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Jul 4, 09 WBNY Buffalo The FIRST WKBW Chart Rick Hy
For those of you who want to see what the FIRST wKBw Top 30 Chart looked like, check
out 7-4-58. The chart was already included by Gary P. but I added the image of the
chart today. I will keep adding to Gary's work as the weeks go on. 
Jun 24, 09 WKBW Buffalo 1960-06-24 / WKBW ( Buffalo, New York ) Rick Hy
Thanks Kenn and Mark for your positive comments. WKBW exploded on the Top 40 scene
on July 4, 1958. They printed a top 30 survey from then until May 1, 1959. 
However, they kept the surveys going until the mid 80's.  The only other time it
was printed was in 1967(as you mentioned) in GO magazine.  I have many handwritten
KB surveys from the 60's as I jotted them down on Fridays at 3:00 when the survey
was counted down. I don't have many from the seventies or eighties as work
interfered with the timing. I must admit my favorite station was WBNY, a small top
40 station that was on from 1957 to early 1960.  It later became WYSL which lasted
for quiet awhile as a top 40 station and I have many many charts to share from
then.I have a new computer and am glad I can now share these surveys with this
Nov 22, 08 WKBW Buffalo RE: 1967-08-04 / WKBW ( Buffalo, New York ) Gary Pfeifer
  The correction has been made.  Thanks for pointing it out.
Nov 22, 08 WKBW Buffalo 1967-08-04 / WKBW ( Buffalo, New York ) A.R. Paine
In the database, "The Theme from Hill Street Blues" is listed as #15 on this survey,
it should be "Blue's Theme"!
Apr 6, 14 WBLK Buffalo / Depew RE: 1982-04-05 / WBLK ( Buffalo / Depew, New York ) Gary Pfeifer
  Thank you for all your survey contributions, Rick!  Enjoy your well earned
Apr 5, 14 WBLK Buffalo / Depew 1982-04-05 / WBLK ( Buffalo / Depew, New York ) Rick Hy
Will be off line for several weeks sunning in Key West. See you in May.
Mar 2, 14 WBLK Buffalo / Depew RE: 1983-02-28 / WBLK ( Buffalo / Depew, New York ) K.A. Scott
No worries, Rick!  I look forward to seeing what other goodies you'll be posting for
us in the future.  (I'm most interested in the "Golden Horseshoe" area --
Toronto/Hamilton/Buffalo and environs -- but enjoy seeing charts from all over the
place, and from all different eras....)   


- Kenn.
Mar 1, 14 WBLK Buffalo / Depew 1983-02-28 / WBLK ( Buffalo / Depew, New York ) Rick Hy
Thanks Kenn for catching that. Must have been a senior moment. The 2/26/84 chart is
correct as is. However I just put in the wrong Michael Jackson record on the
2/28/83 chart. It should read BILLIE JEAN, not THRILLER. Thatís been corrected.
But, I couldnít figure out why the scan didnít come up as well. So, I re-scanned
the chart. Iím glad you are enjoying the WBLK charts and are keeping me honest. I
wish I could say that I did the switch to see if anyone was really reading the
charts, but , no, that wasnít the case. Thanks, and keep up the good work. 
Feb 28, 14 WBLK Buffalo / Depew 1983-02-28 / WBLK ( Buffalo / Depew, New York ) K.A. Scott
Hi Rick...

  Love these WBLK charts!  But can you check your source material on this one?  The
single is the #1 slot the previous week was "Billie Jean"; this week "Billie Jean"
has fallen off completely and the album track "Thriller" is at #1.  That seems
fishy to me....


  - Kenn.
Sep 13, 13 WBLK Buffalo / Depew 10th Year Anniversary Rick Hy
Congratulations Tim & Gary on your 10th Anniversary of ARSA. I wish I had known
about it at the  beginning.  Not only do I enjoy keying in surveys, but also
checking out what others have added. I especially like surveys from the very early
days  such as the one Lee Tucker added recently from WRIT/1955. I frequently use
other features of ARSA such as looking up songs by week or month and often use the
monthly lists of top songs as reference in making CDs of top songs for specific
months. My computer skills are minimal compared to the work you have put into this
site. I appreciate all of the time and work involved in keeping this site
operative. I have many more surveys to contribute, so on to the next ten years !
Rick Hy   
Jul 11, 13 WBLK Buffalo / Depew RE: 1983-07-11 / WBLK ( Buffalo / Depew, New York ) Gary Pfeifer

  In an ideal world, everything would be added, but as you noted, tracking down all
these obscure disco titles takes a very significant amount of time and too much
effort ends up being devoted to one station/survey.  I would say just keep doing it
the way you have - the top 40 singles is what's most crucial.

  Another alternative would be to add all the obscure 12 inch singles and albums in
text format under the Goodies section without adding them to the database.  That
way, someone can view everything that was included on the survey.  And if I ever
have the extra time and get ambitious enough, they can always be added to the
database at a later time.

