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Jul 8, 15 RE: Deep Purple Smoke on the Water Rick Hy
I submitted two WYSL, Buffalo, NY surveys to ARSA where Smoke On the Water was
number 1. Check them out on ARSA and if you want a scan, let me know.  The dates
were 7/5/73 and 7/11/73.  Rick Hy
Jun 30, 15 RE: Deep Purple Smoke on the Water Gary Pfeifer
Stephen - Glad you have enjoyed the ARSA website and that it's been useful to you. 
As to you second question as to who broke "Smoke On The Water" on the airaves, I
don't have a definitive answer to that but based on the information we have
collected in the ARSA databases, here's some info that may be of assistance.

   The first Top 40 chart we have which lists "Smoke On The Water" is a KRIZ
(Phoenix) from 4/14/73.  Of course though, the song had been played as an album cut
on FM stations for nearly a year prior.  The list appearance of the 'Machine Head'
album on a chart we have is 4/15/72 from KLZ-FM (Denver).  Hope this may be of some
help to you. 
Jun 29, 15 Deep Purple Smoke on the Water Stephen Clare
Hi, i am currently researching a book about Deep Purple and Smoke on the Water. i
came across the site during my research and was hugely impressed. i would like to
ask if any members who have surveys i have seen o this site with listing for Smoke
on the Water would be prepared to let me have a printable quality scan of the
survey for the book. you would be clearly credited in the book for your scan.
another question i would like to ask, does anyone know who the first DJ was to
break Smoke on to the airwaves?
Thanks in anticipation, Stephen.
Jun 20, 15 RE2: Unidentified Recordings, Part 2 K.A. Scott
Hi Geno....

  Pretty sure you're right about "Bohannon's Beat"!  I'll give it a week or so,
just in case anyone comes up with something else, but if not, I'll make the


  - Kenn.
Jun 17, 15 RE: Unidentified Recordings, Part 2 Geno Rice
Hello Everyone,

The 1975 song "Bohannon Speaks" is most likely "Bohannon's Beat" Dakar 4551. The
weird thing is that his autobiography is titled Bohannon Speaks, but it was
produced many, many years later! (Cue Twilight Zone music)...
Jun 16, 15 Unidentified Recordings, Part 2 K.A. Scott
As promised, here is the next installment of "Unidentified Recordings"!  

1964	 The Bugs	--	And I'll Send It Along
1965	 Jody Daniel	--	Love Checked Out Today
1965	 The Uniques	--	Too Soon To Know
1966	 The Illusions	--	How Can I Tell Her
1966	 Billy Preston	--	Mercy
1967	 Billy and Ray	--	Your Lovin'
1967	 Willie Hutch	--	Baby Come Home
1967	 Sherry Hamilton--	You Are
1970	 Brenda Duff	--	Branded
1971	 Bernie Brown	--	Know Me
1972	 The Shoemakers	--	Mississippi Lady
1972	 J. Perkins	--	Baby's Love
1972	 Al Kooper	--	Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
1972	 The Strangers	--	For Sweet Marie
1973	 Don Grassin	--	I Am Man
1973	 Liberty Street	--	Free People
1975	 Bohannon	--	Bohannon Speaks

As before, some of these entries may be straight-up mistakes made by the original
compilers of the printed surveys.  Other entries may have been tapes or acetates
given to local stations that were never released commercially as records. 
Occasionally, we can find a later compilation appearance of one of these songs,
not an original release that lines up with the survey date.  Still other entries
may be jokes or spoofs. 

Nevertheless, we’re also certain that many of these are legit records that
just haven’t shown up yet in any discographies or collections that we have access
to.  So if you've got any info about these records (or even reasonable guesses),
post it here and help us solve some mysteries!
Jun 14, 15 KSTT K.A. Scott
Hi Geno...

  The KSTT survey is way down in my queue...if you want to input it right now, go
for it!


  - Kenn.

Jun 13, 15 RE: Esther Phillips Geno Rice
Hi Kenn,

If you decide it's a close enough match, the U.S. catalog number is Atlantic
‎– 45-2304. 

Also, I still have in my "TO DO" folder, that KSTT survey from January you found on
face book. Are you going to input that or shall I?

Thanks, Geno
Jun 12, 15 Esther Phillips K.A. Scott
Hi Geno...

  It's definitely plausible, and Tim, Gary and I have discussed it and are about
90% convinced.  But the two titles only share one word, and the catalogue number is
still way off.  So we just haven't reached that point of *absolute* certainty

  Well definitely be keeping an eye on this one though!

