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Aug 18, 15 RE3: Delays Lee Tucker
Thanks. Site performance & response time were much improved this AM with just a
couple of minor delays experienced.
Aug 17, 15 RE2: Delays K.A. Scott
Got it.  Will alert Tim.
Aug 17, 15 RE: Delays Lee Tucker
Back to experiencing numerous lengthy delays this AM.
Aug 15, 15 Delays K.A. Scott
Yes, I encountered some problems briefly on Saturday morning, but then they cleared
up pretty quickly.  Let's keep an eye on this!
Aug 12, 15 RE3: Delays K.A. Scott
Site's been working delay-free for me today -- looks like things are fixed!
Aug 12, 15 RE2: Delays Lee Tucker
Don't know if it's because I was the only one contributing surveys at the time or if
Tim made some site adjustments, but site response and performance were outstanding
this AM!! No lengthy delays causing me to log off & reopen the site in order to
continue were experienced and response time was outstanding!!
Aug 10, 15 Re: Helen Reddy's "You And Me" Gary Pfeifer
  Thanks, Geno!  I corrected the Helen Reddy entries on those remaining WAKY
Aug 10, 15 Helen Reddy's "You And Me" Geno Rice
Hi All,

The WAKY entries for Helen Reddy's 1974 song "You And Me Against The World"
(shortened to "You And Me") are instead showing in her song "You're My Home." I
fixed a few chart entries by adding "Against the World", but I'm precluded from
changing the others. 

The WAKY dates needing correction begin with 1974-08-12 and go through 1974-10-28.
Thanks much!
Aug 9, 15 RE3: Delays Tim Warden
Hi guys, thanks for making me aware of this problem. I'll have a look and see if I
can determine root cause.  Best regards, Tim.
Aug 9, 15 RE2: Delays K.A. Scott
Hi all...

I've been away for a few days -- sorry I couldn't respond earlier.  

Anyway, I've been noticing the same issues as all of you.  I know Tim has been
working to keep the database humming along as best as possible, as it's been
growing rapidly.  As Tim explained it to Gary and me a few months ago, one of the
bigger issues isn't so much the amount of material we're inputting, it's how much
ARSA is actually being used.  Slowdowns usually occur as a number of database
inquiries are made -- in other words, the material that's being entered is being
accessed and read by an increasingly large number of people!

Right them.  I'll get on the horn to Tim and see if there's any adjustments he can
make to the site to deal with the slowdowns.  Fingers crossed that it's an easy
fix.  (And in fact, he's probably already working on it....)


- Kenn.
Aug 9, 15 RE: Delays Lee Tucker
That's exactly what's been happening to me for the past month or so and it seems to
be happening more and more often.  Additionally, when I close the site as you
describe and reopen it so as to continue with the survey I'm working on, I also
sometimes receive the response that Geno was describing and am denied access for a
short time.  Lately, I've also sent data upline and received an "error querying the
database; access denied user" response and had to retype the survey entries I
previously sent upline.  Took me almost 5 hours to contribute 7 surveys this
morning and it makes me wonder if the data base edits are requiring more and more
time due to the recent rapid increase in the number of surveys being contributed. 
Aug 9, 15 Delays Rick Hy
I have also been experiencing similar delays. Mine seem to occur after I have keyed
in a chart and am waiting for the green check confirmation. Sometimes it never
comes and I have to close the site and reopen it to check the finished survey for
any errors.  
Jul 8, 15 RE: Deep Purple Smoke on the Water Rick Hy
I submitted two WYSL, Buffalo, NY surveys to ARSA where Smoke On the Water was
number 1. Check them out on ARSA and if you want a scan, let me know.  The dates
were 7/5/73 and 7/11/73.  Rick Hy
Jun 30, 15 RE: Deep Purple Smoke on the Water Gary Pfeifer
Stephen - Glad you have enjoyed the ARSA website and that it's been useful to you. 
As to you second question as to who broke "Smoke On The Water" on the airaves, I
don't have a definitive answer to that but based on the information we have
collected in the ARSA databases, here's some info that may be of assistance.

   The first Top 40 chart we have which lists "Smoke On The Water" is a KRIZ
(Phoenix) from 4/14/73.  Of course though, the song had been played as an album cut
on FM stations for nearly a year prior.  The list appearance of the 'Machine Head'
album on a chart we have is 4/15/72 from KLZ-FM (Denver).  Hope this may be of some
help to you. 
Jun 29, 15 Deep Purple Smoke on the Water Stephen Clare
Hi, i am currently researching a book about Deep Purple and Smoke on the Water. i
came across the site during my research and was hugely impressed. i would like to
ask if any members who have surveys i have seen o this site with listing for Smoke
on the Water would be prepared to let me have a printable quality scan of the
survey for the book. you would be clearly credited in the book for your scan.
another question i would like to ask, does anyone know who the first DJ was to
break Smoke on to the airwaves?
Thanks in anticipation, Stephen.
Jun 20, 15 RE2: Unidentified Recordings, Part 2 K.A. Scott
Hi Geno....

  Pretty sure you're right about "Bohannon's Beat"!  I'll give it a week or so,
just in case anyone comes up with something else, but if not, I'll make the


  - Kenn.
Jun 17, 15 RE: Unidentified Recordings, Part 2 Geno Rice
Hello Everyone,

The 1975 song "Bohannon Speaks" is most likely "Bohannon's Beat" Dakar 4551. The
weird thing is that his autobiography is titled Bohannon Speaks, but it was
produced many, many years later! (Cue Twilight Zone music)...
Jun 16, 15 Unidentified Recordings, Part 2 K.A. Scott
As promised, here is the next installment of "Unidentified Recordings"!  

1964	 The Bugs	--	And I'll Send It Along
1965	 Jody Daniel	--	Love Checked Out Today
1965	 The Uniques	--	Too Soon To Know
1966	 The Illusions	--	How Can I Tell Her
1966	 Billy Preston	--	Mercy
1967	 Billy and Ray	--	Your Lovin'
1967	 Willie Hutch	--	Baby Come Home
1967	 Sherry Hamilton--	You Are
1970	 Brenda Duff	--	Branded
1971	 Bernie Brown	--	Know Me
1972	 The Shoemakers	--	Mississippi Lady
1972	 J. Perkins	--	Baby's Love
1972	 Al Kooper	--	Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
1972	 The Strangers	--	For Sweet Marie
1973	 Don Grassin	--	I Am Man
1973	 Liberty Street	--	Free People
1975	 Bohannon	--	Bohannon Speaks

As before, some of these entries may be straight-up mistakes made by the original
compilers of the printed surveys.  Other entries may have been tapes or acetates
given to local stations that were never released commercially as records. 
Occasionally, we can find a later compilation appearance of one of these songs,
not an original release that lines up with the survey date.  Still other entries
may be jokes or spoofs. 

Nevertheless, we’re also certain that many of these are legit records that
just haven’t shown up yet in any discographies or collections that we have access
to.  So if you've got any info about these records (or even reasonable guesses),
post it here and help us solve some mysteries!
Jun 14, 15 KSTT K.A. Scott
Hi Geno...

  The KSTT survey is way down in my queue...if you want to input it right now, go
for it!


  - Kenn.

Jun 13, 15 RE: Esther Phillips Geno Rice
Hi Kenn,

If you decide it's a close enough match, the U.S. catalog number is Atlantic
‎– 45-2304. 

Also, I still have in my "TO DO" folder, that KSTT survey from January you found on
face book. Are you going to input that or shall I?

Thanks, Geno