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Feb 20, 17 RE4: WQBR Ypsilanti MI Rob McLean
Thanks, guys!
Feb 14, 17 RE3: WQBR Ypsilanti MI Geno Rice
I'll help input the charts. I'm always curious to see what the college radio
stations play.
Feb 12, 17 RE2: WQBR Ypsilanti MI Gary Pfeifer
  Charts can always be sent to my email address: and I will make
sure they get prompt attention.

  Rob, if you'd like, you can resend the WQBR charts to that address and depending
on the number of them, I will prepare and post them or farm some out to Ken and/or
some of our other faithful chart preparers.  Thank you very much for your
willingness to share your charts!
Feb 12, 17 RE: WQBR Ypsilanti MI K.A. Scott
We'll get on the horn to Tim and see what's up.  We're interested -- it's just that
sometimes Tim gets swamped!

Gary, is there a better e-mail address to send charts to?
Feb 12, 17 WQBR Ypsilanti MI Rob McLean
I sent the charts to Tim Warden back on January 24, but I haven't heard a thing. Are
you not interested?
Feb 7, 17 mistakes frank merrill
KOGT Orange TX was on 1600

WSRZ was 106.3 at the time, and was licensed to Sarasota.
Feb 2, 17 Anyone have any 1390 WEED Rocky Mount NC airchecks? Vernon Stewart
Or any other Rocky Mount NC airchecks. Thanks
Jan 30, 17 RE: WERC-FM Geno Rice
Thanks for noticing. I made the change.
Jan 30, 17 WERC-FM frank merrill
Birmingham, Alabama

Frequency would be 106.9
Jan 20, 17 RE: WQBR, Ypsilanti, Michigan Gary Pfeifer
 Hi Rob.  Thank you for your very kind offer to share some of your surveys!  If you
want to prepare and upload them yourself, you need to contact the ARSA
Adminstrator, Tim Warden, at and he will set you up.  Or you
can send images or photocopies to myself or another contributor and we'll get them
prepared and entered for you. Again, thanks for your willingness to share!
Jan 20, 17 WQBR, Ypsilanti, Michigan Rob McLean
I've got a number of surveys from the Eastern Michigan University station WQBR from
the 1980s. How do I upload them?

Jan 16, 17 Corrections Gary Pfeifer
 Corrections to the WOXR station info and to the KFJZ survey date have been made. 
Thanks to Frank and Geno! 
Jan 16, 17 WOXR 97.7 frank merrill
Station may be in Mason now, but it was in Oxford at the time.
Jan 10, 17 RE2: WONE 1971 surveys frank merrill
Also, they were on 104.7 at the time...
Jan 9, 17 RE: WONE 1971 surveys Gary Pfeifer
Been corrected. Thanks!
Jan 9, 17 WONE 1971 surveys Joel Bernstein
The survey for WONE-AM dated 6/14/71, with Carole King at #1, should be in WONE-FM,
which was also in Dayton at the time. (Those call letters later moved to Akron).
WONE-AM was a C&W station in 1971.
Jan 8, 17 RE: Error in Chart Data for WAMS of 1/8/1973 Gary Pfeifer
Correction has been made to the WAMS survey.  Thanks!
Jan 8, 17 Error in Chart Data for WAMS of 1/8/1973 Joel Wagoner

The chart data for WAMS' survey of 1/8/1973 lists "The Relay" by The Who twice, at
#22 and #24.  The image of the survey shows "Keeper of the Castle" as #24.

Hope that the New Year is going well for everyone.

Joel W
Jan 8, 17 KHJ 930 1979-1980 Geno Rice
There seems to be some date mix-ups regarding the individually printed KHJ surveys
and the ones included in the Survey of Hits. It's not clear what the printing
schedules were. I have a few more to add in the upcoming weeks and I hope I'll be
able to straighten things out. 

My intention is to make sure the charted songs keep to a typical bell curve of
increasing and decreasing chart positions.
Jan 4, 17 RE4: 1949 additions Paul H.
Here's another batch...

The Huckle-Buck / Hoppin' John - Paul Williams - Savoy 683 (Note: This is the R&B
saxophonist, not the 1970s elfin singer/songwriter)

Texas Hop / Central Avenue Blues - Pee Wee Crayton - Modern 643

Out Of The Blue / Bully Wully Boogie - Hadda Brooks Trio - Modern 600

You Broke Your Promise / I've Got The Sweetest Man - Paula Watson - Supreme 1512

Lemon Drop / I Ain't Gettin' Any Younger (I Ain't Gonna Wait Too Long) - Woody
Herman and His Orchestra - Capitol 15365

Why Can't you Behave? / What's My Name? - Fran Warren - RCA 3330

The Pussy Cat Song (Nyow! Nyot Nyow!) / Any State In The Forty-Eight Is Great -
Jimmy Durante & Betty Garrett - MGM 30176

Beautiful Eyes / Doo De Doo On An Old Kazoo - Art Mooney and His Orchestra - MGM

No Moon At All / It Only Happens Once - King Cole Trio - Capitol 15358

Memories Of France / My Daddy Is Only A Picture - Dick Thomas & His Nashville
Ramblers - Decca 46141

No Orchids For My Lady / Why Can't You Behave? - Frank Sinatra - Columbia 38393