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Feb 9, 10 KSJB Jamestown RE: 1967-11-26 / KSJB ( Jamestown, North Dakota ) Gary Pfeifer
 Good catch, Jim.  The 11-26-67 survey is in error and should be deleted, but I
don't see an option available to me to do so.  I will contact Tim, unless you have
a way of deleting it.
Feb 8, 10 KSJB Jamestown 1967-11-26 / KSJB ( Jamestown, North Dakota ) ARSA Jim
Gary, while doing some routine ARSA maintenance tonight, I stumbled onto the fact
that this exact same list appears twice, but because of a two-day difference in the
survey's date, it didn't show up as a dupe. Maybe you'll want to check into this at
some point - thanks!   -Jim
Dec 22, 13 WHB Kansas City RE4: 1978-05-03 / WHB ( Kansas City, Missouri ) Lee Tucker

JPEG e-mail attachments should work just fine.  I will be out of town from
Christmas day through December 29 but will be happy to contribute them in your name
to ARSA shortly after I return.  Looking forward to receiving them and hope you have
a wonderful holiday season.  Cheers

Dec 21, 13 WHB Kansas City RE3: 1978-05-03 / WHB ( Kansas City, Missouri ) Alan Linquist
I can e-mail  them. There are three or four that I can send as jpgs.  It will be
some time over the holiday.  thanks, alan
Dec 21, 13 WHB Kansas City RE2: 1978-05-03 / WHB ( Kansas City, Missouri ) Lee Tucker

I am missing quite a number of 1966 & 1967 WHB 40 Star Surveys that I'd love to get
copies of and the timing would be perfect as I'm currently contributing all of my
1966 surveys and will be starting 1967 soon.  I'd be more than happy to contribute
any you have to the ARSA data base courtesy of you.  Probably the easiest way to do
this would be for you to scan them and e-mail the image to me as an attachment at  If you'd rather, I'll provide my mailing address and
you can mail me a paper copy or save an image to a thumb drive and I'll do the
scanning and uploading to ARSA. Let me know and am very much looking forward to
hearing from you.   

Happy Holidays!   -  Lee
Dec 21, 13 WHB Kansas City RE: 1978-05-03 / WHB ( Kansas City, Missouri ) Alan Linquist
I have a few surveys from 1966 that you can add.  Please let me know how I can
provide them.  Thanks.  ALan
Jun 14, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE5: FBI Virus Lee Tucker
Tim, Gary

I too am glad to hear you've checked the site and that it's clean. I was afraid
that maybe I had infected the site as it was shortly after I had sent a survey
image upline to the site that the virus reared it's ugly head. I deleted the survey
and survey image shortly thereafter via another computer, but you never know and
it's good to know I didn't infect the site and that it's clean.  Lots more surveys
to come.  Cheers.

    - Lee       
Jun 11, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE5: FBI Virus Lee Tucker
Tim, Gary, Ken and all

Thanks for your kind words the past couple of days and I'm certainly glad no one
else in the ARSA gang has had to deal with the FBI Virus as it's quite a pain. I've
been off site the last couple of days as the Best Buy Geek Squad has had our
computer to clean it up.  It appears that our Webroot Spyware failed us and left us
vulnerable to the FBI Virus which we contracted from some booby trapped website or
social media site. We're all cleaned up now and I plan to be back on site tomorrow
AM.  Cheers!

     - Lee   
Jun 11, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE4: FBI Virus Gary Pfeifer
 Thanks, Tim!  I suspected the site was clean but best to be 100% sure.  Keep the
surveys coming, guys!
Jun 10, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE3: FBI Virus Tim Warden
Guys, I've done a cursory check of the site and I can assure you there are no
viruses or Trojan horses lurking.  The site is clean and free (knock on wood) of
viri.  If there were an intruder, it would be evident in the logs and file names
and mod dates.... everything is clean, so I think the virus you discovered was from
some other site.  While I may not spend a ton of time on this particular part of the
site, I can assure you is clean.  Best regards. -- Tim
Jun 7, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE2: FBI Virus K.A. Scott
Hi Lee...

  That would have been a scary couple of minutes! Glad you didn't fall for the

  On a brighter note, I see you've finished up your '65 surveys, and are now into
'66.  I always look forward to seeing your contributions, and eagerly await the
charts of 1966!


