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Sep 25, 09 Not Satisfied in Boston Geno Rice
How come "Satisfaction" was not a hit in Boston?  I went to camp in Maine in the
summer of 65, and we listened to WBZ, and I was not aware of that song, the
greatest in history, till later.


Highland Park, NJ

Sep 22, 09 WBCN Boston Regional hits K.A. Scott
In reference to the conversation below, I'd like to add my 2 cents.  

I think one of the things ARSA does best is to track those wonderful, often obscure
regional hits.  So not entering 'em into the database means that Someone coming to
the site looking for, say, chart info on "Going Nowhere" by Dumptruck, won't be
able to find it.  (I chose that song in particular because A)  it was commercially
released and B)  I actually know it -- and was stunned that with its prominent
pedal steel guitar, it was a regional hit on a rock station!)

As always, I don't want to create more work than can be handled by Al, Jim or
anyone else ... so if it's too much bother to enter and track these recordings, so
be it!  But my feeling is that the more (relevant!) data that's entered into the
database, the better and more useful the database.


- Kenn.
Sep 20, 09 WBCN Boston RE3: 1984-09-14 / WBCN ( Boston, Massachusetts ) K.A. Scott
Hi Al...

  I'll get back to those CHUM-FM charts, I promise.  Unfortunately, the album
charts take me about three times as long to enter as the singles charts -- the
current auto-fill set-ups don't account for "Weeks On", nor do they order the album
info the way I have them in my files.  So when time's at a premium for me, the album
charts are the first to go...

  Those WBCN charts sure make it look like it was an interesting station, by the


  - Kenn.

Sep 19, 09 WBCN Boston RE3: 1984-09-14 / WBCN ( Boston, Massachusetts ) ARSA Jim
Hello, A.R.; Jim here. I think your handling of the "local charters", for your
specific lists, is exactly correct; given your "sometimes played on radio from
master tapes only" thoery here. They should surely be noted (just as you have), but
probably don't merit a full, commercially-released ARSA entry, for just the reason
you cite. My #1 ARSA surprise to date is the number of "Album Rock" surveys that
have been entered in. While I long knew of the format's popularity, of course, I
just never saw any AOR surveys printed anywhere in my local area, ever. Obviously
this was not the case everywhere. Just another great oh-wow moment for me, guys,
thanks to ARSA!
Sep 19, 09 WBCN Boston RE2: 1984-09-14 / WBCN ( Boston, Massachusetts ) A.R. Paine
Kenn, thanks for the nice comment. Yes, I listened to WBCN's countdown nearly every
week from February 1984 to June 1988, jotting down the song titles in a notebook. 

Jim, I haven't included the regional hits (the "Boston 3" countdown) in the Chart
Data field; though I know you're an expert at tracking down label and catalog #s, 
a few artists only submitted demo tapes to the station. Still, I thought they
merited mention in the goodies section because there are some real 'nuggets' that
charted locally.

Kenn, are we going to be seeing any more of those terrific CHUM-FM album charts
soon?  You've left us in suspense! How long will Supertramp hold on to the #1
position?  Al
Sep 19, 09 WBCN Boston RE: 1984-09-14 / WBCN ( Boston, Massachusetts ) K.A. Scott
Can't speak for anyone else here, but I think it's great you're adding these 80s
countdowns to the database.  Did you copy the countdown lists down as they aired,
or are you getting the info from some other source?


- Kenn.
Sep 12, 09 WBCN Boston 1984-09-14 / WBCN ( Boston, Massachusetts ) A.R. Paine
This weekly countdown show was hosted by esteemed longtime Boston radio personality
Ken Shelton (Captain Ken).  As far as I can recall, no printed copies of the
countdown were distributed, so if these lists are deemed inadmissible (not in
keeping with ARSA's format), that's OK, and I can instead try to dig up some of the
station's Street Sheets which featured WBCN's most-played album charts.  WBCN
recently ended its 41-year run as "The Rock of Boston" at 104.1 FM, but lives on as
an HD digital and internet station.
Sep 11, 09 CKLG Vancouver RE: 1965-05-01 / CKLG ( Vancouver, British Columbia ) Gary Pfeifer
 Working on the assumption that the actual title of the Billy Stewart song is "I Do
Love You", the correction has been made.  Thanks!
Sep 11, 09 CKLG Vancouver 1965-05-01 / CKLG ( Vancouver, British Columbia ) K.A. Scott
Hi all...