  Incidentally, we'll be introducing a few more "Unidentified Recordings" here
early next this space!


  - Kenn. 
Jun 1, 15 RE9: The phantom singles! Esther Phillips "Don't You Know" Geno Rice
I hope I've figured this one out. I think they meant:

Esther Phillips ‎– "Let Me Know When It's Over" 
Label: Atlantic ‎– AT. 4048 
Country: UK  
Released: 15 Oct 1965.

The KBAT survey has the wrong title and label number, but with the shared word
"Know" and with the timing, it seems to fit.

~ Geno

May 30, 15 RE: Radio Surveys - Wrong K.A. Scott

Thanks for the kind words, Mike -- it's always great to hear from site users. 
Thanks, too, for taking the time to point out the error!  We try to get everything
right, but little glitches will pop up now and then...if you do come across any
others, this is exactly the way to deal with them.  

Just curious...what surveys do you have in your collection?


- Kenn.
May 29, 15 Radio Surveys - Wrong "Carter" and Wrong Year (1966/1967) Mike Gallant
I soooo love this website.  I wanted to create something like this online yeeeears
ago (I too have a good number of old 1960s radio surveys).  Fantastic Job!!! Just a
FYI, I went to search radio markets where Anita Carter was played on a small handful
of pop/Top 40/"rock" radio stations back in the 1960s. I know that her country hit
"I DON'T NEED YOU ANYMORE" made some small rumbles on Top 40 stations in The South
however, upon searching the database here, I see that this particular 1967 hit song
has been accidentally linked to a couple of R&B crooner, Mel Carter hits on the air
in 1966 (WKLO-Louisville-KY and WKGN-Knoxville-TN).  Wrong Carter and wrong year. 
Just a small typo that I think you need to be aware of.  Keep up the awesome work!!
 I need to dig up my old pop radio surveys and scan them for you sometime.  Thanks,
May 16, 15 RE22: The phantom singles! Geno Rice
You're welcome. There's this dedicated KJR blogger, Joey Beretta, who has been
transcribing the KJR surveys from the newspaper (beginning in 1964) and posting
them to his blog.
May 16, 15 RE21: The phantom singles! Gary Pfeifer
  Thanks for info Geno!  We had known that "Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog" appeared on
Cash's "At Folsom Prison" LP, but that was two years later in 1968.  Missed this
1966 album.  Good find!  Knew Lan Roberts had been a DJ on KORL but couldn't
confirm if he was on KHJ.  Perhaps he made an in-house novelty sing along with the
Cash song.  I'll enter it as an album cut from "Everybody Loves A Nut".   Thanks
May 16, 15 RE20: The phantom singles! Geno Rice
Johnny Cash's song "Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog" is on his 1966 Columbia LP "Everybody
Loves A Nut." 

Found this in a blog about KJR: "“Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog” was a track from
Johnny Cash’s Everybody Loves a Nut album, appearing here on the survey just this
one week.  Lan Roberts was a KJR disc jockey; I have not been able to determine why
he was listed as a co-artist."
May 5, 15 RE19: The phantom singles! Gary Pfeifer
 Good going guys!!
May 5, 15 RE18: The phantom singles! Geno Rice
Oh, excellent! Way to go, Kenn. Another one bites the dust!
May 5, 15 RE17: The phantom singles! K.A. Scott
Hi Geno...

  Not bad theorizing, but I'm pretty sure the track is actually "Magic Baby" by The
1984 Love Machine on CBS International 101.  Just found a Facebook posting with a
KSTT chart that has the track sitting at #23:

  If you go down the Facebook thread, you'll also see someone refers to the 1984
Love Machine as "a.k.a. The Loved Ones".  (I'm guessing they had to change their
name after they got wind of The Australian band?)  

  Just found the Facebook post this aft, otherwise I would have posted about this


  - Kenn.

May 5, 15 RE16: The phantom singles! Geno Rice
Sorry, I got the years mixed up. Magic Box came out in 1967 and the single on In
Records #8093 may have also been from 1967. 
May 5, 15 RE15: The phantom singles! Geno Rice
The Loved Ones' "Magic Baby" (1969) might be a typo of "Magic Box." This was the
Australian group's last album, released late in 1968. The title track may have
gotten some airplay on KSTT at the beginning of 1969, which is why it appeared on
the 1969 year-end round-up. Unfortunately, there are no other KSTT surveys from
1969 in ARSA, (yet).

I listened to the title track on YouTube, and this garage rock song has many
memorable shouts of "baby" and no clearly repeated "magic box." I can easily see it
being misremembered as "Magic Baby" by the staff almost a year later.