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Feb 5, 16 RE2: Grass Roots Gary Pfeifer
 Found that there were six "Grassroots" songs entered in the database.  Those have
all been corrected to "Grass Roots".  Thanks for bringing this to our attention! 
Feb 5, 16 RE: Grass Roots Lee Tucker
Hi Mark

For some reason, both "Bella Linda" & "Lovin' Things" are listed under "The
Grassroots" rather than the "Grass Roots" Artist Listing.  Hope this helps

Feb 5, 16 Grass Roots Mark Stegall
I've noticed that under the Grass Roots artist listing you have neither Bella Linda
nor Lovin' Things listed and both of those charted Billboard as well as WLS Chicago
and other midwest stations. I noticed it when searching for Lovin' Things which was
#49 nationally. I discovered A Melody For You (uncharted nationally but #6 on WYND
Sarasota) which I was unaware of. Thanks for the site, it's great. 
Feb 2, 16 RE: Any volunteers for survey posting? Lee Tucker
Hi Joel and welcome to the wonderful world of ARSA!  Like Geno & Gary, I would also
be happy to assist you with getting any surveys you want posted to the ARSA
website.  I've pretty well exhausted posting my 60's survey collection and would
welcome the opportunity to post additional 60's (or any other surveys) you wish to
contribute to ARSA.  Either E-mail images or mailed regular copies of the surveys
would be fine with me.  Let me know if you're interested and again, welcome to
Feb 1, 16 RE: Any volunteers for survey posting? Gary Pfeifer
 Hi Joel and welcome to the website! Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself here! 
Thank you very much for your willingness to share your surveys with us! Very kind
of you and much appreciated.  I am very willing to assist in preparing and entering
any surveys you'd like.  Scanned images thru email or photocopies via regular mail
are fine. Please contact me when you are ready.  Thanks again! 

Feb 1, 16 RE2: Any volunteers for survey posting? Joel Bernstein
Hi Geno,

   Thanks. I was (and am) in Boston and I'm pretty certain that the August 14 WBZ
survey that's up is the first one they published. I do have just about all the
surveys they published thru early 1968 so it's a matter of figuring out which ones
are needed. I may be able to reconstruct some of their earlier Top 30s from my own
files if I find them and once I get through sorting my surveys.

   For R&B I have quantity on WBEE and I have some WDIA. A bunch of WWRL but those
may all be up. I think there's a few others I may have small multiples on (mostly
1966-1967) and then a bunch of oneshots that I won't get to for a while.
Feb 1, 16 RE: Any volunteers for survey posting? Geno Rice
Hi Joel,

I noticed your WBZ survey today and I'd be glad to help input any and all other
WBZs you might have, especially June, July & August of 1965. If you could scan them
and send them to my e-mail address (Tim and Gary have it), that would be great. 

I also would be interested in helping inputting any of the R&B/Soul stations you
might have. Let me know.

Feb 1, 16 Any volunteers for survey posting? Joel Bernstein

  I just stumbled onto this site last week. It's like heaven! And yet, even with
60,000 surveys posted, so many that are not. I have thousands of surveys,
especially from mid to late 60s. I've already identified a lot that aren't posted
yet, including major stations. There is no way I'm ever going to get all the data
entered myself. Tim suggested some people here might volunteer to help. If you have
a station or market you're particularly interested in, let me know and I'll try to
figure out what I have (still sorting).
Or just help in general.

  How did I get so many surveys? The majority came from writing to stations with a
SASE. Some stations put me on their mailing list, some would send me a few whenever
I wrote back, some only sent once, some ignored me completely, and a couple acted
like I must be a spy out to destroy the free world by uncovering the secrets of
their precious playlist. I also got hooked up with survey collectors who traded me
a bunch of their duplicates for the few stations I had access to. Most of the older
surveys I have came that way. And of course, I got some like a normal person by
picking them up in stores.
Jan 29, 16 RE: Radio Show Geno Rice
It's a very interesting interview, Paul. Thanks for sharing.
Jan 27, 16 Radio Show Paul Haney
A few months ago, I had the pleasure of being an in-studio guest on Ron Gerber's
excellent "Crap From The Past" radio show.  There was lots of chart-nerd/radio geek
discussion that you guys may enjoy.

