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May 15, 11 WILS Lansing 1976-03-22 / WILS ( Lansing, Michigan ) Dave Timpe
I was up in Escanaba in 76, but when I came home for a weekend, I'd catch up on what
was going on in AOR on WILS-FM.  This is about what I remember them playing.  Didn't
know they were publishing charts in that era.
May 15, 11 My Mom threw all my charts away Dave Timpe
It happened while I was in Vietnam.  I got home and they were gone.  Otherwise, I'd
have WILS charts going back to the late 50s through about 67 or so, and WJIM from
63 to 67-ish.  Also, the odd CKLW "Big 8" chart, and a few from others less well
known, like WMRT, Lansing (now WITL), which only put out charts for a year or two. 
I might have a funky aircheck or two out in storage, but I'd have to find some way
to play a quarter-track tape.  My deck's tape transport is shot, and I don't think
parts would be easy to find.
May 15, 11 WILS Lansing 1964-03-16 / WILS ( Lansing, Michigan ) Dave Timpe
At this time, Hank Stevens would have been the morning man, 6a-10a, Gene Healy 10-2
(or 3), Erik-O (Erik O. Furseth) 2 (or 3) to 6 or 7, ab Carey 6 or 7 to Mid.  I
don't think Jim Eaton was the overnight man (who mainly played jazz, and probably
wouldn't have picked Bob & Earl), but I can't remember his name.
May 15, 11 WJIM Lansing 1964-05-01 / WJIM ( Lansing, Michigan ) Dave Timpe
Can't remember a WJIM chart ever looking like this one, at least not the ones that
were put in record stores.  I think this might have actually been put up in the
control room or maybe it was sent out to distributors.  The 64 charts looked about
the same as the 65 one that's posted here, as I recall.
May 15, 11 WJIM Lansing 1965-11-26 / WJIM ( Lansing, Michigan ) Dave Timpe
I was a part-timer (Jim Davids) there at the time.  Somebody in the office typed
them up, and may never have actually listened to the station (it definitely played
second fiddle to TV in Hal Gross's scheme of things).  Hence the typos.  Most of
their charts also featured a song lyric on the flip side.
May 6, 11 PS to Michael.... ARSA Jim
Sir, I just did an ARSA Chart Chat search on your name. and this is approximately
the 5th different time that you've asked basically the exact same question here on
Chart Chat, from as far back as 2007! I also see, back in 2008, that I gave you a
very similar explanation to the one I just gave to you earlier today, to your
then-very-similar question. (This issue did sound vaguely familiar to me.) At the
time, it sounded like you understood where ARSA was coming from. But, now here it
is, 3 years later, and you ask the exact same question, still again! I just don't
understand this. I can only conclude that you have been/are extraordinarily unhappy
with ARSA's current database 45 philosophy. And to such a passionate, determined
degree that I've never before personally witnessed on here, Michael! 
     I know on-line complete 45 discographies are lacking on the Web. I am very
sorry about this, Michael. Of course, you are always more than welcome to start
your own "45 discography" website, no? There is a big need for this sort of
database on the 'Net. I know I, for one, would bookmark it as a favorite. Please
note that ARSA founder Tim Warden is a database designer - perhaps he can
advise/assist you in even setting something like this up.   
     I truly just don't know what else I can say to you at this point, Michael. I
have tried my best to as honest, cordial and respectful to you as possible. Just
know that I will no longer be replying to you, in regard to this matter. I can only
now offer you both my sincere best wishes and my prayers to you, going forward. 
-ARSA Jim  
May 6, 11 RE: Adding uncharted singles to list ARSA Jim
Hello, Michael. I don't ever remember seeing you ask this question here on "Chart
Chat" before. I am Jim, and I have maintained both the ARSA 45 and album databases
for over 7 years now. To me, your post actually sounds a bit angry (although
sometimes typed messages give off a "wrong vibe.") ARSA does not exist to be a "45
label discography" storehouse, although by adding label/catalog/flip details to
songs appearing on surveys added to ARSA, we do end up including quite a few of
them. And yes, for security reasons, "change" access to the ARSA databases can only
be authorized by our ARSA site founder, Tim Warden.
     Michael, I already personally own just about every 45 label reference
book/resource known to man. I also know that there are many thousands of 45s,
issued back in the day, that are not currently included in the ARSA 45 database.
Michael, I believe ARSA to be a mis-match for your particular main interest, that's
all. ARSA's scope is charted singles. Not just national hit, Billboard-type
charters, but also songs that only charted locally as well. While some
"non-charting 45 to date" are currently in ARSA, it is often due to the fact that I
own a "soon-to-be-entered" chart, for which the song does/will soon appear.
     ARSA has long had a solid structure in place. We are a small, devoted group of
volunteers, who deal with documenting/preserving old radio surveys. That's our
scope/mission. And we are plenty busy at it, just staying on top of what the site
currently offers. I believe we are the best on the "Net at what we do. I understand
there are bound to be folks who stumble upon ARSA, kinda-sorta like us, but would
really much prefer us to expand what it is we mainly do, to better reflect their
own personal music interests. I certainly understand that. But Michael, there are
already at least two other organizations, where fully documenting 45
releases/discographies are/have been their primary scope, for many years now. "The
Directory Of American 45 R.P.M. Records", by Ken Clee/Stak-O-Wax (who I've long
respected/supported), as well as There are surely others. I'll
bet if you volunteered your time/efforts over there, you'd be far better matched up
with your specific area of interest.
     Michael, I hope you understand. In a perfect world, ARSA would love to be all
things to all people. But that is just 100% unrealistic. We are what we are. We do
what we do. If you feel you would like to address this matter further, within ARSA,
might I suggest you contact site founder Tim Warden directly. Best regards, "ARSA
May 6, 11 Adding uncharted singles to list Michael Fiedler
I am still looking for the answer to this:  How do you add non-charting single 45's
to this database?
Apr 23, 11 WKNR Chart Ronald Marshall
Thanks for fixing my typos.  i called into work and did not have time to correct it.
 Was going to do it as soon as i got home.  Thanks
Apr 20, 11 Previous Posting by Eldon Sanders Luoma regarding Old Charts et Eldon Sanders Luoma
Hi Everyone,  Just noticed my name was not on the previous posting so thought I
would mention it.  By the way if anyone would like to write to me regarding the old
music surveys and airchecks the address is Eldon Sanders Luoma, Box 3536, Langley,
B.C. Canada V3A 4R9.  Will Respond as soon as possible.  Again have a great Easter
Weekend everyone and hope the weather is nice where you are!
Apr 20, 11 Old Surveys and Airchecks 0
Hi Everyone,  First off hope you all have a really great Easter Weekend!!!!  Out
here in Greater Vancouver it has been a cold April and all the mountains have a lot
of snow on them down to about the 2500 Foot level or less!!!  Long Ski Season at
Whistler and other .places around htere this spring!!!  

