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Mar 13, 11 KCKN Kansas City RE2: 1968-06-29 / KCKN ( Kansas City, Kansas ) John Schwob
Jim,  thanks for the warning about the non-Top40 charts because WIL in St. Louis
which was the #2 Top 40 station for most of the 60's behind KXOK, turned to C&W
format in the late 60s and its FM counterpart (WIL-FM) started playing Top 40.  I
have a few of the WIL-FM Top 40 charts to enter, but I have about 20 of the AM C&W
Charts.  So I will try to space out the C&W charts, especially since they are
non-consecutive and have 50 songs on the chart - no doubt more than a couple of the
songs are likely to not be in the data base.  Thus, I will space them out according
to how many magic dots do not appear.  Lots of missing dots - I'll space them out,
few missing dots, I'll enter them more frequently.  I sure don't want to be the one
to stand between Jim and his beloved pasta!!!!!!
Mar 12, 11 KCKN Kansas City RE: 1968-06-29 / KCKN ( Kansas City, Kansas )
Lee: My friend, you did absolutely nothing wrong! You and our other "ARSA
key-in-warriors" are the best!!!!!! I have actually discovered over time that these
"specialty" surveys quite often feature some pretty obscure songs. Some folks have
seen/own these 45s, but they don't know exactly when they were "current". For big
hit songs, this info is never in question. But these "specialty" surveys often
provide the only real definitive timeline for a small label, much more obscure
record. I can't tell you how often on-line sellers are unsure of a 45's release
date, and just "guess", based on the sound of the record. I'm just asking that
keyers stagger entry of such specialty lists, by approx. 48-72 hours, so I can
avoid a double/triple than normal ARSA "work day", that's all. I obviously like
doing this kind of thing!
     Here's my thinking on your yearend "Top Hits" lists question: I noticed that
our fearless ARSA CEO (Tim), put a few of those type lists into ARSA years ago, and
I also have a bunch to enter in (busy!!!). The way Tim did it was to enter a chart
date of 1969-00-00 (for a 1969 yearend list, for example.) I thought that was a
brilliant way to approach it. So if that makes sense to you, by all means, please
add them in that way. Have a great weekend, Lee - it's all good!!!  -Jim
Mar 12, 11 KCKN Kansas City 1968-06-29 / KCKN ( Kansas City, Kansas ) Lee Tucker
Jim - So sorry for the additional work that I apparently caused you; that's the last
thing that I want to do at any time but especially not on someone's valuable
weekend.  When I hit Apply Changes on this survey, I noticed that very few of the
songs had the Magic Bullet and I looked for a way to delete the survey but couldn't
find one. I never dreamed that it would take 3.5 hours to resolve the Magic Bullet
or I never would have keyed in the second KCKN survey.  I've only got one KCKN
survey left and now that I am aware of the problem non-T40 surveys cause, I won't
be keying it or any others in.  Again, I'm so sorry for the problem and if we ever
meet I'll buy you a cold one or beverage of your choice.  BTW, I've got two WHB Top
71 of the Year Surveys and one KBEQ Top 100 of the Year Survey; any problem if I key
these in?  If so, I'll let it go.  Have a great rest of your weekend!
Mar 9, 11 WHB Kansas City WHB ( Kansas City, Missouri ) 40 Star Surveys Lee Tucker
Thanks John; good to hear from another Mid-Westerner.  I've enjoyed your KXOK
Surveys as I was stationed at Scott AFB there in Belleville, Il from July 1969-Jan
1971 and would have contributed some of these if you had not already done so.  I've
tried E-Bay with no luck thus far; never thought about Craig's List so I'll give it
a try.  Thanks again.   
Mar 8, 11 WHB Kansas City RE: WHB ( Kansas City, Missouri ) 40 Star Surveys John Schwob
Lee, greetings from another midwesterner - from the other side of the state - St.
Louis.  I've enjoyed looking at your surveys.  I have almost the same experience
with the surveys from St. Louis - except, luckily, my mom didn't throw them away. 
In fact, she threw nothing away!!!! So I have entered over 400 KXOK surveys and I
just bought 117 of them from the 70s on ebay.  Paid too much for them, but I know a
bunch of them are ones I don't have - so I am looking forward to entering them.  I
check ebay once a week. I have bought a few of them there.  You might also try
Craig's list.  Good luck!!!!

