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Jan 15, 04 Two Cents -- A Radio Survey Forum Tim Warden
Two Cents is the place to exchange banter about the surveys, stations, music and
programming trends you see in the ARSA pages.

You can start general threads in the "Two Cents" browser page by clicking the "Add
My 2" button below.  You'll find that same "Add My 2" button in survey & station
listings pages.  Adding a thread from a survey page links the thread to the survey
and its associated radio station.  Replying to a message will add your reply to the

Anyone can browse the Two Cents entries, but only members can contribute.
Membership is free -- you'll need to fill in a short form with your name & e-mail.
(No, you won't get unsolicited mail, and we won't give out your email address to
anyone.)  You can find the membership form in the home page.

The Two Cents section was implemented in about a day -- so don't be surprised if
you find bugs or logic problems.  And if you do find bugs? - please let me know.


Jan 18, 04 Want List... Tim Warden
I would really love to find a copy or a scan of the KTKT Tucson / Gap Jeans Top 40
Radio guide.  It was a listing of Top 40 radio stations across the country,
published in the early to mid-70s.  The front cover had a lovely young lass in a
pair of unbuttoned GAP jeans with a low-cut v-neck top and their slogan at the
time, "Fall into the Gap."
Feb 12, 04 What's New In ARSA Tim Warden
Fixed an alignment problem displaying survey headlines where first line was not
centered.  Problem: some headlines were pre-formatted (i.e. pre-centered), some
were not.  Now looking for spaces at beginning of headline to determine if headline
is pre-formatted, in which case we won't center.
Feb 24, 04 RE: What's New In ARSA Tim Warden
Just added an Advanced Search function to the surveys page.  Click the advanced
button to enter additional search criteria or refine your search, such as "Format
is Progressive" or "Chart Week less than 1967-12-31", etc.  It's not perfect, but
it seems to work OK.  I'll add a help page one of these days...
Feb 26, 04 RE2: What's New In ARSA Tim Warden
Albums! Albums! Albums!

I've added all the chart logic for albums and have begun the process of updating
existing surveys that contain album charts.  We're over 200 albums, and it's only
the first day.  Already, quite a few of these albums never charted in the "major"
May 14, 04 Medium Market Midwest Radio from 60's and 70's Bryan Bradford
To anyone interested who runs this website, I just became a member and would like to
contribute if I may. Someone please inform me how I may add surveys OR airchecks.


Bryan Bradford - KBOB
May 14, 04 RE: Medium Market Midwest Radio from 60's and 70's Tim Warden
Welcome aboard, Bryan.  I've sent you an e-mail detailing how to contribute. 
Looking forward to having you help us preserve radio history!

Kind regards,

Jun 21, 04 KNAK surveys Robert Triptow
I didn't realize there were people who collected radio station record surveys.  When
I was a teenager, my room was wallpapered with surveys from KNAK Salt Lake City.  I
hadn't thought about them in decades until the memory hit me the other day.  I did
a web search and found five KNAK surveys for auction at eBay.  I bid, I won, and
I'd be happy to share scans of them with you.  I'd be even happier to get more from
KNAK or KCPX, scans or originals.  Any hints how?
Jun 21, 04 RE: KNAK surveys Gary Pfeifer

   Great that you won those KNAK original surveys
and thanks for your offer to share scans with us.

   You'll find scans of three KNAK surveys and five
KCPX surveys here at ARSA.  Enjoy!

Jul 7, 04 Thanks, Frank! Tim Warden
A very special thanks to Survey Guru Frank Merrill for his invaluable help "fine
tuning" those frequencies and cities of license.

Frank tells me he's been in the biz for over 40 years.  Not only does he have a
wealth of radio info, but also a wealth of surveys.  He's particularly interested
in those less "mainstream" surveys.

Welcome, Frank!

Jul 7, 04 KEWB Jingles William Anderson
Looking for any KEWB jingles from the 60's.  Particularly from the "color radio"

