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Sep 21, 07 Okay, so how do I contribute chart info? K.A. Scott
I've looked everywhere on the site, and I can't find a way to contribute a few
charts I've transcribed. Tried sending them directly to Tim, but have received no
reply. Am I missing something here?  Cheers!
Sep 14, 07 RE: WIL 1430 St. Louis Chart - John Schwab John Schwob

Thanks for catching my mistake on the date.  I also messed up the next week 9/20.

The beauty of this web site is to see that songs like the Bill Deal song which only
hit #23 on Billboard, hit #1 in St. Louis.  Just about any song that hit the top 20
nationally may have made #1 somewhere in the country.
Sep 13, 07 WIL 1430 St. Louis Chart - John Schwab Rob Laye
Hey John,
There's an error in the 09/13/69 chart date.  Perhaps you forgot to change the date
from the previous St. Louis chart you posted. (Cool to see Bill Deal and The
Rhondells hit number one on the KXOK chart. . . I know they charted in Canada but
never at those lofty heights.)
Sep 12, 07 KBZY John Gallagher
Kinda wondering how KBZY did in the ratings. A rather large rotation (though, not
uncommon in those days) and MANY songs I'VE never heard of...
Aug 30, 07 The Aircheck Exchange and other ARSA Changes Tim Warden
Hi everyone,

Those of you who login to your accounts have no doubt noticed a few recent changes.
 I'm in the process of expanding my aircheck collection page to allow any ARSA
member to post their airchecks.  My hope is to make this a central site where
people can publish their list of airchecks in a uniform manner and receive aircheck
requests without having to publish their email addresses on a webpage.

Actually, my hope is that some of you may have those rare unscoped airchecks of
WLOF (64-68), WHOO (67-68), KTKT (68-78), KIKX (68-75), KWFM (70-82), KTAR-FM
(69-71), KOOL-FM (70-72), or any of those automated stations such as KFMZ Columbia
(70s) or WGFM Schenectady (70s) -- and that you'll add them to the list so I can
ask you to make copies and send 'em over!

As for the ARSA changes and the current feature set, I'm always open to change
requests and new ideas -- users are, alas, the best testers and the best critics.

Thanks again to all of you for your participation on this project -- I hope it is
as rewarding for you as it is for me as I watch the survey count grow and grow.


Aug 30, 07 KEOS Rob Ellis
Tim,  I added a survey for KEOS before I added the station.  KEOS appears twice now.
 Can you eliminate the blank one?   Thanks.
Aug 19, 07 RE: KADI - Radio in St. Louis Tim Warden
Thanks, John -- I've merged the two.
Aug 19, 07 KADI - Radio in St. Louis John Schwob
Gary or Tim,

I have started adding some surveys from KADI in St. Louis and somehow I did
something wrong and there are two different stations called KADI 96.5 FM in St.
Louis.  How do I get those combined into one station.
Jul 28, 07 RE2: Questions?? Tim Warden
Hi Rob, Gary,

You may have noticed a "Help" button at the bottom of the TOP SONGS page... 
Clicking that button will generate a simple popup text window that explains how
songs are currently ranked.

Do note that as an overall indication of song popularity, there just isn't enough
consistent chart data to make this viable across the years.  For instance, we have
nearly 1000 surveys from 1967, but only 140 from 1974, so don't expect to see the
"Seasons In The Sun" fare as well as "Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron"... even though it
seems to get more airplay on the oldies stations ;?)

I created that ranking page many moons ago and it could probably benefit from some
tweaking.  Alas, what with my day job and the "honey-do's" on the weekends, I don't
have a lot of time to putter on them!

Gary, send me one of those PDF's and I'll see what I can do about adding that
document type in.

Best regards,

Jul 26, 07 RE: Questions?? Gary Pfeifer

   Tim will have to explain how points are assigned to the Top Songs rankings as it
is his programming.

   As for two sided hits, if both songs are listed on the survey, every attempt is
made to list each one separately when entering into the database.

