "pasta
flow" - good one, John!) within OSHA limits!!!!!        -Jim
Mar 13, 11 KCKN Kansas City RE2: 1968-06-29 / KCKN ( Kansas City, Kansas ) John Schwob
Jim,  thanks for the warning about the non-Top40 charts because WIL in St. Louis
which was the #2 Top 40 station for most of the 60's behind KXOK, turned to C&W
format in the late 60s and its FM counterpart (WIL-FM) started playing Top 40.  I
have a few of the WIL-FM Top 40 charts to enter, but I have about 20 of the AM C&W
Charts.  So I will try to space out the C&W charts, especially since they are
non-consecutive and have 50 songs on the chart - no doubt more than a couple of the
songs are likely to not be in the data base.  Thus, I will space them out according
to how many magic dots do not appear.  Lots of missing dots - I'll space them out,
few missing dots, I'll enter them more frequently.  I sure don't want to be the one
to stand between Jim and his beloved pasta!!!!!!
Mar 13, 11 CKEY Toronto 1996-03-10 / CKEY ( Toronto, Ontario ) Rick Hy
Jim , thanks for all of your help with these specialty charts. This first dance
chart probably drove you to a six-pack not just a single beer! No problem limiting
the frequency of additions, I was planning on adding just one new dance chart a
week. Will that do? If not, let me know what works for you. On the up side, there
isn't a lot of action on these charts ... usually just 2-3 new songs each chart. So
the initial one was probably the big pain. I have about 30 of these to share. Should
our paths cross you can be sure dinner will be on me at an upscale eatery! Rick Hy
Mar 12, 11 KCKN Kansas City RE: 1968-06-29 / KCKN ( Kansas City, Kansas ) ARSA Jim
Lee: My friend, you did absolutely nothing wrong! You and our other "ARSA
key-in-warriors" are the best!!!!!! I have actually discovered over time that these
"specialty" surveys quite often feature some pretty obscure songs. Some folks have
seen/own these 45s, but they don't know exactly when they were "current". For big
hit songs, this info is never in question. But these "specialty" surveys often
provide the only real definitive timeline for a small label, much more obscure
record. I can't tell you how often on-line sellers are unsure of a 45's release
date, and just "guess", based on the sound of the record. I'm just asking that
keyers stagger entry of such specialty lists, by approx. 48-72 hours, so I can
avoid a double/triple than normal ARSA "work day", that's all. I obviously like
doing this kind of thing!
     Here's my thinking on your yearend "Top Hits" lists question: I noticed that
our fearless ARSA CEO (Tim), put a few of those type lists into ARSA years ago, and
I also have a bunch to enter in (busy!!!). The way Tim did it was to enter a chart
date of 1969-00-00 (for a 1969 yearend list, for example.) I thought that was a
brilliant way to approach it. So if that makes sense to you, by all means, please
add them in that way. Have a great weekend, Lee - it's all good!!!  -Jim
Mar 12, 11 KCKN Kansas City 1968-06-29 / KCKN ( Kansas City, Kansas ) Lee Tucker
Jim - So sorry for the additional work that I apparently caused you; that's the last
thing that I want to do at any time but especially not on someone's valuable
weekend.  When I hit Apply Changes on this survey, I noticed that very few of the
songs had the Magic Bullet and I looked for a way to delete the survey but couldn't
find one. I never dreamed that it would take 3.5 hours to resolve the Magic Bullet
or I never would have keyed in the second KCKN survey.  I've only got one KCKN
survey left and now that I am aware of the problem non-T40 surveys cause, I won't
be keying it or any others in.  Again, I'm so sorry for the problem and if we ever
meet I'll buy you a cold one or beverage of your choice.  BTW, I've got two WHB Top
71 of the Year Surveys and one KBEQ Top 100 of the Year Survey; any problem if I key
these in?  If so, I'll let it go.  Have a great rest of your weekend!
Mar 12, 11 Asking a small favor, keyers.... ARSA Jim
Recently, a smattering of non-Top 40, R&B/soul-specific hits, Country & Western, and
Canadian 90's dance-formnatted charts have been being entered into ARSA. This is
both perfectly welcome and perfectly OK. But as the guy who happily adds in all the
flip/label/catalog specifics every day, each one of these types of surveys takes me,
on average, more than three hours apiece, to "reconcile" into our 45 database. The
reason is that usually, more than half of these chart entries have never appeared
on even a single one of our over 17,000 entered surveys yet. Top 40 surveys average
between 0 and 2 "newbies". All I ask is that you, if possible, "space out" the entry
for these types of lists a little. For example, our loyal KC-area-key-in madman, Lee
Tucker, entered in a 50-song C&W list this morning. 3 1/2 hours later, I finished
it, and I felt like having a beer (and I hate beer!) Then, I see another "killer"
C&W survey entered and completed right behind it! Now, I hate leaving the ARSA db
with more "new 45 construction" needed, but if I don't stop now and start in on the
home front's "weekend honey-do" list, my Mary's threatening to call off tonight's
eats at our favorite Italian place! Oy vay! No biggie, guys. We all volunteer time
at our convenience. Weekends are good for many of us to key, and I understand that.
But if you could possibly help me keep the "ARSA boiler room" from overheating, due
to quantities of these "specialty" surveys entered at once, it would be very much
appreciated, my good friends!   -Jim
Mar 9, 11 WHB Kansas City WHB ( Kansas City, Missouri ) 40 Star Surveys Lee Tucker
Thanks John; good to hear from another Mid-Westerner.  I've enjoyed your KXOK
Surveys as I was stationed at Scott AFB there in Belleville, Il from July 1969-Jan
1971 and would have contributed some of these if you had not already done so.  I've
tried E-Bay with no luck thus far; never thought about Craig's List so I'll give it
a try.  Thanks again.   
Mar 8, 11 KCPX NEWS SURVEY March 8, 1968 Ben E. McCoy
Gary, thanks for the information on our source material for
the KCPX surveys...  FYI, i really enjoy reading
this station's publication!

