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Oct 8, 09 RE: E-mail option.... Listing Albums Rob Ellis
Let me throw in my 2 cents on this album matter.  It may not be clear how you enter
albums when you have both singles and albums on your survey (I know I had trouble
figuring it out).  After you enter the singles, if you display the chart again (not
the survey), youíll see the option to enter either singles or albums at the bottom
of the chart. You can then use either the auto fill feature or enter albums
separately.  Itís not hard if you know where to look. 

Jim, many thanks for all of your hard work, I donít know how you do it.  When I
first posted here two years ago, besides Gary (Mr. Survey) there wasnít much
consistent activity.  Now itís exploding, surveys being entered everyday by
different posters, and Iím sure that you, Gary and Tim are excited to see the
surge.  There has to have been a corresponding increase in your work.  I try to
help by matching my entries to those in the data base, so you donít have as much
correcting to do.  Iím sure it takes time to search for the new songs that you need
to add.  BTW you must have a tremendous selection of resources to find some of these

Question for you guys Ė why do you think that our survey population peaks in 1967
and follows a gradual curve downward both ways?   Was the peak of TOP 40 radio in
Oct 8, 09 E-mail option.... ARSA Jim
Kenn, the "private-e-mail" option occurred to me long before I ever posted either of
my requests here on Chart Chat. But while checking the "Friends" area of ARSA. Geno
has not provided any e-mail contact info in his ARSA profile, so it is simply not
an option for me in his case. Rick, as more of a "veteran ARSA contributor", I
surmised might be checking in here more regularly, so I was just trying to "kill
two birds" in one post here, to no avail, since this was the only way I could
attempt to communicate with Geno. But luckily, Rick has provided e-mail contact
info in his ARSA profile, and I was at least able to e-mail him, however. Hope that
sheds some light as to why I'd opted for the less-than-ideal "Chart Chat" option. 
Oct 8, 09 RE: Attention current WABC and WYSL keyers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! K.A. Scott
Hi Jim...

  Is is possible to send them a quick e-mail?  I've discovered over time that not
everyone checks in to the Chart Chat board on a regular basis...they could well be
unaware of the problem.


  - Kenn.
Oct 7, 09 Attention current WABC and WYSL keyers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARSA Jim
Jim here again, folks. Unfortunately, neither of the survey contributors who had
been leaving the LP info off of their recently added surveys have heeded my initial
request made of them last Sunday - both are still typing in just the singles info
from their surveys. I tried very hard not to "name names" earlier. But because of
this, perhaps they overlooked my earlier note. I am not angry, my friends, just
very swamped of late, and I really need your help here. I have already spent over 6
hours today on ARSA database maintenance. So I am sincerely requesting again that
both Rick Hy (WYSL 70's surveys)and Geno (WABC 70's surveys) please take note of my
earlier request. This is the 4th day in a row I've had to go in and manually add in
all LP info for the lists you both kindly continue to add in daily to ARSA. Thanks
for your help! 
Oct 4, 09 Be sure to include weekly "Top Album" survey info when adding s ARSA Jim
Hello friends, Jim here. First off, Tim, I just tried your new search feature -
nice! I just happened to notice tonight, during my daily ARSA maintenance, that two
of the surveys/scans added to ARSA today (Sunday, 10/4/09) had either a "Top 10" or
"Top 20" album list included on the scannned lists. But only the singles info was
actually keyed into ARSA by the two contributors. Tim has long had an entire area
of this site dedicated to reflect such album chart info. And we know from previous
"Two Cents" entries that we have many fans of these LP details. I just went in and
added in all the missing album info for the two surveys I just mentioned. But if,
going forward, all of our totally awesome survey contributors could make sure that
both the 45 and the LP info for their surveys are keyed in to ARSA, we can keep the
database as complete as humanly possible. Thanks!  
Oct 4, 09 New Chart Search Feature Tim Warden
Howdy folks,

Found a few hours and some inspiration and decided to work on a new chart search
feature.  It's still in "Beta" and there are still a few problems, but all in all,
it works good enough to post.

You'll notice that when looking at chart data for a survey, the "TW" and "LW"
fields are now links pointing to the Chart Position Search page.  If, for example,
you're looking at the KTKT survey for 2/22/69, you'll notice that Tyrone's "Can I
Change My Mind" is the number one song.  Click the "1" under the "TW" column and
you'll get a list of all the Number 1's for that week in the database.

On that page, there's a Select Search Criteria button which you can use to search
on TW, LW, Weeks On, Date, Artist, Title, Label, Station, City, State.  You can
even do a "Group By" (although it's still in Beta and known to have wonky

You can also select the columns for the report to list those things of interest to

So now you can, for example, look up all songs in, say, 1966 that were number 1
this week, but number 3 last week in Boston.

