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Oct 9, 09 WCOP Boston 1956-12-17 / WCOP ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Rob Ellis
Jim, I see there are two songs on the WCOP charts you haven't entered yet.  The
survey actually gives the label info!

Jim Love's song is on DOT 15486 and the
G Cleffs is on PIL 720

Hope that helps.
Sep 22, 09 WBCN Boston Regional hits K.A. Scott
In reference to the conversation below, I'd like to add my 2 cents.  

I think one of the things ARSA does best is to track those wonderful, often obscure
regional hits.  So not entering 'em into the database means that Someone coming to
the site looking for, say, chart info on "Going Nowhere" by Dumptruck, won't be
able to find it.  (I chose that song in particular because A)  it was commercially
released and B)  I actually know it -- and was stunned that with its prominent
pedal steel guitar, it was a regional hit on a rock station!)

As always, I don't want to create more work than can be handled by Al, Jim or
anyone else ... so if it's too much bother to enter and track these recordings, so
be it!  But my feeling is that the more (relevant!) data that's entered into the
database, the better and more useful the database.


- Kenn.
Sep 20, 09 WBCN Boston RE3: 1984-09-14 / WBCN ( Boston, Massachusetts ) K.A. Scott
Hi Al...

  I'll get back to those CHUM-FM charts, I promise.  Unfortunately, the album
charts take me about three times as long to enter as the singles charts -- the
current auto-fill set-ups don't account for "Weeks On", nor do they order the album
info the way I have them in my files.  So when time's at a premium for me, the album
charts are the first to go...

  Those WBCN charts sure make it look like it was an interesting station, by the


  - Kenn.

Sep 19, 09 WBCN Boston RE3: 1984-09-14 / WBCN ( Boston, Massachusetts ) ARSA Jim
Hello, A.R.; Jim here. I think your handling of the "local charters", for your
specific lists, is exactly correct; given your "sometimes played on radio from
master tapes only" thoery here. They should surely be noted (just as you have), but
probably don't merit a full, commercially-released ARSA entry, for just the reason
you cite. My #1 ARSA surprise to date is the number of "Album Rock" surveys that
have been entered in. While I long knew of the format's popularity, of course, I
just never saw any AOR surveys printed anywhere in my local area, ever. Obviously
this was not the case everywhere. Just another great oh-wow moment for me, guys,
thanks to ARSA!
Sep 19, 09 WBCN Boston RE2: 1984-09-14 / WBCN ( Boston, Massachusetts ) A.R. Paine
Kenn, thanks for the nice comment. Yes, I listened to WBCN's countdown nearly every
week from February 1984 to June 1988, jotting down the song titles in a notebook. 

Jim, I haven't included the regional hits (the "Boston 3" countdown) in the Chart
Data field; though I know you're an expert at tracking down label and catalog #s, 
a few artists only submitted demo tapes to the station. Still, I thought they
merited mention in the goodies section because there are some real 'nuggets' that
charted locally.

Kenn, are we going to be seeing any more of those terrific CHUM-FM album charts
soon?  You've left us in suspense! How long will Supertramp hold on to the #1
position?  Al
Sep 19, 09 WBCN Boston RE: 1984-09-14 / WBCN ( Boston, Massachusetts ) K.A. Scott
Can't speak for anyone else here, but I think it's great you're adding these 80s
countdowns to the database.  Did you copy the countdown lists down as they aired,
or are you getting the info from some other source?


- Kenn.
Sep 12, 09 WBCN Boston 1984-09-14 / WBCN ( Boston, Massachusetts ) A.R. Paine
This weekly countdown show was hosted by esteemed longtime Boston radio personality
Ken Shelton (Captain Ken).  As far as I can recall, no printed copies of the
countdown were distributed, so if these lists are deemed inadmissible (not in
keeping with ARSA's format), that's OK, and I can instead try to dig up some of the
station's Street Sheets which featured WBCN's most-played album charts.  WBCN
recently ended its 41-year run as "The Rock of Boston" at 104.1 FM, but lives on as
an HD digital and internet station.
Apr 3, 09 WRKO Boston RE2: 1974-04-02 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Gary Pfeifer
  Thanks for the catch, Rob, and for making the correction, Ken!  Don't know how I
slipped up so much on this one.
Apr 2, 09 WRKO Boston RE: 1974-04-02 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) K.A. Scott
Nice catch!  Hope no-one minds that I went ahead and made the change -- didn't
realize I could do this until now!

Apr 2, 09 WRKO Boston 1974-04-02 / WRKO ( Boston, Massachusetts ) Rob Price
Whoops...looks like this one's mis-dated....or WRKO was really ahead of the pack on
the Hues Corporation. (Nope, front of the survey definitely says July 2.) 
Jun 21, 04 WRKO Boston RE: 1973-02-08 - WRKO Boston, Massachusetts Tim Warden
Oops! I just fixed it...  Thanks for catching that.  Hmmm...  looks like the outer
side is actually a scan from 1973-02-13...
Jun 19, 04 WRKO Boston 1973-02-08 - WRKO Boston, Massachusetts Shel Swartz
This survey is really dated 2-6-73. :)
Mar 11, 14 WKBW Buffalo RE: 1979-00-00 / WKBW ( Buffalo, New York ) K.A. Scott
Congrats on #3000!  I always enjoy your contributions, Rick, and am looking forward
to many more.

