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Jan 1, 08 Happy New Year 2008! Tim Warden
Heartfelt wishes to all our friends and contributors for a 2008 filled with peace,
health, joy and prosperity.  With a little luck we'll hit 10,000 surveys before the
end of the year.

Jan 1, 08 RE: Surveys Tim Warden
Hi Kenn,

I finally got around to adding the rest of your surveys to the site.

Best regards,

Dec 30, 07 Re: 12/30/1974 KCBQ Survey John Gallagher
Here's a question that came to mind. With songs like "Wishing 'Q' Were Here" and "I
Honestly Love 'Q'", did the artists record special versions for KCBQ, or, was it
clever work by the Production or Music Director?
Dec 10, 07 Surveys K.A. Scott
Hi Tim...

  I've sent one or two surveys to you in the past couple of months, but haven't
seen 'em posted.  If it takes a while to post them, that's fine -- I just want to
make sure you are receiving them, and that they'll make it up on the site
eventually.  Thanks!

  By the way, I've got a few more done from CFTR, and can send them on whenever
you'd like.


  - Kenn.
Dec 8, 07 A contributor Michael Fiedler
How do I add singles that didn't chart anywhere?
Dec 3, 07 WLAN Lancaster PA Rob Laye
Check it out . . . top 60 chart!!

(Again, thanks for sharing, Gary.)
Nov 25, 07 RE: Orlando Music Charts Gary Pfeifer
> Gary, I was wondering if you are ever surprised by the 
> number of songs or artists on a particular chart with
> which you are not familiar.

  Rob, like you, I had thought I was pretty well versed in the music of the 1964-69
era; however, in preparing the charts for this website I have come across dozens and
dozens of tunes I had never heard of.  I always enjoy preparing the charts for
stations like WLOF, WKLO, and WHYN where there is a greater likelihood of finding
these little known or unknown gems.

Nov 19, 07 Orlando Music Charts Rob Laye
I've enjoyed your posting of a couple charts from Orlando (years 1965 and 1966) 
I've considered 65 - 68 to be my favourite years in music and thought I had a
pretty good knowledge of the music and artists from that era.  To my surprise, the
recent Orlando charts had at least a dozen songs and artists that were totally new
to me.  Perhaps the stations provide strong support to local artists or perhaps
there is a Latin flavour to the music that I would have missed listening to
Canadian radio stations and US border stations from Detroit, Cleveland, and
Chicago. With the many, many charts you contribute to this site, Gary, I was
wondering if you are ever surprised by the number of songs or artists on a
particular chart with which you are not familiar.

Nov 19, 07 Adding surveys Ken Petty
how is this done?  Thanks
Oct 30, 07 RE: CKLG 730 October 29/66 chart Gary Pfeifer

   Thanks for pointing out the error - it's now been corrected.  The artist was
Darrel Banks.  If you find more, please bring them to our attention.  Thanks.
Oct 30, 07 CKLG 730 October 29/66 chart Rob Laye
The error I noticed was A Satisfied Man (Bobby Hebb) appears twice on the ARSA
chart (#4 and #30).  A peek at the actual chart shows the number 30 song should
have been Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You, but I couldn't make out the artist.
Oct 30, 07 RE: Chat Gary Pfeifer

   Are you referring to errors where the software has mismatched a song with an
incorrect song in the database? 

  If my opinion, yes, please point out any errors you may spot and we'll get them
corrected.  The more accurate the website it, the better.
Oct 29, 07 Chat Rob Laye
I went to a record show this weekend and noticed an increase in the number of 45's
available from previous years when I attended the show.  One guy had them boxed by
the 100's (actually one box had 500) and was selling them between $25 and $50 per
hundred.  These would obviously not interest serious collectors, but many
individual 45's could be bought for a buck or two.  I purchased Shame, Shame (Magic
Lanterns) and May I? (Bill Deal . . .) and it was fun to hear those songs after many

I want to say thanks to everyone who posts charts on this site.  I check it every
evening and never tire of browsing recently added charts.  That brings me to a
question about errors found in the postings (and I'm not referring to typos).  In
the grand scheme of things, I know it doesn't really matter, and perhaps errors are
more difficult to correct than I might suspect, but I was wondering if it is worth
while pointing out errors or not?? 


Oct 27, 07 Add Your Own Airchecks! Tim Warden
Hi everyone,

As of today, ARSA members can now add their lists of airchecks to "The Aircheck
Exchange".  Members can browse each other's airchecks and make requests for any
airchecks they want.

I'm still tidying up the pages, but from what testing I've done everything seems

BTW, a few of you have asked what a few of my media acronyms mean... most notably
"K7" and "D2D". "K7" is the French abbreviation for "Cassette" -- the word
"cassette" is pronounced the same as the letter "K" and the number "7".  "D2D" is
for "Direct To Disk" -- an aircheck recorded directly from the radio to a computer
hard disk and then converted to MP3 or MP4 file.  Eventually I'll replace the
acronyms with words.

Oct 7, 07 CKLW 1968-10-22 Rob Laye
LW Hey Jude position should read 2 instead of 1 . . . doubt the Beatles need any
extra help moving that song up the all time standing list on this site.

I really enjoyed the recent WLS Chicago chart.  Gotta admit I've never heard of the
Cryan' Shames song Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith & Jones.  Anybody
happen to know if it was a local novelty song??

Sep 21, 07 RE: Okay, so how do I contribute chart info? Tim Warden
Hi Kenn,

I had actually sent you a reply a few days ago, but ended up sending to myself --
don't ask... I'm "reply" challenged...  I received your surveys and will be adding
them as time permits.  If you have a lot you would like to contribute, let me know
and I'll set your account up for "contributor" status.

Best regards,

Sep 21, 07 Okay, so how do I contribute chart info? K.A. Scott
I've looked everywhere on the site, and I can't find a way to contribute a few
charts I've transcribed. Tried sending them directly to Tim, but have received no
reply. Am I missing something here?  Cheers!
Sep 14, 07 RE: WIL 1430 St. Louis Chart - John Schwab John Schwob

Thanks for catching my mistake on the date.  I also messed up the next week 9/20.

The beauty of this web site is to see that songs like the Bill Deal song which only
hit #23 on Billboard, hit #1 in St. Louis.  Just about any song that hit the top 20
nationally may have made #1 somewhere in the country.
Sep 13, 07 WIL 1430 St. Louis Chart - John Schwab Rob Laye
Hey John,
There's an error in the 09/13/69 chart date.  Perhaps you forgot to change the date
from the previous St. Louis chart you posted. (Cool to see Bill Deal and The
Rhondells hit number one on the KXOK chart. . . I know they charted in Canada but
never at those lofty heights.)
Sep 12, 07 KBZY John Gallagher
Kinda wondering how KBZY did in the ratings. A rather large rotation (though, not
uncommon in those days) and MANY songs I'VE never heard of...