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May 14, 04 RE: Medium Market Midwest Radio from 60's and 70's Tim Warden
Welcome aboard, Bryan.  I've sent you an e-mail detailing how to contribute. 
Looking forward to having you help us preserve radio history!

Kind regards,

May 14, 04 Medium Market Midwest Radio from 60's and 70's Bryan Bradford
To anyone interested who runs this website, I just became a member and would like to
contribute if I may. Someone please inform me how I may add surveys OR airchecks.


Bryan Bradford - KBOB
Feb 26, 04 RE2: What's New In ARSA Tim Warden
Albums! Albums! Albums!

I've added all the chart logic for albums and have begun the process of updating
existing surveys that contain album charts.  We're over 200 albums, and it's only
the first day.  Already, quite a few of these albums never charted in the "major"
Feb 24, 04 RE: What's New In ARSA Tim Warden
Just added an Advanced Search function to the surveys page.  Click the advanced
button to enter additional search criteria or refine your search, such as "Format
is Progressive" or "Chart Week less than 1967-12-31", etc.  It's not perfect, but
it seems to work OK.  I'll add a help page one of these days...
Feb 12, 04 What's New In ARSA Tim Warden
Fixed an alignment problem displaying survey headlines where first line was not
centered.  Problem: some headlines were pre-formatted (i.e. pre-centered), some
were not.  Now looking for spaces at beginning of headline to determine if headline
is pre-formatted, in which case we won't center.
Jan 18, 04 Want List... Tim Warden
I would really love to find a copy or a scan of the KTKT Tucson / Gap Jeans Top 40
Radio guide.  It was a listing of Top 40 radio stations across the country,
published in the early to mid-70s.  The front cover had a lovely young lass in a
pair of unbuttoned GAP jeans with a low-cut v-neck top and their slogan at the
time, "Fall into the Gap."
Jan 15, 04 Two Cents -- A Radio Survey Forum Tim Warden
Two Cents is the place to exchange banter about the surveys, stations, music and
programming trends you see in the ARSA pages.

You can start general threads in the "Two Cents" browser page by clicking the "Add
My 2" button below.  You'll find that same "Add My 2" button in survey & station
listings pages.  Adding a thread from a survey page links the thread to the survey
and its associated radio station.  Replying to a message will add your reply to the

Anyone can browse the Two Cents entries, but only members can contribute.
Membership is free -- you'll need to fill in a short form with your name & e-mail.
(No, you won't get unsolicited mail, and we won't give out your email address to
anyone.)  You can find the membership form in the home page.

The Two Cents section was implemented in about a day -- so don't be surprised if
you find bugs or logic problems.  And if you do find bugs? - please let me know.


Oct 4, 14 WCUE Akron RE2: 1975-06-18 / WCUE ( Akron, Ohio ) Tim Warden
Likely mismatched because that was one of the early surveys added in 2004 when the
matching engine wasn't nearly as accurate.  Cheers.
Oct 2, 14 WCUE Akron RE: 1975-06-18 / WCUE ( Akron, Ohio ) Gary Pfeifer
 Have no idea why it was mis-directing but it's corrected now. Thanks!
Oct 2, 14 WCUE Akron 1975-06-18 / WCUE ( Akron, Ohio ) Paul H.

For some reason the Elvis Presley song at #29 on this survey ("T-R-O-U-B-L-E") is
sorting under his later hit "Moody Blue".
Oct 2, 11 WHLO Akron RE: 1960-10-01 / WHLO ( Akron, Ohio ) ARSA Jim
Gotcha, Rick. I was the one who misunderstood what you meant there - my apologies to
you! Some old surveys will "joke-spell", or try to incorporate their call
letters/station nickname in song title/artist info. That was your initial point.
Rick, you've always done a great job in correcting what you can correct for me
before I ever see a survey. And while it is true that the "magic dot" does apeear
in error at times, for your purposes, just keep doing it the way you've always done
it. Many thanks as always, buddy!     -Jim
Oct 2, 11 WHLO Akron 1960-10-01 / WHLO ( Akron, Ohio ) Rick Hy
Jim, don't worry, you never offend.  Anything that I can do to make your job easier,
just let me know. I may have made an incorrect assumption ... that once I have keyed
in a song, if the dot appears ... everything is alright. In typing in the charts I
try to make all corrections to minimize the extra work you have to do. That's why I
don't type the charts as is , mistakes and all. Examples of deliberate mistakes on
this chart were "Under the Rainbow" by the Dimensions, S'NOW OR S'NEVER by Elvis
Presley, "What a Dream" by Conway Twitwhistle  and many more like these. They did
this on the chart for some time. As long as I had the chart to show, I thought I
would mention it if someone wanted to check it out while typing them in correctly
so I wouldn't provide more work for you. However you want me to proceed, let me
know. I have many more KRUX charts to key in. Thanks for the heads up ... have a
good day!
Jul 20, 15 WFBG Altoona 1967-02-08 / WFBG ( Altoona, Pennsylvania ) Geno Rice
Hi All, 

TW #19 has incorrect artist. It should be Cannonball Adderley.
Nov 5, 10 WNRR Appleton RE: 1970-07-18 / WNRR ( Appleton, Wisconsin ) Gary Pfeifer
 There is a size limitation of about 500kb per image file uploaded.  I suspect the
original file you attempted to upload exceeded this.  I've had to compress some
survey image files before I ARSA was able to accept it.
Nov 5, 10 WNRR Appleton 1970-07-18 / WNRR ( Appleton, Wisconsin ) Kevin O'Donnell
I finally got this survey image to upload.  I had to break down the survey into two
pages, resembling the size of the front cover, so maybe one can only upload so much
space.  At least it worked!  WOO-HOO!
Dec 21, 13 KKXX Bakersfield RE: 1980-07-14 / KKXX ( Bakersfield, California ) Gary Pfeifer
  Corrected - Thanks!
Dec 20, 13 KKXX Bakersfield 1980-07-14 / KKXX ( Bakersfield, California ) K.A. Scott
Just a heads up -- The Rolling Stones track "Dance (Part 1)" on this survey is
currently redirecting to "If I Was A Dancer (Dance Part 2)".  


- Kenn.
Mar 20, 15 WEBB Baltimore RE: 1966-08-15 / WEBB ( Baltimore, Maryland ) K.A. Scott
Ha!  No sooner had I typed this than it was done.  Thanks!


- Kenn.
Mar 20, 15 WEBB Baltimore 1966-08-15 / WEBB ( Baltimore, Maryland ) K.A. Scott
Hi Geno...

  Loving the R&B charts you've been entering recently!

  Are you aware that you can (and really should) enter both sides of a two-sided
hit into the database?  For the #2 entry on this chart, enter it as two separate

 2	3	 	Manhattans	Can I
 2	3	 	Manhattans	That New Girl

 This way, it's easy to look up which stations were playing "That New Girl" via the

 Thanks, and looking forward to seeing what other charts you've got for us!


  - Kenn.

May 3, 12 WCAO Baltimore 1962-06-30 / WCAO ( Baltimore, Maryland ) Lee Tucker

Just a heads-up; the Vincent Edwards album did not receive the ARSA "Magic Bullet"