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Mar 27, 15 RE: K.A. Scott
It's fixed now, Paul!  Current entries are now aligned correctly, and future entries
should match up to the correct title.  Thanks for pointing it out!


- Kenn.
Mar 27, 15 "As" - Stevie Wonder Paul H.
For some reason, the Stevie Wonder songs "What Christmas Means To Me" (from 1971)
and "As" (from 1977) appear to be linked together in the database.  Kinda hard to
explain, but something just isn't sorting correctly with those titles.  Hopefully
this can be sorted out.
Mar 20, 15 RE: WORC Surveys Gary Pfeifer
  Hi Martin,

    Glad you've joined us again and found some WORC surveys to your liking!

    As for the large size WORC surveys you have, consider scanning it in two parts
- top half/bottom half.  I'd had to do that on some of mine.  If not, the scan you
posted the link to is certainly readable enough to prepare an entry for, but I'll
wait a bit if you can get a higher quality scan.
Mar 20, 15 WORC Surveys Martin Nathan
It's been a awhile since I've posted here.
I've posted a few WORC surveys in the past,
and it's great to see that the number of them
has accumulated a lot since the last time I
checked.  It's especially great to see 2-15-69
and 7-15-69.  I'm always on the hunt for
WORC surveys from that period.  Anything from
late 69 to early '72 is greatly appreciated.
I have several WORC surveys from 1967 and 68,
but they are too big  for the scanner.  I
took a picture of one with my camera.  It's
readable, but not quite up the quality needed
for posting, so I set up a link so it can be

thank you Martin Nathan Worcester, Mass.
Mar 16, 15 RE2: KYNO 1970-09-08 add-ons Lee Tucker

It appears that I'm not the only one who is unable to return to a survey I
previously contributed to make corrections or add previously unavailable data or
images.  For me anyway, this is a relatively new issue as in the past I have been
able to return to surveys I had previously contributed and edit them as previously
unavailable data or images became available.  Is this a consequence of the new ARSA
editing program and, if so, is there any way around this?   Thanks.

Mar 15, 15 RE: KYNO 1970-09-08 add-ons Tim Warden
Sure -- no problem.
Mar 15, 15 KYNO 1970-09-08 add-ons Geno Rice
Hi Tim,

As new information comes to light, can I ask you to add songs to surveys that I
inputted long ago? For example, the three Boss hitbounds for KYNO 1970-09-08 just
became available, but I'm closed out from making the entries. They are:

Carpenters - We've Only Just Begun; 
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Our House
Jackson 5 - I'll Be There.

Thanks ever so much.
Mar 10, 15 RE: Gary Pfeifer
The Free Birds should be sorted correctly now and I hope new additions will direct
to the proper entry from this point on.
Mar 10, 15 "Free Bird" - Lynyrd Skynyrd Paul H.
There are numerous surveys showing the 1976/77 live version of "Free Bird" that are
currently sorting with the original 1974/75 version in the database.
Mar 9, 15 Semi-Random Thoughts CARY LINIGER
I have had the same problem as Lee in updating WHB and other surveys. The edit
buttons are available to me, but they send me to the survey instead of the input
Mar 9, 15 RE5: Semi-Random Thoughts Lee Tucker
BTW, that's Lee Tucker inquiring about the WHB edits as ARSA apparently timed me out
as I was typing it and I noticed that no name appears in the upper right hand
Mar 9, 15 RE4: Semi-Random Thoughts 0
Thanks Tim; I went out to remove it this AM and saw you had already done so.  