John Schwob
Mar 8, 11 WHB Kansas City WHB ( Kansas City, Missouri ) 40 Star Surveys Lee Tucker
I have thoroughly enjoyed contributing more than 200 WHB 40 Star Surveys that I
received from the station upon my release from the Air Force in 1971 or was able to
locate on-line; however, I am now down to my last 7 (not counting a couple of Top 71
Hits of the year surveys) and seem to have exhausted all on-line sources. I have
many more surveys from other radio stations that I plan to contribute; however, I
came of age in the 60s listening to WHB and would be greatful if anyone could turn
me on as to where I might be able to acquire/buy more their 40 Star Surveys,
especially from the 1963-1967 era.  I once had these but they were thrown away when
I left home for the Air Force in July 1967. Any help would be greatly appreciated
and it goes without saying that I would contribute them to the data base. 
Additionally, does anyone contribute Top Hits of the Year Surveys; I have three of
these but don't want to contribute them if they're not welcome.  I thoroughly enjoy
this website and hope to continue contributing for a long time.     
Feb 20, 06 WKIN Kingsport 1977-01-17 Tim Warden
Although dated 1976, this survey is actually from January 17, 1977.
Nov 27, 12 CKLC Kingston RE2: 1969-08-30 / CKLC ( Kingston, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Thanks for taking the time to respond, Gary!  I think indicating an unspecified date
in October is probably the best solution ... at least until some more CKLC surveys
from the fall of 1969 show up. 
Nov 27, 12 CKLC Kingston RE: 1969-08-30 / CKLC ( Kingston, Ontario ) Gary Pfeifer

   Good catch!  From the case you've presented, I would certainly agree that the
8/30/69 date on this survey is incorrect and that a date sometime in October is
much more reasonable.  I like using the Beatles' Something/Come Together as a
baseline as I would think all radio stations (large and small markets) would have
added it very quickly after release.

  Excluding this survey, Something's first appearance (based on charts in ARSA) is
WPOP's 9/22/69 survey with a handful of other adds in late September.  By the first
ten days in October, it looks like everyone was on it.  If it premiered on CKLC
during this time and the survey in question is the song's third appearance, the
third or fourth week in October appears a reasonable guess.  This would put The
Band's Cripple Creek premier in line with other stations too.

  Whether the CKLC survey should have been 10/30/69 we'll never know, unless the
previous or subsequent weeks' survey appear at some point.  I can modify it to an
unspecified date in October though.  Any thoughts??
Nov 26, 12 CKLC Kingston 1969-08-30 / CKLC ( Kingston, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Hi all...

  While we're on the subject of confusing dates, check out this survey, which
clearly has the date "August 30, 1969" printed right on it.  It's my feeling that
this date has GOT to be in error.  Look at the #4 track on it, "Something"/"Come
Together" by The Beatles.  No other ARSA survey has these tracks listed on any
chart dated before September 22 ... but not only is this little station in
Kingston, Ontario playing these tracks on August 30 -- this is the *third* week
these songs are on the chart!  

  What's really incredible is that these songs' *first* week on the chart would
have therefore been August 16...and the Beatles only finished recording "Something"
on August 15th!  (Neither song was commercially released until the Abbey Road LP
came out on September 26th in the UK, and a few days later in North America; the
double A-side single came out about a week later.) 

  So it's my feeling that the August 30 date for this survey has got to be a typing
error on the original chart.  Other oddities include The Band's "Up On Cripple
Creek", supposedly charting on CKLC a full six weeks before any other station in
North America (and also three weeks before the song was issued on LP, and three
*months* before a single was commercially available); "Tracy" by The Cuff Links
enjoying its second week at #1, whereas at the same time, it was only a just-issued
hitbound track everywhere else on the continent...