Jul 11, 13 WBLK Buffalo / Depew 1983-07-11 / WBLK ( Buffalo / Depew, New York ) Rick Hy
Some of the WBLK charts that I have also list 12 inch single music of the
dance/disco period on the back of the chart.  Most of these songs donít get the
elusive Dot when keyed in, causing you much extra work. Do you want me to include
these songs or leave them off? They also have a long list of album titles in no
particular order.  I am assuming that these also are obscure titles. Do you want
these added to the album list even though there is no numerical degree of
Jan 14, 08 KROQ Burbank 1983-01-19 / KROQ ( Burbank, California ) K.A. Scott
Hey, as an 80s music buff, I've gotta comment on this chart...

KROQ played a mix of hits and album cuts... and this list reflects that, as it's
*not* all albums.  I don't know how (or if) this list can be doctored to show that
some entries are albums and some are singles, but if it can, these entries all
refer to singles:

9. Nowhere Girl - B Movie (Sire 29733)
11. Modesty Plays - Sparks (Underdog 13001)
12. Lies - Thompson Twins (Arista 1024)
13. My City Was Gone-Chain Gang - Pretenders  (2-sided hit. A-side was "Back on the
Chain Gang", B-side was "My City Was Gone")  (Sire 29840)
14. Mirror Man - Human League (Virgin / A&M 2587)
22. Jeopardy - Greg Kihn Band (Beserkley 69847)
40. Buffalo Gals - Malcolm Mclaren (Island 99950)

Yes, a couple of other entries could refer to albums *OR* their title track singles
-- Duran Duran's "Rio", or Felony's "The Fanatic", for instance.  But let's assume
they meant the album in these cases.  It'd be too confusing otherwise!


The following entries are a bit of a puzzle, as none of these acts ever released a
self-titled album.                      
15. English Beat
19. Flirts
24. Members 
34. Shriekback
37. Rough Trade

I'm assuming that for this chart, album titles were inadvertently omitted by KROQ. 
Here's my attempt to sort things out for this January 1983 chart:  

In late 1982, The English Beat released "Special Beat Service" on IRS 70032.  It
charted in the US in 1983.  

Flirts' only LP release on O Records was called "10 Cents A Dance" from 1982. Cat
no OLP-1.

Members' final album was from 1982.  It was released on Arista 6605, and the US
title was "Uprhythm Downbeat"

Shriekback's 1983 album On Y Records was entitled "Care" (Cat no. YLP 502).  

Rough Trade released the LP "Shaking The Foundations" in late 1982 in Canada on CBS
25226, and in the US on Boardwalk Records in early 1983.  Don't know the Boardwalk
cat #.  

Don't know why KROQ neglected to list these album titles, but I think this fills in
the blanks.  


The following entries contain typos.  (The KROQ sheet spells them correctly -- a
transcription error was made during data entry).  The correct versions are as

2. Friend or Foe - Adam Ant  (not "Fore")
16. If You Leave Me Can I Come Too? - Mental As Anything  (not "To")      
40. Buffalo Gals - Malcolm Mclaren (not Malcohm)


Whew!  Hope this is of some use.  If there are any more KROQ charts waiting to be
posted, I'd be happy to eyeball 'em for various discrepancies before they get added
to the site!


- Kenn.

Jan 22, 12 CFCN Calgary 1989-01-22 / CFCN ( Calgary, Alberta ) K.A. Scott
I was going to post some of he missing singles info for this chart, but I see you
beat me to it ARSA Jim!  As always, you're on the case with lightning speed and
Jan 9, 15 WCFL Chicago RE: 1970-02-02 / WCFL ( Chicago, Illinois ) Lee Tucker
Hi Geno.  Thanks for the catch and the correction has been made.
Jan 8, 15 WCFL Chicago 1970-02-02 / WCFL ( Chicago, Illinois ) Geno Rice
Hi Lee, the artist for #32 should be corrected to Thelma Houston. The Fifth
Dimension's version came out later in 1970.
Sep 14, 14 WJJD Chicago RE: 1961-09-25 / WJJD ( Chicago, Illinois ) Gary Pfeifer
 All taken care of.  Thanks, Cary!
Sep 14, 14 WJJD Chicago 1961-09-25 / WJJD ( Chicago, Illinois ) CARY LINIGER
Let Them Talk by John Gary on the 5-30-1959 KXOK singles survey is not in the data
base, and is incorrectly linked to Let Them Talk by Johnny Preston from 1961.
Jan 30, 13 WLS Chicago RE2: 1969-03-02 / WLS ( Chicago, Illinois ) Tim Warden
I just deleted it...  Cheers.
Jan 29, 13 WLS Chicago RE: 1969-03-02 / WLS ( Chicago, Illinois ) Gary Pfeifer

  Thanks for the catch of the duplicate survey.  I am unable to delete it, but will
alert Tim to do so.   Thank you for your kind words and support!