   Both scanned images and digital camera snapshots have been used for the survey
images.  I have received a number of surveys in PDF format, but (and correct me if
I'm wrong, Tim) those can not be uploaded here.

  And many thanks for the CHLO surveys, Rob.  You should see some starting to
appear on here shortly.

Jul 25, 07 Questions?? Rob Laye
I'm wondering if someone could tell me how points are tallied for the overall
ranking of songs?  Also, for a doubled sided hit (eg I'm A Believer / Stepping
Stone) are the points split between the two songs or are both songs credited with
full points?

Are the pictures of the charts added by scanning the original chart or by using a
digital camera "snapshot"?  A quick summary on the process needed to add some of my
music charts to the data base would be appreciated.

(By the way, Gary, I certainly enjoyed the CHLO air check.  Thanks again.)
Jul 5, 07 WKNR Detroit's dial location Henry Krueger
Just noticed WKNR is listed as 1300 on the AM dial.  The station was actually at
1310.  Keener 13 (as they called themselves) were licensed to Dearborn, Michigan
and that's where their transmitter was.  They located their studios in the Cadillac
Hotel in downtown Detroit before moving to a new building in Dearborn.  In the early
70's they were bought by veteran sports announcer Van Patrick who hated the rock n
roll format and announced, "Starting next week were are going to stop playing this
and be NICE!"  The call letters were then changed to WNIC and Keener was gone. 
WNIC is still the call letters of the FM station.
Jun 20, 07 Year End Surveys John Toomey
Especially interested in 1966-1974 and also and RandB year end surveys. Thanks so
much !
Jun 9, 07 Re: JET Surveys John Gallagher
Thanks Rob! I emailed about 3 or 4 more WJET surveys from 1971 and one from 1975 to
Gary several months ago. Glad to see others will enjoy them too.

JET was one of the stations here that inspired me in 1974, as a 15 year old, to get
behind the microphone as a volunteer at a station that catered to the blind in our
community. Even though I didn't have vision problems myself, it was a great
training ground for a career in commercial radio from 1977-1997.
Jun 9, 07 RE: WJET - 6/8/71 Rob Ellis
John, thanks for sharing the survey!  I know some people either donít want or canít
take the time to input survey data, but they can do like you did and send one of us
a copy.  This is a wonderful site that I use often for research.  I hope that others
will contribute. 

Jun 8, 07 WJET - 6/8/71 John Gallagher
Very nice to wake up today and see the scan I emailed in of WJET from 6/8/71.

For years, they were the #1 station here, formerly owned by Myron Jones. He also
owned, at the same time, WEEP in Pittsburgh, PA and WHOT in Youngstown. The talent
that went through those doors at 1635 Ash St. was amazing. Many who worked for
Myron at JET eventually went on to major markets. Barney Pip, Jim Connors, Oogie
Pringle, Ray Otis and the list goes on.

The late Randy Michaels pictured was actually Frank Bascik. Frank aka Randy also
did a polka show on Sundays. He died in 1991.
May 11, 07 RE: Shake A Tail Feather - Earlier Discussion Olin McDaniel
I heard XM Radio play the Five Dutones version of "Shake A Tail Feather" yesterday
on their "Sweet Sixteen Countdown" for the week of May 10, 1963.  They played it as
a "pick hit", i.e., the best of the new music that was released that week.  I have
long requested that they play this song, so was pleased to hear it. 
Apr 14, 07 RE: WCFL Survey for April 13, 1974 Gary Pfeifer
  Thanks...I thought I had corrected that.  Evidently, I was mistaken or I messed
up.  In any event, it's correct now.  
Apr 14, 07 WCFL Survey for April 13, 1974 John Gallagher
Just a heads up, #35 should be Maria Muldaur for "Midnight At The Oasis." It would
certainly be INTERESTING to hear Melissa Manchester sing it though! LOL.
Mar 25, 07 St. Louis radio John Gallagher
Surprises me that a market as large as St. Louis would play it safe on the hits.
Especially, since I'd imagine the signals of WLS, WCFL and perhaps CKLW would have
penetrated the market.