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Mar 17, 10 RE: Have officially added my first survey! Roy Ballard
welcome john! good to have you aboard!....  roy 
Mar 17, 10 RE: Have officially added my first survey! K.A. Scott
Welcome aboard, John!  Checked out the survey, and it looks like you entered it
perfectly.  Looking forward to seeing what else you've got in store...


- Kenn.
Mar 14, 10 Have officially added my first survey! John Gallagher
Instead of sending in survey scans as I did a couple years back, nice to be a
contributor now! My first is the WJET survey from 6/9/70. Looks as though I did
everything right. Of course, some of the song titles/artists on the original survey
aren't exact, but when I inputed the data, I made sure everything was correct. Hope
that's the correct way of inputting information.

I did notice, though,  that "Maybe I'm Amazed" from PAUL MCCARTNEY (1970 LP cut) is
showing up in the database as being the live 1976 WINGS version of "Maybe I'm

As I randomly collect surveys, hope to input more information in the future!
Mar 14, 10 RE: James Brown Tim Warden
Guys, I've heard you all loud and clear.  In the next couple of weeks I will change
the matching algorithm to hopefully improve it.
Mar 14, 10 James Brown Geno Rice
Thanks everyone for your hard work.  I was wondering why there where so few chart
appearances for James Brown's big hit "I Got You (I Feel Good)", which peaked in
late 1965.  Turns out if you just type "I Got You", ARSA is picking up the 1968
single "You've Got To Change Your Mind".  In fact all of the ARSA appearances of
the latter single belong to the 1965 single.  I fixed a couple of charts; but if
everyone would go back and fix the charts they originally entered, the fix would be
done in a couple of minutes.
Mar 13, 10 bing, bong, boing! Ben E. McCoy
thanks to both Roy and Tim for the big fix on restoring
the current K.Y.A. survey posting to working order...
everything checks out A-OK at my end.

Mar 13, 10 RE2: AND THE SAGA ROLLS ON... Tim Warden
It's fixed.
Mar 13, 10 RE: AND THE SAGA ROLLS ON... Tim Warden
Very strange indeed... I'll look into it.
Mar 13, 10 AND THE SAGA ROLLS ON... Ben E. McCoy
say Roy, FYI:

ALL of your previous K.Y.A. postings have worked out 5X5 in very case save the
current problem-O... methinks something is definitely gone buggy in ARSA's program
re: this anomaly. on the other hand, this does tend to keep life interesting
please know that your extra attetnion in this matter is deeply appreciated.


p.s. as of this writing, i am also having difficulties just entering this messsage
to you -- the FOURTH time is a
yeah weird. maybe gary or tim can figure it out. it would be interesting to see if
new surveys with other images load correctly.
if so, i'll just delete my survey and input/load again.
no big deal, these surveys are short.   roy
howdy back to you, Roy:

notised there a now 4 small frames on the page for
KYA survey date 722-1966, two of which are "X" out and the remaining two frames
show page 1 and 2 of your most recent posting... HOWEVER, both the main ARSA Home
Page and the KYA survey page (for same date) BOTH show boxes with "X"s in place of
the usual larger sized front survey page!
therefore, there is thing to click on and my browser shows
"Error on page" for the KYA page with those 7-22-66 postings. sure hope all what i
have said here makes sense cuz the bottom line is that the survey pages in quesiton
will NOT enlarge to their usual reading size, 10-4?

yup, some weird things be happening at ARSA lately, hmmmmmmm.

(confounded) ben.
Mar 12, 10 image problem with kya july 22, 1966 Roy Ballard
hi ben. that is strange. i looked at the arsa path for the two images and they had a
weird character in the name. so i took that out, and then they weren't visible at

so i uploaded the two images again: no weird character, but still unable to see the
surveys.  i give up.

plus i wasn't to click on your message and add my 2 cents.
as red buttons used to say, "strange things are happening!"

to Roy Ballard:

your current posting of K.Y.A. survey pages for 22 July 1966
apparently have a glitch in that there is NO selected image available by which to
click on and enlarge that particular survey page for viewing/downloading purposes.
tried numerous times to do so without success.
thought maybe you could check into the problem with this posting anomaly, thank
you, Sir.
Mar 8, 10 WMJQ Buffalo RE: 1991-02-20 / WMJQ ( Buffalo, New York ) Gary Pfeifer

   As Jim explained, we can't correct the algorithms, but I am usually able to
correct these types of errors on a case by case basis, which I did with the Tevin
Campbell song.  Please continue to alert us to any additional anomalies you may
find.  Thanks.