  For this chart, the #28 entry ("Do You Love" by Billy Stewart) is redirecting to
Rod Stewart's 1983 hit "What Am I Gonna Do (I'm So In Love With You)"  

  Must be the combo of the last name "Stewart" and the words "Do" "You" and "Love"
in the song title....


  - Kenn.
Aug 31, 09 A few key-in tips....
Jim here, my friends. In my daily ARSA database accuracy duties, a few of the same
"clean-up" items require my manual attention to correct. No big deal, but I just
thought I'd bring up 3 of the most common errors to all of our terrific survey
keyer-inners, just in case they might apply to you:

1-If there are "Pic Hits" or "Hitbounds" at the end of a survey, you must also
include these songs at the end of the survey itself, after the numbered songs, or
ARSA will not know about/recognize/catalog these songs. What sometimes happens is
that some keyers will include/type in these "Pic Of The Week" songs at the start,
in the "Goodies" section, but then don't bother to also include these songs in with
the numbered survey songs.

2-Double-sided hits: In my own keying, I have found this to be the easiest way to
have ARSA correctly process these. Key in only one side of the two during your
initial key-in. (Try to make a mental note of this fact, so you remember to go back
at the end for a later adjustment.) Then, at the end of the survey songs, go ahead
and manually adjust the song # (to create a second #25, let's say.) Then add in the
"last week" # info for the other half of the double-sided hit as usual, if
applicable. Finally, add in the artist and title info for the second side. When you
then hit "Apply Changes", you will see that the B-side has automatically moved up to
where it belongs, next to the A-side. Sometimes ARSA has some trouble handling these
situations - but this way always works.

3-Label/catalog #'s - Most keyer-inners leave this to me, which I strongly prefer.
But I remember back when I first started at ARSA, in either the "Add Song" or "Edit
Song" screen, where Tim shows "Label & Catalog", followed by two empty blocks. It
took me a while to figure out that what Tim actually meant by this was that the
first block was for "label" and the second block was for "catalog". Early on, I
wrongly grouped in both pieces of data together, all in the first block (let's say,
"Capitol 2500"), instead of putting just "Capitol" into block one, and then just
"2500" into block two. When I later went to browse ARSA stats/reports, I noticed
that I had wrongly created a new label, called "Capitol 2500", which I didn't mean
to do. I wanted my Capitol 2500 45 to blend in with all of the other Capitol 45
releases. I did this by moving the "2500" number to the second block, and having
only "Capitol" in the first block; it's been golden every since. Hope some of these
tips prove helpful, gang! 
Aug 16, 09 KYA San Francisco 1960-11-28 / KYA Peter Tripp, Payola, and KYA on the web Roy Ballard
This Nov 28, 1960 KYA survey proudly says "America's most famous disk jockey Peter
Tripp now on radio KYA".

Well, that "most famous DJ" is quite a claim, so I looked up Peter Tripp on

It turns out he was better known as "infamous" as his claims to fame on New York's
WMGM in 1959 was a 201 hour "wakeathon", on the air non-stop without sleep. And
then in 1960 he was found guilty in the payola scandal "playing records in return
for gifts from record companies." After a $500 fine, he fled to KYA in San

But the research was rewarding cuz I found a web site that streams old KYA music,
jingles and airchecks - which I now listen to as I input my hundreds of KYA

Thanks Peter Tripp! Your colorful background has lead to a fun "trip" for all of
cheers!  roy
Aug 11, 09 WDMV Pocomoke City RE3: 1980-08-11 / WDMV ( Pocomoke City, Maryland ) K.A. Scott
Yup, it's fine now.  Hope it was an easy fix!


