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Jul 2, 06 RE: St. Louis Missouri top 40 Surveys Gary Pfeifer
>I just discovered this terrific web site and I have >hundreds and hundreds of top
40 radio station surveys for >St. Louis radios stations in the 60s and 70s.  I
>love to contribute them to this site.  But I can't find a >place that will tell me
how can I can contribute.  Can >someone let me know how I can help.

  Send an email to the website's owner, Tim Warden, at and he can grant you access along with help files on how to
Jun 29, 06 RE: No updates lately? Joe Madigan
I wonder the same thing. I have received no reply on how to upload surveys onto this
site. This is the largest compilation of surveys I have ever seen and I would like
to see it grow.

--- Joe Madigan
Jun 28, 06 No updates lately? John Gallagher
Haven't seen any newly added surveys since the June 14th WISM.
Hope this site will continue!

Jun 22, 06 RE: St. Louis Missouri top 40 Surveys Joe Madigan
Hi John,

I'm in the same boat as well. I have surveys from WIXY, KYW/WKYC, and WHK that I'd
like to post, but can't figure out how to get them uploaded. 

Can anyone out there in radioland help us out? Thanks!

--- Joe Madigan
Jun 14, 06 St. Louis Missouri top 40 Surveys John Schwob
I just discovered this terrific web site and I have hundreds and hundreds of top 40
radio station surveys for St. Louis radios stations in the 60s and 70s.  I would
love to contribute them to this site.  But I can't find a place that will tell me
how can I can contribute.  Can someone let me know how I can help.
Jun 9, 06 Winger Dave Null
Up All Night
Apr 21, 06 RE: 4/18/73 WAXC Survey Gary Pfeifer
> The DJ pictured is actually Larry White. 

  I made the correction.  Thanks.
Apr 19, 06 4/18/73 WAXC Survey John Gallagher
The DJ pictured is actually Larry White. At one point in the late 80's, I had worked
with a General Manager who worked with Larry at one time.
Mar 26, 06 Where are they now...? John Gallagher
What a FABULOUS site! So many memories. Wouldn't it be wonderful if some of those
long lost DJ's pictured on some of these surveys knew about this site and commented
on "where are they now" or, family members could fill in the answers to the question
and let us know of their status these days.

Wishful thinking I guess. 
Mar 7, 06 Singles Chart Activity Tim Warden
We've improved the graphics used to show chart movement for singles.  A small color
arrow now clearly indicates how a single is progressing over time.  It's
interesting to see the date at which a single stops climbing and beings falling. 
Try Good Morning Starshine or Roundabout to see what I mean.  The
color contrast also makes it easy to see those stations that were latecomers to
pick up a hit.  Have fun!
Mar 6, 06 Enhanced Stations View Tim Warden
I've improved the station page to include a listing of all the surveys for that
station, listed in chronological order.  This listing indicates the chartdate, as
well as the number one single for that week.  Clicking on the chartdate takes you
to that survey.

Of course, you can access the station page by clicking the "STATIONS" navigation
button to the left of the page and then searching or browsing the listing of
stations and clicking on the station of interest to you.  When viewing a survey,
you can now view the corresponding station page by clicking on the station's call
letters in the upper part of the survey page.
Feb 24, 06 WSAI Gary Pfeifer
  Corrected the dates on a couple of WSAI charts.  One shown dated as 1/4/68 was
actually 1/4/69.  This now gives us two printed WSAI charts dated Jan. 4, 1969 with
different chart positions.  Looking at the current and last week chart position
numbers, the chart that had already been in the database as 1/4/69 must actually be
from 1/11/69 with the printed survey containing a date error.
Therefore, corrected this one to 1/11/69.
Feb 21, 06 RE2: K104 Erie, PA Top 104 Surveys Tim Warden
Hi John,

We're still discussing how bewt to add year end countdowns, but yes, we have every
intention of adding them in.  Thanks for the contribution.
Feb 21, 06 RE: K104 Erie, PA Top 104 Surveys John Gallagher
Were these year end surveys usable?
Feb 7, 06 RE: Additional KBOX Surveys Tim Warden
Thanks, Gary.  I've send you an email describing alternatives for contributing. 
Looking forward to seeing your surveys. -- Tim
Feb 7, 06 Additional KBOX Surveys Gary McBrayer
Your site has done a great job of collecting and posting KBOX Surveys (the originals
of most come from my own collection). I've acquired several additional ones I'd be
happy to send electronically. Where do I send them?

Gary McBrayer
Feb 6, 06 Labels & Catalog Info Tim Warden
I've just added a new section "LABELS" to the ARSA site, to celebrate the fantastic
work that Jim Abbott has been quietly doing in the background.  Jim has been adding
in all the label and catalog information for every single in the database.  It's
pretty impressive and represents countless nights of work.  Until now, most of this
information hasn't been readily visible or searchable.

We're forever adding to and cleaning up the site, and the labels section isn't yet
perfect.  When listing all the labels, there are still a few strays in there, but
give us time and we'll correct them.  ...And please let me know if you encounter
problems with the new section or if you have suggestions.  (I hacked it together
this evening, so there could be a bug or two lurking.)


Tim Warden
Feb 3, 06 Looking For 1970's Erie, PA Surveys John Gallagher
There is a wonderful collection of WJET surveys here.
Would love to see other surveys of WWYN, early WCCK (predecessor of K104) and of
course more WJET from 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974 etc. WCCK may only have done
year-end though.
I know that's what we did in the 1980s when I worked there.
Feb 1, 06 K104 Erie, PA Top 104 Surveys John Gallagher
I used to work at K104 (now Star 104) in Erie, PA and have contributed 3 year end
surveys to Gary for 1985, 1986 and 1987. Enjoy!

Love the surveys site. I also posted a link to the surveys site at Many
of us mobile dj entertainers were on the radio at one time. So, hopefully you'll
see some new additions soon!
Nov 14, 05 KMEN and KFXM - Spanish in 60's Michael Guerin
Growing up in the San Bernardino area in the mid-60's I remember that KMEN and KFXM
would slip in some spanish language songs along with the top 40 format, given the
demographic for the area, even in those days.  These never seem to be listed in the
surveys, or did I miss them on the various airhead type sites...