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Jan 11, 11 RE: 1959 - Old Black Magic by the Clovers ARSA Jim
Yes, John, Kenn was right, it was me (Jim). Since '04, 99 days out of 100, I
analyze/confirm/modify/add title/artist/label/catalog details for any/all
new-to-the-ARSA-database 45s. It has long been my primary responsibility here,
although I've also managed to post quite a few ARSA surveys into the db myself.
I've music researched for many years, am pretty good at it by now, and I happen to
enjoy it. And Tim's internal ARSA programming is excellent. Still, I've found that
a quick "human check" is also helpful, trust me. For example, even a one-letter
typo on an original survey, repeated by the keyer, can cause a hit song not to
match up with its existing ARSA entry. I've long requested that keyers just leave
any "new ARSA orphans" to me to resolve. John, I know you were away from ARSA
"contributing" for awhile; great to have you back! Regarding title/artist details,
I long ago found it best that our kind keyers just leave that stuff to me to
address. (Like a small label 45 later being picked up by a major label, for
example.) I have fortunately earned Tim's trust. I also own just about every 45/LP
discography resource known to man. And, if anyone just happens to be finishing up a
survey key-in while I happen to be doing my daily ARSA update, I can appear to be
"overly efficient". But it really is just a coincidence when it happens. FYI, new
ARSA surveys have never before been added at such a high rate (and welcome, Lee,
with your great WHB lists as well!), so ARSA is really firing on all cylinders to
start 2011 - thanks to all!  -Jim   
Jan 10, 11 RE: 1959 - Old Black Magic by the Clovers K.A. Scott
I'd put my money on the phenomenal "ARSA Jim".  He has often put previously
uncatalogued records in the database less than two minutes after I posted them! 
(And anything over a day or two is highly unusual....)

Was it you, Jim?
Jan 10, 11 1959 - Old Black Magic by the Clovers John Schwob
I have to post a comment. Someone has way too much time on their hands!!!!  About an
hour or two ago, I added a survey for 1959-08-02 for KWK in St. Louis.  One of the
songs, Old Black Magic by the Clovers was not in ARSA's data base.  So I was going
through the process of a google search for this song to find the Label and Catalog
Number.  In the meantime my back button on Internet Explorer stopped working, so I
spent about an hour searching through various forums to find a solution.  When all
the solutions didn't work, i went ahead and did the usual IT Tier 1 solution to
problems - I "rebooted".  And it worked. So now having got the Label and "B" Side
and the Catalog Number, I go back into ARSA and find that someone has already found
that my survey had a song that wasn't in the data base and put in the Label and
Catalog Number.  I know that's true because on the main page of ARSA, this song is
the most recent song added to the data base.  So who in the ARSA community is my
"music guardian angel" that felt that my uncatalogued song was somehow a major
blemish to ARSA and thus they had to find out the details on this song? Maybe that
is the true beauty and wonder of ARSA that so many people (and the number seems to
be growing) are concerned about accuracy of the surveys and completeness of the
data base.  I am truly dumbfounded.  So who added the info on this song?  I have to
know!!!!!!  :>)
Dec 23, 10 RE: Young Ones 45 ARSA Jim
Thanks, Mike! There is currently an ARSA programming glitch that will not allow me
to correctly indicate/process labels that are spelled exactly the same, but have a
capital letter difference ("Deluxe" vs. "DeLuxe"). I found this out the hard way
myself, during a recent attempted update for this entry. Nothing I can personally
do at this point. Something for our esteemed CEO, Mr. Tim Warden, to address
whenever time allows for him. 
Dec 22, 10 Young Ones 45 Mike Markesich
The Young Ones were a teenage combo based in San Jose, CA.

Their 45 was first issued on Walco Enterprises #103 as a vanity pressing.  A small
independent label (Deluxe, not to be confused with the much more prominent label of
the same name) re-released the songs a couple of months later.

Interesting song selections, as both sound more than 5 years behind the times! 
Dec 19, 10 RE: Need Help In Replacing Chart Images Tim Warden
Hi John, I've never put logic into the code for replacing the scanned images.  I'll
have to look into it...
Dec 19, 10 Need Help In Replacing Chart Images John Schwob
I've been away for awhile and I'm back to adding some more surveys.  I had
previously input survey images that were photocopies that were, in some cases, very
poor quality - hardly legible.  I have obtained the actual surveys, so I can now add
new higher quality images.  How do I delete the old survey image and replace it with
the new one?  I tried deleting the survey, but it deleted all the information so I
had to re-enter the survey image and the survey listings.   I don't want to do that
again.  Any thoughts?
Dec 19, 10 RE: ARSA stumpers #3 ARSA Jim
Thanks, Damien! That double-sider's label/catalog info had proven to be quite
elusive for me to locate. And Happy Holidays to you and to all fellow ARSA-ers as
well!  -Jim
Dec 18, 10 ARSA stumpers #3 Damien Avelange