Mar 8, 10 WMJQ Buffalo RE3: 1991-02-20 / WMJQ ( Buffalo, New York ) ARSA Jim
Kenn: Forgive me, I didn't clearly make my point earlier. It is not that the ARSA
algorithim issues are "more than I/we can handle/want to deal with" right now. That
isn't it at all. From the start, Tim has authorized ONLY himself to have access to
all internal ARSA program code/algorithms. I respect that. It is complicated
computer coding. This is Tim's prerogative; it is his site. And we are all forever
indebted to him for this tremendous resource. But in reality, he appears to have
only a very few precious hours a year to spend on all ARSA fixes. Sadly, this is
not nearly enough time to address all of the various ARSA issues. THIS simple fact
is at the root of all of our combined frustrations here. Just know that I am
totally willing to TRY to tackle/repair these problems. I do have over a decade of
programming expertise. But, like all of us except Tim, I am "100% locked out" of
this top-level ARSA access. This fact makes it impossible for me to even attempt to
fix the bad algorithms. To reiterate, Kenn, I am extremely willing to do it, but I
am powerless to try, 100% due to this lack of "advanced ARSA clearance". Kenn, I
hope you can now better understand why these annoying errors persist, despite the
daily participation of at least two "lunatic perfectionists" (you and I) on board
here at ARSA! You are the best, sir!  -Jim
Mar 8, 10 WMJQ Buffalo RE2: 1991-02-20 / WMJQ ( Buffalo, New York ) K.A. Scott
No problem, Jim.  I just point 'em out as I find 'em -- so that if they are
indicative of a larger problem, they can be dealt with accordingly.  If it's not
possible to fix them at this time, that's fine!  It's not my intention to create
more hassle for people than they can deal with.


- Kenn.


Mar 8, 10 WMJQ Buffalo RE: 1991-02-20 / WMJQ ( Buffalo, New York ) ARSA Jim
Kenn, until such time that Tim is able to give these long-standing and frustrating
ARSA algorithm issues some fix time, there is nothing that you, I or anyone else
can do to prevent them, either now or in the future. But, if it makes you feel
better personally to continue to post these individual anomolies/mistakes on Chart
Chat, that is certainly your prerogative. Just be aware that neither Gary nor I can
do a thing about them. In truth, continuing to point them out at this point probably
achieves little else but to raise all of our collective blood pressures!   :)      
Mar 8, 10 WMJQ Buffalo 1991-02-20 / WMJQ ( Buffalo, New York ) K.A. Scott
Here's one of those weird redirects that pop up once in a while: 

Tevin Campbell's 1991 hit "Round and Round" (from this chart and a subsequent 1991
chart) redirects to Glen Campbell's "Turn Around Look At Me" from 1962.  The
computer code is obviously picking up on the last name "Campbell" and the word
"Round"!  Anyway, as always, just letting you know ... and I hope it's an easy


- Kenn.
Mar 6, 10 RE7: Satisfaction / Rainy Day Women on KYA San Francisco Joel Wagoner
I'm deeply impressed with your forensic analysis of the KYA surveys from 1966. 
Terrific work!  I had not thought to see if other records disappeared from the
survey or if there were other anomalies.  I was just interested that 'Satisfaction'
had recharted six months after dropping off Billboard (not in itself an anomaly),
then had been mysteriously replaced at #2 by 'Rainy Day Women', which hadn't
appeared until then.  I didn't expect that anyone would come up with a reasonable
explanation for how this happened, and I apprecizte that you did.

Roy, I appreciate your comment about filing what goes right and learning from what
goes wrong.  We all make mistakes that we'd like to forget about, and I feel almost
embarrassed that 44 years later we're analyzing someone else's.  Then again, no real
harm was done, and I hope that we can all appreciate - and learn from - these

I find myself curious how many of the abberant chart trajectories that one finds in
radio station surveys are due to errors.  I grew up in Michigan listening to CKLW
and mid-Michigan top 40 stations, and I remember a few strange drops and spikes of
records' chart positions.

I recognize that much would depend on the methodology underlying the development of
the surveys.  If they were actually based on record sales, then a hit on a small
label with inconsistent distribution might become unavailable, drop off the charts,
then reappear when a shipment came in.  If they were based on requests, then if
anyone got sloppy with tallying incoming calls, inaccuracies would result.  If they
were merely the judgment of whoever was compiling the charts, then all bets are off
if the person was fickle for whatever reason.

When I have time, I might do a quick look at some of the weirder chart trajectories
that I've come across.  We'll probably never be able to determine why they occurred,
I won't pretend that they're important, and they probably won't be as interesting as
the KYA surveys of 1966, but it might be fun to look at.

Thanks again Jeff, Roy, Jim, Mark, and Ben.

Mar 5, 10 RE6: Satisfaction / Rainy Day Women on KYA San Francisco Roy Ballard
you're welcome, jeff.  my favorite slogan to my staff in finance and IT was "if
everything goes fine, all we do is file. if something goes wrong, THAT is the time
we learn."
and we all have learned and had fun with the kya mess from 40+ years ago!   roy