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Sep 28, 10 RE2:questing a K.A. Scott
Hi Jim...

  I understand your frustration!  For my part, when I have to enter an unknown
artist, I've always tried to research and enter the "most likely" artists, so that
you don't have to drive yourself nuts looking for the info.

  For the 1963 "Unknown Artist" who performed "If", I'd place my bet on Little
Caesar & The Consuls, who had a Canada-only hit by the title "If (I Found A New


  - Kenn.

Sep 28, 10 RE: The Dock Of The Bay ARSA Jim
Kenn, when Gary recently replied with his "keep posting ARSA algorithm problems" to
my request asking for what amounted to the exact opposite, I e-mailed him about it.
I explained why it was, in fact, not good policy, and told him that I felt a bit
undermined by his reply. Gary thought his "manual, one-at-a-time" fixes could still
be somewhat effective, without grasping this problem's massive scope. Gary said he
thought I was just having a bad day - I was not - my request was 100% based on
logic, not emotion. As the db maintainer, I happen to understand far more about the
severity of this algorithm problem than Gary does; just like Gary knows far more
about survey key-in than I ever will. After my correspondesnce with Gary, I
expected him to soon post a "clarification reply" on Chart Chat, but for some
reason he did not. To me, this continued the general ARSA member confusion about
this issue. So today, sure enough, I read still another "Kenn Bad Algorithm" post,
with you citing Gary's reply as your reason for doing so. Kenn, I don't blame you
for being mega-confused here. If I were you, I wouldn't know what to do, either!
The good news is that Tim, Gary & I are currently communicating, and are putting
our heads together to resolve not just the ARSA algorithm nightmare, but to also
address other ARSA system issues. We are also exploring other ways to have folks
like you notify Tim directly about future bad algorithms. After all, "Chart Chat"
is supposed to be about interesting CHART facts, not internal system problems, is
it? Kenn, you are a major ARSA contributor. Our Canada "go-to-guy", in fact! You
have personally spent many, many hours helping to build up ARSA. We'd be LOST
without your help! And because of this, this automatically means you will be
seerved pina coladas by supermodels in the afterlife for all eternity!!!!!! And you
and I are ARSA teammates. But Kenn, I have had major high blood pressure since I was
17 - it even kept me out of the military when I tried to volunteer, way back when.
Kenn, through no fault of your own, you somehow possess the ability to negatively
"push my health buttons". I am very low-key and easygoing, and get frustrated/angry
very, very rarely. Why your posts do this to me, I don't know. But they do. Kenn, my
wonderful Mary is asking a favor of you. Can you please help me try to live a longer
life with an "Kenn ARSA Chart Chat algorithm embargo?" I am dead serious here. If
you asked me to do you this same favor, I would do so in a heartbeat. Tim, Gary and
I are all doing our VERY best to fix things. Thanks for understanding, Kenn, and God
bless you and all ARSA folks everywhere!    -Jim
Sep 28, 10 Requesting a "fighting chance..!" ARSA Jim
Friends, starting earlier this year, some ARSA surveys started being entered in with
artist info being omitted, and (Unknown Artist) simply being typed in its place. Now
I know on occasion that an old survey with a worn crease can make a word(s)
illegible. And Kenn has said before that some early 1958 CHUM charts had only
titles shown; understood. But a single Canadian survey entered in earlier today has
SIX such examples, all with no artist. In the past, especially with scans attached,
I've had great luck as a detective piecing info together, but sadly, none of these
"Unknown Artist" surveys ever happen to include scans. It's been an absolute
miracle that I've been able to research my way to identify the
artists/label/catalog in all cases so far. Well, that ended today, because all I
have to work with is a song title of "If", from 1963. No chance here to even start
to research - just not enough info. To make it even worse for me, old Canadian 45
documentation is far worse than US 45 info is, which is what all of many research
books/documents reflect. I don't really understand why so many surveys are missing
this much key info? An explanation would be very appreciated, because no survreys
I've ever seen have ever had such gaps in vital info. In other news, I've finally
caught up on all the backlogged ARSA single/album entries I got behind on over the
summer. Thanks for your patience, and also for all the hard survey key-in work,
gentlemen!   -Jim    
Sep 18, 10 WDRQ Detroit 1973-06-04 / WDRQ ( Detroit, Michigan ) John Torvinen
WDRQ usually listed the top albums on its survey.  However, on this survey, the
album listing was replaced by an entry blank for its contest for a trip to San
Francisco.  Entries were to be sent to WDRQ, 15933 West 8 Mile Rd., Detroit, Mich.
48235.  This is the same 8 Mile made famous as the title of the Eminem movie.
Sep 7, 10 RE: How Do I Send Original Music Surveys To ARSA Website? K.A. Scott
It may take a day or two Kevin, but someone from this site (most likely Tim or Jim)
will get back to you with info.  In the meantime hang tight, and thanks for wanting
to contribute!


- Kenn.
Sep 6, 10 How Do I Send Original Music Surveys To ARSA Website? Kevin O'Donnell
I have a number of Top 40 music surveys from the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin from
late 1968 to 1970.  How do I upload these to your website?  Or should I send them
in U.S. mail for you to scan and upload (and then return to me)?  I can't seem to
find any link or mechanism on this website which addresses this.  Thanks for
anyone's help!

