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May 31, 09 Reissues K.A. Scott
Hi all...

  Another minor, nitpicky issue!

  Is there an ARSA policy/guidline on re-issued singles?  I ask, because I've
noticed The Beatles' "Please Please Me" is listed twice (on Vee-Jay 498 in 1963 and
581 in 1964).

  Unfortunately, this seems to have created a bit of a mish-mash in terms of
tracking the song's progress.  The 581 issue is tracked in Chicago as early as
March, 1963, then the 498 issue pops up in a KEWB San Francisco chart from later
that year.  Then it's back to the 581 issue for the remainder of the run.  Surely
this can't be right....

  A similar problem turns up for UB40's "Red Red Wine", originally issued in 1983
on A&M 2600, then re-issued in 1988 on A&M 1244.  Currently both issues are listed
in ARSA's database, but all the chart stats are for the 1988 issue -- including all
the chart stats for 1983/84.

  My solution (for what it's worth) would be to list only the original issue of a
single.  This way, any automatic ARSA sorting programs wouldn't have to figure out
which issue (or re-issue) an inputter meant -- it would just go to the *only*
listing for The Beatles' "Please Please Me" or UB40's "Red Red Wine".  

  But of course, you may well have a better solution to this (admittedly) minor
problem.  Or it may be to complex to fix right now...


  As we approach 10,000 surveys, my hat is off to Gary who is responsible for well
over 7,000 of them!  

  Also, thanks to the "behind-the-scenes" folks who deal with the site architecture
& upkeep, singles and albums research, and all the other assorted minutae.  It
really is a terrific accomplishment.


  - Kenn. 
May 31, 09 all-time Top Songs chart oddity A.R. Paine
Dion's "Donna The Prima Donna" is at #2349, "Donna" by Ritchie Valens is #2350!
May 24, 09 10,000 Surveys, Here We Come! Roy Ballard
Wow! Only 96 more surveys to get to 10,000!
That is amazing and fantastic!
Great efforts by lots of dedicated people always make a great team. Keep it
cheers! Roy
May 7, 09 RE: KOBY 1550: Oct 7,1956 - Feb 22,1960 R.I.P. K.A. Scott
That's a great story, Roy -- truly the golden age of radio promotion!  (Not to
mention the golden days of not knowing what UVB rays were....)

Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the surveys.  Looking forward to more.


- Kenn.

May 7, 09 RE: KOBY 1550: Oct 7,1956 - Feb 22,1960 R.I.P. Gary Pfeifer

  We really appreciate all your efforts with the KOBY charts! Many thanks!  Looking
forward to seeing your KEWB surveys.  
May 6, 09 KOBY 1550: Oct 7,1956 - Feb 22,1960 R.I.P. Roy Ballard
And so after 112 surveys and 2 scanners, I've exhausted my collection of KOBY
surveys. According the to the Bay Area Museum site, KOBY was the first Top 40
station in the San Francisco Bay Area and was owned by Dave Segal who also owned
Top 40 stations in Denver and Greenville, Mississippi.

I fondly remember one summer KOBY promotion called the "KOBY back". You put tape on
your back in the KOBY letters and then had 3 weeks to get the best tan. The boy and
girl that showed the best white "KOBY" against a brown tan won a prize. Well, we
baked daily lying on our stomachs on the Santa Cruz beach, but alas, we didn't win
- just the opposite, we looked like fools with tanned backs but pure white fronts!
It was worth it though as we met lots of "KOBY back" girls.

In 1959 and 1960 heavy hitting Top 40 stations like KYA and KEWB appeared and were
too much competition for small KOBY. Speaking of KEWB, I start tomorrow on my 200
of those surveys!   cheers! roy

May 1, 09 RE3: The 51st State? K.A. Scott
I'm not all *that* up in arms about it, Tim.  Then again, I'm not actually from

Anyway, if it's an easy fix to move Manitoba so that it sits beside all the other
Canadian provinces and territories (towards the end of the stats page) then go
ahead.  If not, I'm sure the good people of Manitoba will understand.  

Incidentally, you'll know for sure if they don't understand, because they'll sic
the ghost of Louis Riel on you....