- Kenn.
Aug 10, 09 WDMV Pocomoke City RE2: 1980-08-11 / WDMV ( Pocomoke City, Maryland ) Gary Pfeifer
   Ignore the prior comment of mine - I see what you mean now.  Everything is fine
on the top level survey page, but about half the LW numbers dropped by one position
on the data base input form for some reason.  I believe everything should be correct
now. Let me know please.  Thanks for pointing this out.

Aug 10, 09 WDMV Pocomoke City RE: 1980-08-11 / WDMV ( Pocomoke City, Maryland ) Gary Pfeifer

  I checked my input versus the printed survey on this chart and everything looks
fine.  Please check again on your end and let me know.

Aug 10, 09 WDMV Pocomoke City 1980-08-11 / WDMV ( Pocomoke City, Maryland ) K.A. Scott
Hi Gary...

  Don't know why, but for this chart the LW entries are all out of whack on the
lower part of the chart.  Check 'em out against the printed survey and you'll see
what I mean...

  Anyway. you might be able to fix this faster than I can, which is why I draw it
to your attention.  Hope all's well on your end!


  - Kenn. 
Aug 8, 09 New to this site David Jensen
I have a few copies of KNAK (Salt Lake City) charts that my nephew Robert Triptow
sent to me some years back. Holy crap, what memories! I worked for KNAK's rival
KCPX for a while and was responsible for photographing, printing up, cutting to
size, and getting ready for distribution of each and every week's new Top 100
I love talking about the oldies. Haven't had the time to look at many of the
previous entries.
Have one comment to make. I gave my nephew all my old 45's for Xmas many years ago.
One of them was "See Emily Play." The one thing that sticks in my mind about the 45
was that the group was called THE Pink Floyd. Ha-ha?
David Jensen
Aug 7, 09 WAQY Birmingham 1968-08-05 / WAQY ( Birmingham, Alabama ) Rob Ellis
Thanks to Fred Dahkle I finally got a survey of WAQY. Hard
core Beatles fans may recognize this station. After John Lennon claimed in 1965
that the Beatles were bigger than
Jesus, WAQY refused to play Beatles songs. The station
urged listeners to bring their records and paraphernalia
to the studio to be destroyed. WAQY's “Ban the Beatles”
crusade was the first to gain nationwide attention and is referenced in numerous
Beatles documentaries. 
Jul 27, 09 WQAM Miami RE: 1964-02-29 / WQAM ( Miami, Florida ) ARSA Jim
Hi Kenn, Jim here. Just about the trickiest thing Tim has had to program for ARSA is
for when survey song titles don't exactly match up, word for word, with the
"official" 45 title in ARSA. ARSA does its best to figure it out, but, as you've
personally seen before, and again here, it's not perfect - sometimes another title
by the same artist will also be close to a match (contain similar letters, words)
and all ARSA can do is simly make its best guess. Some keyer-inners like to exactly
re-duplicate a survey's original errors/omissions, and I can see their point - it
seems more "authentic" to type it in word-for-word, warts and all. I, however,
correct these kind of errors when I type in surveys, figuring that getting a 100%
correct ARSA match is simly a higher priority, that's all - just my opinion. If
you'd also like to adopt my philsophy on this, Kenn, you will never again have this
problem - but it's up to you.
Jul 27, 09 WQAM Miami 1964-02-29 / WQAM ( Miami, Florida ) K.A. Scott
Hi all...

  For this WQAM survey (and the WQAM surveys for the following two weeks) the Dusty
Springfield entry noted as "Be With You" should, I believe, redirect to her 1964 hit
"I Only Want To Be With You".  However, it currently redirects to her 1977 single
"Let Me Love You Once Before You Go".

  I've held off on fixing these entries myself just in case there's something I'm
missing.  Is there?


  - Kenn. 
Jul 14, 09 CHUM/CHUM-FM K.A. Scott
Just added a couple of CHUM and CHUM-FM surveys -- everything's working fine now. 


- Kenn.