Young Ones - Sincerely/The Young Ones
Nov 13, 10 WDRQ Detroit 1976-04-12 / WDRQ ( Detroit, Michigan ) John Torvinen
I have just posted the WDRQ surveys for April 5 and April 12, 1976 based on how they
are labeled.  Since WDRQ seemed to have a new survey every seven days, it seems
logical that the April 12 survey would show Last Week (LW) positions that
correspond to the April 5 survey but it does not.  Also, the number of weeks column
gives the impression that there was a survey released between these two surveys. 
For example, the number of weeks for "Sara Smile" on April 5 was 3; on April 12, it
was 5.
Nov 6, 10 ARSA stumpers #2 Damien Avelange
Him Jim,

I am happy to help you. ARSA is an excellent Database for me to discover new local
radio hit.

1) Rising Suns - Annie Doesn't Live Here
5 Rising Sons - Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore / She Just Likes Me (Capitol 2709)

2) Gillian Russell - Man In The Street 
I assume the label is New Syndrome (Canada).
2 or 3 years ago a nice canadian send me 2 songs from this label "Mike Campbell -
Remorse" and "Gillian Russell - Man In The Street" but I don't know the label

3) In order to complete some records information. From my 45's:

ARSA : Artie & Linda & The Premiers - Blueberry Hill 
The correct form for artist is : Artie & Linda With The Premeres
Flip side credited to : Premeres Featuring Artie & Linda - Laughing On The Outside
(Crying  On Inside)

ARSA : Buddy Wright - Tears On My Pillow 
Label : Jemal Records #558
Flip side : Foolish Things

ARSA : Davey Summers And The Singing Ants - Doin' The Davey Drag
The correct form for this song is "The Davey Summer All Star Band" and the title
simply "El Drag"
Davey Summers And The Singing Ants is only credited for the flip "Gonna Climb That
Big Ole Hill"

ARSA : Gene Forrell & The Red Pepper Gang - Sweet Bird (Of Youth) 
The correct form for artist & title are : Gene Forrell Orchestra - Sweet Bird
Flip side credited to : Red Pepper Gang - Hot Sauce

ARSA : Howard St. Station - Baby Doll 
Complete title is : Baby Doll (Please Don't Wait Too Long)
Flip side : It Ain't Your Day Today

ARSA : Jaguars - You'll Turn Away
Label : Jaguar Records #J-101
Flip side : The Gorilla

ARSA : Jerry Blavat - Let's Love Again
Complete name of the artist : Jerry Blavat The Geator With The Heater
Flip side : Jerry's Theme

ARSA : Jewell Hall - I'm The One
Correct title is : (Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You

ARSA : Jon Abnor - You're Losing That Old Feeling
The correct title is simply : That Old Feeling
Flip side : Wishing For You

ARSA : Lord Didd & The Didn'ts - Gunga Didn't
This song is only credited to "Lord Didd"
The flip "Morse Code" is credited to "Lord Didd & The Didn'ts"

ARSA : The Mavericks on Capitol 4507
Correct form for the artist : Mavricks

ARSA : Misfits - This Little Piggy (I'm A Hog For You) 
Correct title is simply : This Little Piggy
Flip side : Lost Love

ARSA : Nick Noble - Stay With Me
The complete title is : Main Theme From The Cardinal (Stay With Me)
Flip side : Flying Over Rainbows

ARSA : Paul Klein - The Garbage Can
Correct title is : The Garbage Can Ballet

ARSA : Russell Bros. - You And The River
Correct form for the artist is : Russell Brothers
Flip side : There's Nothing You Can Do About That

ARSA : Stu Philips - Speak Softly, My Love
Correct form for the artist : Phillips with 2 "l"
Flip side : Bring Love Back Into Our World

ARSA : Wanderers Three - Glory Road
The correct title is : The Glory Land

I you want I have the flip side for another 50 records and maybe many more.

Nov 5, 10 RE: ARSA stumpers ARSA Jim
Wow again, Damian! FYI, we use US 45 releases as the "default" ARSA 45 label/catalog
entry, if a 45 was issued in different countries, when applicable. Last night, I was
able to find/see an actual 45 scan of the Marmaduke 45 of "I Could Cry", and it does
indeed specify simply "Morgan" as the artist on the label, which was why I left it
that way in ARSA. I'll update all your other new 45 info later tonight. I already
own just about every US 45 reference book out there, and also have a buddy or two
that I "consult" with periodically for the real tough ones, so you have truly
distinguished yourself here with this latest info, Damian! Thanks again for the
time/effort in assisting ARSA to be as complete/accurate as possible! -Jim
Nov 5, 10 ARSA stumpers Damien Avelange
Thanks for the compliment Jim !

