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May 24, 10 CKLW Windsor RE: 1973-01-02 / CKLW ( Windsor, Ontario ) Gary Pfeifer
  I've made the correction.  Thanks!
May 23, 10 CKLW Windsor 1973-01-02 / CKLW ( Windsor, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Hi all...

  For this particular chart, the data entered doesn't match the posted image, and
seems to be from a different chart -- that of January 23, 1973.

  Hope it's an easy fix!


  - Kenn. 


May 15, 10 RE3: Phantom Stations and Duplications Tim Warden
Quite right!  I made the correction -- thanks!
May 13, 10 RE2: Phantom Stations and Duplications J. A. Theroux
I may have found one more: KGY is listed as 1240 AM and 550 AM, I believe the 550 AM
is incorrect.  The survey reads KGY Live 55 but I believe it is a reference to the
number of song titles on the survey and not its frequency.  I could not find any
evidence that KGY was ever on the 550 AM frequency.
Apr 17, 10 RE: Phantom Stations and Duplications Tim Warden
Thanks Jeff -- They've all the duplicate & phantom stations have been corrected.
Apr 14, 10 Phantom Stations and Duplications J. A. Theroux
I found 4 additional radio station duplications in ARSA - WBZ-FM 106.7 FM in Boston,
WKCI 101.3 FM in New Haven, WLAN 96.9 FM in Lancaster and WZZP 106.5 FM in
Cleveland.  I also found 2 phantom stations - KIXY 940 AM in Amarillo is actually
KIXZ, and WILS 890 AM in Chicago (there is of course WLS 890 AM in Chicago and WILS
1320 AM in Lansing, MI in the database).

Sorry for all the nitpicking,
Apr 5, 10 KGFJ Los Angeles RE6: 1965-04-04 / KGFJ ( Los Angeles, California ) Gary Pfeifer
 I see what you're referring to now, Jeff.  I was looking at the surveys page rather
than the stations page.  Don't know why the KRLY-FM and KEWB-FM would show up twice.
 Will look into it.
Apr 5, 10 KGFJ Los Angeles RE5: 1965-04-04 / KGFJ ( Los Angeles, California ) J. A. Theroux
I went on the Stations page and sorted it by call letters and found the KEWB FM
station was listed twice as was KRLY-FM. While I'm on the subject, may I suggest
adding the -FM suffix to the FM KEWB to distinguish it from the '60s AM station
which it is not related to.

Apr 5, 10 KGFJ Los Angeles RE4: 1965-04-04 / KGFJ ( Los Angeles, California ) Gary Pfeifer
 KEWB and KEWB-FM are definitely two different radio stations with the AM belonging
to the SF Top 40 station in the 1960's.  KEWB-FM was from Redding, CA in the

 I don't see any duplicates on KRLY - just two surveys for KRLY-FM.

   The KLZ's are most certainly the same station though and should be combined.
Apr 5, 10 KGFJ Los Angeles RE3: 1965-04-04 / KGFJ ( Los Angeles, California ) J. A. Theroux
Someone might want to look for other station duplications.  I've found three so far
- KEWB (94.7 FM), KLZ/KLZ-FM (both are the FM station) and KRLY (93.7 FM).
Apr 4, 10 KGFJ Los Angeles RE2: 1965-04-04 / KGFJ ( Los Angeles, California ) Gary Pfeifer
 Uh oh, looks like we've got a non-existent radio station in there - the KGFG.  Tim,
can you remove that one please.  So, we're back to 999.  Won't be long I'm sure to
No. 1,000 again.
Apr 4, 10 KGFJ Los Angeles RE: 1965-04-04 / KGFJ ( Los Angeles, California ) J. A. Theroux
Not so fast...this survey was entered back in December 2009 by Geno Rice, but filed
under call letters KGFG by mistake.  Compare the two surveys and you'll see they're
Apr 3, 10 KGFJ Los Angeles 1965-04-04 / KGFJ ( Los Angeles, California ) Tim Warden
This survey marks the 1000'th radio station added to the ARSA database.  Thanks,
Apr 3, 10 1,000 Stations Gary Pfeifer
 While maybe not as momentous as reaching the 10,000 survey mark (which is now well
on its way to 15,000!), we now have surveys from 1,000 different radio stations on
ARSA!  Thank you again to all for making this possible!

