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Aug 31, 11 RE: Entry of WHB Surveys ARSA Jim
Alan, as you've seen, Tim Warden (the "ARSA authorization person") is a very busy
guy! Thanks for your patience. I will try e-mailing him on your behalf.    -ARSA
Aug 31, 11 Entry of WHB Surveys Alan Linquist
I have several WHB surveys from the mid 1960's but I do not know how to get them
entered onto the site.  I have e-mailed the website a number of times but have not
received and answer.  I figure that people may be busy but if anyone can help, let
me know.  Alan L.
Aug 28, 11 Where's The Magic Dot? Problem Solved John Schwob

Never mind, the magic dots didn't appear because I typed in the wrong year 1969 vs.
1965.  All fixed.

Aug 28, 11 Where's The Magic Dot? John Schwob

I just added the WLS survey for 10-15-65, and there are 5 songs that didn't receive
the magic dot.  I checked and rechecked the spelling of the song (and the artist)
and I know they are correct but it won't give me the magic dot.  I am really
puzzled. With the huge number of surveys that are being added, I hope we are NOT on
system overload!!!

Aug 23, 11 RE2: FATS DOMINO ARSA Jim
Thanks, Gary. The song's title has been commonly referred to over the years as both
"Ain't That" and "Ain't It" A Shame. Most accounts do show that "Ain't It A Shame"
was the song's original title, which was co-written by Domino. When this "more
grammatically correct wording" of the song's title was first suggested to Fats, he
was supposedly "less than enthused" to change it. So, to see who "won out" here, I
just pulled out my original 1955 45 (Imperial 5348). It does, in fact, show the
title as "Ain't That A Shame". And so does "The Bible", Joel Whitburn's "Top Pop
Singles" book. That's plenty good enough for me. As a result, the title
change/correction has now been made in ARSA.   -ARSA Jim
Aug 23, 11 RE: FATS DOMINO Gary Wray
Aug 23, 11 FATS DOMINO Gary Wray

Aug 23, 11 KTKT Tucson 1961-01-27 / KTKT "Budweiser Show" survey ARSA Jim
Hi Lee! I'd requested about a month or so ago that keyers please ask first, here on
Chart Chat, before they go ahead and enter in a "special" type of survey. To me,
that's exactly what your "Budweiser Show" survey is. I promise I'm not trying to be
a bossy ARSA tyrant here. There is, in fact, a method to my madness - to keep ARSA
working properly. Lee, you made a note of this chart's "special nature" at the top
of it. And since you did, we humans now understand what type of unique KTKT survey
this one is. But Lee, we humans were never my concern here - having the ARSA
computer SYSTEM understand what this type of list is is! And, as ARSA is currently
set up, it 100% ignores your note, and treats all "Budweiser Show" chart data as if
it's the "official" KTKT list/info, which it isn't. Lee, I try never to bore keyers
with ARSA "system processing" stuff, but there's still obviously some confusion as
to what I'd requested last month, so please allow me to try to better explain
myself. For instance: Let's say the "official" KTKT survey for 01/27/1961 is soon
found, and someone tries to then enter it into ARSA. Big problems. Because of this
existing "Budweiser Show" KTKT list, ARSA would now hesitate to allow the
"official" KTKT survey to be entered, saying "You're trying to add a duplicate
survey for this date for KTKT - do you really want to overlay what's already here?"
This opens up a can of worms, unless you really understand ARSA the way that Tim,
Gary or myself does. But, even more importantly, ALL chart positions on your
"Budweiser Show" list are treated by ARSA as if they are the "official" KTKT survey
#'s, for all ARSA database/report purposes. ARSA treats ALL 45 data the same way,
because it only knows one way to treat it - as "official". It can't distinguish
between "official" KTKT survey data and "Budweiser Show" KTKT data. Also, folks
trying to browse Jan. 1961 KTKT survey song data will now see a less sensible
"mixture" of both "KTKT official chart" and "KTKT Budweiser Show" numbers, instead
of the very-easy-to-follow, "official chart numbers only" info, that folks have
long become used to.
     I recall we had a similar-type ARSA issue about a year ago, I think. It was
the "official" WMGM survey, versus another WMGM "on-air" weekly countdown (was it
Peter Tripp's WMGM afternoon show? The one he compiled himself, and the one that
later helped get him into "payola" trouble, perhaps?) Some other survey site
inadvertently had a mixture of both these WMGM lists included, causing some
similar-type ARSA entry confusion. It is also very easy NOT to know all of the
associated details/reasons/menusha for such "multiple surveys for the same station"
scenarios, especially more than 50 years after the fact! The WMGM issue was finally
sorted out by ARSA, and the resolution was to ONLY have the "official" WMGM data
entered here. Lee, my take is that your KTKT "Budweiser Show" list should be
treated by ARSA the exact same way as those "unofficial" WMGM list were. We should
NOT enter them into ARSA at all. So Lee, would you please go ahead and just delete
this KTKT "Budweiser Show" list entirely from here, and not enter in any other ones
like it into ARSA, going forward? I hope you understand where I/ARSA is coming from
here. Thanks! If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reply here.
I also extend my personal apologies to you, Lee, for not making myself clear last
month, causing you to waste your time/effort to enter this "Budweiser Show" list
into ARSA in the first place.    -Jim 
Aug 21, 11 ARSA survey entry has absolutely exploded! ARSA Jim
Kenn, A "tip of the tuque" is certainly due you (and to many others as well), for
basically leading our "ARSA Canadian Survey Brigade" to 3,000. That got me
thinkin', sir. On a Chart Chat entry back on 6/2/2009, Gary Pfeifer noted our
10,000th entered ARSA survey. It took us over 6 years to reach that major
milestone. Now here we are, just 2 years and 2 months later. And, at our current
entry pace, we're now less than a month away from cracking the 20,000 survey mark,
thanks to a ton of both new and old ARSA friends! The second 10K went in nearly 3
times as fast as the first 10K did! Man, Tim's & Gary's initial vision has now
morphed into a massive storehouse of chart! Gary's typed in over 9,000 of them
himself, so let's also give him the honor of entering in #20,000. I know we all
look forward to seeing what list he chooses this time!    -Jim
Aug 21, 11 3,000 and counting... K.A. Scott
As the march to 20,000 continues, I thought I'd mention that I just added the
3,000th Canadian survey to the database.  

