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Apr 8, 13 RE: Music Surveys Gary Pfeifer
  Joe - You can send to
   Thx again!
Apr 8, 13 Music Surveys Joe Martin
Gary, I would like to email my surveys to you for posting. Where do I find your
email address? Thanks.
Apr 7, 13 RE: I want to contribute surveys Gary Pfeifer

   Thanks for your generousity and willingness to share some of your surveys!  If
you want to enter the surveys yourself, you'll need to email the aite
administrator, Tim Warden.  He's the only one who can set you up for that.

  If you're not looking to type up and enter the surveys yourself, you can send
them to me and I'll get them into the queue for my entering into ARSA.


Apr 7, 13 I want to contribute surveys Joe Martin
Hi Gary:

I've messaged you a couple of times. I'd like to contribute several surveys from a
market that is not represented (Wichita Falls, TX). How do I go about doing that?


Joe Martin
Apr 5, 13 RE: WGEM SURVEY 11-7-66 Gary Pfeifer
 With the addition of this single, it made for three different Intruders groups
causing a little confusion for the database.  It should be matching up correctly
Song #6 on thw WGEM Survey 11-7-66. She's Mine-Intruders. The Intruders were a
Pittsfield Il garage band. The data base has them mixed up with the 1959
instrumental group from NJ. 
Apr 4, 13 RE2:gional hits radio show Gary Pfeifer
 That's great that ARSA is getting some radio mention and that's he's able to use
our resources to help program his show!  Thank you for letting us all know!
Apr 4, 13 RE: KSHE SURVEY 3-11-68 Gary Pfeifer

  Sorry - missed your first request.  The Dana song has been added.
Apr 4, 13 regional hits radio show A.R. Paine
A DJ at WMBR in Cambridge MA (Mass. Inst. of Technology) has been playing songs
popular in New England from 1964-71 based on ARSA chart data.  He mentions this
site several times.  This fantastic show, "Lost and Found", is available online at
Second request on KSHE SURVEY 3-11-68
The Vic Dana single at #89 needs to be added. Liberty 56023
Apr 3, 13 Strong desire to contribute surveys Craig Pucci
Dear Mr. Ken Scott,
     May I have the honour to present myself. My name is Craig,and I have a strong
desire to contribute various surveys. I was told by Mr. Pfeifer that you contribute
a large amount of Canadian surveys to Las Solanas. I noticed that you contributed a
great number to which few to no one has any access. I have access to the CHUM and
Vancouver, BC surveys to which I want to help contribute so that I may ease your
     If or when you recieve this message, please feel free to contact me at
                                    Thank you and God bless,
Mar 29, 13 RE3: KYA 1260 3/28/70 survey J. A. Theroux
Well alright, thanks for the response, I do appreciate it.  And give the anonymous
contributor my thanks for his generous donation.
Mar 29, 13 RE2: KYA 1260 3/28/70 survey Gary Pfeifer
 I incorrectly said Seattle newspaper in prior post - of course should be San
Francisco newpaper.
Mar 29, 13 RE: KYA 1260 3/28/70 survey Gary Pfeifer
  Sorry for the confusion - I am/was confused myself but I believe I've finally
gotten it figured out.  The recent KYA surveys I have been posting are from weekly
survey listings taken from a Seattle newspaper (as opposed to an actual survey
sheet) which a contributor (who wishes to remain anonymous) graciously copied and
sent me.  When I went to post the 3/28/70 survey, I found it was the same as the
4/4/70 survey already entered into the database previously and taken from the
actual survey sheet.  Therefore, I changed the date and removed the images since
the dates weren't matching.

  Your note today made me look into it further and I found the answer.  The
newpaper copies for 3/28 and 4/5 (which had hand written dates on them) were
inadvertently switched and misdated.  Therefore, when I typed up what I had thought
was 3/28/70, it was actually from the 4/5/70 newspaper, which would then correctly
match the 4/4/70 survey already in the database.  Apparently, there is a one day
difference between the survey sheet date and newspaper survey date.

  Give me a little time and I'll correct what's in there now and get the proper
dates and images entered.

Mar 29, 13 KYA 1260 3/28/70 survey J. A. Theroux
Hey Gary,

So what's the deal with the KYA survey that was originally dated 4/4/70 but is now
dated 3/28/70?  That survey originally had two images attached, one of which read
ďFor The Week of April 4 Ė 10, 1970Ē.  Iím not sure why the date got changed in
ARSA, but the LW positions for each song on the survey generally do not match the
TW positions on the previous week's (3/21/70) KYA survey.

I was expecting a KYA survey to be posted for 3/28/70 yesterday and was
disappointed to find it had not been.  I keep a log of KYA surveys and in it I
noted that DJ Dave Stone was pictured on the 4/4/70 survey, and noted the source as
ARSA.  I was able to do a Google image search (KYA 1260 Dave Stone) and found the
deleted imagesÖin ARSA, for the 3/28/70 KYA survey!  For some reason, the images
are still associated with ARSA even though they do not appear on the 3/28/70

So, whatís going on here?
The Vic Dana single at #89 needs to be added. Liberty 56023
Mar 28, 13 KLIF Dallas 1966-02-12 / KLIF ( Dallas, Texas ) Joe Martin
Interesting that about 6 of the listings are from the Dallas/Texas area. The
Chessmen were from Denton, a town North of Dallas. Scotty McKay was another local
as was Mouse.
Mar 20, 13 CKCK Regina RE: 1981-03-20 / CKCK ( Regina, Saskatchewan ) Gary Pfeifer
 All taken care of.  Thanks for the alert.
Mar 20, 13 CKCK Regina 1981-03-20 / CKCK ( Regina, Saskatchewan ) K.A. Scott
Just noting that "For You" by Zon needs to be added to the database -- currently,
this survey redirects this entry (at #37) to "It's You For Me" by The Amazons


- Kenn.

Feb 2, 13 RE2: 30,000 Surveys Rick Hy
Thanks Kenn, I canít believe I made such an obvious mistake. I guess I was just
excited? (I need some kind of excuse!)  CKOC is still the champ as I believe WKBW
ended itís top 30 sometime in 1986 or 87. Just canít seem to find a site that
confirms an actual date. I remember some summers listening to CKOC as it is not too
far from Buffalo.
I wonder if other contributors to this site might have information on longevity of
station charts even if it doesnít beat CKOCís longevity. It just might be
interesting to see from a business that is known for frequent format changes.

 I still see Danny Neaverth at the gym I attend and occasionally he is seen on
local commercials.