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howdy back to you, Roy:

notised there a now 4 small frames on the page for
KYA survey date 722-1966, two of which are "X" out and the remaining two frames
show page 1 and 2 of your most recent posting... HOWEVER, both the main ARSA Home
Page and the KYA survey page (for same date) BOTH show boxes with "X"s in place of
the usual larger sized front survey page!
therefore, there is thing to click on and my browser shows
"Error on page" for the KYA page with those 7-22-66 postings. sure hope all what i
have said here makes sense cuz the bottom line is that the survey pages in quesiton
will NOT enlarge to their usual reading size, 10-4?

yup, some weird things be happening at ARSA lately, hmmmmmmm.

(confounded) ben.
Mar 12, 10 image problem with kya july 22, 1966 Roy Ballard
hi ben. that is strange. i looked at the arsa path for the two images and they had a
weird character in the name. so i took that out, and then they weren't visible at

so i uploaded the two images again: no weird character, but still unable to see the
surveys.  i give up.

plus i wasn't to click on your message and add my 2 cents.
as red buttons used to say, "strange things are happening!"

to Roy Ballard:

your current posting of K.Y.A. survey pages for 22 July 1966
apparently have a glitch in that there is NO selected image available by which to
click on and enlarge that particular survey page for viewing/downloading purposes.
tried numerous times to do so without success.
thought maybe you could check into the problem with this posting anomaly, thank
you, Sir.
Mar 6, 10 RE7: Satisfaction / Rainy Day Women on KYA San Francisco Joel Wagoner
I'm deeply impressed with your forensic analysis of the KYA surveys from 1966. 
Terrific work!  I had not thought to see if other records disappeared from the
survey or if there were other anomalies.  I was just interested that 'Satisfaction'
had recharted six months after dropping off Billboard (not in itself an anomaly),
then had been mysteriously replaced at #2 by 'Rainy Day Women', which hadn't
appeared until then.  I didn't expect that anyone would come up with a reasonable
explanation for how this happened, and I apprecizte that you did.

Roy, I appreciate your comment about filing what goes right and learning from what
goes wrong.  We all make mistakes that we'd like to forget about, and I feel almost
embarrassed that 44 years later we're analyzing someone else's.  Then again, no real
harm was done, and I hope that we can all appreciate - and learn from - these

I find myself curious how many of the abberant chart trajectories that one finds in
radio station surveys are due to errors.  I grew up in Michigan listening to CKLW
and mid-Michigan top 40 stations, and I remember a few strange drops and spikes of
records' chart positions.

I recognize that much would depend on the methodology underlying the development of
the surveys.  If they were actually based on record sales, then a hit on a small
label with inconsistent distribution might become unavailable, drop off the charts,
then reappear when a shipment came in.  If they were based on requests, then if
anyone got sloppy with tallying incoming calls, inaccuracies would result.  If they
were merely the judgment of whoever was compiling the charts, then all bets are off
if the person was fickle for whatever reason.

When I have time, I might do a quick look at some of the weirder chart trajectories
that I've come across.  We'll probably never be able to determine why they occurred,
I won't pretend that they're important, and they probably won't be as interesting as
the KYA surveys of 1966, but it might be fun to look at.

Thanks again Jeff, Roy, Jim, Mark, and Ben.