  - Kenn.

Jun 7, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE2: FBI Virus Gary Pfeifer

   Thanks for the heads-up - I hadn't heard of this one before.  Glad you were able
to remove it fairly easily and are back on ARSA.  Your contributions are always most
welcome and we very much appreciate & thank you for your efforts!
Jun 7, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE: FBI Virus Lee Tucker
Please don't anyone think that I'm suggesting that ARSA is/was the culprit in my
contracting the FBI Virus yesterday or that ARSA is unsafe.  I'm back on Chart-Chat
and keying-in surveys today so I obviously feel that the site is safe and that it
was merely a coincidence that the event occurred while keying-in a survey
yesterday.  My intent was merely to give ARSA regulars a heads-up concerning the
FBI Virus if they are, like I was, not already familiar with it for it can be
somewhat alarming.  It was fairly easy (although it can be somewhat costly
depending on how infected your files are))to remove it.  ARSA is a great site and
will continue to be a large part of my daily activities although I may have to
rethink the websites I visit to download surveys/images, but I am in no way
suggesting that ARSA is unsafe.  

Jun 7, 13 KBEQ Kansas City FBI Virus Lee Tucker
Just a heads-ups for everyone.  In the middle of keying in a survey to the ARSA data
base yesterday afternoon, my computer locked up, displayed an FBI Badge along with
my photo from my webcam, and my user's IP address and username on the screen.  It
also contained a disclaimer that I had been blocked from the internet for viewing
or downloading illegal content like child porn or other taboo websites and that the
only way I could be granted access to the internet again was by paying $400 through
Green Dot MoneyPack.  I called the FBI as I was unaware of the FBI Virus Scam (I
guess it's been around awhile)and it was pretty scary stuff for a few minutes,
especially the webcam photo. I have since learned that most people contract this
virus from emails and different social media links as well as from websites that
are booby trapped.  I don't know if ARSA has been booby trapped, but this happened
while I was on ARSA so heads-up.  
May 9, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE3: My Network Anomaly? Lee Tucker
Thanks Kenn and Cary.  Looks like the problem is on this end as I suspected it
probably was.  We've had some real internet issues here lately; we lost it for a
couple of days in April and most of the day earlier this week.  I've never been
thrilled with Century Link and if our house wasn't on the market, I'd switch our
internet provider immediately; I'll definitely use another provider after our
relocation.  I can live with the issue for now and maybe I'll switch to Chrome and
see if it goes away. Thanks again!!

May 9, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE2: My Network Anomaly? CARY LINIGER
No problem here either and I do have Internet Explorer
May 9, 13 KBEQ Kansas City RE: My Network Anomaly? K.A. Scott
I haven't had this problem -- the site has been loading and working perfectly for
me.  Note, though, that I don't use Internet Explorer. 


- Kenn.  
May 9, 13 KBEQ Kansas City My Network Anomaly? Lee Tucker
Hi all.  I'm curious if anyone else is experiencing what I'm about to describe or if
it's a recent anomaly with our network (we've had network issues recently).  When
I'm logged on and click on a survey image I'm contributing or one already in the
database, it is increasingly returning a blank page with blue spinning circle,
followed by the statement "A problem with this webpage has caused Internet Explorer
to close and reopen this page."  Additionally, it sometimes returns a statement "We
were unable to return you to  Internet Explorer has stopped trying
to restore this website as it appears that the website continues to have a problem."
and then gives me three "What you can do" options.  A few times it has "kicked me
out" of ARSA forcing me to sign in again.  This is not a showstopper, rather a
minor inconvenience, but I was just curious if anyone else is experiencing similar
occurrences or if it's a network anomaly on my end.  Cheers! 
May 2, 13 WHB Kansas City RE: 1968-07-07 / WHB ( Kansas City, Missouri ) Gary Pfeifer
 I am not able to delete the incorrect 7/7/68 WHB survey.  I'll email Tim as he's
the only one who can delete it at this time.
May 2, 13 WHB Kansas City 1968-07-07 / WHB ( Kansas City, Missouri ) CARY LINIGER
It seems that I have posted the 1968-06-07 WHB survey twice, once for the correct
date and again as the 1968-07-07 survey. The 7-7-68 WHB survey needs to be deleted.