More to come!
Aug 21, 11 CHUM Toronto RE: 1967-09-11 / CHUM ( Toronto, Ontario ) ARSA Jim
Kenn/Geno: Don't know what happened with Geno's key-in for this one, but I just went
ahead, browsed his survey scan, and added in #'s 36-50 for him.   -ARSA Jim
Aug 21, 11 CHUM Toronto 1967-09-11 / CHUM ( Toronto, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Hi Geno...

  Thanks, as always, for your hard work on finding and entering these surveys! 
Just curious -- why does your data entry for this one stop at 35?
Aug 8, 11 CFUN Vancouver 1960-12-03 / CFUN ( Vancouver, British Columbia ) Lee Tucker

Oops!  Good catch and the correction has been made.  It appears I failed to change
the header date when I copied and pasted the header from the C-FUN November 26,
1960 Survey.  Glad you caught this as I strive to enter these as accurately as
possible and, as you well know, sometimes you can get "caught up in the weeds" and
miss something like this.  Glad you're enjoying these Vancouver surveys as I'm
certainly enjoying keying them in and have many more 60's C-FUN and CKWX Surveys I
plan to key-in during the coming months unless someone else does it first.  Thanks
Aug 8, 11 CFUN Vancouver 1960-12-03 / CFUN ( Vancouver, British Columbia ) K.A. Scott
Hi Lee -- I think you made a transcription error here.  The date on the header
doesn't match the date entered in the database ...   

Thanks, by the way, for all your great work on the Vancouver surveys of the late
50s and early 60s.  It's really fun to see these!
Jul 31, 11 RE: WZUU - Milwaukee ARSA Jim
Thanks for the heads-up, Paul. The current computer code for ARSA's master station
list can easily be "tripped up". For instance, if a keyer initially entered in "WI"
for the state (instead of spelling out "Wisconsin", which ARSA requires, but is very
easy not to know), another ARSA station entry will be created. Or, if the city of
license/frequency is initially typed in even one character differently; same deal.
I can correct such details, but I cannot "merge" station entries, as is needed
here; only ARSA founder Tim Warden can. Tim normally does a couple of "sweeps" a
year, to address/clean up such matters, so it could take a while. You'd actually be
surprised how much "bubble gum" is holdin' parts of this ARSA thing together, kind
sir. It's an understatement to say this site's current size has far exceeded
everyone's initial expectations!   
Jul 31, 11 WZUU - Milwaukee Paul H.
I was browsing the Milwaukee stations this morning and I noticed there were two
separate station entries for WZUU.  These were the exact same station and should
probably be put together if possible.
Jul 30, 11 RE: Thanks a million, Paul Haney!! Paul H.
Thanks for your kind words, Jim.  I appreciate all the hard work you and the others
put into this site.  The number of surveys here is truly amazing!  The charts have
been "in my blood" ever since I first starting listening to "American Top 40" way
back in 1974.  I'm just happy I can help contribute to this tremendous resource. 
Keep up the great work all!
Jul 29, 11 Thanks a million, Paul Haney!! ARSA Jim
Few, if any, contributors have managed to type in 175 surveys in less time than
"ARSA newbie" Paul Haney has. His level of expertise is not at all surprising,
however, as Paul has also been a key cog on Billboard chart-documenting legend Joel
Whitburn's Record Research staff ( for years now. I know most
of us "chart geeks" already own at least some of Mr. Whitburn's many quality
reference books (I've bought at least a dozen of them myself in recent years), and
I highly recommend all of them. In fact, their just-released "Top Pop Singles
1955-2010" book may be of particular interest to fans of ARSA, as it includes for
the first time some "regional, non-charting" songs, mainly from the 50's. I've had
the pleasure of knowing Paul for a while now, and he is a totally class act. And,
although ARSA is a totally free site with no ads, we've gotten assistance from many
other good folks/web sites/fellow music enthusiasts since 2003, who've helped ARSA
to grow. They deserve our thanks, and I try to acknowledge them as time permits.
So, feel free to browse both the Record Research site, and the many chart "courtesy
of" sites noted at the end of many ARSA surveys that we glean chart info from.
Because we here at ARSA want our contributors/friends to be successful as well!  
Jul 19, 11 KFRC San Francisco RE2: 1971-07-19 / KFRC ( San Francisco, California ) Gary Pfeifer
 The KFRC survey is back up - with the correct survey images this time.
Jul 18, 11 KFRC San Francisco RE: 1971-07-19 / KFRC ( San Francisco, California ) Gary Pfeifer
 Oops...clicked on the wrong files.  Unfortunately, once an image is associated with
a survey, the system does not permit an image replacement.  Even if I delete the
incorrect survey image and upload another, the original incorrect image returns.  

  I've deleted the entire survey for the moment.  Past experience has shown me that
if I wait a day or so when additional other surveys and images are uploaded, it
should allow me to re-enter the survey with the correct image.