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Jan 15, 04 Two Cents -- A Radio Survey Forum Tim Warden
Two Cents is the place to exchange banter about the surveys, stations, music and
programming trends you see in the ARSA pages.

You can start general threads in the "Two Cents" browser page by clicking the "Add
My 2" button below.  You'll find that same "Add My 2" button in survey & station
listings pages.  Adding a thread from a survey page links the thread to the survey
and its associated radio station.  Replying to a message will add your reply to the

Anyone can browse the Two Cents entries, but only members can contribute.
Membership is free -- you'll need to fill in a short form with your name & e-mail.
(No, you won't get unsolicited mail, and we won't give out your email address to
anyone.)  You can find the membership form in the home page.

The Two Cents section was implemented in about a day -- so don't be surprised if
you find bugs or logic problems.  And if you do find bugs? - please let me know.


Jan 18, 04 Want List... Tim Warden
I would really love to find a copy or a scan of the KTKT Tucson / Gap Jeans Top 40
Radio guide.  It was a listing of Top 40 radio stations across the country,
published in the early to mid-70s.  The front cover had a lovely young lass in a
pair of unbuttoned GAP jeans with a low-cut v-neck top and their slogan at the
time, "Fall into the Gap."
Jan 27, 04 KJRB Spokane 1969-01-17 KJRB Spokane, Washington Tim Warden
Wow.  They programmed the entire album?  They fit in "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" in
between "Chewy Chewy" and "Little Arrows"?
Feb 1, 04 WCOL Columbus 1965-02-01 - WCOL Columbus, Ohio Gary Pfeifer
 "Dusty" by the Rolling Stones at No. 29?!?  Anyone ever
heard of it?  Must be a typo.
Feb 1, 04 WCOL Columbus RE: 1965-02-01 - WCOL Columbus, Ohio Tim Warden
I suspect it might be an error in the survey -- I can't find any evidence of a
"Dusty" by the Stones, B-Side or otherwise.  There was, however, the Rag Dolls'
"Dusty" (Mala 493) which entered Billboard 01/23/65.  "Dusty" is also listed in the
WSAI survey for 01/09/65.
Feb 1, 04 CFLV Valleyfield 1971-07-26 CFLV Valleyfield, Quebec Tim Warden
Translation of cartoon on front page:

Man: "Doctor, it's horrible, I'm having memory lapses."

Doctor: "Ah? Since when?"

Man: "Since when what?"

(Sorry, I thought it was funny...)
Feb 12, 04 What's New In ARSA Tim Warden
Fixed an alignment problem displaying survey headlines where first line was not
centered.  Problem: some headlines were pre-formatted (i.e. pre-centered), some
were not.  Now looking for spaces at beginning of headline to determine if headline
is pre-formatted, in which case we won't center.
Feb 18, 04 CKLG Vancouver 1967-04-22 - CKLG Vancouver, British Columbia Gary Pfeifer
   Can anyone shed any light on the Beatles song at the Hitbound #6 spot?

   I understand the error in the title of "A Day In The Life", but what the heck is
"Bumble Bee"??
Feb 24, 04 RE: What's New In ARSA Tim Warden
Just added an Advanced Search function to the surveys page.  Click the advanced
button to enter additional search criteria or refine your search, such as "Format
is Progressive" or "Chart Week less than 1967-12-31", etc.  It's not perfect, but
it seems to work OK.  I'll add a help page one of these days...
Feb 26, 04 RE2: What's New In ARSA Tim Warden
Albums! Albums! Albums!

I've added all the chart logic for albums and have begun the process of updating
existing surveys that contain album charts.  We're over 200 albums, and it's only
the first day.  Already, quite a few of these albums never charted in the "major"
Mar 20, 04 KFXM San Bernardino 1963-04-06 - KFXM San Bernardino, California Gary Pfeifer
  A VERY early U.S. chart appearance for The Beatles
(spelt incorrectly) at #41!
Mar 25, 04 WLOF Orlando 1966-10-01 WLOF Orlando, Florida Tim Warden
Can anyone make out the artist on number 40, "Don't Be A Loser, Baby"  Looks like
"Gigi" ???
Mar 26, 04 WLOF Orlando RE: 1966-10-01 - WLOF Orlando, Florida Gary Pfeifer
 Although, I can't find this particular song, an
artist named Gigi did release quite a number of
singles.  So, I would guess Gigi is correct.
May 14, 04 Medium Market Midwest Radio from 60's and 70's Bryan Bradford
To anyone interested who runs this website, I just became a member and would like to
contribute if I may. Someone please inform me how I may add surveys OR airchecks.


Bryan Bradford - KBOB
May 14, 04 RE: Medium Market Midwest Radio from 60's and 70's Tim Warden
Welcome aboard, Bryan.  I've sent you an e-mail detailing how to contribute. 
Looking forward to having you help us preserve radio history!

Kind regards,

Jun 19, 04 WRKO Boston 1973-02-08 - WRKO Boston, Massachusetts Shel Swartz
This survey is really dated 2-6-73. :)
Jun 21, 04 KNAK surveys Robert Triptow
I didn't realize there were people who collected radio station record surveys.  When
I was a teenager, my room was wallpapered with surveys from KNAK Salt Lake City.  I
hadn't thought about them in decades until the memory hit me the other day.  I did
a web search and found five KNAK surveys for auction at eBay.  I bid, I won, and
I'd be happy to share scans of them with you.  I'd be even happier to get more from
KNAK or KCPX, scans or originals.  Any hints how?
Jun 21, 04 WRKO Boston RE: 1973-02-08 - WRKO Boston, Massachusetts Tim Warden
Oops! I just fixed it...  Thanks for catching that.  Hmmm...  looks like the outer
side is actually a scan from 1973-02-13...
Jun 21, 04 RE: KNAK surveys Gary Pfeifer

   Great that you won those KNAK original surveys
and thanks for your offer to share scans with us.

   You'll find scans of three KNAK surveys and five
KCPX surveys here at ARSA.  Enjoy!

Jul 1, 04 KNAK Salt Lake City 1967-01-16 KNAK Salt Lake City, Utah Tim Warden
The Little Black Egg at #1!!!  Whoa!  Great survey.  Thanks, Robert.