Mar 8, 11 WHB Kansas City RE: WHB ( Kansas City, Missouri ) 40 Star Surveys John Schwob
Lee, greetings from another midwesterner - from the other side of the state - St.
Louis.  I've enjoyed looking at your surveys.  I have almost the same experience
with the surveys from St. Louis - except, luckily, my mom didn't throw them away. 
In fact, she threw nothing away!!!! So I have entered over 400 KXOK surveys and I
just bought 117 of them from the 70s on ebay.  Paid too much for them, but I know a
bunch of them are ones I don't have - so I am looking forward to entering them.  I
check ebay once a week. I have bought a few of them there.  You might also try
Craig's list.  Good luck!!!!

John Schwob
Mar 8, 11 WHB Kansas City WHB ( Kansas City, Missouri ) 40 Star Surveys Lee Tucker
I have thoroughly enjoyed contributing more than 200 WHB 40 Star Surveys that I
received from the station upon my release from the Air Force in 1971 or was able to
locate on-line; however, I am now down to my last 7 (not counting a couple of Top 71
Hits of the year surveys) and seem to have exhausted all on-line sources. I have
many more surveys from other radio stations that I plan to contribute; however, I
came of age in the 60s listening to WHB and would be greatful if anyone could turn
me on as to where I might be able to acquire/buy more their 40 Star Surveys,
especially from the 1963-1967 era.  I once had these but they were thrown away when
I left home for the Air Force in July 1967. Any help would be greatly appreciated
and it goes without saying that I would contribute them to the data base. 
Additionally, does anyone contribute Top Hits of the Year Surveys; I have three of
these but don't want to contribute them if they're not welcome.  I thoroughly enjoy
this website and hope to continue contributing for a long time.     
Mar 8, 11 RE: KCPX NEWS SURVEY March 8, 1968 Gary Pfeifer
  For some of the KCPX surveys, I was only provided with three pages rather than
four.  I don't know the reason for the missing fourth page.  Sorry. 

Mar 7, 11 KCPX NEWS SURVEY March 8, 1968 Ben E. McCoy
Hi Gary,

was wondering why the FOURTH page of this really cool
radio station publication was not published this time around... would appreciate
that missing 4th page being posted, that is, IF there was one.

thank you for consideration of my request, Sir.

best regards,

ben e. mccoy.
Mar 7, 11 RE: Duplicate Stations for KSLQ 98.1 - St. Louis ARSA Jim
I have made all of the necessary corrections/adjustments, John - thanks for letting
ARSA know.    -Jim 
Mar 6, 11 Duplicate Stations for KSLQ 98.1 - St. Louis John Schwob
As I was entering a survey today for KSLQ 98.1 in St. Louis, I noticed that there
was a "stray" survey for KSLQ 980 AM in St. Louis.  That survey should be merged
with the KSLQ FM station since there was no AM station for KSLQ.


John Schwob
Feb 28, 11 CFGP Grand Prairie RE: 1964-02-28 / CFGP ( Grand Prairie, Alberta ) ARSA Jim
Roger that, Kenn! Actually, another "magic dot in error" situation popped on that
very same survey, for the Bobby Lee Trammell double-sider. Turns out it was
released on 3 different labels, during three separate "spaced-out-over-time" years
(1958/1961/1964). As I recently mentioned to John on here, don't sweat such "magic
dot" things when you observe them during key-in. Just leave 'em for me, 'cause I'll
usually both notice 'em and correct 'em in a day or two, good buddy!   -Jim
Feb 28, 11 CFGP Grand Prairie 1964-02-28 / CFGP ( Grand Prairie, Alberta ) K.A. Scott
Just a quick note for this survey ... the #45 song by Conway Twitty, "She Loves Me",
is not the same as his 1976 song "This Time I've Hurt Her More Than She Loves Me". 
(The '64 single "She Loves Me" has not yet been entered into the database.)

Hope that's clear!

Feb 8, 11 RE: Thanks, John! John Schwob
Jim - You (and the ARSA data base) continue to amaze me!!  You da man!!
Feb 7, 11 Thanks, John! ARSA Jim
Fortunately, I know of a way to determine when a "magic dot" has been wrongly
matched by ARSA to a song with more than a one year +/- difference contained in its
"master db entry". I check this daily. As it happened, even before I checked Chart
Chat today, I'd made the correction, and added the 1960 45 "Opportunity" by Jewel &
Eddie to the database. Of course, you wouldn't know that I had this "trick up my
sleeve", so many thanks for the heads up, my friend! And, with almost 70,000 of my
"best friends" currently in the ARSA singles db at this point, trust me, I'm
"battle-hardened", and there's almost no ARSA situation that I haven't seen/been
able to correct/reconcile by this point! Also wanna send out major props to all our
loyal, wonderful survey keyer-inners. Thanks to you guys, ARSA continues to be the
"gold standard" at what it does, anywhere on the 'Net, and that's sayin'
somethin'!!!!    -Jim 
Feb 7, 11 Need ARSA Jim's Help John Schwob
ARSA Jim - I added the WIL survey for 5/1/1960 and there is a song #30 that is
Opportunity by Jewel & Eddie.  The data base assigned this song to Opportunity by
the Jewels.  I think that is an incorrect assignment since the Jewels song is
vintage 1964.  Hope you can research it and fix it!!  Thanks a lot.

John Schwob