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Nov 23, 14 Statistics page question Paul Haney
For Gary and/or Tim:

When I go to the statistics page and click on surveys for 2000 and 2001, I get the
message "not found".  I know there are a few surveys for those years (I can find
them using other methods)...just wondering why they don't show up when all the
other years seem to work for that particular page.

Oct 26, 14 RE: WAIR Gary Pfeifer
  Not sure who added that information or what it was based on, but looking at the
two WAIR surveys that we have, it certainly does not appear to be correct.  It's
been removed.
Oct 26, 14 WAIR Stewart Tick
  The info that you have listed for WAIR, Winston-Salem, NC, is incorrect. It was
not "a carrier-current station run by high-school students". Actually, WAIR was a
popular Top 40 station in the area in the 60s, broadcasting at 1340 AM with 1000
watts in the daytime and 250 watts at night. It's still on the air, too, but is now
called WPOL (and currently  has a gospel format).
Oct 12, 14 RE2: KHJ Surveys Filed Wrong Gary Pfeifer
   Been out of town without internet access for the past week.  Thanks, Tim, for
correcting the issues brought up by Geno and Paul!
Oct 12, 14 RE2: KHJ Surveys Filed Wrong Tim Warden
BTW, if anyone has the KGB surveys for those 3 dates, please feel free to add them.
Oct 12, 14 RE: KHJ Surveys Filed Wrong Tim Warden
Thanks, Geno.  I've corrected the issue.
Oct 12, 14 RE: "Rock And Roll All Nite" - Kiss Tim Warden
Thanks, Paul.  I've corrected those chart entries to point to the live version.
Oct 12, 14 KHJ Surveys Filed Wrong Geno Rice
There seems to be a series of KHJ surveys which are erroneously filed under KGB:

KGB 03/31/71 has KHJ same date
KGB 04/07/71 has KHJ same date
KGB 04/14/71 has KHJ same date

The 3/31 & 4/7 are duplicates already correctly filed under KHJ.   The 4/14 is
missing under KHJ and fills a gap.

Oct 12, 14 "Rock And Roll All Nite" - Kiss Paul Haney

Most of the big hit "live" versions of "Rock And Roll All Nite" by Kiss are sorting
under the initial studio release (which made just a handful of surveys).  I realize
that both were released in 1975, so it may be impossible to get them all to sort
properly and will understand if it can't be done.  Just thought I'd let you know
about it.
Sep 30, 14 RE: Gary Pfeifer
 Thanks, Paul!  It's been taken care of.
Sep 30, 14 "Promises" - Eric Clapton Paul Haney
Hi Gary,

I noticed that you added "Promises" and "Watch Out For Lucy" by Eric Clapton. 
However, this was simply one of those "end-of-the-year" problems as those titles
were already under Eric Clapton & His Band, so ideally they should all sort

Sep 26, 14 RE2: KLIV Surveys J. A. Theroux
Rich, I just wanted to add that I really look forward to whatever KLIV surveys you
Sep 26, 14 RE: KLIV Surveys Gary Pfeifer
  Rich - I can keep away from KLIV surveys from that time period if you are going to
be adding them.  If you need some assistance in their preparation/entering, let me

Sep 25, 14 RE: KLIV Surveys J. A. Theroux
Not a problem, Rich.
Sep 25, 14 KLIV Surveys Rich Stivers
I have 95% of the KLIV Surveys from June 1963 to June 1965. If Gary and J. A. can
work on other surveys, I can fill in most of the gaps in this time frame. I would
like to be entering them faster but I'm doing what I can considering the other
projects I'm involved in. 

We are accumulating an impressive amount of surveys from this Santa Clara Valley
radio station.   - Cheers, Rich 
Sep 15, 14 "I Want To Take You Higher" - Sly & The Family Stone Paul Haney
Some of the 1970 re-entries are sorting with the original 1969 release of this song.
Sep 13, 14 RE: I Hate To Do This Again But..... Tim Warden
Jeff, thanks for point out the mismatches -- I fixed them. No "sorry" needed: with
everyone's help the database only becomes more accurate even as it is growing at an
astonishing rate.

Sep 12, 14 I Hate To Do This Again But..... J. A. Theroux
I found another title that has an issue...Edwin Starr's Stop The War Now has 9
surveys directing to it that have the title War in them but are directing to this
title instead.  This one doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to it.
Sep 12, 14 RE: Peter Skellern/Brownsville Station Gary Pfeifer

   Took care of them.  There are a ton of songs that have and will require a
modification to the year of release in order to match under the new, tighter
matching algorithm.  We're taking care of them as soon as we can after they arise.
Sep 12, 14 Peter Skellern/Brownsville Station Paul Haney

There's a couple of more songs in the database that need a year change: "You're A
Lady" by Peter Skellern and "The Red Back Spider" by Brownsville Station, they
should both be changed to 1972.