If you're interested and have 90 minutes to kill (perhaps while you're entering
surveys), the link is here:
Jan 26, 16 Should Have Checked The Math Ted Hammond
60000/2000=30 Surveys Average per station. But I think the average is driven up by
relatively few stations near the top.
Jan 26, 16 Should Have Checked The Math Ted Hammond
60000/2000=30 Surveys Average per station. But I think the average is driven up by
relatively few stations near the top.
Jan 26, 16 60000 Surveys! Ted Hammond
I remember the first time I found this website. There were few surveys for smaller
stations, and I have to admit that I never thought it would be this big, based on
similar sites other than the ones with major stations. How many surveys are still
out there depends on a lot of things, like the number of surveys originally
printed, and how many radio geeks were able to save them from overzealous people
who wanted to throw them out. I still think about the ones I have had but have been
removed, back in the 1960s. But just remember, the average number of surveys per
station is around 60000/2000 or 15. And even if you have one or a dozen surveys, it
may be the largest existing collection for that station. So don't feel bad, just
keep trying to find people who saved them. Garage Band members will keep a local
survey that their song appeared on forever. You will notice that if you look at
smaller station collections. The fact that GO Magazines from many stations took up
so much space and were not saved is just sad. And of course, it was an effort to
cut them out. One I found appeared to be from a Garage Band member. If you know any
of those members, see if they might have any surveys, GO Magazine or published
Jan 26, 16 60,000! K.A. Scott
Another ARSA milestone reached!  I always find it interesting to see how quickly
we're growing these days, so here's the updated tote board, with the time elapsed
between each milestone:

SURVEY 1  September 12, 2003
SURVEY 10,000  June 2, 2009 (5 years, 8 months, 21 days)
SURVEY 20,000  September 9, 2011 (2 years, 3 months, 7 days)
SURVEY 30,000  January 31, 2013 (1 year, 4 months, 23 days)
SURVEY 40,000  July 15, 2014 (1 year, 5 months, 15 days)
SURVEY 50,000  March 4, 2015 (7 months, 18 days)
SURVEY 60,000  January 26, 2016 (10 months, 22 days)

Thanks to all our contributors for making this happen, especially our near-daily
regulars over the span of the last 10,000:  Lee, Paul, Geno, Rick, and of course,

Get your bets in for the day we'll be hitting 70,000 -- an autographed cigar butt
goes to the person with the closest guess!
Jan 26, 16 60,000! Gary Pfeifer
 Wow!  Another milestone reached with no end in site!  We now have surveys from six
of the seven continents - Antarctica continues to elude us :).   Again, big THANK
YOU'S  to Tim, Kenn, and all those who so graciously support ARSA by providing
and/or entering surveys!  This website would be nothing without all of you! All
your efforts are most appreciated.  Now, onward to 70,000!! 
Jan 23, 16 Thanks, Paul! K.A. Scott
Got 'em both, Paul, along with the other new-to-ARSA 1993 singles listed on the
charts you entered.  Keep 'em coming -- these are great!


- Kenn.
Jan 23, 16 Right Here/Human Nature - SWV Paul Haney
Kenn, this song is NOT a two-sided hit.  In late 1992, SWV released "Right Here" and
it barely dented the Hot 100.  In July, they released a remix which heavily sampled
"Human Nature" by Michael Jackson.  This is the version that became a smash hit as
"Right Here/Human Nature" and is shown on the surveys from the summer of 1993-on.
Jan 23, 16 Whoomp! (There It Is) - Tag Team Paul Haney
Kenn, this song is in the database with a slight should be Whoomp (with 2
"o"s) not Whomp.  Thanks!
Jan 21, 16 RE7: Frank W. Hoffmann Gary Pfeifer
 Very interesting indeed! The flood of very negative reviews certainly got his
attention.  I appreciate he is acknowledging his sources in his response but such
an acknowledgement within the books themselves would be even  better.
Jan 21, 16 RE6: Frank W. Hoffmann Lee Tucker

Looks like all of our reviews might have gotten Mr. Hoffman's attention! Check out
the new description now found on e-bay for his WHB book:

"WHB was the leading Top 40 AM radio outlet in the Kansas City market during the
1960s. This volume reproduces the station's pop music surveys from the middle of
that decade. Also includes a thumbnail historical sketch of the station. Like the
other radio charts titles, my goal was to provide a convenient chronological
compilation of weekly surveys with corrections of the considerable errors found in
both the original sources and in translation to online sites. These radio charts 
which exist in the public domain  can be found in a multitude of sources,
including original published sheets distributed via retail outlets, mail inquiries,
etc., notation of on-air broadcasts, back issues of area newspapers (where stations
are located) and music trade periodicals, specialized reference books, and websites
interested in historical documentation, most notably, Oldiesloon, musicradio77, and
ARSA. I employed multiple sources in the compilation of each radio chart volume in
order to provide the most accurate data possible."

His books are still a major rip off but at least he acknowledges that the charts
exist in public domain and ARSA and other websites/sources are now at least
somewhat acknowledged in his description of this book, although he fails to point
out that the charts are free at these websites/sources.