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Sep 15, 14 "I Want To Take You Higher" - Sly & The Family Stone Paul Haney
Some of the 1970 re-entries are sorting with the original 1969 release of this song.
Sep 13, 14 RE: I Hate To Do This Again But..... Tim Warden
Jeff, thanks for point out the mismatches -- I fixed them. No "sorry" needed: with
everyone's help the database only becomes more accurate even as it is growing at an
astonishing rate.

Sep 12, 14 I Hate To Do This Again But..... J. A. Theroux
I found another title that has an issue...Edwin Starr's Stop The War Now has 9
surveys directing to it that have the title War in them but are directing to this
title instead.  This one doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to it.
Sep 12, 14 RE: Peter Skellern/Brownsville Station Gary Pfeifer

   Took care of them.  There are a ton of songs that have and will require a
modification to the year of release in order to match under the new, tighter
matching algorithm.  We're taking care of them as soon as we can after they arise.
Sep 12, 14 Peter Skellern/Brownsville Station Paul Haney

There's a couple of more songs in the database that need a year change: "You're A
Lady" by Peter Skellern and "The Red Back Spider" by Brownsville Station, they
should both be changed to 1972.

Sep 11, 14 Jackson 5, Donovan & Dawn Gary Pfeifer
  J.A. & Paul,

   Thanks for pointing out the anomalies and duplications. I took care of the
Donovan and Dawn situations but the Jackson 5 one will require more time to
straighten out.  It will be done tho and with Tim's newly implemented tighter
matching algorithm, hopefully this mismatch will no longer occur.
Sep 11, 14 "You're A Lady" - Dawn Paul Haney
I was wondering why this title got the "red dot" when I entered it.  Turns out that
this title was already under the artist Dawn Featuring Tony Orlando, but the year
was 1973, instead of 1972 (which is the correct release year).  Anyway, it's now in
the database twice (once under Dawn and once under Dawn Featuring Tony Orlando) and
should only be in once as it's on a few different surveys.
Sep 11, 14 Donovan/Goo Goo Barabajagal J. A. Theroux

There is a duplication of the Donovan title Goo Goo Barabajagal (Love Is Hot) in
the singles database, one has the correct longer title and is credited to Donovan
(with the Jeff Beck Group), the other is listed only as Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)
and credited only to Donovan, but both have the same catalog number (Epic 10510). 
The confusion probably stems from some surveys listing the title only as
Barabajagal. Right now only four surveys are listed under the truncated title, just
wanted to let you know.
Aug 2, 14 RE3: CKOC Charts Tim Warden
Hi everyone, indeed the max file size you can upload for an image is 500KB. 
Normally, you should have seen an error message printed in red when the upload
failed.  If it failed quietly, I'll have to go under the hood and replace a fuse.
Jul 30, 14 RE3: CKOC Charts Lee Tucker

Let me also add my welcome aboard to Kenn & Gary's,  I had similar problems
uploading survey images to ARSA when I first started contributing surveys and Gary
was a big help getting me squared away as my scanned images were indeed much larger
than the 490kb he references.  Not sure what kind of programs you have available
but, after much trial and error, what works for me is to right-click on the image
and open it with Microsoft Picture Manager from where I can crop the image if
necessary and autocorrect it to add brightness and clarity if needed.  After saving
this, I then right-click on the image and open it with Paint where, if necessary, I
can resize the Pixels and reduce the image to less than the 490kb Gary references. 
Best of luck and again, welcome to a fantastic website.           
Jul 29, 14 RE2: CKOC Charts Gary Pfeifer

  Let me add my thanks to Kenn's for your survey contributions.  All are most

   As for the file size limit, through trial and error, I've narrowed it down a
maximum file size of about 490kb.  If you need to resize an image, an excellent
resource is
Jul 29, 14 RE: CKOC Charts K.A. Scott
Welcome aboard, Peter! Can't wait to see what CKOC stuff you have in store for us.

Note that if you've been trying to post your charts as JPEG files, there is a file
size limit -- though I'm not sure exactly what that limit is.  Tim, can you provide
some guidance here?


- Kenn.
Jul 27, 14 CKOC Charts Peter Maurin
Finally posted my first survey at ARSA!  Yeah!

Not all that difficult. Not without some issues though. The only issues I had

1. I uploaded the survey image, but it's not showing up.
2. How can I add the "New Music" to the survey? I see other CKOC charts include
that info. I just can't seem to find it. 

If anyone else collects or knows someone who collects CKOC charts and has some to
trade, please contact me. I have a ton to trade and would like to complete the set
as best I can. 

Jul 21, 14 RE: Ray Charles Modern Sounds in Country Gary Pfeifer
 Thanks for the info, Jeff.  I see Volume 1 was released in April 1962 and Volume 2
in October 1962.  I'll do some cleaning up on it.
Jul 21, 14 Ray Charles Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music Volumes 1 J. A. Theroux
Hi Gary,

When I was inputting the KEWB chart today I had to check the album charts for the
correct title of the Ray Charles album and discovered there were two volumes of his
C&W work!  So I had to figure out which one was the correct one and after digging
around on the internet I found that Volume 2 wasn't released until October 1962,
but I also noted there are several charts in ARSA from before then linking to the
Volume 2 LP. I just thought you'd like to know about this.

Jul 17, 14 RE: WPGC Surveys Geno Rice
I'm sorry to hear this. It's an excellent resource. Any future ones I input will be
in text format only.
Jul 17, 14 WPGC Surveys Gary Pfeifer
   This is very important.  We no longer have permission from the administrator of
the amandfmmorningside website to use the WPGC survey images from that site on
ARSA.  All WPGC images obtained from that website have been recently removed from
ARSA.  Use of a text file of the survey is fine as are WPGC survey images obtained
from elsewhere. Everyone please refrain from using any images from

  Thank you!
Jul 16, 14 RE4: 40,000... Just a shot away... 0
Hi Kenn

Thanks for the kind words.  The reason I decided to go ahead and input #40,000 was
that it was 6:00 AM local time and rather than wait around for someone to input
#40,000, I decided to go ahead and do it so we could all continue with our daily
contributions with #40,000 a done deal. I have stepped up my daily contributions
lately as we sold our home and will be moving shortly which will probably put me
off line for 4-6 weeks in mid September-October.  Thanks again and please keep the
Canadian surveys coming, especially the 80's

Cheers -  Lee      
Jul 16, 14 40,000 Surveys! Rick Hy
Congratulations to Tim, Gary and all of the ARSA contributors. This site is a treat
for me on two levels. I check every day to see what new surveys have been added.
And, I enjoy contributing those charts from my collection which often trigger
memories as I type in a certain title of a song that brings back a memory or two. 
Thanks to Gary for that last WKBW (Buffalo) survey as I didnít have it in my
collection and not in the station playlist form presented.  
I also have a special WKBW survey that may be appropriate for the 50,000 survey
celebration  (especially since WKBW was often called the 50,000 watt juke box).
Around that number will do just as well in case someone else has something special
planned.  In any case , onward to 50,000.
Jul 15, 14 RE5: 40,000... Just a shot away... J. A. Theroux
Congratulations on 40,000 surveys, and thanks to everyone for making this site so
awesome! On to 50,000...