Kevin in N.C.
Sep 4, 10 Can't Add Survey Images Geno Rice
I can't upload survey images after the 1st time I add the new survey.  That is, the
1st time I add a survey, I can upload the image(s), but if I go and type in the
chart, then come back later, I can't upload an image.  I get error message:

Warning: unlink(): No such file or directory in
/home/warden/public_html/arsa/surveys_edit.php on line 310

Aug 26, 10 RE: Welcome back... ARSA Jim
Thanks, Kenn! Gimme a couple of weeks, and I should be all caught up
researching/correcting song titles/adding 45 label/catalog # info for all of the
more recently-added surveys. Then I'll start catching up on the ARSA "Albums"
section. Everyone's patience has been/is/will be appreciated.   -Jim 
Aug 26, 10 Welcome back... K.A. Scott
Hey Jim...

  I see you're hard at it, adding several hundred new records to the database. 
Great to have you back!


  - Kenn.
Aug 19, 10 RE: Run Out of Surveys to Type In K.A. Scott
Somewhere earlier in the thread, "tokensurfer" offered up his Denver charts, which
are archived on flickr.  Google  KIMN DENVER RADIO CHARTS TOKENSURFER to find 'em.

(I know, I know, Denver's not an East Coast city, but at least the charts are from
the 60s....)


- Kenn.
Aug 15, 10 Run Out of Surveys to Type In Geno Rice
Hi Folks,

I don't have much of a personal collection of surveys and the internet sources seem
to have dried up, so I've more or less run out of surveys to type in.

Would the folks with big collections be interested in sharing images so I and
others could help with typing chores?  Either upload your images and let me or
others do the typing, or email the images so other contributors could upload & type

I'm most interested in the 60's, New York State & New England.

Aug 9, 10 KNBQ Tacoma RE: 1982-08-09 / KNBQ ( Tacoma, Washington ) Gary Pfeifer
 Glad you enjoyed seeing the Tacoma survey.  There are many other surveys from
Seattle, and a few from Tacoma, here on the website.  Go to the Surveys section and
type Seattle, or Tacoma, or Washington into the Search Box to see and access a
listing of them all.
Aug 8, 10 KNBQ Tacoma 1982-08-09 / KNBQ ( Tacoma, Washington ) Adam Nickle
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I live in the Tacoma area and have been looking for
Seattle-Tacoma surveys for a long time, to the person who posted this, if you have
any other Seattle or Tacoma surveys, please post them.
Jul 15, 10 KIKX Tucson 1968-05-15 / KIKX ( Tucson, Arizona ) Gary Peters
I LOVE it!!!

My favorite Cowsill record......number ONE!!!!

It was such a bomb locally here in Toledo......sad to say.
Jul 14, 10 RE: Back to the grind later ths week... K.A. Scott
Hi Jim...

  Welcome back!  Glad to hear that all is well -- and I hope your pressing life
issues weren't *too* serious.  


  - Kenn.  



Jul 14, 10 Back to the grind later ths week... ARSA Jim
As some of you may have noticed by now, I haven't been able to perform any of my
normal ARSA daily maintenance duties for the past couple of weeks. All is well -
just other very pressing life issues. They're thankfully winding down, and I should
be back to my "normal ARSA self" any day now. Please be patient, as I'll soon be
catching up on adding all the usual ARSA tidbits for the most recently added
surveys.   -Jim  
Jul 6, 10 WBCN Boston RE: 1984-07-06 / WBCN ( Boston, Massachusetts ) A.R. Paine
Glad to hear that you're enjoying the WBCN Top 10s, Kenn, the Friday countdown show
that was hosted by 'Captain' Ken Shelton.  Incidentally, Rubber Rodeo's '86 LP
"Heartbreak Highway" was produced by... Ken Scott!
Jul 5, 10 WBCN Boston 1984-07-06 / WBCN ( Boston, Massachusetts ) K.A. Scott
Really enjoying these Boston surveys!  Rubber Rodeo at #1...what a great forgotten
80s band and track.  Thanks for posting!
Jun 24, 10 WNIA Buffalo RE: ONE THOUSAND Gary Pfeifer
 Many thanks, Rick, for sharing all your fine surveys with us and for all the
efforts involved inputting them to the site!  Much appreciated! Looking forward to
whatever out of town surveys you'll be sharing next.
Jun 23, 10 WNIA Buffalo ONE THOUSAND Rick Hy
Well it took about a year, but today I added my 1,000th survey from Buffalo. I still
have a few more to go but thought it was a good time to say "Thank You" for this
site and all of the work you do on it. I apologize in adding to that work as I have
made a few discoveries along they way. First, as a young teenager in the 50's and
60's I was a count down junkie and wrote down many many countdowns  ... title only
surely thinking I would never forget or ever need to add the artist. Now, If I
didn't know the artist and it didn't make the Billboard or Cash Box charts, I was
stumped. Thanks to you for finding out all of the missing artists. I often wonder
what your sources are. Secondly, I am now acutely aware of the many typos that
appear on these charts that I was not aware of before thanks to your dot system.
Thirdly, the mistakes and abbreviations of album titles that I couldn't correct
since I was never a big album buff. This just added more to your job .... sorry. 
My favorite Buffalo station was WBNY ... a teen oriented station that was unusual
and trend setting for 1957. WKBW began in 1958 and was sometimes known here as the
50,000 watt juke box. I think the most unusual survey in the Buffalo collection was
the WYSL Instant Request List. Listeners read a piece of product copy on air in
order to request a song on the list. Another perk of living in Buffalo was the
proximity to Toronto and radio stations CHUM and CKEY. For a rock and roll music
lover, growing up in the Top 40 era was the best possible time.
I have a few more Buffalo surveys left to download and then I will begin to share
my out of town collection.  Onward to 2000 !