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Jul 20, 14 CKOC Hamilton 1964-07-17 / CKOC ( Hamilton, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Hi Rick:

If I remember correctly, the CKOC charts you've been entering are from your
handwritten song-title-only chart transcriptions.  Thanks for saving 'em all these

For the entry at #54, "More Move", do you think your entry could have read "More
Love"?  If so, this would probably make this entry Johnny Thunder's "More More More
Love Love Love" which was charting at this exact same time just across the border in
New York state.

Let me know if this seems plausible to you!


- Kenn.

Mar 24, 12 CKOC Hamilton 1987-03-25 / CKOC ( Hamilton, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Hi Jim...

  Note that the actual title of Gowan's 1987 hit is "Moonlight Desires", not
"Moonlight Desire" as it currently appears in the database.

  Thanks as always!
Jan 20, 12 CKOC Hamilton 1987-01-21 / CKOC ( Hamilton, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
2 more singles from this chart:

1986	New Order	Bizarre Love Triangle	Qwest 28241 (Promo) (Same song on both sides)
1987	Kim Mitchell	Easy To Tame 	        Alert (Canada) 516
1987	Kim Mitchell	City Girl	        Alert (Canada) 516

And 2 other Kim Mitchell singles that were Canadian hits, and that will show up on
later charts:

1989	Kim Mitchell	Rocklandwonderland	Alert (Canada) 538
1989	Kim Mitchell	O Mercy Louise	        Alert (Canada) 538
1989	Kim Mitchell	Rock 'N' Roll Duty	Alert (Canada) 537
1989	Kim Mitchell	Mood Street	        Alert (Canada) 537


- Kenn.
Jan 20, 12 CKOC Hamilton 1988-01-20 / CKOC ( Hamilton, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Hi Jim...

  Okay, so here we go!  Here are two 7" single entries for this 1988 chart:

1988	Haywire	                Black and Blue	Attic (Canada) 365
1988	Haywire	                3 Wishes	Attic (Canada) 365
1987	Roy Orbison/k.d. lang	Crying	        Virgin 99388
1987	Roy Orbison	        Falling	        Virgin 99388


  - Kenn.
Jan 29, 11 CKOC Hamilton 1964-01-27 / CKOC ( Hamilton, Ontario ) Rick Hy
Jim, when I googled  Flutenanny I got Robert Turner. It listed his works starting in
1959 through the 60's and 70's. So the timing is right. However it never mentioned
Flutenanny specifically among his compositions/performances/recordings. Might have
just been an album tune that caught on.  The mystery continues ....
Sep 30, 10 CKOC Hamilton 1963-09-28 / CKOC Requesting a Fighting Chance Rick Hy
Sorry, I always press done before I add my name .

Rick Hy
Sep 30, 10 CKOC Hamilton 1963-09-28 / CKOC Requesting a Fighting Chance Rick Hy
GUILTY! I am (unknown artist)! But some of you know that already as I mentioned that
in Chart Chat on June 23rd when I reached my 1,000th survey contributed. I will
repeat, for your benefit Jim, why I have used (unknown artist) on this site.
     As a teenager in the late 50's and early 60's I was a countdown junkie. I
listened to many Buffalo radio stations and copied the countdown on paper TITLE
ONLY - no artists.
I wasn't clairvoyant - I didn't know that 50 years later I would need that
information for a web site .... who knew what a web site was in 1963? That's why
there are NO SURVEY SCANS for charts with the words (unknown artist). There were NO
printed surveys of those charts. All that exist are the lists I wrote down with the
titles only. I probably thought at the time I would never forget the artists. The
amazing thing is that 50 years later I still have these lists. If we don't use
these, then the information will be lost since no one else has come forward from
the Buffalo area.
     Buffalo stations were not big on printed surveys. WKBW printed one it's first
year, then stopped printing,  but continued their top 30 for then next 2 decades.
WNIA never had a printed survey in these early years. I am guessing these
paper/pencil lists are the ONLY source available to share with ARSA. Since I live
in Buffalo, near Canada, I was also able to hear Canadian stations CKOC Hamilton,
CKEY and CHUM Toronto. But as a young teenager I wasn't old enough to drive to
Canada to obtain copies of the surveys.
     I have tried to do my best in that I check my Billboard, Cash Box, Chum Chart
books for artist info. I also check other radio station charts in my collection for
those same weeks ... it's not like I don't try. 
     I did not intend to create more work for the gentlemen who run this site. I
also did not intend to add irritation and frustration to Jim and others who may
feel the same. Up to this point I have felt this site is a collaborative effort. In
fact another contributor has several
 times sent me info on some of my (unknown artists). I appreciate this and feel we
all benefit by helping each other. Jim, feel free to add any info you may have for
these missing artists. 
     Should this be a continuing problem for the site operators, just let me know
and I will discontinue adding these surveys.     
Oct 14, 10 WDRC Hartford RE: 1980-05-16 / WDRC ( Hartford, Connecticut ) ARSA Jim
Thanks, Kenn - it is now fixed. Thanks for noticing. Our resident key-in legend,
Gary, was victimized by a former ARSA system quirk (now corrected) regarding AM/FM
stations with the same call letters when he first entered this survey in back in
2008. This was the first-ever ARSA Top 40 survey keyed in for WDRC-FM, shortly
after the station moved the Top 40 over from 1360 AM, so the system made an
incorrect assumption at the time.  -Jim
Oct 14, 10 WDRC Hartford 1980-05-16 / WDRC ( Hartford, Connecticut ) K.A. Scott
Hi all...

