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Nov 5, 10 WNRR Appleton RE: 1970-07-18 / WNRR ( Appleton, Wisconsin ) Gary Pfeifer
 There is a size limitation of about 500kb per image file uploaded.  I suspect the
original file you attempted to upload exceeded this.  I've had to compress some
survey image files before I ARSA was able to accept it.
Nov 5, 10 WNRR Appleton 1970-07-18 / WNRR ( Appleton, Wisconsin ) Kevin O'Donnell
I finally got this survey image to upload.  I had to break down the survey into two
pages, resembling the size of the front cover, so maybe one can only upload so much
space.  At least it worked!  WOO-HOO!
Dec 21, 13 KKXX Bakersfield RE: 1980-07-14 / KKXX ( Bakersfield, California ) Gary Pfeifer
  Corrected - Thanks!
Dec 20, 13 KKXX Bakersfield 1980-07-14 / KKXX ( Bakersfield, California ) K.A. Scott
Just a heads up -- The Rolling Stones track "Dance (Part 1)" on this survey is
currently redirecting to "If I Was A Dancer (Dance Part 2)".  


- Kenn.
Mar 20, 15 WEBB Baltimore RE: 1966-08-15 / WEBB ( Baltimore, Maryland ) K.A. Scott
Ha!  No sooner had I typed this than it was done.  Thanks!


- Kenn.
Mar 20, 15 WEBB Baltimore 1966-08-15 / WEBB ( Baltimore, Maryland ) K.A. Scott
Hi Geno...

  Loving the R&B charts you've been entering recently!

  Are you aware that you can (and really should) enter both sides of a two-sided
hit into the database?  For the #2 entry on this chart, enter it as two separate

 2	3	 	Manhattans	Can I
 2	3	 	Manhattans	That New Girl

 This way, it's easy to look up which stations were playing "That New Girl" via the

 Thanks, and looking forward to seeing what other charts you've got for us!


  - Kenn.

May 3, 12 WCAO Baltimore 1962-06-30 / WCAO ( Baltimore, Maryland ) Lee Tucker

Just a heads-up; the Vincent Edwards album did not receive the ARSA "Magic Bullet"
May 28, 10 WSGN Birmingham 1967-05-19 / WSGN ( Birmingham, Alabama ) Rob Ellis
Tim, Gary someone - I've tried several times to add a scan for this chart and it
gives me this error message:

No such file or directory in /home/warden/public_html/arsa/surveys_edit.php on line

Checked several times, JPG appears fine - what am I doing wrong?
Aug 7, 09 WAQY Birmingham 1968-08-05 / WAQY ( Birmingham, Alabama ) Rob Ellis
Thanks to Fred Dahkle I finally got a survey of WAQY. Hard
core Beatles fans may recognize this station. After John Lennon claimed in 1965
that the Beatles were bigger than
Jesus, WAQY refused to play Beatles songs. The station
urged listeners to bring their records and paraphernalia
to the studio to be destroyed. WAQY's “Ban the Beatles”
crusade was the first to gain nationwide attention and is referenced in numerous
Beatles documentaries. 
Feb 24, 09 WHLM Bloomsburg RE: 1987-04-06 / WHLM ( Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania ) Gary Pfeifer
 Made the correction to the Wang Chung single.

  As for the non-existent KXOK survey, I'm not sure what happened.  It shows that I
input it over 4 years ago, yet I have no KXOK survey for that date in my collection.
 Possibly I had made a typo and meant to delete it, but never did.  At this point in
time, only Tim can delete that entry.  I will write him and request that he do so at
his convenience
Feb 24, 09 WHLM Bloomsburg 1987-04-06 / WHLM ( Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania ) K.A. Scott
I just type these in as I find 'em....

For this chart, the 1987 Wang Chung song "Let's Go!" redirects to chart stats for
"Don't Let Go", a completely different Wang Chung single from 1984.  Hopefully,
this is an easy fix!


- Kenn.  
Mar 9, 15 WRKO Boston RE: 1980-08-29 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Paul H.
Kenn, you are correct.  Now fixed...thanks!
Mar 8, 15 WRKO Boston 1980-08-29 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) K.A. Scott
Hi Paul...

  Number 29 on this survey, Boz Scaggs' "Lowdown", should really be "JoJo", no?


  - Kenn.

Mar 6, 15 WRKO Boston RE: 1980-02-15 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Gary Pfeifer
 Corrected!  Thx Paul!
Mar 6, 15 WRKO Boston 1980-02-15 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Paul H.
Just a small typo to fix on this survey.  The LW column numbers needs to be fixed
for #6 ("Yes I'm Ready"), should be 7 NOT 2, and for #7 ("Coward Of The County"),
should be 2 NOT 7.  These numbers are shown correctly on the actual survey image.
Feb 24, 15 WRKO Boston RE5: 1978-10-06 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Paul H.

I figured that would be a tricky one to fix.  I just wanted to make sure that all
of the WRKO ones were coming out together.  Thanks for getting it sorted!  I won't
even bring up the two 1978 releases of "Paradise By The Dashboard Light":)
Feb 24, 15 WRKO Boston RE4: 1978-10-06 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Gary Pfeifer
  Looking at this again, there are a number of survey entries from Australian
stations during the first half of 1978 which probably should be matched to the 1977
release. (It was released in Australia in Nov. 1977, a month after the intial US
release.) I can force these over to the 1977 release but don't see how future early
1978 entries can be automatically matched by the database to the 1977 release.
Feb 24, 15 WRKO Boston RE3: 1978-10-06 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Gary Pfeifer
  Don't want to combine the two entries as there were two legitimate, different
releases - an initial release in 1977, then on a different label in Oct. 1978. 
This later release was incorrectly identified as a 1979 release in the database,
which more than likely caused some of the 1978 survey entries to improperly match
with the 1977 release.  The release date has now been corrected to 1978 and all the
surveys now match to the later release.  I see no survey entries from 1977 would be
match to the initial release but it remains in the database in case of a future
occurence.  Thanks!
Feb 23, 15 WRKO Boston RE2: 1978-10-06 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Paul H.

Thanks for making those corrections.  There's still a slight problem as the two
separate entries for "You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth" in the database
aren't sorting correctly.  Perhaps just combining them into one entry will solve
Feb 23, 15 WRKO Boston RE: 1978-10-06 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Gary Pfeifer
  Cutting/pasting the wrong song gets me into trouble again! :) Thanks, Paul - it's
been corrected.