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Jan 22, 11 WLS Chicago RE: Thanks for havin' my back, Damien/John! ARSA Jim
As I recall, I stumbled upon a label scan for this song in my travels a while back,
and decided to enter it into the ARSA singles database, just in case it ever popped
up on a survey. It just did, thanks to John! I wear thick glasses (find me a
researcher worth his salt that doesn't!),  :)   and the thin 20th Century-Fox type
font used for this particular label scan obviously made it difficult for me to
distinguish/discern between the similar-looking capital letters "H" and "N". Thanks
as always for the helpful intervention, men!    -Jim
Jan 22, 11 WLS Chicago RE: 1961-02-25 / WLS ( Chicago, Illinois ) John Schwob
Damien - nice catch.  Of course, I never heard of her or the song, so I wouldn't
have known.  But since this is the first entry of that song into the data base, and
I didn't add the label/catalog number, could you have possibly have "one-upped" ARSA
Jan 22, 11 WLS Chicago 1961-02-25 / WLS ( Chicago, Illinois ) Damien Avelange
#37 Billie Jean Norton

The correct form is "Billie Jean Horton"

Flip side : I'd Give The World
Jan 21, 07 WCFL Chicago 1976-02-21 / WCFL ( Chicago, Illinois ) Tim Warden
A warm welcome to our newest contributor, Rob Price.  We're all looking forward to
seeing your collection and appreciate you helping us expand the survey archive. 
Feb 19, 06 WLS Chicago 1975-03-29 Tim Warden
This WLS chart is dated 1974, but is actually 1975.
Nov 8, 14 WIXY Cleveland RE2: 1973-09-28 / WIXY ( Cleveland, Ohio ) Geno Rice
Thanks everyone. Kenn, it's interesting that you mentioned breaking singles as on
1/15/1971, there were two World Premieres: Tom Jones' She's A Lady and Mungo
Jerry's Baby Jump. At least one of these went on to be a big hit!
Nov 6, 14 WIXY Cleveland RE: 1973-09-28 / WIXY ( Cleveland, Ohio ) K.A. Scott
Love these charts, Geno.  Cleveland radio during this era had a very strong
reputation for breaking new acts and new singles, and these charts are the place to
see if they earned that rep.   This is stuff you can't find anywhere but here --
looking forward to the rest of '73 and forward!
Nov 4, 14 WIXY Cleveland RE: 1973-09-28 / WIXY ( Cleveland, Ohio ) Gary Pfeifer
Appreciate your efforts, Geno! Many thanks!
Nov 3, 14 WIXY Cleveland 1973-09-28 / WIXY ( Cleveland, Ohio ) Geno Rice
If anyone's interested, this is the last of the series (1971-1973) I got from the
microfilm newspaper at the Cleveland Public Library. I spent a full day there. I'll
be able to get more (1973-?) sometime in the spring of 2015.
Jul 23, 06 WHK Cleveland Welcome Joe Madigan Tim Warden
Joe is our newest contributor who brings along his collection of WHK, WKYC and WIXY
surveys.  Joe is the Station Manager at KJCU FM and WJCU-TV 4 and host of Retro
Radio.  Check out his website at
Jul 27, 14 WCOL Columbus RE: 1968-07-01 / WCOL ( Columbus, Ohio ) Lee Tucker
Hi Tim

My copy of the image for this survey is also a little blurry but after looking at
it closer, I now believe the survey listing was "1000 Faces" by "1000 Faces" rather
than Long Faces and have edited the survey to reflect this.  In 1968, there an
obscure Psych-Garage Band called The Thousand Faces who release an obscure single
Titled "A Thousand Faces" on Era 3197 and now I believe this to be the song listed
on this survey.  I've attached an image of this 45 as Image #2 for this survey for
you to view and see what you think. Hope this helps and sorry for the extra work.

Cheers - Lee   
Jul 27, 14 WCOL Columbus 1968-07-01 / WCOL ( Columbus, Ohio ) Tim Warden
Hi Lee,

I'm trying to research the obscure "Long Faces" entry.  On the scan for the survey,
it looks like the label might be A&M, but it's too blurry to be sure.  In any case,
I can't find any A&M single of that period that would match.  The only thing that
comes close would be Alice Long.  Would you happen to have an original of the scan
that you could confirm the label?  Even better, does anyone have a WCOL from the
previous weeks that might confirm whether or not there is an error?