I have hundreds of jingles from stations around the country to offer in trade.
Jul 8, 04 really, really old surveys...ETC. frank merrill
Hello all...does anybody out there know anything about radio station surveys BEFORE
1955?  I have one from Beaver Falls PA (1950) and WCKY Cincinnati (1952 top five
hillbilly) & that's about all.  As a new member (but probably the "oldest" of
collectors, doing this for 41 years come August), my search is unusual, in that I
am trying strictly to get surveys from as many DIFFERENT radio stations as
possible, and as old as possible, regardless of musical contents, "presentation" or
even condition.  My search is almost the direct opposite of what is "hot" on eBay,
where it's mostly high-profile metropolitan stuff which basically I **NEVER** need;
I'm looking for the "ugly or crude" surveys from little "Podunk" stations, or ones
that might have been very short-lived, etc.  My interest is strongest in Fifties,
but there is also a lot of 80s and (especially!) 70s that I need...I'm actually the
most caught up with 60s, when I was the most active and there was a sizeable network
of collectors out there.  I am very happy to see this new site!  I've been waiting
for something like this for about 35 years, since whenever the ISCC (International
Survey Collectors Club) folded.  One thing I have never seen mentioned by anybody,
anywhere, are those instances where a LOCAL NEWSPAPER had a weekly teen or music
page (or entertainment section) in which they might report local radio Station TOP
TEN lists from as many as a dozen local radio stations.  Any of those, especially
from the Fifties **OR FORTIES**, are probably my most sought of any kind of
surveys, period.  Scrolling through this entire site I saw pretty much NO stations
I "needed," so it is hard to "scoop me" on stuff.  Anybody who might have stuff I
need, I will trade quite liberally for (just ask Shel Swartz).  Currently I have no
home PC, therefore no scanner, but hopefully before the end of the year I'll have
one.  Before I do so, I need to resolve some health issues (hoping for a "clean
bill") after having had cancer in 2003; at that point I'll be ready to proceed.  If
I don't get the "right" answer, some things could become more important than
surveys...  If the results are what I hope, I should have the capacity to scan
THOUSANDS of surveys before year's end.  Not having done it before I have no idea
how long it even takes to scan and send??  I would be using a 28K dial-up...NOT! 
(Living rurally, it looks like wireless is my only good option.)  I'll sign off for
now, but hope to be sending postings in the future, and I'll start spreading word
about this to pretty much everybody I can find, who might be interested...this
kinda site has been drastically needed for a long time!  
Aug 1, 04 looking for surveys from 1975 to present jim mull
I am looking for music surveys to trade or buy from 1975 to the present. i have some
surveys from the 1960's to trade for the surveys i need from 1975 to the present. if
you have a list of surveys please e-mail me at and i will respond to
your e-mail.

thanks, jim mull
Nov 14, 05 KMEN and KFXM - Spanish in 60's Michael Guerin
Growing up in the San Bernardino area in the mid-60's I remember that KMEN and KFXM
would slip in some spanish language songs along with the top 40 format, given the
demographic for the area, even in those days.  These never seem to be listed in the
surveys, or did I miss them on the various airhead type sites...
Feb 1, 06 K104 Erie, PA Top 104 Surveys John Gallagher
I used to work at K104 (now Star 104) in Erie, PA and have contributed 3 year end
surveys to Gary for 1985, 1986 and 1987. Enjoy!

Love the surveys site. I also posted a link to the surveys site at Many
of us mobile dj entertainers were on the radio at one time. So, hopefully you'll
see some new additions soon!
Feb 3, 06 Looking For 1970's Erie, PA Surveys John Gallagher
There is a wonderful collection of WJET surveys here.
Would love to see other surveys of WWYN, early WCCK (predecessor of K104) and of
course more WJET from 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974 etc. WCCK may only have done
year-end though.
I know that's what we did in the 1980s when I worked there.
Feb 6, 06 Labels & Catalog Info Tim Warden
I've just added a new section "LABELS" to the ARSA site, to celebrate the fantastic
work that Jim Abbott has been quietly doing in the background.  Jim has been adding
in all the label and catalog information for every single in the database.  It's
pretty impressive and represents countless nights of work.  Until now, most of this
information hasn't been readily visible or searchable.

We're forever adding to and cleaning up the site, and the labels section isn't yet
perfect.  When listing all the labels, there are still a few strays in there, but
give us time and we'll correct them.  ...And please let me know if you encounter
problems with the new section or if you have suggestions.  (I hacked it together
this evening, so there could be a bug or two lurking.)


Tim Warden
Feb 7, 06 Additional KBOX Surveys Gary McBrayer
Your site has done a great job of collecting and posting KBOX Surveys (the originals
of most come from my own collection). I've acquired several additional ones I'd be
happy to send electronically. Where do I send them?

Gary McBrayer
Feb 7, 06 RE: Additional KBOX Surveys Tim Warden
Thanks, Gary.  I've send you an email describing alternatives for contributing. 
Looking forward to seeing your surveys. -- Tim
Feb 21, 06 RE: K104 Erie, PA Top 104 Surveys John Gallagher
Were these year end surveys usable?