- Kenn.


May 1, 09 RE2: The 51st State? Tim Warden
Ah, I think I understand your observation.  Well, Canada is our neighbor to the
north, and Provinces could be considered  "States", right?  I guess when I put that
statistics page together, I was thinking the majority of surveys would come
initially come from two countries, the USA and Canada... and I figured it would be
understood that, for instance, in which country "Manitoba" lies.  I suppose I
thought it would be more of an insult if I qualified it, as if nobody knew where
Manitoba was.  If it causes emotional or political distress, I can change it to add
", Canada" on the Provinces.  Or maybe, when I retire and have more time I can do a
revised page that groups each country's states or provinces together, which should
also please our friends down under.

BTW, I did notice there was a survey that had "USA" listed as country for
Manitoba... just an editing mistake, no doubt.
May 1, 09 RE: The 51st State? Tim Warden
52nd, actually.  I think England is the 51st.  I heard rumours British Columbia will
become the 53rd next year.  It's a win-win, when you think about it...  you get our
excellent economic headaches, we adopt the queen's spelling, and children in the
deep south learn Received Pronunciation.

I'll have a look and see what I can do :-)
May 1, 09 The 51st State? K.A. Scott
Looking at the "statistics by state" page, it appears some international
skullduggery is afoot -- Manitoba has been annexed by the US!  

Is this revenge for "American Woman" by Winnipeg's The Guess Who?


- Kenn. 
Apr 26, 09 Duplicate Stations Tim Warden
Hi all,

I just went through the stations and merged / deleted the duplicates (CHUM, KOBY,
etc.).  I also made a small code change which should make it easier to change a
station on a survey if you make a mistake (i.e. forget to set "FM" instead of

I know the station selection could be cleaned up a bit, for instance adding a popup
menu to select the correct station when, for example, there are two with the same
call letters from different periods, different markets.  Alas, I don't have a lot
of time to do this now... maybe when I retire :-?

One little hint that might help when adding new surveys: if the station already
exists in the database, you do NOT have to enter the details (frequency, city,
state, etc.)... only the call letters and select the band (AM by default, else
choose FM).  ARSA will automatically find the station in that case.


Apr 16, 09 Thanks, Kenn. Roy Ballard
Hi Kenn! It's great to hear that you enjoy the KOBY surveys from the late 50's. I
have about 30 more to go before KOBY's demise in February 1960.

Then I'll start on two more San Francisco stations: KEWB and KYA, of which I have a
couple hundred surveys each, mostly from the 60's. San Francisco was a fun place to
be in the sixties.

For anyone really interested in Bay Area radio staions, I recommend the site "Bay
Area Radio Museum". It has detailed history on stations, jingles, disc jockeys,
surveys, etc.

Thanks again for the kind words!
cheers!  Roy
Apr 14, 09 Multiple stations K.A. Scott

Actually, the same thing has happened for CHUM-FM and for CILQ -- each of these
stations has two entries.  (I'm quite sure because I entered something improperly
for these stations at some point...)  Anyway, if there's any way to merge the two
CHUM-FM entries into one, and the two CILQ's into one, let me know.

By the way, Roy, those vintage KOBY surveys are great! Really enjoying checking
them out.


- Kenn.  
Apr 13, 09 Why three KOBY's? Roy Ballard
Very minor question. There seem to be 3 KOBY's when I input "KOBY" for station. The
first two only have one survey each; the third has the other 60+.
Just curious why 3 and can the the other 2 be combined with the third?  thanks, roy
Apr 11, 09 RE: Heart/Streetheart K.A. Scott
Hi Jim...

  Thanks for the explanation!  I figured it was something along those lines.  You
can develop a program to catch most of these things, but one or two anomalies are
always going to sneak through...

  Anyway, as I'm adding 80s surveys all the time, something similar may pop up
again.  If and when it does, I'll post a note here.  (And if there's any way I can
be of help in correcting one of these errors myself, please let me know and I'll be
happy to do so.)