Mar 30, 10 Match Maker, Make The Right Match! Tim Warden
Hey Kiddies!  This evening I've flipped the switch on a couple of minor changes that
should enhance ARSA's ability to discern between, say...

Dock Of The Bay by Otis (1968) and his kids (1980)
Maybe I'm Amazed by McCartney (1970) and Wings (1976)
Cupid by Johnny Rivers (1965) and Johnny Nash (1967 and 1970)
She's Gone by Hall & Oates (1974 and 1976)

... and it shouldn't take the mis-titled "I've Got You" by James Brown and
mistakenly attribute it to Brown & Byrds' "You've Got To Change Your Mind".

I made the changes this last weekend and tested for a couple of evenings, and it
would appear that everything works as expected -- but of course, no guarantees
because it hasn't been pounded on by the ARSA SQA Team (the SPCA took our staff of
100 monkeys away a few months ago -- can't imagine why!).

One of the changes involved bracketing a song or album match to the year.  For
instance, if the song is listed in the database as 1974, it will only match to
surveys from [1973..1975].  That should handle 98% of the cases and correctly
resolve early charts (e.g. Nov or Dec 1973) and late charters (1975).  However,
there may be situations where a song or album re-charted several years after its
initial release... and perhaps with the same catalog number (I'm thinking
Aerosmith's first off the top of my head, but I'm sure there will be others you can
think of...) and those won't match because if the album came out in 1973 and
suddenly broke big in 1976... well, that's more than two years.  Perhaps in that
case Jim should simply create a second entry for the rebirth of said song/album --
I'll leave that to Jim's good judgement.

BTW, I've corrected the "I've Got You", "Amazed", "Dock of the Bay" problems.

Granted, there are almost certainly mismatches lurking... and I've not checked out
Led Zep, Chicago or Peter Gabriel albums lately... but perhaps you can simply
direct any of these types of anomalies you find directly to me for correction. 
Particularly if there is a mass correction to make, it will probably be a lot
easier for me than for Jim or Gary, as I can issue the SQL commands to make certain
changes "en masse".

I'm still amazed at how my pet "learn PHP and MySQL" project has blossomed -- best
wishes to all and thank you all for your contributions to this project!

Mar 30, 10 RE: thoughts on music Gary Pfeifer

   Can't thank you enough for all the surveys and memories you've provided us here!
 Your contributions have been invaluable.   Hope you stick around!

Mar 29, 10 thoughts on music Roy Ballard
im getting to the end of my collection of san francisco radio station surveys, so i
will be leaving you all soon.

but as i enter these 1966 kya san francisco surveys, i think about my life as a 21
year old then living in california - and about music then compared with a decade

the first thing i remember is telling my parents "but the beatles and rolling
stones compose, sing and play their own music. frank sinatra and elvis never
composed a song in their life!"  fortunately they said, "point taken" and let me
buy rock and roll with my own money.

i know this is nothing new, but the music from the mid-sixties on truly changed
everything for those of us listening to radio. and also american bandstand and
"dance party" on kpix channel 5 on tv. 

and then airplane, steppenwolf, pink floyd, the who and zepplin took it all to
another level. i've lived in australia, holland and belgium way back in the 70's
and my friends there danced and loved my records from those times.
it was and is still special. 

hey, as credence said, "keep on chooglin!"   
take care, roy

Mar 28, 10 RE2: The Dock Of The Bay K.A. Scott
No problem, Jim!  


- Kenn.  
Mar 28, 10 The Dock Of The Bay K.A. Scott
Hi all...

  As per Gary's suggestion, I'll continue to post any anomalies as I find
them...with the full knowledge that some may be too complex to fix anytime soon. 
That's fine!  I'm just flagging these problems so that those with the appropriate
knowledge and programming skills can make a determination about what (if anything)
should be done next.

  Anyway, one anomaly I've discovered is that many entries for Otis Redding's 1968
hit "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay" actually redirect to the 1982 cover by The
Reddings.  In fact, all 160+ entries for The Reddings really belong to Otis.

  And that's all for now!  Hope everyone's enjoying the weekend...


- Kenn.

Mar 22, 10 WGH Newport News 1971-04-28 / WGH ( Newport News, Virginia ) Tim Warden
Tom, looks great!  Welcome to the ARSA contributors -- we're all looking forward to
seeing more of your surveys.