Mar 5, 10 RE6: Satisfaction / Rainy Day Women on KYA San Francisco Roy Ballard
you're welcome, jeff.  my favorite slogan to my staff in finance and IT was "if
everything goes fine, all we do is file. if something goes wrong, THAT is the time
we learn."
and we all have learned and had fun with the kya mess from 40+ years ago!   roy
Mar 5, 10 RE5: Satisfaction / Rainy Day Women on KYA San Francisco J. A. Theroux
Jim & Roy, thanks for the feedback.  Just happy to help out this site wherever
possible.  Roy, thanks also for the tip on the KRLA Beat site, very cool stuff!
Mar 2, 10 RE4: Satisfaction / Rainy Day Women on KYA San Francisco ARSA Jim
Jeff: I believe your hypothesis to be absolutely true. As a person who spent many
years inside the world of Top 40 radio myself, generating weekly surveys, I can say
for sure that a good many of these fine people were not exactly the most accurate or
detail-oriented in the world, as we've seen over and over again. I happened to be
the exception, so I naturally became very involved. This particular complex error
could also have been created by the station's office secretary, who often (but not
always) got stuck with the typing. Roy, I'm just gonna continue with Gary's
long-standing philosophy of leaving the incorrect song data as it appears to the
naked eyes, while "internally, inside the ARSA database" correcting all the info
using Jeff's above post. That way, for all the major ARSA reports/individual song
histories, the info will then be correctly stored, as it was meant to be originally
represented. A bit confusing, but I know what I mean! Give me a few days, guys, and
you'll be able to see what I've done. Thanks for cracking this crazy case for us,
Jeff!     -Jim       
Mar 2, 10 RE3: Satisfaction / Rainy Day Women on KYA San Francisco Roy Ballard
amazing stuff, jeff! i did a little digging too and have proved without a doubt that
i was completely wrong in hypothesizing (sp?) that the may 6, 1966 kya listing
(inside the may 14 kyabeat) was from the los angeles version.  

i found a website that has ALL of the krla beat magazines online! and the may 14,
1966 issue has the same "oscar night in santa monica" story that is in the may 14
kya issue. the krla top 40 list does not match the kya top 30, ergo, i was wrong,

so, jeff, i think your analysis is the best so far.

the krlabeat website is it is amazing! plus it would be a
great source for krla surveys for arsa.      cheers!  roy
Mar 1, 10 RE2: Satisfaction / Rainy Day Women on KYA San Francisco Jeff Theroux
Hi, my name is Jeff Theroux and I am a huge fan of this website.  I grew up in the
Bay Area in the ‘60s and ‘70s listening to such stations as KFRC, KLIV and KYA. 
Lots of great memories.  That is why I am so grateful for people like Roy Ballard
inputting the great Bay Area record charts from the ‘50s and early ‘60s.

I have been looking at this issue with the 1966 KYA charts not quite making sense
and I think I have an explanation – whoever was making the charts back then made a
mistake on the 4/22/66 chart and it didn’t get caught for three weeks, then
corrected it on the 5/13/66 chart.  What appears to have happened, as best as I can
explain it, was whoever made the 4/22/66 chart used the data from two weeks prior as
the basis for the previous week’s chart positions and wound up getting the titles
mismatched with the actual data.  Let’s use Satisfaction and Rainy Day Women #12 &
35 as examples – Satisfaction re-enters the KYA charts on 4/1/66 at #29 and stays
there the next week (4/8/66).  On 4/15/66, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 enters the
charts at #29, and Satisfaction is gone.  However, on the 4/22/66 chart,
Satisfaction mysteriously re-enters the KYA charts at #8, but shows #29 as the last
week’s position.  On the 4/29/66 chart, Satisfaction moves up to #2 and stays there
the following week (5/6/66).  Now on the 5/13/66 chart, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
re-enters the KYA charts at #3, but shows a Last Week position of #2, which

Another example is Monday, Monday/Homeward Bound.  Monday, Monday enters the KYA
charts on 4/15/66 at #15, a remarkable debut, yet disappears from the following
week’s chart which is practically unheard of.  Even more bizarre is the odd
resurgence of Homeward Bound at the same time, which was #22 on 4/15/66 and on its
way down, yet somehow moves up to #4 the following week, but strangely showing a
last weeks chart position of #15, which happened to be Monday, Monday.  On 4/29/66
and 5/6/66, Homeward Bound is #1 but on 5/13/66, Monday, Monday reappears at #1 and
shows a last week’s chart position of #1.

