WFHK 1430 AM


Week: 1964-07-25
Format: C&W
                      WFHK 1430  PELL CITY
                          JULY 25, 1964
1. Jim Reeves - I Guess I'm Crazy
2. Loretta Lynn - Wine, Women and Song
3. Bob Jennings - The First Step Down (Is The Longest)
4. Marion Worth - You Took Him Off My Hands (Now Please Take Him Off My Mind)
5. Buck Owens And His Buckaroos - My Heart Skips A Beat
6. Margie Singleton - Forget You Not
7. Jimmy Martin - Widow Maker
8. Vic Norwin - Pompanette
9. Jimmy C. Newman - Angel On Leave
10. Bill Anderson - Me
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    1. I Guess Im Crazy  Jim Reeves                              
    2. Wine, Women, And Song  Loretta Lynn                        
    3. The First Step Down  Bob Jennings                          
    4. You Took Him Off My Hands  Marion Worth                    
    5. My Heart Skips A Beat  Buck Owens                         
    6. Forget You Not  Margie Singleton                           
    7. Widow Maker  Jimmy Martin                                 
    8. Pompanette  Vic Norwin                                    
    9. Angel On Leave  J. Newman                                
   10. Me  Bill Anderson                

       This is a published list by DJ Fred Kelly.

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