Feb 1, 04 WCOL Columbus RE: 1965-02-01 - WCOL Columbus, Ohio Tim Warden
I suspect it might be an error in the survey -- I can't find any evidence of a
"Dusty" by the Stones, B-Side or otherwise.  There was, however, the Rag Dolls'
"Dusty" (Mala 493) which entered Billboard 01/23/65.  "Dusty" is also listed in the
WSAI survey for 01/09/65.
Feb 1, 04 WCOL Columbus 1965-02-01 - WCOL Columbus, Ohio Gary Pfeifer
 "Dusty" by the Rolling Stones at No. 29?!?  Anyone ever
heard of it?  Must be a typo.
Apr 4, 09 WGTO Cypress Gardens 1970-04-04 / WGTO ( Cypress Gardens, Florida ) Rob Price
I was really struck by how different the tunes on the WGTO survey were from the two
St. Louis surveys (KIRL and KXOK) featured from the same week. And not regional
songs---just weird timing. Seems like WGTO was way late on a lot of these---most of
their Top 10 were songs that peaked nationally in February or March, and a bunch of
the huge April hits charting in St. Louis ("ABC," "Instant Karma," "American
Woman," "Spirit In The Sky") are nowhere to be found in the WGTO 40. But on the
other hand, GTO's got the Robin McNamara record listed, which was much more of a
summertime hit. Lots of really obscure tunes getting airplay down south as well.
Seems like they were hanging onto a lot of the 60's acts that the rest of the
country had given up on (Union Gap, Association, Box Tops, Righteous Bros.) Must
have been an interesting station...
Mar 28, 13 KLIF Dallas 1966-02-12 / KLIF ( Dallas, Texas ) Joe Martin
Interesting that about 6 of the listings are from the Dallas/Texas area. The
Chessmen were from Denton, a town North of Dallas. Scotty McKay was another local
as was Mouse.
Dec 1, 14 WJLB Detroit RE: 1967-12-25 / WJLB ( Detroit, Michigan ) Geno Rice
OH, way to go Kenn! Thanks, they're excellent.
Dec 1, 14 WJLB Detroit 1967-12-25 / WJLB ( Detroit, Michigan ) K.A. Scott
Hi Geno...

Managed to decipher a couple of those semi-legible low-res entries for you -- take
a look at the chart entries and see if you agree!


- Kenn.
Sep 29, 11 WABX Detroit RE2: 1983-10-21 / WABX ( Detroit, Michigan ) ARSA Jim
Paul, Kenn nailed it exactly. Even though an ARSA algorithm temporarily mis-assigned
that 45's data to a different song, not to worry - it won't (and didn't) stay that
way for very long - even if a "black dot" appears. I normally get a few of those
every week; it's just an automatic part of my daily ARSA cleanup routine. And, like
Kenn said, if a couple of days goes by and it's still wrong, then feel free to Chart
Chat me. But, especially during the first 24 hours after you've keyed it in, be
patient, because I'll 99.9% have both found it/fixed it myself by the next morning.
In other news, Paul, I have NO idea how you've found surveys for stations like WNBC
and WBLI. They're both highly desired and highly elusive. Like Kenn, I wanna extend
a major thanks to you for your incredible surveys contributions to ARSA of late.
Thanks to our other terrific "regular keyers" as well. Man, we're on fire!    -ARSA
Sep 29, 11 WABX Detroit RE: 1983-10-21 / WABX ( Detroit, Michigan ) K.A. Scott
Thanks for flagging this, Paul!  The Was (Not Was) single hasn't been entered into
the database yet, but ARSA's 'title recognition' program found what it thought was
a close-enough match and linked it up. 

Thanks to your catching this, ARSA Jim will enter the Was (Not Was) single into the
database ASAP -- knowing him, probably before nightfall -- and then link the correct
single to the chart.

As always, loving the 80s charts, Paul!