So the point is, if you substitute Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 for Satisfaction on the
4/22, 4/29 and 5/6 charts (and substitute Monday, Monday for Homeward Bound
likewise) you should see that this explanation makes sense.  In all I figured that
25 titles were affected by this blunder.  I have determined for the KYA charts in

Secret Agent Man should be Good Lovin’
Homeward Bound should be Monday, Monday
Bang, Bang should be Groovy Kind Of Love
Nowhere Man should be Secret Agent Man (no pun intended)
Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown should be Bang, Bang
Satisfaction should be Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ should be Time Won’t Let Me
Daydream should be Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown
Woman should be Daydream
Good Lovin’ should be Nowhere Man
What Now My Love should be Shapes of Things (another title that debuted 4/15/66 and
mysteriously disappeared the following week)
Baby Scratch My Back should be Sloop John B.
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry should be When A Man Loves A Woman
Time Won’t Let Me should be These Boots Are Made For Walkin’
The Ballad Of The Green Beret should be Woman
Follow Me should be Phoenix Love Theme
Love Makes The World Go Around should be What Now My Love
California Dreamin’ should be Leanin’ On The Lamp Post
Sloop John B. should be Sign Of The Times
You Baby should be Follow Me
The Phoenix Love Song (or Phoenix Love Theme) should be Little Latin Lupe Lu
A Sign Of The Times should be 634-5789
Groovy Kind Of Love should be Baby Scratch My Back
Little Latin Lupe Lu should be Ballad Of the Green Beret
Listen People should be Homeward Bound

Soul And Inspiration and Kicks are correct because they remained in their positions
(#1 and #2 respectively) for two consecutive weeks prior to 4/22/66 as did Sure
Gonna Miss Her (#26 for the previous two weeks) and Mr. Moon (#27 for the previous
two weeks).  All new titles during the three week period are assumed to be

I hope my explanation was helpful to anyone looking at these charts.  The question
is, do we change history by assigning the correct positions to these titles or do
we leave it as is and preserve the idiosyncrasies?
Mar 1, 10 RE: WJET 6/9/70 K.A. Scott
Has anyone gotten in touch with John Gallagher, below?

If not, John, please be patient.  This is an all-volunteer site, and sometimes
things take a little while!  Rest assured, though, that ARSA is always interested
in people who want to add to the site and make it better...


- Kenn.
Feb 27, 10 Re: Satisfaction / Rainy Day Women on KYA San Francisco Joel Wagoner
Hi Roy, Thanks for the suggested explanation.  When I first saw 'Satisfaction'
listed on the KYA surveys from 1966 that were being posted, I had thought it was
merely recharting in 1966, as Ben suggested.  (Ben, Thanks for your reply!)When it
disappeared from #2 on May 6 to off on May 13, with Rainy Day Women listed as
having been #2 the previous week on the May 13 survey, it appeared that something
had gotten messed up.

Ben raises a good point, though, about singles being reissued and sometimes
recharting without being reissued.  I know that the Doors' Light My Fire recharted
on Billboard in 1968 after Jose Feliciano released his version, and there are
plenty of singles that haved charted after reissue (The Surfaris' 'Wipe-Out', The
Kingsmen's 'Louie Louie', Nightcrawlers' 'Little Black Egg', Moody Blues' 'Nights
in White Satin', etc.) I just don't see them disappearing with another record
claiming the 'last week' position that they'd held the week before.

Thanks again,
Feb 27, 10 RE: Satisfaction / Rainy Day Women on KYA San Francisco Roy Ballard
hi joel! good eyes! yeah, i've noticed that some of these  beat magazine kya surveys
don't jive from week to week.

however, there might be a clue on the may 6, 1966 survey where there is a
handwritten note "L.A. Survey"; possibly meaning that listing is actually the one
for the los angeles version of "the beat" magazine. the music magazine was
nationwide, so there were probably slip-ups in localizing the surveys before
distribution. that's my guess.