Thanks to George Laterra and his recent WHB survey inputs, I've been able to fill
in most of the gaps in my WHB collection for the 1963-1974 era.  However, when
attempting to use the "Add or Edit Singles Chart" method to edit WHB surveys I
contributed 3-4 years ago to include the # weeks data I left blank back then, I am
not getting an input form for me to edit/update this or any other data.  In the
past, I've been able to return to previous WHB surveys I contributed to edit/update
this or other data as previously missing WHB surveys were acquired or appeared. Is
this a result of the new edit system you installed and, if so, is there another way
to edit/update this data?  Thanks.           
Mar 8, 15 RE3: Semi-Random Thoughts Tim Warden
I removed Lee's survey entry.  I did, however, keep his scan of the survey and added
it to Gary's entry.  I suspect Lee's "in-house" scan may have been what they sent to
their reps at the record companies.
Mar 8, 15 RE: Semi-Random Thoughts Gary Pfeifer
  Thank you for the kind words, J.A., and for your contributions!  I'm definitely
shooting for 60,000 before year's end!
Mar 8, 15 RE2: Semi-Random Thoughts Gary Pfeifer
J.A. and Lee,

  Yes, I noticed this anomaly last night.  The 3/7/80 survey I entered comes from
pretty much a continuous run of KFRC's from 1978 onwards.  These are original fold
out cardboard surveys which, as you say, appear to be the street copies available
to the public in record stores.  Agreed that 3/5/80 is more than likely an in-house

  I would prefer to keep the 3/7/80 survey as it will be consistent with the
continuous run of KFRC surveys - which will go through June 1980.  If you could
delete the 3/5/80 survey, Lee, that would be great.  Sorry for the effort you had
expended in inputting the survey.
  If any other of these in-house KFRC's pop up for the first six months of 1980,
everyone please refrain from posting them  or we'll end up with the same
duplication with the street copy.  Thanks!
Mar 8, 15 RE: Semi-Random Thoughts Lee Tucker

Very interesting and good catch since the two surveys are dated two days apart. 

The 3/7/80 survey and image you uploaded appear to be more of a "street copy"
survey dated two days after the 3/5/80 survey and image I uploaded.  Perhaps the
survey I uploaded is an internal KFRC copy from which the 3/7/80 KFRC survey was
created.  I'll delete the 3/5/80 survey and image if you'd like or we can let them
ride as is.  Your call and standing by.  
Mar 7, 15 Semi-Random Thoughts J. A. Theroux
Gary & Lee,
About the KFRC surveys you both recently uploaded from early March 1980 - I don't
know if you realize this but the chart data between the two are exactly the same.

Gary, Tim, Lee, Kenn, Paul, Geno, Rick et al, congratulations on hitting the 50,000
survey milestone. I think Kenn hit the nail on the head with his milestone timeline,
we could very well hit 60K before the end of the year at the rate we're going.

Many thanks to you all,
Mar 5, 15 RE2: 50,000 Gary Pfeifer
  Thanks all for the very nice comments and Kenn, for the excellent analysis.  I
knew the pace was accelerating but didn't realize to what degree!
Mar 5, 15 RE: 50,000 K.A. Scott
Congratulations to everyone on another ARSA milestone!

To get a sense of how rapidly the site is growing these days, here's a list of
survey milestones, and how long it took to get to each milestone after reaching the
previous one.   

SURVEY 1  September 12, 2003
SURVEY 10,000  June 2, 2009 (5 years, 8 months, 21 days)
SURVEY 20,000  September 9, 2011 (2 years, 3 months, 7 days)
SURVEY 30,000  January 31, 2013 (1 year, 4 months, 23 days)
SURVEY 40,000  July 15, 2014 (1 year, 5 months, 15 days)
SURVEY 50,000  March 4, 2015 (7 months, 18 days)

At the rate we're going, we could well hit both 50,000 AND 60,000 in 2015.  So
thanks to all the contributors to this site who have made it what is today...and
what it will be going forward!  


- Kenn.

Mar 5, 15 RE: 50,000 Lee Tucker
50,000!!!! Truly amazing!!! It is so appropriate and right that Tim Warden
contributed #50,000 as I was afraid that perhaps his schedule would not permit it!
Thanks, Tim, for creating this amazing website, resource and data base as it has
been a major source of enjoyment for me to be a part of it and I feel very blessed
and honored to have discovered it 4 years ago.  Thanks also to Gary and all of the
ARSA Gang who maintain this site and to all of the survey contributors for making
this such an amazing website, resource and experience.  Congratulations ARSA and
onward to 60.000!!