1) Correct form is "Grant Morgan" for the 3 released singles 

1968 : I Could Cry / When I Want A Woman (1968) on Marmaduke records (M-4003)

1968 : I Could Cry / When He Wants A Woman (1968) UK release on Mercury (MF 1059)

1970 : I Could Cry / When He Wants A Woman (1970) CANADIAN release on Mercury

2) The correct information label for the pirates is "Back Stage 5001" not Chase.

3) Michel Desrochers - Always / Boing! This Must Be Love (1965) on Canadian Jupiter
label (JP. 5002) 

4) Penny Rockets - Walkout / Gondolier (1961) on W&G RECORDS (WG-S-1230)

5) Jade Hurley  How I Lied (1965) on Australian label HMV (HMV 4685)

6) Diana James - My Guy & Don't Go
the correct name is "Dianne James" and the 2 songs are already on ARSA with the
correct form.

7) Rockin' Gibraltars  Bug Of Soul (1966)
Recorded June, 1966 Fame Studios, Muscle Shoals, Alabama released on RG Records 

8) Paradise - Jessie / Just Call Me Smokey (Sweet Peach 007) 1969 

9) In order to complete : 
- Gentlemen - I Really Love You / Elephants (1966) on Spirit (on the record :
T4KM-5791 / 837C-5791)

- David And Goliath  On Bended Knees [1967] it is an error.
The correct band is David And the Giants 1967 
Release # AMY 983 On Bended Knees /  Someday (You're Gonna Be Sorry).

Nov 5, 10 WNRR Appleton RE: 1970-07-18 / WNRR ( Appleton, Wisconsin ) Gary Pfeifer
 There is a size limitation of about 500kb per image file uploaded.  I suspect the
original file you attempted to upload exceeded this.  I've had to compress some
survey image files before I ARSA was able to accept it.
Nov 5, 10 WNRR Appleton 1970-07-18 / WNRR ( Appleton, Wisconsin ) Kevin O'Donnell
I finally got this survey image to upload.  I had to break down the survey into two
pages, resembling the size of the front cover, so maybe one can only upload so much
space.  At least it worked!  WOO-HOO!
Nov 4, 10 WNVY Pensacola RE: 1966-02-11 / WNVY - Thanks a million, Damian!!! ARSA Jim
Neither 45 that you specify details for actually state "Not A 45" - they are simply
two of the approximately 90 singles (of over 66,000 currently in the ARSA database)
that I've still not been able to match up label/catalog details for with 100%
certainty, despite much research time/effort. And as you've discovered here, almost
all 90 are due to major errors/info exclusions on the surveys themselves. "Naughty
Girl" was probably my #1 priority to solve, being a Top 10 WNVY hit and all. I even
bought a Jeff Lemlich "History of Florida Top 40" paperback, but it was of no help.
I also tried Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, but they had no song called "Naughty Girl",
even in the UK, so your Pirates lead is invaluable to me. I also knew of Grant
Morgan 45s on Mercury in 1970, but my info didn't show a 45 title even close to "I
Could Cry" - I'll update your info into my personal Mercury 45s master discography.
Your knowledge is both very impressive and much appreciated. If you wanna take a
stab at the other current "ARSA stumpers", simply perform an ARSA advanced singles
search, specifying the "catalog" field as "blank". Again, many thanks! -Jim   
Nov 4, 10 WOSH Oshkosh RE: 1970-04-19 / WOSH ( Oshkosh, Wisconsin ) Kevin O'Donnell
This regards a similar uploading image problem of another survey, which is a bit
weirdly-shaped (rectangular, rather than long survey shape).  I'm receiving the
following website error:

Warning: unlink(): No such file or directory in
/home/warden/public_html/arsa/surveys_edit.php on line 310

Does anyone know what this means, or how I can bypass it?  This relates to a
07-18-70 WNRR (Appleton, WI) survey.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help!

Nov 4, 10 WNVY Pensacola 1966-02-11 / WNVY ( Pensacola, Florida ) Damien Avelange
7. Naughty Girl - John Kidd  

I presume it is an error. I think the DJ confused the UK artist "Johnny Kidd & The
Pirates" with an american band called simply the "Pirates" who realised a 45 on the
chase label in 1966 :

Pirates - Cuttin' Out / Naughty Girl

The two songs are available in the "Chase Records Vol. 1 - There's Got To Be A
Girl" compilation.

Nov 4, 10 WILK Wilkes-Barre 1970-07-26 / WILK ( Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania ) Damien Avelange
Hi to everyone.

I'd like to give some details about "Not A 45" songs from surveys. 

First : 68. I Could Cry - Morgan 

Is actually Grant Morgan - I Could Cry on Mercury 154.563 (1970) Flip side is
"Where He Wants A Woman"

First release in 1968 on Marmaduke records (M-4003) with "When I Want A Woman" on
the flip. The title is a little different than the '70 release.
Oct 29, 10 WOSH Oshkosh 1970-04-19 / WOSH ( Oshkosh, Wisconsin ) Kevin O'Donnell
I finally tried scanning in a jpeg image from home and it worked!