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Oct 23, 13 WWGO Erie 1970-05-15 / WWGO ( Erie, Pennsylvania ) K.A. Scott
Just a heads-up -- this particular survey appears to have been entered into the
database twice. This is a very rare occurrence here on ARSA, but I guess
occasionally one sneaks past!


- Kenn.
Oct 13, 13 KFXM SURVEY DATE Ben E. McCoy
thank you, Lee, for clarifying themisnomer on that
errored dating for this week's KFXM survey.
yes, data entries are indeed different that 24 June.

best regards,

Oct 13, 13 RE: WRONG KFXM SURVEY DATE Lee Tucker

The June 24, 1966 date on the survey image uploaded for the July 1, 1966 KFXM
survey you referenced appears to be a typo; the survey should probably have been
dated July 1, 1966.  Check The "Last Week" column on the referenced survey image
and compare the data with the previously posted June 24, 1966 KFXM survey image
(and the forthcoming July 8, 1966 survey image)and you'll see what I mean.


i noticed your current posting of KFXM's surveys for
"July 1, 1966" has the previous week's survey shown.
could you please repost with the 1 July date?
thank you, Sir.

Sep 23, 13 RE: New Maps (...or just where _is_ Echo Beach, anyway?) K.A. Scott
Cool....thanks Tim!
Sep 21, 13 New Maps (...or just where _is_ Echo Beach, anyway?) Tim Warden
Hi guys,

A belated 10 Year ARSA Anniversary gift to several our our contributors who have
made Canada's surveys "#1 with a bullet" on our charts.

Yes, I've finally expanded the map to include the Canadian Provinces as well as
Hawaii and Alaska.  My apologies if the perspective is poor or if I've accidentally
stolen land from our neighbors  cartography was never my forte!

Your comments & suggestions always welcome.

Sep 20, 13 RE2: Ability To Post Surveys Rich Stivers

Many Thanks for your help.

Sep 20, 13 RE: Ability To Post Surveys Gary Pfeifer

  Tim's a very busy guy at time so I ask for your patience.  I'll try emailing him
Sep 20, 13 Ability To Post Surveys Rich Stivers
Hi Gary, I sent Tim Warden an email two days ago but haven't heard from him yet.
I've checked my spam folder as well. Is he on vacation? 

Sep 18, 13 RE: KLIV Surveys J. A. Theroux
I for one am looking forward to your KLIV surveys being posted in ARSA.  Thanks for
Sep 18, 13 RE: KLIV Surveys Gary Pfeifer
  Hello Rich and thank you for your very kind offer to share some of your surveys! 
If you want to key in and enter the surveys yourself, then you need to email the
site dminstrator,
Tim Warden, at and he'll set you up.

  If you just want to contribute copies/scans of the surveys you can email or snail
mail them to me and we'll get them entered eventually.  

Sep 17, 13 KLIV Surveys Rich Stivers
I'm a long time user of the ARSA database and have
recommended it to many record collector friends and DJ's. Now I'd like to
contribute. I've come into possession of several surveys from KLIV 1590 AM San
Jose, CA that I'd like to share. I am scanning the surveys and using OCR software
to get the survey in plain text. How do I proceed beyond the profile I created?

Rich Stivers
Sep 13, 13 WBLK Buffalo / Depew 10th Year Anniversary Rick Hy
Congratulations Tim & Gary on your 10th Anniversary of ARSA. I wish I had known
about it at the  beginning.  Not only do I enjoy keying in surveys, but also
checking out what others have added. I especially like surveys from the very early
days  such as the one Lee Tucker added recently from WRIT/1955. I frequently use
other features of ARSA such as looking up songs by week or month and often use the
monthly lists of top songs as reference in making CDs of top songs for specific
months. My computer skills are minimal compared to the work you have put into this
site. I appreciate all of the time and work involved in keeping this site
operative. I have many more surveys to contribute, so on to the next ten years !
Rick Hy   
Sep 13, 13 RE: 10 Years! Lee Tucker
Wow, 10 years!!  Congratulations to Tim Warden and Gary Pfeifer for your vision,
foresight, and maintenance of this wonderful website which I truly wish I had
discovered sooner than late 2010.  Prior to retiring in October 2009, I often
wondered what I would do once the newness of being retired wore off.  ARSA has
become an enjoyable part of my retired life and I truly look forward to getting
most every day off to a great start by spending a couple of hours each morning
keying and uploading surveys and viewing surveys uploaded by Gary, Ken Scott, and
other ARSA contributors.  Thanks again Tim and Gary for this wonderful website and
here's to another 10 years!!           
Sep 12, 13 RE: 10 Years! K.A. Scott
Happy 10th to Gary, Tim and the whole ARSA crew!  The rate that surveys are getting
entered these days is incredible, isn't it?  

Special thanks to Lee Tucker and Rick Hy for their day-in, day-out posts of
terrific stuff.  And I see A.R. Paine is back and posting some of those great
Boston-area 80s charts!  And there are so many others who have made wonderful
contributions -- special thanks to Craig Puccio for his work on all those CHUM
charts. (I'll get to those 1977 ones soon, Craig, I promise. Just tracking down
some elusive album info!)

Here's to the next 10 years!


- Kenn. 
Sep 12, 13 10 Years! Gary Pfeifer
  It was ten years ago today, that the very first survey, a KTKT chart from
11/16/68, was entered into the ARSA website marking the beginning of an amazing
run! Ten years and almost 34 thousand surveys later, ARSA is going stronger than

 The number of most generous survey contributions we receive are running at an all
time high and we can barely keep up at times! We appreciate every single survey
that has ever been entered into the site or sent our way.

 Big thank yous to all our faithful survey keyers and contributors! And a special
word of thanks to Tim Warden who had the idea and know how to start this wonderful
Sep 5, 13 RE: Newbie Gary Pfeifer
  Welcome aboard, Carl. Hope you enjoy your time here at ARSA.  If you want to key
in and enter the surveys yourself, then you need to email the site adminstrator,
Tim Warden, at and he'll set you up.

  If you just want to contribute copies/scans of the surveys you can email or snail
mail them to me and we'll get them entered eventually.  

  Thank you in advance for your contributions!
Sep 5, 13 Newbie Carl Mann
OK, help me out... just registered.  Now how do I get survey scans to you.

Sep 3, 13 RE: New! Improved! K.A. Scott
Cool, Tim!  I figured you might do something like this do mark ARSA 10th anniversary
this month...


- Kenn.

Sep 3, 13 RE: New! Improved! Tim Warden
Just added a "Heat Map" to graphically display where singles had the most chart
activity. It will be useful for spotting how artists and their hits fared

Eventually when I find the time and the motivation, I'll try to add chart position
to the heat index.

But first I should find a better map that includes the provinces of our friends up
north!  Bummer, because some of my favorite tunes of the 80s tend to chart more
frequently in Canada than in the states.