Hope you find it useful.  Now back to gardening... (grunt).
Oct 2, 09 RE: Not Satisfied in Boston A.R. Paine
I agree, Geno, "Satisfaction" is one of the greatest songs ever.  Were you tuned in
to WBZ at night?  The station may have played primarily easy listening in the
daytime.  In reviewing ARSA's '65 WBZ surveys, it appears that "Get Off Of My
Cloud" spent eight weeks in the Top 10. [No WBZ surveys from June to early August
have been contributed yet.]
"Satisfaction" must have been immensely popular in Boston as evidenced by its being
named the #2 song of all time in a 1967 WRKO poll.
Sep 25, 09 Not Satisfied in Boston Geno Rice
How come "Satisfaction" was not a hit in Boston?  I went to camp in Maine in the
summer of 65, and we listened to WBZ, and I was not aware of that song, the
greatest in history, till later.


Highland Park, NJ

Aug 31, 09 A few key-in tips.... ARSA Jim
Jim here, my friends. In my daily ARSA database accuracy duties, a few of the same
"clean-up" items require my manual attention to correct. No big deal, but I just
thought I'd bring up 3 of the most common errors to all of our terrific survey
keyer-inners, just in case they might apply to you:

1-If there are "Pic Hits" or "Hitbounds" at the end of a survey, you must also
include these songs at the end of the survey itself, after the numbered songs, or
ARSA will not know about/recognize/catalog these songs. What sometimes happens is
that some keyers will include/type in these "Pic Of The Week" songs at the start,
in the "Goodies" section, but then don't bother to also include these songs in with
the numbered survey songs.

2-Double-sided hits: In my own keying, I have found this to be the easiest way to
have ARSA correctly process these. Key in only one side of the two during your
initial key-in. (Try to make a mental note of this fact, so you remember to go back
at the end for a later adjustment.) Then, at the end of the survey songs, go ahead
and manually adjust the song # (to create a second #25, let's say.) Then add in the
"last week" # info for the other half of the double-sided hit as usual, if
applicable. Finally, add in the artist and title info for the second side. When you
then hit "Apply Changes", you will see that the B-side has automatically moved up to
where it belongs, next to the A-side. Sometimes ARSA has some trouble handling these
situations - but this way always works.

3-Label/catalog #'s - Most keyer-inners leave this to me, which I strongly prefer.
But I remember back when I first started at ARSA, in either the "Add Song" or "Edit
Song" screen, where Tim shows "Label & Catalog", followed by two empty blocks. It
took me a while to figure out that what Tim actually meant by this was that the
first block was for "label" and the second block was for "catalog". Early on, I
wrongly grouped in both pieces of data together, all in the first block (let's say,
"Capitol 2500"), instead of putting just "Capitol" into block one, and then just
"2500" into block two. When I later went to browse ARSA stats/reports, I noticed
that I had wrongly created a new label, called "Capitol 2500", which I didn't mean
to do. I wanted my Capitol 2500 45 to blend in with all of the other Capitol 45
releases. I did this by moving the "2500" number to the second block, and having
only "Capitol" in the first block; it's been golden every since. Hope some of these
tips prove helpful, gang! 
Aug 8, 09 New to this site David Jensen
I have a few copies of KNAK (Salt Lake City) charts that my nephew Robert Triptow
sent to me some years back. Holy crap, what memories! I worked for KNAK's rival
KCPX for a while and was responsible for photographing, printing up, cutting to
size, and getting ready for distribution of each and every week's new Top 100
I love talking about the oldies. Haven't had the time to look at many of the
previous entries.
Have one comment to make. I gave my nephew all my old 45's for Xmas many years ago.
One of them was "See Emily Play." The one thing that sticks in my mind about the 45
was that the group was called THE Pink Floyd. Ha-ha?
David Jensen
Jul 14, 09 CHUM/CHUM-FM K.A. Scott
Just added a couple of CHUM and CHUM-FM surveys -- everything's working fine now. 


- Kenn.
Jul 13, 09 Always something.... ARSA Jim
Hi Kenn, Jim here. I'm personally very surprised that the specific glitch you've
just hit has never come to light before, with over 10,000 surveys entered into
ARSA, but I believe you. Tell you what - the only quick way I can think of to work
around this new error message you hit is for me to go back in and temporarily
re-add the redundant "FM" band info with the call letter info, just for CHUM, until
Tim can get time to fix the little "bug" you just hit. Thanks for letting me/ARSA
know, Kenn!
Jul 13, 09 It's always something.... K.A. Scott
Hi Jim...

  Just went to enter a CHUM (AM) survey for 07/12/1980.   There is a CHUM-FM chart
I've entered for the same date that's already in the database. Anyway, when I go to
enter the CHUM AM chart, a message pops up that:

*** There is already a survey in the database with this chartdate & call.
Would you like to update the existing survey or create a new unique survey? ***

   The 'frequency', 'band' and 'format' boxes also autmatically flip over to
104.5/FM/AOR, instead of the 1050/AM/T40 that are appropriate in this case.  This
seems to happen even if I go over to "Add This Unique Survey".