  This survey, currently listed for WDRC-AM, would actually appear to be for
WDRC-FM.  Can't find a way to fix this myself, so I'll throw it open to Gary and/or

  By the way, Jim, congrats on getting through the backlog...that must have been
quite a few weeks you put in.  And Gary, as always, I'm amazed at your day-in,
day-out productivity and additions to the site...


  - Kenn.
Sep 28, 12 KILT Houston RE: 1961-09-22 / KILT ( Houston, Texas ) Gary Pfeifer
  Sounds like a very plausible explanation.  Like you, I could find no evidence of
Fats ever recording a song entitled "Hot".  Now that the subsequent week's survey
is up, "What A Party" seems to be the most likely explanation.  Unless anyone can
present evidence of the existence of "Hot", I will make the change.
Sep 28, 12 KILT Houston 1961-09-22 / KILT ( Houston, Texas ) K.A. Scott
I wonder if the mysterious Fats Domino entry "Hot" on this chart is really "What A
Party", which appeared on the following week's KILT chart?  I can find no evidence
of Domino having recorded a song with the title "Hot" ... maybe someone in a hurry
mistook a quickly handwritten "What" for "Hot", and mistyped it that way on the
published list?
Feb 21, 06 KCOH Houston RE: 1965-11-13 John Gallagher
Looks like Henry Moore. The Johnny Nash track is Understanding.
Feb 20, 06 KCOH Houston 1965-11-13 Tim Warden
Mystery... I can't make out the Johnny Nash title.  There's also a "Can't Forget
You" by a Henry something... Anyone have a clue?
Jan 18, 14 CKCH Hull 1958-01-18 / CKCH ( Hull, Quebec ) K.A. Scott

It's interesting the things you discover as you enter charts.  The following
singles charted nowhere else, but keep popping up on CKCH's playlist week after
week in late '57, early '58:

The Jordanaires - Any Which Way
Nick Greene - Later For You Baby
Peggy Lee - Listen To The Rocking Bird
Sue Raney - Please Hurry Home
Wanda Jackson - Cool Love

All were issued on Capitol. What an *astounding* coincidence! ;) 

(Tommy Leonetti's "I'd Climb The Highest Mountain" also keeps popping up on CKCH
and nowhere else, but it was on Vik, a subsidiary of RCA.)
Jan 21, 13 WQTY Jacksonville RE: 1960-01-21 / WQTY ( Jacksonville, Florida ) Gary Pfeifer
 I removed the duplicate survey.  Thanks.
Jan 20, 13 WQTY Jacksonville 1960-01-21 / WQTY ( Jacksonville, Florida ) K.A. Scott
Hi Gary...

  Just a quick heads up...this recently entered survey is actually a duplicate of a
survey that's already in the database, under its correct date of 1961-01-21.  The
wrong date that is printed on the survey obviously created some confusion!


  - Kenn.
Nov 12, 11 WQTY Jacksonville 1960-11-12 / WQTY ( Jacksonville, Florida ) Rick Hy
I have just keyed in two surveys; WLCY from Tampa, Florida and WQTY from
Jacksonville, Florida for the November 12, 1960 date.  With the exception of minor
changes these two surveys are identical. the top 50 chart positions are the same as
well as their picks of the week. They must have been owned by the same company at
the time, but has anyone ever seen two different stations with the exact same music
survey ?
Rick Hy
Feb 9, 10 KSJB Jamestown RE: 1967-11-26 / KSJB ( Jamestown, North Dakota ) Gary Pfeifer
 Good catch, Jim.  The 11-26-67 survey is in error and should be deleted, but I
don't see an option available to me to do so.  I will contact Tim, unless you have
a way of deleting it.
Feb 8, 10 KSJB Jamestown 1967-11-26 / KSJB ( Jamestown, North Dakota ) ARSA Jim
Gary, while doing some routine ARSA maintenance tonight, I stumbled onto the fact
that this exact same list appears twice, but because of a two-day difference in the
survey's date, it didn't show up as a dupe. Maybe you'll want to check into this at
some point - thanks!   -Jim
Dec 22, 13 WHB Kansas City RE4: 1978-05-03 / WHB ( Kansas City, Missouri ) Lee Tucker

JPEG e-mail attachments should work just fine.  I will be out of town from
Christmas day through December 29 but will be happy to contribute them in your name
to ARSA shortly after I return.  Looking forward to receiving them and hope you have
a wonderful holiday season.  Cheers