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Aug 19, 12 CKY Winnipeg 1961-07-01 / CKY ( Winnipeg, Manitoba ) K.A. Scott
Hi Lee..

  Really enjoying the early 60s Winnipeg charts you've been downloading!  Hope
there are more to come -- there was a really strong local scene in the 'Peg, and
it'll be interesting to see how many local bands actually made to the local charts.
 Thanks again for sharing these!


  - Kenn.
Aug 19, 12 WORC Worcester 1964-07-25 / WORC ( Worcester, Massachusetts ) Gary Pfeifer
 Regarding the Hitbound Diane Renay song: some copies of 20th Century Fox 533 show
the title as "It's In Your Arms" while others show it as "It's In Your Hands". 
Aug 19, 12 KBEQ KC and WHB KC etc Steve Hawkins
Lee contact me at   I would love to get the copies of the KBEQ music
surveys from 1974-1978 Super Q era to add to the website....Orignials are preferred
but scans are fine...FYI there were about 250 KBEQ music surveys from March
1974-Dec 1978....I have about 225 of the 250 for trading.  To you or anyone else
reading...I am interested in KBEQ KC and WHB KC primarily 1970's airchecks and
music surveys.

Please contact me and add the scans you have I would greatly appreciate it and glad
to discuss other items I have...steve hawkins
Aug 15, 12 RE: KBEQ KC and WHB KC Lee Tucker

I previously mis-read your post as I now realize you are seeking additional KBEQ
surveys not contained on the tribute website after re-visiting the website and
re-reading your post.  Sorry for my misunderstanding and the fact I no longer have
any actual KBEQ surveys as it's a great website and I hope to see it grow; best of
luck to you. I would still be interested in discussing your WHB and/or KCMO surveys
outside this forum

Aug 15, 12 RE: KBEQ KC and WHB KC Lee Tucker

I have copies (front and back) of all the 1974-1978 KBEQ  website
surveys that I plan to contribute to the ARSA data base sometime in the
near-future.  I would be glad to send you photocopies of these or move up adding 
them to ARSA so you could copy them yourself but it sounds like you want the actual
surveys which I no longer have.  Let me know if I can help.  Is there another way I
can contact you outside of this forum to discuss the WHB and/or KCMO surveys you
have for trade/sale?  
Aug 15, 12 KBEQ KC and WHB KC Steve Hawkins
Need help.  I am looking for KBEQ KC music surveys from 1974-1978 primarily....will
accept all for the site.  Have bunches of music surveys for
trade....WHB..KCMO>>>alot of KC stations etc.  

scans ok but would like help or can you point me in the right direction of others
who may have KBEQ surveys?

any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated

Steve Hawkins
700 WLW Cincinnati
Jul 31, 12 RE: 2UE 230769 Gary Pfeifer
 Got them!  Thanks!
Jul 31, 12 2UE 230769 Terry Stacey
Hi gary...I notice there are four tracks on this chart that have not been indexed
cheers Terry
Jul 27, 12 CKFH Toronto RE: CKFH ( Toronto, Ontario ) Gary Pfeifer

  Glad you enjoying the website.  We'd be most appreciate of any surveys you are
willing to share! Many thanks!  
Jul 27, 12 CKFH Toronto CKFH ( Toronto, Ontario ) Adam Thomas
Good stuff. Got a few old 'FH charts will scan & send
Jun 26, 12 RE: KDON Gary Pfeifer
 That's very odd indeed as the programming will noramlly alert one when attempting
to add a survey that already exists in the database.  I can't delete them but will
alert Tim who can remove the duplicates.  Thanks for bringing this to our
Jun 26, 12 KDON K.A. Scott
Not sure why, but most of the surveys for KDON have duplicates.  There are two exact
same versions of the surveys for November 20, 1966; September 22 & 29, 1967; and
July 31, 1970.


- Kenn.
May 24, 12 KFXM San Bernardino RE2: 1963-06-15 / KFXM ( San Bernardino, California ) Lee Tucker

Thanks; got it and will do.  If a significant number of songs on any KFXM 1964
survey do not receive the ARSA Magic Bullet, I won't key-in another KFXM survey
until you folks have processed these so they receive the ARSA Magic Bullet.
However, when looking at their 1964 surveys, I don't think that there will be
nearly as many entries that do not receive the ARSA Magic Bullet as KFXM's earlier
surveys as the number of DJ picks, "Bubbling Under" type extras, and Spotlight
Albums is significantly fewer than those contained in their earlier surveys. In
fact, starting in July, 1964, their "Extras" are reduced to only DJ Personal Picks
and a few Spotlight Albums, so hopefully the number of entries not receiving the
ARSA Magic Bullet won't be significant.   -   Lee  
May 24, 12 KFXM San Bernardino RE: 1963-06-15 / KFXM ( San Bernardino, California ) Gary Pfeifer

  You are welcome to add the 1964 KFXM surveys.  However, if you find that each
survey contains a significant number of songs not receiving the magic dot, I would
ask that you please slow down your input rate in order to give us time here to
process those songs.  Thanks.
May 21, 12 KFXM San Bernardino 1963-06-15 / KFXM ( San Bernardino, California ) Lee Tucker

Back in March, you and I reached an agreement that I would defer contributing
Pre-1964 KFXM surveys until you did your "behind the scenes" thing  to set the
stage and contacted me to begin contributing them again.  I'll soon be finished
contributing my 1963 survey and will be moving on to contributing my 1964 surveys
which would include almost all of KFXM's 1964 surveys (sans the 7 ARSA already
has).  Any problem with me contributing these?  -  Lee 
May 12, 12 RE: WRONG SURVEY IMAGE -- KYA Gary Pfeifer
 Yes, I had accidentally uploaded the incorrect survey image. There's a glitch
somewhere in the programming that it stills shows the incorrect image for a period
of time even if the file is deleted and the proper one is uploaded.  The correct
images are showing now.  Thanks for helping keep things straight!
May 12, 12 WRONG SURVEY IMAGE -- KYA Ben E. McCoy
to let you guys know:  the WCAW survey has been erroneously posted for the latest
KYA Radio survey!
May 3, 12 WCAO Baltimore 1962-06-30 / WCAO ( Baltimore, Maryland ) Lee Tucker

Just a heads-up; the Vincent Edwards album did not receive the ARSA "Magic Bullet"
Apr 25, 12 WINZ Miami 1984-08-24 / WINZ ( Miami, Florida ) Paul H.
Jim, just a heads-up for you...on this survey (at #19), "Egypt, Egypt" by the
Egyptian Lover is sorting with the Egyptian Combo song "Rockin' Little Egypt".
Apr 23, 12 KMEN San Bernardino 1963-09-06 / KMEN ( San Bernardino, California ) Lee Tucker

Just a heads-up that the Bobby Bare and Inez Foxx albums did not receive the "ARSA
Magic Bullet."