  My best guess is that the actual survey date should be October 30, not August 30.
But what do you folks think?  


  - Kenn.   
Mar 12, 12 WLCX La Crosse 1960-03-11 / WLCX ( La Crosse, Wisconsin ) Paul Haney
Wow!  I was very surprised/delighted to see this survey on the site.  I went to
college 30 minutes north of La Crosse and (mis)spent many a night on 3rd Street
back in the day.  Thanks for posting this one, Rick.  If you've got any more from
La Crosse, please post them!
May 15, 11 WILS Lansing 1976-03-22 / WILS ( Lansing, Michigan ) Dave Timpe
I was up in Escanaba in 76, but when I came home for a weekend, I'd catch up on what
was going on in AOR on WILS-FM.  This is about what I remember them playing.  Didn't
know they were publishing charts in that era.
May 15, 11 WILS Lansing 1964-03-16 / WILS ( Lansing, Michigan ) Dave Timpe
At this time, Hank Stevens would have been the morning man, 6a-10a, Gene Healy 10-2
(or 3), Erik-O (Erik O. Furseth) 2 (or 3) to 6 or 7, ab Carey 6 or 7 to Mid.  I
don't think Jim Eaton was the overnight man (who mainly played jazz, and probably
wouldn't have picked Bob & Earl), but I can't remember his name.
May 15, 11 WJIM Lansing 1964-05-01 / WJIM ( Lansing, Michigan ) Dave Timpe
Can't remember a WJIM chart ever looking like this one, at least not the ones that
were put in record stores.  I think this might have actually been put up in the
control room or maybe it was sent out to distributors.  The 64 charts looked about
the same as the 65 one that's posted here, as I recall.
May 15, 11 WJIM Lansing 1965-11-26 / WJIM ( Lansing, Michigan ) Dave Timpe
I was a part-timer (Jim Davids) there at the time.  Somebody in the office typed
them up, and may never have actually listened to the station (it definitely played
second fiddle to TV in Hal Gross's scheme of things).  Hence the typos.  Most of
their charts also featured a song lyric on the flip side.
Dec 17, 13 KGFJ Los Angeles RE3: 1968-12-22 / KGFJ ( Los Angeles, California ) Gary Pfeifer
  For the time being, I've changed both to March 1969, although I believe a good
case could be made for April also.
Dec 17, 13 KGFJ Los Angeles RE2: 1968-12-22 / KGFJ ( Los Angeles, California ) K.A. Scott
Well, according to my sources, "The Composer" wasn't commercially released until
March 27, 1969.  And the accompanying album wasn't issued until May 26, so it
wasn't an album cut.  Which means that a March or April chart date does seem more
Dec 17, 13 KGFJ Los Angeles RE: 1968-12-22 / KGFJ ( Los Angeles, California ) Gary Pfeifer
  Jeff - I see what you mean and the same holds true for the KGFJ 1/5/69 survey
also.  Unfortunately, I was only provided with the typed up surveys with no images
available to confirm a date.  A large number of the songs did seem to peek around
March 1969 elsewhere and one, "Polk Salad Annie", didn't chart anywhere else until
May 1969 but I guess they could have been early on that one.  

  I could change these both to March 1969 unless anyone else has some insight as to
a more definite date.
Dec 17, 13 KGFJ Los Angeles 1968-12-22 / KGFJ ( Los Angeles, California ) J. A. Theroux
I couldn't help but notice that many of the titles on this survey became hits two
months or more after the posted date for this survey.  I suspect the actual survey
date is closer to March or April of 1969.  Whatever it is, it's nice to see more
R&B charts in ARSA.
Dec 9, 12 KHJ Los Angeles RE: 1969-10-29 / KHJ ( Los Angeles, California ) Gary Pfeifer
This error has been lurking for over seven years!  Thanks for uncovering it, Kenn. 
The proper transcript and database entries are now in place for the 10/29/69 KHJ