Feb 27, 10 K.Y.A. SURVEY QUIRKS Ben E. McCoy
hi Joel,
good eye for discerning the presence of The Rolling Stones big hit from 1965
appearing a year later, 1966, back on radio K.Y.A.'s weekly survey's...
from my own knowledge and experience in the radio broadcasting business, i am
reminded of the fact that many grand olde hits returned to both local and national
pop charts following their initial survey runs. examples include Chubby Checker's
"The Twist" (1960 and 1962) being the most famous, and The Youngbloods with "Get
Together" (1967 and 1969) as a notable reissue; and then, there was the late Bobby
"Boris" Pickett's "Monster Mash" which re-charted many times over the years,
certainly, in the Bay area, the Stones amassed quite a cult following, so it is not
surprising their biggest hit record resurfaced at KYA.

Feb 26, 10 Satisfaction / Rainy Day Women on KYA San Francisco Joel Wagoner
Hello!  I noticed that the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" is listed on several of
the KYA (San Francisco) surveys from 1966 that have been posted recently. 
"Satisfaction", of course, was a hit everywhere else a year earlier in 1965.

I note that on May 6, 1966, "Satisfaction" is listed at #2 on KYA.  On May 13,
1966, it's gone.  Bob Dylan's "Rainy Day Women" is listed as having been #2 the
previous week.
"Rainy Day Women", which was a hit in the Spring of 1966, does not appear on any
surveys before May 13.

This appears to be an error, but it's not yours.  It's clear on the scanned images
of the surveys that KYA listed the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction", not Dylan's
"Rainy Day Women", on surveys for several weeks in Spring of 1966, then replaced
"Satisfaction" with "Rainy Day Women".

I'd be curious how this happened, but I wouldn't expect anyone would know 44 years

Joel Wagoner
Feb 26, 10 WJET 6/9/70 John Gallagher
I just acquired a WJET survey from June 9, 1970. I have a scan I just did and want
to contribute it. Is there an email address I could send this to?
Feb 17, 10 DIG THOSE CRAZY FINS! Ben E. McCoy
well doggies, Roy, you seemed to have marched to your own drummer with that great
big black car of yours...

yeah, i also liked those old classic-finned Chevy Bel's over the subsequent chopped
stuff coming off the auto aesembly lines that were favoured by the mid-1960's.

and fer sure, had i been sitting in one of those cars equipped with a Vibrasonic
system, going back to class that day never would have happened for me. what a great
way to recall the Proby-esque sounds of that era.

keep 'em flying, Roy, the flags of non-conmformity!

Feb 16, 10 RE: K.Y.A. NEWSPAPER Roy Ballard
hi ben.
here's my p.j. proby story: i was hitchhiking to campus at uc santa barbara in 1965
and jumped into the back seat of a friendly driver's car. the sound, my god, what is
this sound? the sound enveloped the entire had no idea where the sound was
coming from... it was echoing everywhere!

the guy had a "vibrasonic" echo chamber sound system in his car and p.j. proby's
"somewhere" was on the radio. i was late to class because i didn't want to get out
of the car!

well, i eventually got a '59 chevy bel-air (big back fins) and the first thing i
did was install a vibrasonic sound system. hey, i googled "vibrasonic" today, and u
can buy them on craigslist still for your car! 

my buddies made fun of my chevy bel-air cuz it was a dumb 4-door, but it was way
cooler than my best friend's studebaker lark!

as mr. hope said, "thanks for the memories!"    roy
Feb 16, 10 K.Y.A. NEWSPAPER Ben E. McCoy
hi there, Roy:

just wanted to express my appreciation for your ongoing efforts on publishing a 2nd
page accompaniment to the 
KYA radio surveys you post from their newspaper's era...
have found so many nostalgic memories i'd forgotten about while reading through the
second pagers.
the current posting about P.J. Proby really takes me back
to a time when so many poets-turned-sognwriters charted some
exceptional recordings of artistic merit.
thanks again for the extra effort you have done
posting those KYA newspaper extras!!

best regards,
ben e. mccoy.
Feb 15, 10 RE: SURVEY POSTING ERROR Gary Pfeifer
 Correction has been made.  Thanks!
like to bring this to someone's attention:

notised the recent posting of the 2-15-1969 survey for
CKXL, Calgary-Alberta, has a second page apparently posted in error for radio KGB,
San Diego dated 2-14-1964.