  Not wanting to cause problems with the database, I've held off on entering any
info.  If someone (most likely Jim) could let me know how to proceed from here,
that'd be great!


  - Kenn.
Jul 11, 09 RE: CHUM/CHUM FM ARSA Jim
Hi, Kenn! Sounds like we're all on the same page here. I have met nothing but the
best folks here on ARSA, and certainly count you among them. So its full steam
ahead, my good man!   Jim
Jul 11, 09 CHUM/CHUM FM K.A. Scott
Hi Jim...

  As always, I point these little things out as I find them, with the full
expectation that sometimes things can't get solved easily, and that there are more
pressing matters to attend to elsewhere.  And that's perfectly fine!  I'm never
worried or offended if something isn't immediately acted upon -- and I particularly
appreciate your explanations behind the logic of the programming of the site.  

  So don't picture me as someone fuming that ARSA isn't working correctly -- I'm
not that at all!  Instead, picture me as a satisfied customer/contributor, who just
wants to ensure that any minor little glitches he finds don't turn into major
glitches somewhere down the line.  And who, unfortunately, doesn't have the
technical knowledge to make glitch assessments on his own, so forwards his
questions/observations to this posting board.  (In part, because I know any
quesstion I post here will be reviewed and commented upon both promptly and
thoroughly -- another reason this site rocks!)

  Hope that clarifies where I'm coming from!


  - Kenn.
Jul 11, 09 RE4: CHUM/CHUM-FM ARSA Jim
FYI, Kenn, that was Jim making that latest response! 
Jul 11, 09 RE3: CHUM/CHUM-FM ARSA Jim
Kenn, I believe your final statement is exactly correct (about the survey count
being the only currently "bad stat".) Tim often refers to a bunch of minor ARSA
"programming tidying-up correction issues" that he needs to get around to fixing
someday. I am pretty sure you could find quite a few of these minor ARSA system
flaws if you look hard enough. I really don't know what to say to you, Kenn,
because the same two things always come into play: 1-You will correctly spot a
minor ARSA flaw, and then want it explained/fixed, and, 2-We have the
hardest-working guy I know (Tim), who tells us he will fix these ARSA issues
whenever he can, but it could be a while. Kenn, I have personally been involved
with ARSA for most of its existance, and I've also notice many of the same things
you do at one time or another. Tim designed ARSA a certain way back in '03, and I
always try to work within his original ARSA system design. No system is perfect. To
keep my blood pressure down, I take a different approach, however. Sometimes, if
it's significant, I will let Tim know. If not, I won't-I don't like to bother Tim.
Then, I take him at his word, and then will just patiently "live with it" until he
can get to it. The reality is that Tim just doesn't really have the time to fix
most of this ARSA stuff. This "chill pill" philosophy has worked great for me over
the years. Kenn, you get to add your 2 cents to your hearts' content and, letter of
the law, you are almost always 100% correct. I just wanna reiterate that ARSA is
just a few folks with a few spare hours a week, volunteering their time and eforts.
Although I would like it to, I just don't think it is reasonable to expect the ARSA
system to work as well as, say, AT&T's master database of phone numbers, where they
have millions of paid, full-time employees working on it! Just my opinion, my good
friend. Your CHUM survey entries have been nothing short of an incredible ARSA
Jul 11, 09 RE2: CHUM/CHUM-FM K.A. Scott
Hi Jim...

  No problem -- I understand the explanation (I think).

  BUT...go to the "statistics" page, and then the "by station" page.  You'll see
that CHUM at 1050 AM is listed as having 513 surveys posted.  Only problem is,
that's not true.  There are only 413 CHUM 1050 AM surveys posted, along with 100
surveys for the completely different station CHUM 104.5 FM...

  That being said, if this error is only affecting this one page, then it's not
that big a deal.  I just want to make sure there aren't data-tracking implications
elsewhere in the database.


  - Kenn. 

Jul 10, 09 RE: CHUM/CHUM-FM ARSA Jim
Hi Kenn, Jim here. I knew you would soon be asking this exact question. Your answer
is that this is not an ARSA change/fix - ARSA has always been this way; it's just
that I only periodically go in and review/analyze/adjust any recently-added
stations, to comply with the ARSA standards built back in 2003. The "AM or FM" info
you initially added with the station call letters is already included elsewhere, and
is totally redundant. Tim has already long programmed a "band" column (either AM or
FM) which always appears, for both every ARSA station and every ARSA survey. Anyone
can already easily see which CHUM survey is AM or FM, by browsing either the "band"
or the "frequency" info found on the same line as the survey info. I know this will
make sense to you once you give Tim's design of the page a little more detailed
browse. Have a good wekend, sir! 
Jul 9, 09 CHUM/CHUM-FM K.A. Scott
Hi all...

  Just noticed CHUM and CHUM-FM have been lumped together in the statistics column
for some reason.  Any idea why?  They were and are two separate stations, on two
different frequencies, that issued two separate charts and shared none of the same
programming.  (Although they did have the same corporate parent.)


  - Kenn.