  - Kenn.
Apr 11, 09 RE: Heart/Streetheart Tim Warden
Hi Kenn, Jim, the Streetheart -> Heart has been fixed in the CHUM charts.  Sorry
about that.  Jim, let me know of any others that need fixing.
Apr 10, 09 Heart/Streetheart ARSA Jim
Hi Kenn! From the start, one of the constant, major challenges for our ARSA
programmer/CEO, Tim, was to set up the system to determine that, despite numerous,
minor title/artist spelling errors that appear on the original, typed surveys, to
still, despite these small differences, correctly match up the song's "data" up,
and deposit the survey's chart # info into the current, correctly-spelled, ARSA
master database entry for the song. Unfortunately, computer programs cannot
"eyeball" things, or use common sense. So, when that 1985 LP "Heart" by Heart
appeared on its first ARSA survey, Tim's existing programming logic found an "all
letters (H-E-A-R-T), LP title/artist match" with the Streetheart entry. And
although I have been working diligently of late, behind the scenes, trying to add
in ARSA master album entries for all remaining big hit albums from the 80's not yet
in the database. Amazingly, the big hit LP, "Heart" by Heart had not ever previously
appeared on any ARSA survey, or been added into ARSA at all yet. Both these things
are kind of "flukey". If either had happened, the system would've then found an
ARSA "Heart by Heart" entry (which I've just added now), considered it a "more
exact match" than the Streetheart existing database entry was, and would've then
placed that chart's info correctly, where it belongs - with Heart. FYI, Tim, I have
never learned how to be able to "move/correct" data errors like this. Like Kenn just
did, I've also noticed this exact problem several times before as well, and I agree,
it's very frustrating to see. I've always badly wanted to know how to fix this ARSA
problem, for the same reason that Kenn has just pointed it - because it's wrong the
way it is! Tim, if you could, when time allows for you, e-mail/educate me as to how
to make such corrections, I'd be very appreciative.  -Jim
Apr 9, 09 02/22/86 CHUM-FM 104.5 FM ( Toronto, Ontario ) K.A. Scott
Hi all...

  For this and subsequent CHUM-FM album charts, the self-titled album by Heart is
being compiled with the self-titled album by Streetheart, a completely different
band and album.

  And with that nitpick noted....Happy Easter weekend, all!


  - Kenn.  

Mar 2, 09 RE: Accents over letters..... K.A. Scott
If it's easier to do the letters without accents, that's fine by me. Consistency is
the important thing here, to avoid problems with the database down the line...

And I guess I am "detail-oriented".  That's certainly a kinder way of putting it
than, say, "obsessively nitpicky"!

Actually, considering the absolute wealth of info posted here every day, it's
amazing how few errors I do find.  Everyone here does a great job.  And honestly, I
don't go looking for mistakes -- but if I see an entry that looks weird, I'm the
type of person who has to double-check it for accuracy, and make a correction when


- Kenn.

Mar 2, 09 Layng Martine... ARSA Jim
Tim, since Layng was born in my home state of Connecticut (Town Of Greenwich, in
1942) I should probably jump in here. I also own a promo 45 for "Rub It In", but my
DJ copy features both the current ARSA database/numerous reference books spelling,
"Layng". This appears to be a first name that they have kept in their family, as
this generation's "Layng" was actually "Layng Martine, Jr." Both his dad and his
son, Layng Martine III, who's also in the biz, have it as well. In addition to "Rub
It In", Layng Jr. also wrote the Elvis Presley hit that was currently on the charts
when he died on 8/16/77, "Way Down". (The song was already peaking, but it then got
a bit of a "radio second life" due to the sad news, putting a few extra nickels in
Layng's bank account as a result.) Although not an overly common first name, after
researching this, there are a surprisingly large number of Amercians with the first
name "Layng". Tim, it is amazing that you own a promo 45 listed as "Laying Martine".
It simply appears to be a typo limited to a few, initial promo 45 copies, entered by
a "label dept. employee" probably just guessing as to a spelling for a first name
they'd never heard of before. Also a very funny twist of fate about the resulting
"name phrase-ology" in regard to your wife! I know you protect her virtue at all
times!  :)    Hope all is well, Tim!   -Jim