I collect old nmusic surveys and airchecks especially the ones I don't have from
independant AM and FM stations.  Two stations that might have had surveys in the
past 30 years or so at one point were WQMA 1520 Marks, Mississippi and WABV 1590
Abbeville, South Carolina.  If anyone has a chart or playlist from one of these
plese write.  I'll send you my email address when you do.  I try to obtain at least
one survey from any station I don't have one from.  I know a lot of collectors like
a whole series from certain stations especially in major markets,  I tend to focus
on smaller markets and independant stations.   Have a lot of surveys in my
collectiona and a lot of station airchecks going back to the early 1970s.  Most of
my radio station airchecks are on cassette tape,  a very few on reel to reel.  I*m
still looking for that book "How To Sell Radio Advertising" by Si Willing.  It was
published in the 1970s as a TAB Book.  I*m willing to buy it from anyone who has a

I saw it in the Burnaby and Vancouver Libraries back in the 1970s and 1980s but
they probably sold it in one the annual book sales long ago as its no longer in
their system.   

Enjoying looking at a lot of the old music charts on the ARSA site.   A friend and
myself were thinking of scanning some of my charts and sending them into ARSA but
I*m not quite sure what the procedure is to do this.   I don't have a scanner but
he does.  It would be very helpful if the instrucations to do this were on the ARSA
site in the introduction page.  Hopefully we will be able to do this in the future.