Mar 11, 14 WKBW Buffalo RE: 1979-00-00 / WKBW ( Buffalo, New York ) Gary Pfeifer
Rick - Thank you very much for all your dedication and effort!!  We greatly
appreciate all the surveys you've shared!
Mar 11, 14 WKBW Buffalo 1979-00-00 / WKBW ( Buffalo, New York ) Rick Hy
This WKBW Year End 1979 Top 100 survey marks my 3,000th keyed in survey. Had to pick
a Buffalo survey to commemorate this entry. I have so many great memories of
listening to early Buffalo radio Top 40 with Danny Neaverth, Tom Shannon (Wild
Weekend Theme), Joey Reynolds and Dick Biondi. Great times! Now on to 4,000
Oct 1, 10 WKBW Buffalo Buffalo surveys Rick Hy
No apologies necessary, I just needed to clarify why I have   added some charts that
have some artists names missing. I didn't want this to cause a problem for you
people who are running this site. I'm glad you still want the remainder of the
Jun 24, 10 WNIA Buffalo RE: ONE THOUSAND Gary Pfeifer
 Many thanks, Rick, for sharing all your fine surveys with us and for all the
efforts involved inputting them to the site!  Much appreciated! Looking forward to
whatever out of town surveys you'll be sharing next.
Jun 23, 10 WNIA Buffalo ONE THOUSAND Rick Hy
Well it took about a year, but today I added my 1,000th survey from Buffalo. I still
have a few more to go but thought it was a good time to say "Thank You" for this
site and all of the work you do on it. I apologize in adding to that work as I have
made a few discoveries along they way. First, as a young teenager in the 50's and
60's I was a count down junkie and wrote down many many countdowns  ... title only
surely thinking I would never forget or ever need to add the artist. Now, If I
didn't know the artist and it didn't make the Billboard or Cash Box charts, I was
stumped. Thanks to you for finding out all of the missing artists. I often wonder
what your sources are. Secondly, I am now acutely aware of the many typos that
appear on these charts that I was not aware of before thanks to your dot system.
Thirdly, the mistakes and abbreviations of album titles that I couldn't correct
since I was never a big album buff. This just added more to your job .... sorry. 
My favorite Buffalo station was WBNY ... a teen oriented station that was unusual
and trend setting for 1957. WKBW began in 1958 and was sometimes known here as the
50,000 watt juke box. I think the most unusual survey in the Buffalo collection was
the WYSL Instant Request List. Listeners read a piece of product copy on air in
order to request a song on the list. Another perk of living in Buffalo was the
proximity to Toronto and radio stations CHUM and CKEY. For a rock and roll music
lover, growing up in the Top 40 era was the best possible time.
I have a few more Buffalo surveys left to download and then I will begin to share
my out of town collection.  Onward to 2000 !
Mar 8, 10 WMJQ Buffalo RE: 1991-02-20 / WMJQ ( Buffalo, New York ) Gary Pfeifer

   As Jim explained, we can't correct the algorithms, but I am usually able to
correct these types of errors on a case by case basis, which I did with the Tevin
Campbell song.  Please continue to alert us to any additional anomalies you may
find.  Thanks.

Mar 8, 10 WMJQ Buffalo RE3: 1991-02-20 / WMJQ ( Buffalo, New York ) ARSA Jim
Kenn: Forgive me, I didn't clearly make my point earlier. It is not that the ARSA
algorithim issues are "more than I/we can handle/want to deal with" right now. That
isn't it at all. From the start, Tim has authorized ONLY himself to have access to
all internal ARSA program code/algorithms. I respect that. It is complicated
computer coding. This is Tim's prerogative; it is his site. And we are all forever
indebted to him for this tremendous resource. But in reality, he appears to have
only a very few precious hours a year to spend on all ARSA fixes. Sadly, this is
not nearly enough time to address all of the various ARSA issues. THIS simple fact
is at the root of all of our combined frustrations here. Just know that I am
totally willing to TRY to tackle/repair these problems. I do have over a decade of
programming expertise. But, like all of us except Tim, I am "100% locked out" of
this top-level ARSA access. This fact makes it impossible for me to even attempt to
fix the bad algorithms. To reiterate, Kenn, I am extremely willing to do it, but I
am powerless to try, 100% due to this lack of "advanced ARSA clearance". Kenn, I
hope you can now better understand why these annoying errors persist, despite the
daily participation of at least two "lunatic perfectionists" (you and I) on board
here at ARSA! You are the best, sir!  -Jim