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Jul 14, 13 KJAY – 1430 THE “SOUL OF SACRAM Ben E. McCoy
Gary Pfeifer:

first Lee Tucker, now you!  where in the heck did you end up with a copy of that
really historic R&B music survey from K/JAY, West Sacramento, a virtually unknown
500 watt, daytime-only medium-wave outlet???

again, this was another station i had worked for way back when, but (during my era)
there were no surveys published anymore from this broadcaster.

it really seems so weird and coincidental (to say the least) for you two ARSA
veterans posting a radio survey apiece which were part of my old career as a dick
jockey... simply amazing stuff, guys, wowee!!!


ben e. mccoy, ret.
Mar 27, 15 "As" - Stevie Wonder Paul H.
For some reason, the Stevie Wonder songs "What Christmas Means To Me" (from 1971)
and "As" (from 1977) appear to be linked together in the database.  Kinda hard to
explain, but something just isn't sorting correctly with those titles.  Hopefully
this can be sorted out.
Oct 29, 16 "But You're Mine" #20 & #22 on WTRX 10/29/1965 chart data Geno Rice
Hey Joel,

Thanks for the catch. I made the change.
Oct 29, 16 "But You're Mine" #20 & #22 on WTRX 10/29/1965 chart data Joel Wagoner

The chart data for WTRX's survey of Oct 29 1965 shows "But You're Mine" by Sonny
and Cher at #20 and #22.  The photo of the survey shows "The Letter" by Sonny and
Cher at #22.

Just thought that you'd want to know.

Jun 26, 08 "California Earthquake" John Gallagher
I remember in 1971 here in Erie, PA, the song was played frequently on WJET. In the
June 15, 1971 survey, it went from #14 to #9.
May 16, 16 "Chug-A-Lug" - George Cates Paul H.
Gary, I noticed a typo for this song in the database.  The label should be Coral,
not Capitol.  Thanks!
Mar 6, 12 "Clean" vs. "weeks on info added by hand" surveys........ ARSA Jim
Excellent question, Lee. How 'bout this? Let's keep doin' it the way we have been
(me adding them in for you), as I think, in a perfect world, the cleaner scans are
preferable to be displayed on ARSA. But going forward, there are bound to be times
when the various tribute sites are missing survey scan weeks that you do happen to
own/key in on here. Therefore, if several days go by, and I haven't yet uploaded a
scan, you can then safely conclude that I simply hadn't found a scan over there to
upload. In that case, I would then encourage you to go ahead and upload your scan -
I don't think anyone will mind that you happened to write the "weeks on" info on
there by hand. (I also sometimes did that myself!) Glad it all worked out, buddy!  
Oct 15, 09 "Come On Up" by Harold? Geno Rice
I can't find the above single in the database -- its #23 on the 4 July 1970 CFRA
survey I just posted.
Feb 7, 12 "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" - Rod Stewart Paul H.
The correct title of the Rod Stewart song is "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" not "Do Ya
Think I'm Sexy?".
Nov 13, 15 "Daddy's Girl" - Red Sovine Paul H.
I noticed that "Daddy's Girl" by Red Sovine is shown in the database as an "LP Cut",
however I have a US commercial 45 pressing on Chart 7507 with "Daisy's Chain" on the
B-side.  BTW, both sides of the 45 are credited to Red Sovine And The Girls.  Just
passing it along.
Mar 10, 15 "Free Bird" - Lynyrd Skynyrd Paul H.
There are numerous surveys showing the 1976/77 live version of "Free Bird" that are
currently sorting with the original 1974/75 version in the database.
Jan 4, 12 "Gonna Fly Now" - Bill Conti Paul H.
There are 2 instances of "Gonna Fly Now" showing up under the artist Rocky II (Bill
Conti) in the singles database.  They are on the year-end surveys for WICC and KBEQ
for 1977, so they should be listed under the original "Gonna Fly Now" by Bill Conti
from 1977.
Mar 4, 15 "Heat Of The Moment" - After 7 Paul H.

The chart run of this late 1990/early 1991 hit on KDWB are being split between the
two releases of this song in the database.
Sep 15, 14 "I Want To Take You Higher" - Sly & The Family Stone Paul H.
Some of the 1970 re-entries are sorting with the original 1969 release of this song.
Jan 5, 12 "I'm Stepping Out" - John Lennon Paul H.
Hey Jim, a quick correction for you.  The 1984 John Lennon release is titled "I'm
Stepping Out" not "I'm Steppin' Out".
Sep 30, 14 "Promises" - Eric Clapton Paul H.
Hi Gary,

I noticed that you added "Promises" and "Watch Out For Lucy" by Eric Clapton. 
However, this was simply one of those "end-of-the-year" problems as those titles
were already under Eric Clapton & His Band, so ideally they should all sort

Oct 12, 14 "Rock And Roll All Nite" - Kiss Paul H.

Most of the big hit "live" versions of "Rock And Roll All Nite" by Kiss are sorting
under the initial studio release (which made just a handful of surveys).  I realize
that both were released in 1975, so it may be impossible to get them all to sort
properly and will understand if it can't be done.  Just thought I'd let you know
about it.
Jan 16, 12 "Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin'" - Jermaine Jackson Paul H.
Hey Jim, there's still a problem with this particular title in the singles database.
 There are now 3 separate entries for this title, and a couple of the newer entries
are being split away from the others.  I'm hitting a period where I'll be entering
this title often, so it would be nice to get them all grouped under one entry.  Let
me know if there is some "trick" I can use while entering this title to get them to
all come out together.  This is one of those titles that was never eligible for the
Hot 100, so it's always been of particular interest to me.
Jul 12, 11 "Watergrate" - Dickie Goodman Paul H.
I was looking over the Dickie Goodman single entries this morning and I believe that
his 1973 single is titled "Watergrate" not "Watergate".
Jan 21, 15 "When I'm With You" - Sheriff Gary Pfeifer
  Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Paul. And thank you to Kenn for taking
care of it!  Been a VERY busy day - this is my first time on the net today.