Also regarding music surveys I only count surveys that originally came from the
radio my collection.  However I do collect photocopies from other
sources in a separate file folder.  My regular survey collection has station
surveys in alphabetical order by state, province and country file folders.  Those
are the original ones from stations including a few photocopies the stations sente
me.I have about 4000 music surveys (and a few playlists) which date back as far as
the very early 1960s.   I might have a couple from 1958 or 1959 but hardly any from
the 1950s decade.     Anyway will close now, again Have a nice Easter Weekend, hope
the storms aren't bad where you are!!!
Apr 18, 11 My 1000th Chart John Schwob
In honor of the 1000th survey that I have added to ARSA, I wanted to find something
different.  So I have added a survey from my college, St. Louis University.  This
is the first survey on ARSA for this station.  The call letters were KBIL - the
mascot for St. Louis U is the Billiken (that fat cherubic looking buddha type
character) - hence the BIL in KBIL.  I was a commuter student and the range of the
college station was not much outside the extent of the dorms so I never listened to
the station except when I was visiting someone's dorm room.  The songs are pretty
typical Top 40 fare - no real radical music considering it was the 60s.  St. Louis
U was (and probably still is) a pretty conservative mid-western campus. I remember
during the height of students taking over campus admin buildlings during the
vietnam war - a bunch of students formed a chain trying to prevent students from
entering one of the classroom buildings.  But I was paying private school tuition
from my summer job and taking out a loan for the rest so I wasn't much into
principle, so I burst right through the line like the nerd that I probably was.  I
paid my money - I was going to class!!!  Well onto the next 1000 surveys . . . . . 
Apr 17, 11 RE: detroit emeralds ARSA Jim
Ron, our "veteran" keyers are all very much aware that I add/handle all such "new to
ARSA" 45/LP work, usually within a day or so. So you just key in the chart info as
you see it, as you have been, and I'll take care of such things - not to worry.... 
Apr 17, 11 detroit emeralds Ronald Marshall
wow that was fast  i put in a survey yesterday and a Detroit Emerald song was not in
the song data base.  i was looking to find out how to add it and next thing in the
am it was there.  thanks woever did that so fast
hi Jim,

thanks a mil for the helpful reply...

i went ahead and downloaded the latest version of my
main working browser, Mozilla Foxfire; and, NOW, that weird problem with the black
bars over ARSA's homepage directory seems to have cleared up at my End.  chock it
up to those virtual world gremlims i should think!

Apr 11, 11 All is fine at my end, Ben! ARSA Jim
Ben, I've noticed from time to time, on virtually every website where anyone can
ever post, that an individual user will sometimes mention a problem like this. And
I certainly do believe that you personally did experience this problem, sir.
However, I suspect that your particular problem was likely due to a quirk with
either your computer, your browser, or your Internet service provider. I also
believe Mondays to be just about the highest-user time for the 'Net, so some
servers may be "extra-strained" at that time.  I didn't notice any similar problem
today (Monday), and I was on for a couple of hours this morning. Thanks for the
ARSA heads-up, Ben, but my best guess is that the ARSA site was always operating
normally, from its end.   -Jim 
Apr 11, 11 WLOF Orlando 1970-10-23 / WLOF ( Orlando, Florida ) Ben E. McCoy
Publick Notise:  Gentleman, something has apparently gone wrong with ARSA's online
home-page appearance!

to wit, the LEFT-side directory is no longer shown; replaced instead by black bars
from top to bottom of where the directory used to be.

just giving the webmaster(s) a heads-up on this weird anomaly.


ben e. mccoy.
Apr 7, 11 CKLW Windsor RE2: Great job entering in your first CKLW survey, Ron! Gary Pfeifer

   Until the time when Tim can program the website to remove/replace existing
survey images, when I find a superior quality image scan of a survey already in the
database with an inferior scan, I simply add the better quality image to that
survey.  The programming allows for up to four images to be displayed for any
survey so if all four aren't already taken up, an additional image can be added. 
The system will still default and initially show the lesser quality image, but this
allows the viewer to click and view the better image.

Apr 6, 11 CKLW Windsor Replacing scans with a higher quality version of it.... ARSA Jim
Ron, I believe another one of our keyers (John?) had recently found cleaner copies
of what he'd originally uploaded to ARSA, and asked the same question here. I
believe Tim's response was that the system cannot currently deal with that type of
change, and that he would need to write new programming code to allow for it, going
forward. Tim always has a couple of "rainy day ARSA projects" on his plate (for
instance, I've asked Tim for a while now for a "frequently asked ARSA questions"
section, because I seem to end up answering many of the same questions, each time a
new participant becomes involved; so far no luck.)  But since you are now the second
keyer to make this same request, maybe Tim will now make it a priority. Remember,
Ron, ARSA is a very small, volunteer operation - I make this point all the time.
New folks often ask, "What about __________?", or "Why can't I do ___________?"
Ron, you make a good point here. Just remember that we're all doing the best we
can; ARSA is absolutely a "shoestring" operation. My personal ARSA philosophy is to
either just wait it out/live with it, or work around a quirk. Our reality is that
Tim just doesn't have much time to make ARSA adjustments, and he's the only one who
can make changes like that. Happy keying, buddy!    -Jim
Apr 6, 11 CKLW Windsor RE: Great job entering in your first CKLW survey, Ron! Ronald Marshall
thanks for your help

is it ok to ad pictures of surveys that i have that may be better then the ones
alreadty there.  mine will not have any writting on them and the one pictured has
numbers circled